Friday, 2013-03-08

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ftonelloevanp: ok.. thanks00:09
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evanpftonello: I'd think about whether it really matters before bothering, though00:14
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feydrautha80hello guys , I'm doing something wrong and I can't understand what exactly00:53
feydrautha80i got yocto from git and is master branch00:54
feydrautha80and then I got raspberrypi meta layer00:54
feydrautha80in the rasberrypi metas there is a recipe that brings the hardware up00:54
feydrautha80( and it works in qemu )00:54
feydrautha80attempted to add python to the recipe00:55
feydrautha80IMAGE_FEATURES+= ...00:55
feydrautha80then after i build the image ... there is no python there00:55
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feydrautha80if i try to make the python recipe .. it builds and work ..00:56
ftonellofeydrautha80: there is no python IMAGE_FEATURE00:57
feydrautha80this means that I understood something wrong..00:57
feydrautha80i thought if i want to add packes to the image .. i need to add them there00:58
kergothIMAGE_FEATURES is used to install groups of packages, not individual packages00:58
kergothyou want IMAGE_INSTALL00:58
kergothor, from local.conf, CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL00:58
ftonelloyou need to add python to CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL00:58
feydrautha80aww ..00:59
feydrautha80ok thanks00:59
feydrautha80this should be somewhere in the bitbake documentation right ?00:59
ftonellofeydrautha80: read the quick start and developer manuals01:00
ftonellokergoth: it seems that AUTO_LIBNAME_PKGS = "" does the job01:01
feydrautha80thank ftoneelo and thank you kergoth01:03
kergothftonello: cool, so it was debian.bbclass causing the confusion. glad to hear you found a workaround01:04
ftonellokergoth: yes.. debian.bbclass checks for this AUTO_LIBNAME_PKGS.. and by default AUTO_LIBNAME_PKGS="${PACKAGES}"01:07
davestzenlinux: ping01:07
kergothI really don't see what the problem with it is though. It doesn't hurt having it renamed, and IMAGE_INSTALL, etc can use the pre-rename names01:09
kergothbut either way01:09
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feydrautha80so if i want to add python to a image :)) do i need to add "nativesdk-python" ?01:33
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feydrautha80where can I ask around about the recipes ?01:34
feydrautha80or read :)01:34
ftonellokergoth: becasuse its doing it wrong. its renaming the main package for something that I don't want.. im trying to split the package like the qt4 recipes does..01:37
ftonelloso I did a allow_empty to the main package, and just added RDEPENDS to it01:37
ftonelloit seems its working01:37
ftonelloactually its not a problem with debian.bbclass its just that I don't want to use it01:37
kergothfeydrautha80: you were just told, add python to CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL.01:38
kergothfeydrautha80: nativesdk is for sdks, not images/rootfs01:38
feydrautha80i added "python" to CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL01:38
feydrautha80but when i try to build the image fails because says : | Error: python not found in the base feeds (raspberrypi armv6-vfp armv6 armv5e-vfp armv5e armv5-vfp armv5 armv4 arm noarch any all).01:39
feydrautha80therefore i thought python might be called diffently01:39
kergothtry python-core instead01:40
feydrautha80aha :)01:40
kergothsee also bitbake -e python | grep \^PACKAGES=01:40
* kergoth forgot about that01:40
feydrautha80i found python with bitbake -s01:40
kergothbitbake -s shows recipes, not packages. recipes can emit any number of packages :)01:40
feydrautha80... i see .. and shouldn't "python" recipe .. contain all i need to basic python .. and even more ?01:42
kergothit does. but you dont add recipes to IMAGE_INSTALL, you add packages.01:42
kergothpython is broken up into highly granular packages so we can keep images small01:42
kergothso you can add just the packages/modules you want01:43
kergothrather than the whole standard library01:43
feydrautha80so .. if i would need aaalll python .. i should add the packed with everythong to IMAGE_INSTALL01:44
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feydrautha80if i want only the core .. i should add python-core to CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL01:44
kergothi can't recall offhand if there's a meta-package to install all the individual python packages or not. check the bitbake -e command i gave, and also check for packagegroup- recipes01:45
feydrautha80i'll do that :) can't for the moment because the build dir is locked01:45
feydrautha80(building )01:46
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* kergoth nods01:53
feydrautha80a wait .. tasks have been renamed packages01:55
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kergothtasks were renamed to packagegroups, yes01:57
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feydrautha80hey :) it finished .. ( with python-core in CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL )02:25
feydrautha80thank your sir ..02:25
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-yocto-ab-bot- build #249 of nightly-meta-intel is complete: Exception [exception interrupted] Build details are at
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mckoangood morning09:30
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oe-core_ what are the options to givee to cross-compile openssl09:44
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panda84kdeoe-core_: hi. Do you have poky toolchain installed?09:54
oe-core_no i'm using oe-core toolchain itself09:54
oe-core_but i want openssl to build for qemux8609:55
oe-core_i'm not cloning the code but using my code09:55
panda84kdeMmm. Are you using Yocto?09:56
oe-core_no oe-core build system09:59
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oe-core_panda84kde: do u have any idea?10:01
panda84kdeI've got some experience with but don't know at what you're referring to10:03
rburtonoe-core_: oe-core is part of yocto10:03
oe-core_when i'm building opensssl, first it builds native, there it configures for native os(x86-64-linux mine), during that it gives compilation failure10:05
panda84kdeoe-core_: to sum it up: if you want to build outside Yocto build system you should use the sdk.10:05
oe-core_saying     ../ undefined reference to `mod_exp_512'10:05
rburtonoe-core_: what version of oe-core/bitbake?10:05
rburtonhm why is it building a native openssl?10:06
oe-core_ BBCLASSEXTEND = native option is specified in bb file10:09
oe-core_rpm-native has dependency on openssl-native10:10
oe-core_even if it is building native no issue, but it is giving compilation error10:11
rburtonah, rpm is pulling it in, fine.10:11
rburtonso what version of oe-core?10:11
oe-core_whatersion of oe-core? i did not get u?10:13
oe-core_why it is giving compilation error?10:15
rburtonyes, what version of oe-core10:17
rburtoni'm trying to find out what you're building10:17
oe-core_i'm trying to build openssl in oe-core(build system) but i'm not cloning the code10:19
oe-core_whose path is specified in SRC_URI because i want to build with the code which i have10:20
oe-core_there when i'm building i get compilation error  as specified above10:20
rburtonyou're swapping the oe-core source for your own openssl source tree?10:22
rburtonare you also ensuring all those patches we apply are being applied?10:23
rburtonif you've just got a new feature or something, it's best to use a patch10:24
rburtonbut i can't really help you with compilation of sources that are not part of oe, or i can't see10:24
oe-core_even after applying all the patches its failing10:24
rburtondoes the proper source uri build fine?  if that does, then it's your changes that are breaking it.10:26
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oe-core_so u tell there might be problem with the changes in the source?10:28
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rburtoni'm saying you should verify that the sources urls as we provide them work before trying your modifications10:29
rburtonif a pristine oe-core doesn't build, then someone can help10:29
oe-core_ya its building file10:29
rburtonso it's your changes that are breaking the compile in some form10:30
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oe-core_k thanks i'll check10:33
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OlivierGrburton:Hi Ross, could you please have a look at the following changes in neard recipe ? and Does it make sense to you ?10:40
rburtonOlivierG: yes, that10:41
rburtonwhy do you need   oe_runmake DESTDIR=${D} libexecdir=${libexecdir} install?10:41
rburtonsurely that's implied10:41
rburtonas we've already passed libexecdir at configure time10:42
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OlivierGbecause libdirexec in Yocto adds /usr/lib/${BPN} as mine, in neard, refers to /usr/lib...10:44
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OlivierG"refers to /usr/lib/nfc" ;)10:45
rburtonyou shoud fix neard10:47
OlivierG;)... well...we had so many discussion with Marcel and Sameo about this point...10:48
rburtonsameo: sounds like you're doing it wrong :)10:49
rburtonwhat's wrong with just installing into libexecdir, which defaults to /usr/libexec i think still, but increasingly is being re-set to $libdir/$packagename10:50
OlivierGhe is not here (back in few minutes)... but we discussed about this issue this morning...10:50
rburtonOlivierG: is he coming to osts?10:50
rburtoni'll throw him into the hot tub clothed unless he sorts this out.10:51
OlivierGgood luck ;)10:51
rburtonyeah i may need a team to assist me10:51
OlivierGbtw, the idea behind all these changes (according to Marcel) is to have the daemons path as /usr/lib/{package} ...10:54
rburtonthat's a packaging choice10:54
rburtonso he's Wrong.10:54
rburtoni won't throw marcel in the hot tub though10:55
OlivierGO:-) so am i....10:55
sameorburton: Hey...So what's wrong with @libexecdir@/nfc ?10:57
rburtonwell, most sane distributions are moving to --libexecdir=/usr/lib/@package@10:57
rburtonso you'll be double-nesting10:57
sameoright, which is why we're overriding poky's install for neard.10:58
bluelightningmorning all11:02
sameorburton: According to the GNU standards: The definition of ‘libexecdir’ is the same for all packages, so you should install your data in a subdirectory thereof."11:03
sameoSo we just do that from the neard Makefile directly.11:04
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rburtonsameo: iirc, FHS disagrees with you11:09
rburtonwell, FHS says don't use libexec11:10
sameorburton: I think they do:
sameorburton: But basically FHS says you can add a subdir to libexec for your program, it doesn't say it must be pkgname11:11
rburtonso as more and more distros move away from libexec, FHS approves it.  epic.11:12
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sameoheh :)11:12
sameoalthough more and more distros are moving to /usr/lib/@package@ for libexecdir, this is not something we can take for granted according to the GNU and FHS folks.11:14
sameoI like osts hot tub btw.11:16
sameoJust not clothed though...11:17
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niteshnarayanlalhi I was using tcpdump recipe from oe on github but the url mention there seems to be unavailable so I replaced it with another but now its not able to parse11:50
niteshnarayanlalits done thanks anyways :)12:02
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abesis-devany help for yocto-bsp script around ?13:35
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waynrhowdy folks, i have set "PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "linux-emac" in my machine configuration file but yocto still gives me linux-dummy whenever I build using 'bitbake -c build virtual/kernel' (this is also after running 'cleanall' for the same package)14:05
waynrwe have a custom kernel version driven by the requirement that it be compatible with Xenomai i-pipe patch14:06
bluelightningwaynr: perhaps that value is being overridden somewhere else?14:06
bluelightningwhat does this report: bitbake -e | grep PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel14:07
waynrhmm if something were wrong with the recipe that i wrote or if the recipe file weren't found shouldn't that cause an error?14:09
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bluelightningwaynr: if it was skipped I think it might (e.g. if COMPATIBLE_MACHINE / COMPATIBLE_HOST were not set correctly in the linux-emac recipe)14:11
bluelightningif the recipe wasn't available at all you would get a warning14:11
waynrhmm the build attempt does indicate 4 warnings, only 3 of which stuck on the bitbake console output14:12
waynrah nevermind, the fourth warning is "linux-dummy: No generic license file exists..."14:14
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waynrhmm, I don't see COMPATIBLE_HOST in the yocto documentation, what is that for?14:16
waynrmaybe my bb file patterns are incorrect for this layer14:18
bluelightningwaynr: COMPATIBLE_HOST is similar, it just matches on the full host string e.g. i686-linux14:27
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waynrokay. looks like my bsp layer's BBFILES was set incorrectly...fixed now, but still not catching that recipe14:31
bluelightningso does bitbake linux-emac work?14:31
waynrnothing PROVIDES linux-emac14:32
waynrmight indicate my problem14:32
bluelightningright, so it's not even seeing the recipe14:37
bluelightningso you still have a problem with your BBFILES14:37
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waynrwell I do see the directory in which this bitbake recipe is found in the 'bitbake -e | grep BBFILES'14:38
waynr(I fixed the layer.conf for this bsp (maybe), previously its recipes were not found when running that command)14:39
bluelightningjust to double check, what is the BBFILES line in the layer's layer.conf, and what is the path to the recipe?14:41
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waynrokay BBFILES had ${LAYERDIR}/common/recipes-*/*/*.bb but the recipe was in ${LAYERDIR}/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-emac.bb14:43
bluelightningah right yes that would do it14:43
waynrstarting to get messages useful for debugging the actual kernel recipe now14:43
waynrthanks for the help bluelightning :)14:44
bluelightningno worries14:44
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mckoanbluelightning: does exixt a doc explaining how does Yocto branch releases works? (1.3_M5, 1.4_M3, ...)15:09
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khemmckoan: those are interim release milestones when working towards a release15:13
khemmckoan: e.g. 1.4_M4 is milestone 4 towards 1.4 release15:14
khemsomething equivalent to kernel RC1...15:14
rburtontheres lot of stuff with the schedule and milestone plans on the wiki15:15
khemsystemd 198 is booting here ...15:15
khemrburton: hi15:15
khemrburton: have hashed out the systemd plan to address the meta-systemd concerns yet ?15:15
bluelightningrburton: parts of the wiki are quite out of date though :(15:16
mckoankhem: I have this doubt because usually I use oe-core with origin/master but yocto with danny15:18
rburtonmckoan: do you mean poky with danny?15:18
mckoankhem: makes it sense to work with yocto origin/master too?15:18
rburtonkhem: going to send a rfc series today, i've got hybrid builds working.  annoyingly didn't get to finish it before i go to a conference for a week15:19
khemmckoan: I see why not15:19
khemmckoan: I work with origin/master on yocto/poky15:19
kergothmckoan: poky is just oe-core+meta-yocto+otherbits. using poky with one branch and oe-core with another branch, when one encompasses the other, doesn't make a great deal of sense :)15:20
mckoankhem: hmmm actually I don't understand why I am afraid of this :-) I'll switch to that too15:21
mckoankergoth: BTW I'm using two separate trees the Poky(yocto) way and the raw oe-core way15:23
mckoanwith 2 different builds15:23
kergothI figured, but I'm confused about the issue. You're basically already building poky master if you're bulding oe-core master, all that's missing is meta-yocto & friends15:23
kergothso there's no real reason for worry15:23
mckoankergoth: in fact I was interested to experiment master meta-yocto & friends15:24
* khem off to a F2F15:24
mckoankhem: thx15:24
kergothI'd be more worried about using bleeding edge core classes than a machine .conf ;)15:25
kergothbut fair enough15:25
*** jstashluk <jstashluk!~jstashluk@gateway/tor-sasl/jstashluk> has joined #yocto15:27
rburtonkhem: basically with this branch if you activate both systemd and sysvinit features you'll be able to pick the init manager at image time.15:30
rburtonyour sysvinit one will likely pull in libsystemd-login, but that's a tiny dep.15:31
jstashlukI run into the following when my image recipe does do_rootfs:15:33
jstashluk| Computing transaction...error: Can't install seemore-image-plugin-meta-0.1-r0@armv7a_vfp_neon: no package provides seemore-image-plugin-glib15:33
jstashlukIt seems to pick a random gstreamer plugin to quit on each time i re-run it.  Has anyone else run into something like this?15:34
rburtoni wouldn't be worried about the ordering of the errors15:35
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JYDawg_(good afternoon|goede middag)16:30
*** JYDawg_ is now known as JYDawg16:30
JYDawgwhen I try to compile a package I get this error: libtool: link: cannot determine absolute directory name of `=/usr/lib64'16:31
JYDawgthe intarwebs has little if any usefull info. Any ideas16:32
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hsychlahello helpfull yocto-people!17:01
*** Jin^eLD is now known as Jin|away17:02
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hsychlaI added a new layer including conf/distro/<mylayer>.conf, then changed "DISTRO", "DISTRO_NAME" etc. but when I boot the built image, it always tells me the old name (from the distro.conf I copied and changed)... What do I have to change so my image uses the new name?17:03
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xxiaowhy are there many yocto kernel git repo instead of one with difference branches?17:39
*** ka6sox-away is now known as ka6sox17:41
zeddiixxiao, check the kernel architecture docs, but it's due to transient sets of features over time. just like linux-next, linux-stable, etc, but with more topic branches. you can't maintain a clean set of series that transition to mainline and encompass hundreds of commits over time, unless you can drop them completely and regerate/stack them clean each time.17:41
xxiaosomehow i feel yocto devel is much more complicated than debian...17:46
* zeddii shrugs17:46
zeddiithey are different use cases.17:46
bluelightningxxiao: there are other options for building the kernel if you feel that linux-yocto is more than you need17:48
zeddiiexactly. people can use what they want. linux-yocto-custom, completely custom, etc.17:48
xxiaoneed add a few recipes, kernel patches, external modules to yocto, the document is overwheleming to say the least :)17:50
zeddiiwhich one ? don't read the kernel architecture document as a start.17:50
bluelightningxxiao: we're happy to take suggestions if you have concrete ones17:50
zeddiithere's a new kernel one for 1.4, hands on labs, quickstart guides that are simple enough.17:50
bluelightningright, the labs get good feedback as far as I've seen17:51
zeddiiat the basic level, exactly what you know about patching any package with bitbake/oe-core/yocto works exactly the same way for the kernel.17:51
xxiaoi need add scst to yocto, which itself is a few modules, scripts, and also need patch the kernel17:52
zeddiiit can just grow to suit advanced needs and the chaos that can be vendor patches, upstream releases, out of tree serieris, etc.17:52
xxiaoand some user spaces program to admin it17:52
zeddiixxiao: do you know how to do the userspace parts already ? and the startup scritps ? if so, you have most of the knowledge that you need.17:52
xxiaoi have it working with yocto, just not the 'right' way, i.e. not built with recipes etc, it's done in a hackish way and now i want to clean it up17:53
zeddiithat's all kernel.17:54
zeddiibut you also need to read the other yocto docs for userspace/recipes/packaging, the concepts are the same.17:54
xxiaothanks, yeah...quite some reading to do17:55
zeddiiit gets easier, once the basic concepts become clear.17:56
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hsychlamhh... I wonder if anybody answered my question after my PC crashed... ?18:20
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evanphsychla: where exactly are you seeing the old $DISTRO value?18:26
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hsychlaevanp: when booting the qemu image. but I got it now, was a stupid mistake after all. did not change the distro parameter in local.conf... but thanks for taking your time!18:57
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pawI have a recipe that under certain circumstances may want to add its multilib variant into the final image, I've been trying to do this by trying to append to RRECOMMENDS_${BPN} in my __anonymous() function but it doesn't work. what's the recommended way of doing this?19:26
khemoff late I am seeing hangs when building the final image on poky master19:34
khemit uses systemd19:34
khembut I am just seeing it since couple of days19:34
evanppaw: rather than appending, I'd probably stick a variable reference directly in RRECOMMENDS_${BPN} and then arrange for that variables value to be empty or the list of additional packages19:37
evanppaw: a lot of the task- (v1.3) / packagegroup- (v1.4) recipes do that sort of thing. e.g., look at how FEATURES works19:38
waynri am getting "ERROR: ExpansionError during parsing /opt/ Failure expanding variable do_patch: ExpansionError: Failure expanding variable do_patch, expression was    cd /opt/....19:41
*** yocto-ab-bot <yocto-ab-bot!> has joined #yocto19:42
waynris do_patch a template string variable that gets expanded with certain other variables made available somewhere long the recipe? and if so, does this error indicate that I am missing a variable necessary to complete the expansion?19:42
*** feydrautha80 <feydrautha80!~ovidiu@> has joined #yocto19:43
rburtonwaynr: why are you overriding do_patch?19:45
rburtonit's rare to need to do that19:45
waynri'm not doing it on purpose19:45
rburtonwhere's "cd /opt" coming from then?19:46
waynrthat's part of the error output19:46
rburtondo_patch will apply the patches listed in src_uri19:46
rburtonso maybe you've got a messed up src_uri statement19:46
waynrthat is possible19:46
waynri don't have any patches lsted in src_uri19:47
waynrjust a defconfig and a git repository19:47
rburtonwaynr: sounds like you need to share your recipe ;)19:47
*** markos_ <markos_!> has joined #yocto19:47
rburton(yes, the functions are for some time plain text, which are then parsed as python)19:47
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waynrrburton: that is probably a good idea...I am kinda just working in the dark copying existing recipes and making changes necessary to pull source from a git repository that i run19:50
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rburtoncan anyone remember when openzaurus was formed?20:42
rburtontrying to put a date on "key components of yocto are X years old"20:42
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Crofton|workI think we have been using 200420:47
Crofton|workDomain Name:OPENZAURUS.ORG20:48
Crofton|workCreated On:05-Feb-2002 17:07:13 UTC20:48
rburtonthat's a good idea :)20:48
Crofton|workDomain Name:OPENEMBEDDED.ORG20:48
Crofton|workCreated On:21-Jan-2003 23:58:22 UTC20:48
Crofton|work10 years old is good number20:48
rburtonthanks :)20:48
Crofton|worksomeone at ELC made the remark The Yocto Project hadn't been around long enough to judge20:49
Crofton|workI found that "amusing"20:49
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Crofton|workI have eclipse making an arm binary of hell world with the toolchain from populate sdk21:05
Crofton|workany hints on how to run this binary on the target hw from eclipse?21:05
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khemCrofton|work: you are almost there21:26
khemCrofton|work: if you can compile an app half the battle is won21:26
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Crofton|workhello,world ...21:35
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Crofton|workI think I ran it. There are way too many things to chose frmo. Seriously confusing21:51
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