Thursday, 2013-05-02

sgw1otavio: I know it's late there, we can touch base in the morning, it's about the bugs in bugzilla assigned to you00:01
otaviosgw1: ahh00:02
otaviosgw1: no problem to me00:02
sgw1otavio: just wondering if you will be addressing them for your BSP release in 1.4 or 1.4.1 or 1.5?00:03
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otaviosgw1: which issues? let me query bugzilla here00:03
sgw1otavio: see pm00:04
otaviosgw1: all these open bugs, we could try for 1.4.1 but some may need BSP upgrade00:05
sgw1Ok, do you want me to change them to 1.4.1 target?00:05
otaviosgw1: please do :-)00:07
otaviosgw1: I update if we miss it again00:07
sgw1Ok, I will mark the lows for 1.5 and others for 1.4.1, you can always fix them sooner in your BSP!00:08
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CircuitsoftWhat is the minimal necessary in a yocto-linux_3.8.bbappend for it to actually pull in some config changes?01:36
CircuitsoftSo far I have this:
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Crofton|workgithub is out to lunch for abit02:39
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CircuitsoftCrofton|work - Works for me. Maybe network issues. Point me to a pastebin that works for you, and I'll post it there.04:09
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mckoangood morning07:17
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Net147how do I install to usr/local/bin? it says Files/directories were installed but not shipped when I try build image with custom recipe08:40
bluelightningNet147: typically you wouldn't do that08:42
Net147any particular reason?08:42
bluelightningNet147: for autotools we set bindir so that /usr/bin is used08:43
bluelightningit's the standard I guess08:43
bluelightningif the software your recipe is building is already installing stuff into /usr/local/bin and you want to keep it that way you can just add that directory to FILES_${PN} within the recipe08:44
Net147bluelightning: thanks08:44
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rburtonGaribaldi: --module is for building plugins, not libraries09:10
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Net147is hdddirect image supposed to include rootfs.img as well in the fat partition in addition to the ext3 root partition?11:04
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Net147I guess not...11:20
* Net147 investigates conflict between bootimg and boot-directdisk11:34
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Net147I think I see it..11:41
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Net147if two different tasks inside a single image recipe set are executing at same time and set HDDDIR variable, is the HDDDIR variable shared between the two tasks or separate?12:09
Net147it looks like do_bootdirectdisk is setting HDDDIR variable while do_bootimg is executing and overwriting what do_bootimg initially set HDDDIR to12:11
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Net147what's this d variable in the bbclass files?13:23
bluelightningNet147: d is the data dictionary, it allows access to variables among other things13:25
bluelightningNet147: the class is defined in bitbake/lib/bb/ if you want to look at the code13:25
Net147bluelightning: okay, thanks. I'm slowly working on solving many issues I have found with image generation.13:26
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Net147bluelightning: does ${SOMEVAR} in a somefunction() { implicitly use access d?13:32
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Net147bluelightning: SOMEVAR = 123 equivalent to d.setVar('SOMEVAR', '123') and ${SOMEVAR} equivalent to d.getVar('SOMEVAR') ?13:35
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bluelightningNet147: kind of, it's more a case of d expanding those references13:35
bluelightningNet147: yes13:36
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bluelightningNet147: well actually the latter is equivalent to d.getVar('SOMEVAR', True)13:36
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bluelightningNet147: that will ensure that any variable references within the value are fully expanded13:37
B4gderroxell: wohoo, fancy hostmask there =)13:37
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Net147bluelightning: can functions have arguments?13:45
Net147bluelightning: the problem i'm having is image bbclasses clobbering each other's variables inside the same image recipe13:47
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Net147is there a bitbake language reference manual?13:55
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bluelightningNet147: there is a bitbake manual, it's in the process of being updated13:58
bluelightningNet147: bitbake functions can't have arguments, no13:59
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mcfriskhow to build depend on opengl stuff with cmake? compile is failing at cmake opengl check.14:38
rburtonassuming you have depends = virtual/libgl, then your problem is with the cmake script14:39
mcfriskyes, have that in DEPENDS, trying to compile openscenegraph14:40
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b737800hi all14:51
b737800i'v downloaded a toolchain from yocto nightly build serevr14:51
b737800and i foudna .debug directory under the /lib directory with some debug libraries but nothing under /usr/lib14:52
b737800why do we need debug symboles on a SDK ? and why i cannot find teh debug sumbols of the others libraries under /usr/lib ?14:53
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mcfriskis there a good example how to do_configure/do_compile with cmake?14:57
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bluelightningmcfrisk: cmake.bbclass should be handling that already if you "inherit cmake" ...15:02
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mcfriskbluelightning: yep, noticed but there are still some conflicts left in openscenegraph, an internal version of openthreads for example15:05
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b737800any one for my question regarding debug symbols ?15:09
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CircuitsoftHi - I'm working on a crownbay-based system with Yocto 1.4, Kernel 3.8.4, and getting compile errors on emgd.16:05
Circuitsoftwarning: ignoring return value of 'mutex_lock_interruptible', declared with attribute warn_unused_result16:06
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nitinkCircuitsoft: We have built it many times without issues, give me more details of your issue16:18
Circuitsoft/export/home/aaustin/<customer>/yocto/build/tmp/work/<customer>-poky-linux/linux-yocto/3.8.4+gitAUTOINC+2a6d36e75ca0a121570a389d7bab76ec240cbfda_47aed0c17c1c55988198ad39f86ae88894c8e0a4-r4.1.1/linux/drivers/gpu/drm/emgd/emgd/display/dsp/tnc/dsp_tnc.c:304:2: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type [enabled by default]16:19
CircuitsoftSame error on several lines and files, all in emgd.16:19
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CircuitsoftGist updated with logs16:27
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nitinkCircuitsoft: what git commits of yocto project layers are you using?16:34
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CircuitsoftPoky is 789b2b716:35
CircuitsoftMeta-intel is b237e2a16:35
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nitinkCircuitsoft: I am surprised to see your failure, we have validated all this things many times16:36
nitinkCircuitsoft: do you nay any local changes?16:37
CircuitsoftI suspect a problem with my bbappend, but I don't know what the problem could be, other than that the config fragments I'm pulling in were originally written for k3.4.3816:37
CircuitsoftNo local changes to poky or meta-intel16:38
CircuitsoftI posted my kernel bbappend and build log in the gist above.16:38
Circuitsoft*3.4.36, not 3.4.3816:38
nitinkCircuitsoft: BTW you are not using latest 1.4 git HEAD for meta-intel16:39
CircuitsoftIs 6147ba0e better?16:39
nitinkCircuitsoft: that is the one validated16:40
CircuitsoftI'm using latest dylan.16:40
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nitinkCircuitsoft: for poky you are using the latest dylan, but for meta-intel, you are not using the latest dylan,16:42
CircuitsoftJust did a cleansstate. I'll try the build again and see what happens, if something changed after pulling 6147ba16:42
CircuitsoftKind of odd that I got b237e since I cloned on Tuesday.16:42
Circuitsoft| ERROR: "cfb_fillrect" [drivers/gpu/drm/emgd/emgd.ko] undefined! | ERROR: "cfb_imageblit" [drivers/gpu/drm/emgd/emgd.ko] undefined! | ERROR: "cfb_copyarea" [drivers/gpu/drm/emgd/emgd.ko] undefined!16:44
nitinkCircuitsoft: can you also try by removing your ucvideo.cfg from SRC_URI16:44
nitinkCircuitsoft: you are mssing this in your kernel config: CONFIG_FB_CFB_COPYAREA16:48
nitinkCircuitsoft: your bbappend is removing some of the needed parts from the kernel config16:50
CircuitsoftOh. How do I make sure I'm only adding and not removing things?16:51
CircuitsoftI figured since the SRC_URI gets appended to, it would still keep anything in the meta-intel bbappend.16:52
nitinkCircuitsoft: that depends on kernel's config dependencies16:52
nitinkCircuitsoft: Try building the kernel with out your bbappend, and save the kernel's .config file somewhere16:53
nitinkCircuitsoft: then check what is happening to .config with your changes16:53
nitinkCircuitsoft: as some of the kernel configs are exclusive, they disable other options16:55
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CircuitsoftI suppose one thing to ask is why the existing upstream kernel disables input_evdev?16:56
CircuitsoftDoing so seems to break X, especially in the case of a touchscreen.16:56
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nitinkCircuitsoft: I think that is unrelated thing to this issue16:59
CircuitsoftTrue, but that is one thing I had to fix with these config chunks.16:59
CircuitsoftAnyway, built with default and captured config, trying my config now.17:00
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b737800hello again17:03
CircuitsoftLotsa big differences, many that I haven't come near touching.17:04
CircuitsoftSo, clearly the default configs are not getting pulled in and merged with my fragments.17:04
nitinkCircuitsoft: try with an empty .cfg file in SRC_URI, it should give you unchanged .config17:07
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CircuitsoftOne odd thing, If I comment out most-all of my bbappend, it builds 3.8.4+gitAUTOINC+27b63fdbd25ad1a37bacc05f49a205c150d21779_d9a45e3325030f7bd6f37947a7a0b12da7f602c3-r4.1.117:10
CircuitsoftIf I uncomment all of my bbappend (which specifies same SRCREVs as the meta-crownbay one), it builds 3.8.4+gitAUTOINC+2a6d36e75ca0a121570a389d7bab76ec240cbfda_47aed0c17c1c55988198ad39f86ae88894c8e0a4-r4.1.117:10
CircuitsoftI'm seeing all the same differences when I reference only an empty .cfg file.17:12
nitinkCircuitsoft: can you try "bitbake -f -c cleansstate" for trying each of these17:14
nitinkCircuitsoft: just to take any sstate related stuff out17:14
CircuitsoftIs "bitbake linux-yocto -c cleansstate" enough?17:14
*** smartin <smartin!> has quit IRC17:15
CircuitsoftWe have an actual shared sstate in use, so I don't want to slow other people's builds too much.17:15
*** smartin <smartin!> has joined #yocto17:16
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nitinkCircuitsoft: there must be something in your bbappend to change the git commit ids17:21
nitinkCircuitsoft: I think the metal intel does not cover your machine name, so it is getting commits from the poky17:22
nitinkCircuitsoft: so keep your bbappend, just disable the SRC_URI changes17:22
*** hollisb <hollisb!> has joined #yocto17:24
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Circuitsoftnitink: Even no SRC_URI spec in the bbappend still has huge config changes.17:44
nitinkCircuitsoft: humm17:45
nitinkCircuitsoft: definitely somethings is missing or extra in your bbappend then17:45
nitinkCircuitsoft: you need to fix SRC_URI_crownbay17:45
nitinkCircuitsoft: it should of your <customer> stuff17:46
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CircuitsoftI figured that still needed to be crownbay since I have KMACHINE_<cust> = "crownbay"17:53
*** Circuitsoft_ <Circuitsoft_!ccb603eb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto17:56
Circuitsoft_Well, that mostly fixed it, but now my configs aren't applied. I tried appending my .cfg files to SRC_URI_<customer> instead of SRC_URI. I'll see how that works in a second.17:56
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evanpmy automated build machines occassionally bomb with the error: CalledProcessError: Command 'tar -cf - -C /home/blah/blah/sysroot-destdir/ -ps . | tar -xf - -C /home/blah/blah/tmp/sysroots/machinename/' returned non-zero exit status 2 with output tar: ./usr/lib64/ Cannot stat: No such file or directory17:57
*** Circuitsoft <Circuitsoft!ccb603eb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC17:57
evanpdoes that ring any bells for anyone? this is Yocto 1.2.17:57
Circuitsoft_evanp: Any chance somebody else is trying to delete files at the same time tar is trying to add them?17:58
bluelightningevanp: what version of tar is installed on the host?17:58
*** errordeveloper <errordeveloper!> has joined #yocto17:58
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bluelightningevanp: if it's 1.2.3 or older check if tar-replacement-native got built18:00
evanpbluelightning: looks like 1.22; they are Fedora 13.18:00
bluelightningevanp: there was a bug in tar 1.2.3 or older that did the wrong thing when replacing symlinks18:00
*** smartin <smartin!> has joined #yocto18:00
bluelightningnot sure if that's what's happening here but it sounds like it could be18:01
bluelightningwe're supposed to build tar-replacement-native at the start and thus avoid the issue in the case where the host's tar is too old18:01
evanpbluelightning: I see "package tar-replacement-native-1.26-r1: task do_populate_sysroot_setscene: Succeeded" very far before the error18:01
bluelightninghmm, so it did build...18:02
evanpso, not that I guess18:02
bluelightningare the files it complains about symlinks at all?18:02
*** alex_kag <alex_kag!~alexei@> has quit IRC18:03
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sgw1khem: ping regarding gcc4.8 and binutils status18:06
evanpbluelightning: if I'm reading the makefile right, they looking for more direct confirmation18:07
*** smartin <smartin!> has quit IRC18:08
sgw1RP: you done with pulls?  Shall I fire master on AB, will do so if I don't here from you in 10 or so minutes18:10
*** smartin <smartin!> has joined #yocto18:10
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Circuitsoft_nitink: So, I'm finding the missing configs in tmp/sysroots/crownbay/usr/src/kernel/meta/patches/standard/base/links/kernel-cache/cfg/19:15
Circuitsoft_Where do those come from?19:15
nitinkzeddii: Can you take a look at the Circuitsoft_ kernel config issue here19:16
*** Circuitsoft_ is now known as Circuitsoft19:16
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zeddiican you send me an email with all the details ?19:21
zeddiitrolling back through IRC and trying to piece it together isn't what I'd like to do :)19:21
zeddiior call it a bug, and put it in bugzilla, that works too. and I can mark it as fixed if it really isn't a problem.19:21
Circuitsoftzedii: Start here:
* zeddii repeats19:22
zeddiino IRC19:22
*** scot_ <scot_!> has joined #yocto19:22
CircuitsoftWant to /msg me your email address? I can try to put it all together there.19:22
zeddiinitink, can hook us up too. but I don't mind broadcasting it. bruce.ashfield@windriver.com19:23
zeddiiI can fix it with a simple enough configure.19:23
zeddiiI'll just work on it from home tonight, and I leave my IRC window here @work19:23
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kergothwtf, bitbake is selecting this recipe as a runtime provider of something that isn't in its PACKAGES or RPROVIDES or PACKAGES_DYNAMIC anywhere, as far as i can see19:52
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nitinkzeddii: all the details are here:
nitinkzeddii: he is adding a bbappend for his new machine based on crownbay20:49
nitinkCircuitsoft: you can cc me on the email details: nitin.a.kamble@intel.com20:50
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Net147sgw1: I resubmitted the patch. let me know if you have any other issues.20:52
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Circuitsoftnitink: zeddii was able to help me through it - I just forwarded the email chain in case you'd like to see the fix.21:43
CircuitsoftThanks for the introduction.21:43
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GaribaldiQuestion for you all:  Say I have package A that profiles some header /usr/include/foo.h, and I have package B that needs foo.h, do I DEPEND="A-native" or DEPEND="A" or something else?  When I try to build B, it can't seem to find foo.h22:02
*** mitz <mitz!> has quit IRC22:02
Garibaldierr, I bet a need A-dev22:02
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Garibaldihow does package separation work for BBCLASSEXTEND = "native" packages?22:08
kergothDEPENDS is automatically adusted where appropriate. if B depends on A, B-native will depend on A-native.22:09
*** walters <walters!walters@nat/redhat/x-bsovqaaimuqwflkx> has quit IRC22:09
Garibaldimake sense22:09
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Garibaldiso here B is non-native, but needs A-dev to compile22:11
Garibaldieh, I'm too tired to think straight.  I'll look at this again tomorrow22:12
Garibaldikergoth: thanks22:12
*** agust <agust!> has quit IRC22:12
kergothA-dev is a runtime binary package, it's not relevant here22:12
kergothbuild dependencies are expressed against recipes, in DEPENDS22:13
kergothDEPENDS += "A" in is all you should need22:13
*** andyross <andyross!> has quit IRC22:13
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Garibaldiso when I'm compiling B where B DEPENDS on A, where would B expect to pick up /usr/include/foo.h?22:15
Garibaldifoo.h provided by A22:15
kergothin the default search paths . you don't have to do anything as long as it was installed in the correct place22:15
kergoththe files installed by do_install are automaitcally installed into the sysroot, and oe passes the correct args in the CC variable to get the files there22:16
Garibaldigah, I see the problem22:16
kergothif it's not working, then likely you just need to get the buildsystem obeying our CC..22:16
kergoth& friends22:16
Garibaldiit's not in /usr/include/foo.h, it's in /usr/include/A/foo.h22:16
kergothor your do_install in A is broken22:16
Garibaldiwould the install of A automatically move things to /usr/include/A/ ?22:17
GaribaldiI'll need to recheck my A recipe to make sure I'm not doing something wrong22:18
Garibaldikergoth: again, thanks a lot for your help22:19
kergothyou can always CFLAGS += "-I ${STAGING_INCDIR}/A" in B, but i doubt that's the preferred method22:20
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