Monday, 2013-04-08

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mckoangood morning07:06
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bluelightningmorning all08:12
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dimrhey, im trying to compile a simple application in eclipse using yocto's ADT plugin. once i include gstreamer-0.10/gst/gst.h i get an error saying glib.h no such file or directory error. i have tried adding the required include paths in the project's properties but with no luck. what am i missing?08:50
jackmitchelldimr: I had to use pkgconfig08:55
jackmitchelldimr: I can't remember how I did it but that was the route I took08:55
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jackmitchelldimr: this is how I did it in autotools: PKG_CHECK_MODULES(GLIB, glib-2.0 gobject-2.0 gio-2.0)08:57
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dimrthanks i will try it :)08:59
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mattniehi there, has anyone else problems with yocto and u-boot on freescale imx6?09:11
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #93 of nightly-non-gpl3 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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alex_kaghello, last good build of imx6qsabresd was,  poky files, i can download in, but,  i can't found  meta-fsl-arm..09:17
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bluelightningalex_kag: sorry, what are you looking for?09:19
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alex_kagim lookin meta-fsl-arm on 2013-03-13 to build it myself09:20
alex_kagor, may be, i can take master?09:21
bluelightningmeta-fsl-arm is here:
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alex_kagi know that. but i don't understand, why  where are no info about it in tar.bz2 ?09:25
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alex_kagbluelightning, and, about qt4-x11-free, on clear master - i cant build it...09:28
bluelightningalex_kag: what information are you looking for?09:29
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alex_kagas for me, I think it would be nice to put the  "origin" of  all repositories for a repeat build09:32
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bluelightningalex_kag: there is a log which includes the hashes of all repositories used09:42
bluelightningsee under "Build configuration" which bitbake prints out09:44
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mattnieis the u-boot.bin the same which is build in the rootfs sdcard image?09:55
mattnierespectively u-boot.imx09:56
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alex_kagbluelightning, i am sorry, but where i can see log for the other date?10:00
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bluelightningalex_kag: I think we only have logs going back a few builds:
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bluelightningotavio: hi12:16
bluelightningotavio: have you seen any issues building qt with imx6 machines?12:16
otaviobluelightning: yes12:17
bluelightningalex_kag has been having problems recenty12:17
otaviobluelightning: but not lately12:17
bluelightningotavio: "Never use <bits/predefs.h> directly; include <stdc-predef.h> instead"12:18
bluelightningalex_kag: can you pastebin the whole log?12:18
otaviobluelightning: today's master?12:19
otavioalex_kag: ?12:19
bluelightningotavio: on another issue, I'm looking into bug 4153 (locale package dependencies and preinst scripts)12:21
yoctiBug major, Medium, 1.4, paul.eggleton, NEW , Packages add by locales does not have preinst run12:21
bluelightningotavio: how can I tell that the preinst hasn't run? AFAICT, the avahi-autoipd user is getting created which is all I can see in the avahi-daemon preinst script12:22
otaviobluelightning: I did check the user creation12:23
otaviobluelightning: user were not created12:23
bluelightningmaybe the problem has been fixed since denzil12:23
bluelightningyou are using denzil right?12:24
otaviobluelightning: my case was avahi-daemon12:24
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otaviobluelightning: in this product danny12:24
bluelightningah right12:24
otaviobluelightning: so I used: grep avahi tmp/rootfs12:24
otaviobluelightning: so I used: grep avahi tmp/rootfs/etc/passwd12:25
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otaviobluelightning: add IMAGE_LINGUAS = 'pt-br' for example12:28
otaviobluelightning: it'll bring avahi right?12:28
bluelightningotavio: if you have any of the avahi subpackages installed and you're not using master (which removes these RRECOMMENDS) then yes12:29
otaviobluelightning: danny :P12:29
bluelightningyes I know12:29
bluelightninghence why I am going to try danny now12:29
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #59 of nightly is complete: Failure [failed Publishing Artifacts_1] Build details are at
otaviobluelightning: I'd revert the rrecommends removal just to test if it happens  in master as well or not12:30
bluelightningyes, I did that12:30
otaviobluelightning: and?12:31
otaviobluelightning: did you reproduce it?12:31
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bluelightningotavio: can't reproduce the issue - as I mentioned above, the user gets created as expected12:32
otaviobluelightning: so seems it has been fixed12:32
bluelightningwe'll know shortly12:32
otaviobluelightning: danny is broken; I use it and workarounded it12:33
bluelightningI need to be sure I'm actually able to reproduce it there to be sure it's fixed12:35
alex_kagbluelightning, whole log is above 7 Mb12:35
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otavioalex_kag: so paste what is important only12:37
otavioalex_kag: :)12:37
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bluelightningotavio: reproduced it with danny13:09
bluelightningfound the fix that fixed it as well13:09
otaviobluelightning: :-)13:11
bluelightningotavio: details in the bug13:15
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otaviobluelightning: great!13:20
otaviobluelightning: it took me quite some time to figure out postinsts were not being run13:20
bluelightningotavio: hmm.. sorry about that13:21
otaviobluelightning: no problem13:23
otaviobluelightning: I reported it as it is no trivial to find out13:23
otavioalex_kag: Strange13:23
otavioalex_kag: it seems it has a change in glibc13:23
otavioalex_kag: did you change something?13:23
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schramaehi. i'm trying to use ARCHIVER_MODE = "patched" with ARCHIVER_MODE[log_type] = "none" with Yocto 1.3 release, but i keep getting script-logs and showdata-dumps. do i have to set some other variable or sth. for this to work?13:32
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otaviobluelightning: please take a look in the base.bbclass patch I sent13:36
otaviobluelightning: it is very small but helps a lot to avoid duplication of code13:36
otaviobluelightning: and I did it when refactoring some patches for MX28 for fsl-arm13:37
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bluelightningotavio: you mean the SOC_FAMILY one?13:38
bluelightningI don't know much about SOC_FAMILY...13:38
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dimrhas anyone anyone with imx6 managed to use gstream to play video properly? im trying to play a quicktime video on a nitrogen6x with the fsl-image-test image using gst-launch and the console just gets dimmed a bit and i dont see any video playing. i dont get any errors either13:40
otaviobluelightning: yes; SOC_FAMILY13:43
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mattnieI have a imx6qsabresd and if i copy the u-boot.imx to sdcard it does not boot!14:39
mattnieDoes anyone also have this problem?14:39
mcfriskmattnie: try seek=1 and also skip=1 for dd if you do dd manually14:39
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mattnieok i will try14:40
mcfriskfwiw, I have sabresd and just dd'ing the whole .sdcard image is enough.14:41
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mattnieyes if i dd the whole .sdcard image it works fine ;)14:42
mattniebut if use tftp boot so i only need u-boot14:42
mcfriskwhen I had non-booting u-boot images after dd, it was because the Freescale BSP version needed also skip=1 and the others like sabrelite ones did not. This was mentioned in some docs/instructions.14:45
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mattnie sudo dd if=u-boot.imx of=/dev/sdb bs=512 seek=1 skip=1 conv=fsync14:47
mattniethis is my command to copy it14:47
mcfriskmattnie: looks ok14:48
mcfriskbut if you overwrote the first block before, remember to recreate a partition table.14:48
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mattnieit does not boot up14:58
mattniei dd the whole sdcard image on to the sdcard it boots up -> than i only changed u-boot -> it doesn't boot up14:58
mcfriskI don't know that well how yocto handles the u-boot image, I've mostly dealth with BSP and sabrelite u-boot images after manual cross compiles.14:59
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mattnie#mcfrisk any ideas?15:03
*** denisATeukrea <denisATeukrea!> has quit IRC15:04
mcfriskmattnie: debug yocto image creation process, and try to recreate the "dd u-boot" step, maybe there's some fat partition magic involved, like script files.15:04
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*** ScaryMark <ScaryMark!~mgross@> has joined #yocto15:10
mattniei allready tried a rebuild.. i think it must be a stuipid failure from me15:17
*** zenlinux_ <zenlinux_!> has joined #yocto15:17
mattniebut i have to go offline now ;) work time is unfortunately over...15:18
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RP_khem: ping?15:29
*** lh <lh!~lhawthor@osuosl/staff/lh> has joined #yocto15:29
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alex_kagotavio, it was fresh install. nothing change.
*** zecke <zecke!> has joined #yocto15:40
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otavioalex_kag: sure; but it might have a change at oe-core/poky side15:57
otavioalex_kag: and you getting the side effects15:57
otavioRP_: There're any image building Qt but default in auto-builder?15:57
RP_otavio: its in core-image-sato-sdk iirc and the lsb images15:58
otavioRP_: alex_kag has found that Qt is failing to build in meta-fsl-arm however the code it is failing is not touched by any patch we apply. So it may be a generic issue15:59
RP_otavio: pretty sure it does get tested on the AB16:00
alex_kagqt4e-demo-image build correctly16:00
otavioalex_kag: and which one fails?16:00
*** walters <walters!> has joined #yocto16:01
*** munch <munch!> has joined #yocto16:03
otavioalex_kag: right16:04
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*** bluelightning_ is now known as bluelightning16:08
otavioalex_kag: I started a new build here to see if I can reproduce it16:08
*** mitz <mitz!> has joined #yocto16:09
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alex_kagi hope it is not my error16:11
*** JaMa <JaMa!> has joined #yocto16:14
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:15
diego_kyneticsotavio: I'm getting "Can't install gpu-viv-bin-mx6q-1:1.1.0-r5.0@nitrogen6x: no package provides libgal-x11-mx6 >= 1.1.0" on master for Nitrogen6x16:21
*** mranostay <mranostay!~mranostay@pdpc/supporter/active/mranostay> has quit IRC16:21
*** mranostay <mranostay!~mranostay@pdpc/supporter/active/mranostay> has joined #yocto16:21
otaviodiego_kynetics: yes, it has been reworked16:22
otaviodiego_kynetics: you're not using PRServer right?16:22
diego_kyneticsotavio: no, I'm not16:22
otavioalex_kag: I think it's not your fault16:22
otavioalex_kag: I just need to find out if it is a BSP issue or an OE-Core issue16:22
*** zeeblex1 <zeeblex1!apalalax@nat/intel/x-azimgcfjroqpbexq> has joined #yocto16:22
otaviodiego_kynetics: sure; the easier way in this case is to remove tmp and start the build again16:23
otaviodiego_kynetics: it will than rebuild the packages which depends on gpu-viv16:23
diego_kyneticsotavio: okay. I had hoped for a bitbake -c clean something :)16:23
otaviodiego_kynetics: yes16:23
*** lh <lh!~lhawthor@osuosl/staff/lh> has joined #yocto16:23
otaviodiego_kynetics: this is possible but you'd need to clean all ones depends on gpu-viv or virtual/egl and so on16:23
*** g1zer0 <g1zer0!> has joined #yocto16:24
diego_kyneticsI think I'll use all my 8 cores then :)16:24
otaviodiego_kynetics: it is very easy to forget something so removing temp is the safest route (or use PRServer)16:24
*** mranostay <mranostay!~mranostay@pdpc/supporter/active/mranostay> has quit IRC16:24
otaviodiego_kynetics: \m/16:24
*** mranostay <mranostay!~mranostay@pdpc/supporter/active/mranostay> has joined #yocto16:25
diego_kyneticsotavio: thank you so much16:25
*** gizero <gizero!> has joined #yocto16:25
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bluelightningotavio: so do you want to keep bug 4153 open until the patch is backported or should I mark it resolved?16:26
yoctiBug major, Medium, 1.4, paul.eggleton, ACCEPTED , Packages add by locales does not have preinst run16:26
otavioyocti: well I think it should be keep open until rburton does the danny backport16:27
yoctiotavio: Error: "well" is not a valid command.16:27
otaviobluelightning: well I think it should be keep open until rburton does the danny backport16:27
otaviodiego_kynetics: yw16:27
bluelightningotavio: ok fair enough16:27
otaviobluelightning: and it is good to reassign it to him16:28
otaviobluelightning: ;-) rburton one more in your plate :P16:28
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*** gizero is now known as g1zer016:28
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bluelightningJaMa: can you test this for me?
bluelightningjust the top commit16:44
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JaMabluelightning: will do tonight16:48
rburtonotavio, bluelightning: i've set it to inprogressreview which means "merged to my local branch" and will be closed when its in oe-core/danny16:50
otaviorburton: awesome; thx16:51
bluelightningrburton: thanks16:51
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JaMabluelightning: I've noticed interesting issue with buildhistory17:11
JaMaOSError: [Errno 20] Not a directory: '/OE/webos/owub/build-webos-pro/buildhistory/packages/i586-webos-linux/linux-libc-headers/latest_srcrev'17:11
JaMaERROR: [From file: 'buildhistory_emit_pkghistory', lineno: 185, function: <module>]17:12
JaMabluelightning: it happens when oe-core is downgraded, but old buildhistory dir is kept17:12
*** Corneliu <Corneliu!c0c6972c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC17:12
bluelightningJaMa: ah yes... it assumes that anything it doesn't know about is a directory17:13
bluelightningthere's explicit exclusion for "latest" (and "latest_srcrev" in recent versions)17:13
JaMait skips "latest" but not latest_srcrev17:13
bluelightningshould probably just recode that to not be implemented in such a fragile manner; however that won't help when you downgrade anyway17:14
*** _Lucretia_ <_Lucretia_!~munkee@pdpc/supporter/active/lucretia> has joined #yocto17:17
JaMaI've fixed it with find and git rm, it's just a bit surprising when it fails like this17:17
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zeckeRP_: ping?17:43
*** zenlinux <zenlinux!> has joined #yocto17:44
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Crofton|workzecke, are you still in Berlin?17:50
zeckeCrofton|work: most of the time17:50
Crofton|workany chance of you giving Florian a hand at Linuxtag?17:51
zeckeCrofton|work: unlikely. :(17:51
Crofton|workoh well, if you do know anyone, please twist their arm :)17:51
zeckeCrofton|work: work is quite busy. I can help with printing stuff.. but I have no time for booth duty17:52
zeckeCrofton|work: woglinde deserves his arm to be twisted17:52
Crofton|workgood that work is busy17:52
Crofton|workHe is on my list17:52
bluelightningCrofton|work: speaking of booth stuff, any suggestions on where we should put the booth files given that the oe-classic repo isn't really appropriate anymore?17:57
* mranostay doesn't want to be a Crofton|work list17:57
Crofton|workmranostay, it involves convincing you to go to Linuxtag and helping with the OE booth17:59
Crofton|workBerlin is fun17:59
Crofton|workbluelightning, yeah, we need a repo for stuff like that17:59
Crofton|workand the logo17:59
bluelightningyep Berlin is a nice town18:00
bluelightningwish I could go...18:00
bluelightningCrofton|work: indeed18:00
bluelightningCrofton|work: make it so :)18:00
Crofton|worksticky note filled out18:01
bluelightningat least I don't have access to create repos anyway...18:01
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GaribaldiIs there a way to pass some sort of "parameters" to a bitbake recipe?  For example, I want to have some sort of option to enable/disable a given feature.18:14
GaribaldiI could do it via environment variables or by having multiple versions of the recipe, but I was hoping for something like a command-line option18:16
*** eren <eren!~eren@unaffiliated/eren> has joined #yocto18:18
bluelightningGaribaldi: typically we would do that via PACKAGECONFIG18:20
bluelightningthen you can set PACKAGECONFIG_pn-recipename from outside the recipe18:21
Garibaldibluelightning: thanks.  I did see that -- I'll go with that then, thanks.18:23
Garibaldiso a given recipe can provide multiple packages, and it's a package name that we specify at the bitbake command line (correct?).  Is there a way within the recipe to know which package was targeted?18:25
Garibaldiah, with that it wouldnt need it18:26
GaribaldiI'll experiment :-)18:26
bluelightningGaribaldi: well yes and no, it's a recipe provided on the command line18:27
Garibaldiso if I wanted something conditional based on a core-image type, I'd need a separate recipe18:28
Garibaldione that set the variable one way and the other that set it, well, the other way18:30
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otavioSameone saw this?19:38
Garibaldiotavio: yes19:38
otavio| arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-ar libjscore.a .obj/release-static/YarrInterpreter.o .obj/release-static/YarrPattern.o .obj/release-static/YarrSyntaxChecker.o .obj/release-static...19:38
otavio|   --plugin <p> - load the specified plugin19:38
otavio|  emulation options:19:38
otavio|   No emulation specific options19:38
otavio| arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-ar: supported targets: elf32-littlearm elf32-bigarm elf32-little elf32-big plugin srec symbolsrec verilog tekhex binary ihex19:38
otavio| make[2]: *** [release/libjscore.a] Error 119:38
otavioGaribaldi: heh sorry for the delay19:38
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Garibaldiotavio: ah, sorry -- thought you were just making sure you weren't having network connectivity issues19:39
otavioGaribaldi: yes19:39
otavioGaribaldi: noticed19:39
alex_kagotavio, does qt4-x11-free build?19:47
*** tor <tor!> has quit IRC19:50
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #93 of build-appliance is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
otavioalex_kag: it compiles19:51
otavioalex_kag: so I didn't see the failure you had19:51
otavioalex_kag: but it fails to install19:51
otaviokhem: You're my toolchain master :-D Any clue about the emulation issue I poasted above?19:52
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CircuitsoftIs there a way to make Yocto install the syslinux bootloader to the .rootfs.ext3 image instead of (or in addition to) the .hddimg, or to make the .hddimg the root filesystem?20:20
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #92 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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CircuitsoftIs there a way to make Yocto install the syslinux bootloader to the .rootfs.ext3 image instead of (or in addition to) the .hddimg, or to make the .hddimg the root filesystem?23:00
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