Friday, 2013-04-05

jwesselI was contemplating adding tmux support in the same way screen was added where it can auto attach.00:00
kergoththat's what it does, yes. did you not read the email?00:00
kergothit adds two classes, one is high priority and opens a new pane in the existing current tmux window, for when you're running bitbake inside of a tmux session, the other is lower priority (though higher than screen), and spawns a new session and uses the same mechanism as screen does00:01
jwesselI just saw your irc comment.00:01
kergothoh :) there's an email on the oe-core list with the patch :)00:02
jwesselI didn't know you had created some patches :-)00:02
jwesselI just assumed you might be working on it because I was going to enter a buzilla req 2 weeks ago and so you already had it in there.00:02
kergothdo try it out, let me know if it works for you00:02
* kergoth nods00:02
jwesselERROR: OE_TERMINAL: Invalid choice 'tmux'.  Valid choices: auto none                         custom tmux-running gnome konsole xfce rxvt xterm screen00:08
jwesselI guess it is tmuxnewssion, my bad.00:11
jwesselkergoth: It works fine after using the right OE_TERMINAL var.00:12
* jwessel wonders what the difference is between "tmux-running tmuxrunning"00:13
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kergothHmm, that's odd00:22
* kergoth investigates00:23
jwesselI was just going to type up a mail to your patch, but before doing so I wanted to test something.00:23
jwesselThis looks like it will fall victim to the same thing the original screen stuff did.00:23
jwesselWhere if two builds are running the tmux needs to be associated by pid for the "newsession" variant.00:24
kergothHmm, I swear I already made it use the pid, damn, I really mixed up this patch00:24
jwesselNo worries.00:25
kergothI'll send a v3 taking those issues into account, thanks for the feedback00:25
jwesselThe other thing that had me scratching my head was the "tmuxrunning".00:25
jwesselIf I didn't have a tmux already running, it wouldn't spawn a new one e.g.  OE_TERMINAL=tmuxrunning  bitbake -c devshell busybox00:26
jwesselIt just failed through and spanwed gnome terminal instead.00:26
jwesselFor ease of use you might consider just calling the other class invocation on failure of the tmuxrunning.00:27
kergothYeah, it's something to think about. I never actually used tmuxrunning manually, since its higher priority than theo ther terminals, you can just use 'auto' and if you're under tmux, it'll open a split00:27
jwesselWhat you have there works fine if you don't have a DISPLAY variable set.00:27
* kergoth nods00:27
jwesselyup.  I totally see what you are going for, and I never would have even thought to use tmux that way.00:28
jwesselI tend to associate one task to one build, and not think about it from a multiplexing capacity like you added.  Seems interesting, but my preference would be to just serially use it similar to the screen integration, but that is purely a personal preference.00:29
kergothnot sure what you mean by multiplexing. it's not any different than the screen one,e xcept it can open in the current tmux window if you're already in one, rather than opening a new window or session00:30
jwesselI won't bother send the mail to the list since we chatted here.   I'll probably try the next iteration too.00:30
* kergoth nods00:31
kergothI'll give it some more thought and send out another one00:31
kergoththanks again00:31
jwesselThat is what I mean by multiplexing.   It will spawn in what ever session you already have running.00:31
jwesselThanks for implementing it.  Tmux is quite useful.00:31
jwesselI was even thinking of going a step further and adding it as a -native tool.00:32
jwesselThat way we can always fall back on it on what ever development host I am on, as we tend to support lots and lots of hosts.00:32
kergothThat's an interesting idea. it'd make sure that the devshell is always useful even on headless minimalist servers00:33
jwesselCorrect.  That is primary problem we face today from the commercial side.00:34
jwesselWe addressed it by forcing the install of screen as a required tool.00:34
jwesselBut eventually screen will be phased out of newer distros.00:34
jwesselSo the days of screen are getting numbered with it being long in the tooth.00:35
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jwesselI wasn't sure to what extent you requirement to implement tmux, but I was thinking of it from the "make the default console interface" perspective.00:35
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pidgehalstead: ping. did something happen to ab06?00:50
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evanpI'm using BBCLASSEXTEND and variants (like multilib) to build some out-of-tree modules against multiple kernel trees. This makes having userland recipes (R)DEPENDS on a kernel recipe (e.g., for an ioctl header) difficult unless I BBCLASSEXTENDS them the same way--but the variants don't actually differ; they just build the same bits over and over.... Is there any way to say "these two recipes are aliases of each other"?01:46
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erbois there any alternative to core-utils that provide nice ?06:44
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mckoangood morning06:50
bluelightningerbo: you can enable it in busybox I believe06:52
bluelightningmorning mckoan, erbo, all06:52
erbobluelightning: thanks06:53
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YoctoAutoBuilderbuild #89 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at
alex_kaghello, i have imx6sabresd. it have 2 cams (/dev/video0, and video1) then i run  gst-launch mfw_v4lsrc ! autovideosink - all good, but then i run gst-launch autovideosrc ! autovideosink  i got errors. Maybe I missed a plugin?09:52
rburtondepends on what the errors are really09:55
rburtonor, the mfw_v4lsrc doesn't want to autoplug09:56
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alex_kagroot@imx6qsabresd:~# gst-launch autovideosrc10:03
alex_kagSetting pipeline to PAUSED ...10:03
alex_kagPipeline is PREROLLED ...10:03
alex_kagWARNING: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstAutoVideoSrc:autovideosrc0: Resource not found.10:03
alex_kagAdditional debug info:10:03
alex_kagFailed to find a usable video source10:03
alex_kagERROR: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstAutoVideoSrc:autovideosrc0/GstFakeSrc:fake-video-src: Internal data flow error.10:04
alex_kagAdditional debug info:10:04
alex_kag/home/alexei/lastimx6/poky/build/tmp/work/armv7a-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/gstreamer/0.10.36-r2/gstreamer-0.10.36/libs/gst/base/gstbasesrc.c(2625): gst_base_src_loop :10:04
alex_kagstreaming task paused, reason not-linked (-1)10:04
alex_kagERROR: pipeline doesn't want to preroll.10:04
alex_kagSetting pipeline to PAUSED ...10:04
alex_kagSetting pipeline to READY ...10:04
alex_kagSetting pipeline to NULL ...10:04
alex_kagFreeing pipeline ...10:04
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waltersis there any formalization for when one has to nuke a build directory after updates?  (at the moment I get a conflict between rpm vs rpm-postinsts after doing a git pull of oe-core)12:02
waltersshould one just generally start from a clean build directory for tracking oe-core, and re-edit local.conf?12:03
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Crofton|workincremental builds shouw be fine12:19
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hrwwalters: as long as bitbake does not complain that you have to bump version in config files it should be safe12:53
waltersin this case it looks like there was a conflict between rpm and rpm-postinsts in the sysroot12:54
waltersworked after i blew away tmp-eglibc12:54
waltersnot a big deal, just curious how others worked12:55
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YoctoAutoBuilderbuild #89 of nightly-ppc is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests]  Build details are at
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SaurRP2: Commit a0bd02db2d2341c0a496e9bbd6e8a0ab7e7cd83e causes the following fine message when running oe-init-build-env: cat: /home/pkj/yocto/poky/meta-yocto/conf/conf-notes.txt: No such file or directory14:19
RP2Saur: and a subsequent commit fixes it?14:19
SaurRP2: Ah, hadn't pulled the last commits. :)14:21
SaurRP2: Still, I think the cat line should read: [ ! -r "$OECORENOTESCONF" ] || cat $OECORENOTESCONF14:22
RP2Saur: agreed, I'd take a patch14:23
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SaurRP2: I assume patches for oe-setup-builddir should go to rather than
RP2Saur: correct14:44
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SaurRP2: I'll pass along two other small patches related to oe-init-build-env while at it...14:45
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SaurRP2: Hmm, you seem to have a script called create-pull-request that seems to be the way to easily format patches for distribution. However, it seems to require that I first push my changes to poky-contrib. Can anyone get write access there, or am I limited to create the mails manually?15:21
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RP2Saur: you need to send an ssh key to halstead15:30
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halsteadSaur you can e-mail with your ssh public key.15:31
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JaMabluelightning: how often are layers "reparsed" for layerindex?15:34
Saurhalstead: Sent15:35
bluelightningJaMa: every 3 hours at the moment15:35
* JaMa waiting for meta-webos-ports reparse15:36
mihaiblitz00: :)))15:37
bluelightningit would be nice if the web interface itself could trigger the reparse but that would require some kind of background processing framework15:37
bluelightningof which there are many already in existence, but integrating such a thing is not a trivial exercise15:38
JaMabluelightning: current implementation is good enough for me, this is just exception when I expect a lot of changes from meta-webos-ports15:39
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bluelightningJaMa: I presume it now has a conf/layer.conf?15:52
bluelightningthe update script has been complaining at me about it...15:52
JaMabluelightning: it had conf/layer.conf even before15:53
JaMabluelightning: but now it contains our meta-webos fork as well as old meta-webos-ports15:53
bluelightningJaMa: ah... now I see what's happening15:54
bluelightningJaMa: the meta-webos-ports layer index entry points to the webos-ports-setup repo15:54
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bluelightningthat does not contain a layer15:54
JaMaand branches were renamed to match required layers (master is now correctly danny and new master is compatible with master branches)15:55
JaMaah :/ my fault not sure how I messed it15:55
JaMafixing it now15:55
bluelightningthanks, that should work better :)15:55
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YoctoAutoBuilderbuild #94 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at
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SaurRP2: There, sent my first patches to oe-core. I hope I got it right... :)17:01
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RP2Saur: looks good, thanks :)17:06
RP2Saur: in future try and be a bit more verbose in the commit message. Those ones are quite obvious but we're trying to get people to explain changes more...17:07
SaurRP2: No problem.17:07
dvhartRP2? 2? Did the cloning finally work? \o/17:08
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RP2dvhart: I've no idea why I'm that far back on the fallbacks :)17:09
*** RP2 is now known as RP_17:09
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jwesseldvhart: I have the EFI booting working properly with my out of tree mechanism that uses a USB image with two partitions.17:31
jwesselThis is the same scheme I was proposing to use to replace the whole linux live with the hdd image.17:32
dvhartjwessel, how is it different from ?17:32
jwesselI am afraid I don't know what is.17:32
jwesselI believe you mentioned it to be before, but I had not checked it out.17:33
dvhartit deploys hddimg's to a device with 2 partitions, etc17:33
jwesselI also resurected the working ISO EFI image stuff too.17:33
jwesselI'll get it all loaded into the BZ case next week hopefully.17:34
yoctiBug 4100: enhancement, Medium+, 1.5, dvhart, ACCEPTED , Add EFI support to ISO images17:34
* dvhart hugs yocti17:34
jwesselYup.  I know the number since I wrote it ;-)17:34
dvhartah, right :-) Just making sure we were connected and looking at the same things17:35
jwesselafter seeing the mkefidisk, the version I have is quite a bit more complex.17:38
jwesselIt does things like writing the image to a file, and doesn't use a hddimage.17:38
jwesselIn addition to supporting writing something directly to a disk.17:38
jwesselI am not saying that the complexity is good or bad of course.17:39
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yzhao2any idea how to fix the python's ctypes.util?17:55
yzhao2which can't pass its own test17:56
yzhao2and for a linux which it doesn't have ldconfig/gcc installed on target, it will not work at all I guess17:56
JaMahmm latest curl from oe-core is segfaulting quite a lot :/18:01
JaMa should fix it18:01
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B4gderkinda silly bug :-(18:16
JaMaah bagder is here :)18:18
* JaMa testing patched recipe now18:18
B4gderthe next curl release will happen next week though18:19
B4gderjust a fyi18:19
JaMagood, but I think that for oe-core release it will be safer to backport just one patch than upgrade it just before release18:20
JaMaunless you know about more dangerous bugs in 7.2918:20
B4gderthe bug fixes donce since 7.29 are basically the ones listed at, but I can't think of any as "dangerous" as that one18:24
B4gderbut yes, I agree that a single patch is much safer18:25
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yzhao2any suggestion for the ctypes.util?18:33
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yzhao2the ctypes.util.find_library can't find anything find_library("m") to look for libm18:34
yzhao2donn:"strace.do_configure" -> "wrl-glibc-prebuilt.do_populate_sysroot"18:38
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alex_kaghello, is master now is broken? when i try build qt4e-demo-image i've got error:19:07
alex_kagERROR: Recipe rpm-postinsts is trying to create package rpm-postinsts which was already written by recipe rpm. This will cause corruption, please resolve this and only provide the package from one recipe or the other or only build one of the recipes.19:07
alex_kagERROR: Function failed: read_subpackage_metadata19:07
alex_kagERROR: Execution of event handler 'run_buildstats' failed19:07
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JaMaalex_kag: you need to clean rpm first19:23
JaMaalex_kag:;h=7841ee7041d04f11a3d879fb5bc60bb37de0a5c0 moves it from rpm to separate recipe, but with incremental build it will find old rpm-postinsts in pkgdata19:23
alex_kagi should manualy delete   build/tmp/deploy/rpm?19:25
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has joined #yocto19:25
JaMaalex_kag: bitbake -c clean rpm19:26
yzhao2does yocto have recipe for asciidoc?19:29
alex_kagand whether there were any pitfalls in the transition to deb packages?19:33
rburtonalex_kag: you're switching from rpm to deb?  the deb backend is less well tested.19:38
alex_kagif its so, i don't want switch :)19:39
JaMayou can switch to ipk19:43
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JaMais there some plan to create public PR service server? at least to test work load and scallability of PR service code?19:51
JaMadid someone report issues like this /usr/bin/objcopy: Unable to recognise the format of the input file `/OE/systemd-1_199-r0/systemd-199/.libs/lt-systemd' few days ago? I cannot find that email now20:06
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ant_homezedii: feedback sent20:48
zediiant_home, sounds good. I'll look at it later. I'm looking into a related issue, so I hope it's 1 fix for 2 problems.20:49
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alexnI have question which probably is simple, however I can't figure it out. I know I can assign which version of the kernel I want with my machine.conf file. Is there a way to have a single machine support multiple kernels and pass PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto to bitbake on the command line? Or do I need to have different machine.conf files?22:21
kergothuse ?= in machine.conf, then you can override it in local.conf22:21
kergoth?= is 'set only if it isn't set already'22:22
alexnI'd like to not modify any .conf files.  but pass on the command line so I can do automated builds.. one version of the kernel then next run the other version.22:22
alexnversion is NOT set in any .conf files.  they are all ?= defines22:23
kergothbitbake implicitly supports passing any env var into the metadta, it just blacklists them all excepting a certain whitelist for safety22:25
kergothsee the documentation on BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE to learn how to add PREFERRED_ERSION_linux-yocto to it.22:25
kergothalternatively, just write conf/auto.conf in your build dir22:25
alexnyeah.. kind of like MACHINE.22:25
kergoththat is always parsed, and it exists specifically for automated builders22:26
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RP_kergoth: there is the small issue that the shell doesn't like "-" in variable names...22:44
* RP_ has been bitten before :/22:45
kergothugh, good point, didn't think about that22:45
bluelightningso just assign it to another variable and pass that in...22:47
bluelightningor use auto.conf and keep your sanity :)22:47
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