Wednesday, 2013-04-03

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niteshnarayanlalI was trying to make modifications in the existing package of core04:03
niteshnarayanlalI had replaced the its tar file withing sources04:04
niteshnarayanlaland then rerun bitbake04:04
niteshnarayanlalbut it was not built04:04
niteshnarayanlalso do I have to build it seprately04:04
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mckoangood morning07:15
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panda84kdeHi everybody07:35
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panda84kdeotavio: I can't see the gpu-updates patchwork bundle nor I see the patches merged. What happend to the patchwork bundle?07:39
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panda84kdeUh, it looks like patches are in, it's just github mirror is not already in sync.07:45
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bluelightningmorning all08:00
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mckoanhi bluelightning, erbo, all08:09
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Saurbluelightning: Btw, regarding my problems with DISTRO_FEATURES yesterday. It turned out I had made the assignment in the wrong file (i.e., in the image recipe). It worked much better when I set it in local.conf...08:27
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bluelightningSaur: aha... mystery solved :)08:41
bluelightningSaur: thanks, at least it wasn't an undiscovered bug08:41
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mckoanrburton: about xinput-calibrator...10:24
rburtonmckoan: hey10:24
mckoanrburton: ;-)10:25
mckoanrburton: dependency chain was: ['xinput-calibrator', 'xterm', 'libxaw', 'xmlto-native']10:25
mckoanrburton: I would add them to meta-oe/recipes-graphics10:25
rburtonwhy does xi need xterm?10:26
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rburtonoe-core has two other terminals already10:27
mckoanrburton, JaMa: fine thx I am changing the recipe10:27
rburtonand isn't there an alternatives thing for that?10:27
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mckoanrburton: hmmm I have to investigate that10:28
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rburtonmaybe not10:29
JaMarburton: there isn't VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_x-terminal for that10:29
JaMau-a can help on target but not with metadata10:29
mckoanrburton: BTW after calibration the pinter goes crazy, probably there is a problem with xorg touch driver10:30
rburtoni was hoping that there was an alternatives for terminals, like debian. sadly not.10:30
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otaviopanda84kde: yes; they're merged12:18
rburtondamnit pam12:18
panda84kdeotavio: yes, I've noticed. Thanks for the confirmation however12:19
otaviopanda84kde: you're welcome12:19
otaviopanda84kde: I am cooking two more patches to gpu as well12:19
panda84kdeotavio: which aspects do they touch?12:21
otaviopanda84kde: packaging12:25
otaviopanda84kde: and I hope for the last time12:25
panda84kdeotavio: is something broken / not working now?12:26
otaviopanda84kde: yes12:28
otaviopanda84kde: gst-gl12:28
otaviopanda84kde: and I fixed qt4 support  I think12:29
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Sputhmm. is there some nice way for cleaning unused/old work directories short of removing everything and starting from scratch?15:37
Sputtmp/work takes up around 100GB here, I think I should clean that one up a bit :)15:37
waltersSput, INHERIT += "rm_work"15:38
bluelightningSput: there is also scripts/cleanup-workdir ; I've not used it myself15:38
rburtonSput: cleaning up is over-rated :)15:38
bluelightningrm_work is probably a better option15:39
Sputwalters: yeah, but I would like to keep around the latest copy at least for certain packages15:39
Sputbluelightning: aaah, just found that. I already had found sstate-cache-management, that's quite useful15:39
Sputrburton: unless you are on an SSD :)15:39
rburtonSput: that is true :)15:39
bluelightningSput: RM_WORK_EXCLUDE in master; or for older versions:
Sputthx; I'll look into that15:40
Sputfirst I'll try out cleanup-workdir and see what it does15:40
Sput"Deleleting" :D15:41
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Sputlooks like cleanup-workdir does exactly what I asked for, removing outdated workdirs while keeping current ones... I'll have a look at the other solution in case that makes more sense for me15:42
Sputthanks for your help :)15:45
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schramaehi. does sb. know where /dev gets mounted on yocto 1.3 with udevd 164? i don't use an initramfs and it has no entry in fstab. /etc/init.d/udev does not do it as well, as /dev is already mounted when this is called. is there some in-kernel~ or /sbin/init magic? the mount shows up in dmesg at least...16:36
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schramaeFTR: CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT=y it is18:09
bluelightningI feel we ought to document that somewhere but I'm not sure where we would...18:20
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zeddiikhem. good news. I'm up and crashing qemumips + systemd. experimenting more.18:26
zeddiiqemumips64 to follow.18:26
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CircuitsoftI just did a "git pull" in my meta-intel checkout, and I'm now getting very strange build failures.20:00
CircuitsoftI updated my recipe to point to emgd-1.16, and now when the kernel is built, it first merges in emgd-1.14, then emgd-1.16.20:00
CircuitsoftThe second merge fails due to the first merge, and I wind up with merge conflict markers in the code that the kernel is trying to build.20:01
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CircuitsoftCan I run devshell before do_patch on a kernel recipe?22:31
kergothnot easily, but you can set PATCHRESOLVE = "user" which should make it automatically spawn a devshell if the patches fail to apply22:32
CircuitsoftI have patches failing to apply, yet not being picked up by bitbake, resulting in an attempt to build the kernel with merge markers in the source.22:34
kergothah, interesting22:34
CircuitsoftOne patch is being applied that shouldn't be, and I'm trying to track down where it's coming from.22:34
CircuitsoftSo, I want to run do_patch manually.22:34
kergothwell, you could always hack it temporarily by modifying devshell.bbclass's addtask22:34
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CircuitsoftAny way to make it write run.do_patch but not actually run it?22:45
kergoththe run script gets saved to a file all the time. you can always run it yourself from outsdie of bitbake..22:46
CircuitsoftI'm in the devshell after do_validate_branches but before do_patch. I would like to see what do_patch would do without actually doing it.22:47
kergothdo a bitbake -c patch at least once, re-enter the devshell, and run the run. sript22:48
* kergoth shrugs22:48
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #88 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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