Thursday, 2013-05-23

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Net147sgw_: yes I am00:02
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sgw_Net147: I was not able to apply your updated systemd patch00:12
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #25 of nightly-qa-extras is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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Net147sgw_: I will look into it. what's the time over there?00:31
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #25 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Running Sanity Tests Building Images_2] Build details are at
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sgw_Net147: it's 1738 here, where are you located?00:38
Net147sgw_: Sydney, Australia. GMT+1000:39
Net147sgw_: it looks like the systemd patch still depends on the FHS patch00:40
Net147sgw_: FHS patch modifies, systemd patch renames it00:40
Net147sgw_: would it be more convenient to reorder them?00:41
sgw_yes, that would help.00:42
Net147sgw_: ok, so FHS patch would depend on systemd update00:42
Net147sgw_: okay, systemd update V4 sent00:46
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sgw_Net147: thank you, and I apperciate the effort you are putting into this, sorry for requesting multiple changes.00:49
Net147sgw_: you're welcome. I appreciate the feedback.00:52
Net147sgw_: I also have an enhancement that uses MBR disk signature (for kernel 3.8 and later) instead of hardcoded root=/dev/sda2 for boot-directdisk class. would it be useful to submit a patch for it?00:57
sgw_Net147: it would be interesting to see, that's for sure, the SYSLINUX_ROOT is override-able, but there may be other places that need to fixed to make it work correctly.01:01
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Net147sgw_: I have been using it for a week or so and it works. I can boot in both QEMU and on real hardware without changing root= in syslinux.cfg (QEMU uses /dev/hda2 instead of /dev/sda2)01:05
sgw_Net147: are you trying to fake out a random uuid?  If so, why not use uuid to generate the signature?01:12
Net147sgw_: uuidgen?01:13
Net147sgw_: I have actually submitted patch to parted upstream for that -
Net147sgw_: but yes I could use the random parts of uuidgen's output (rather than the parts based on MAC address, etc.)01:17
sgw_That's probably the better approach then have parted do the correct thing!01:18
sgw_Time for dinner here, I might be back on later tonight.01:18
Net147sgw_: so prefer patching upstream parted?01:19
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #142 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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Net147sgw_: okay, I will adapt it to use uuidgen01:56
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #116 of nightly-fsl-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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Net147sgw_: patches submitted04:30
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #149 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
evanpI addtask'ed a custom task to my libgcc recipe, and have set [depends] on it...but bitbake-dumpsig claims my task doesn't depend on any other there something special about libgcc? Same thing in other recipes and it _does_ show up in bitbake-dumpsig....04:43
evanpI'm trying to get a shared-work like effect on my custom task between libgcc and other recipes. If it weren't for this one bizarre difference, the task hashes would be equal and it would be working....04:48
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evanphuh...the dependency does show up in though...weird....05:01
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evanpokay...what am I missing? I define do_foo, addtask foo..., do_foo[depends] = "thing-native:do_populate_sysroot", then bitbake-dumpsig the sigdata for foo, and it claims "Tasks this task depends on: []" for every recipe except the ones with -cross in their name. However, the task dependency shows up in
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RagBalI'm trying to build core-image-minimal but the package prelink gives me an error:
RagBalWhat could be the problem?06:20
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mckoangood morning07:11
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bluelightningmorning all08:51
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rburtonkergoth`: i don't suppose you have a fix for bb not working with bitbake master yet? :)09:09
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rburtonkergoth`: very much a hack job on making bb work with new bitbake on my fork10:19
rburtonkergoth`: it does remove a lot of duplicate code from bbcmd which is good, but i'm mostly doing it without clue :)10:19
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RagBalWhat recipes do I need let gnome3 work on core-image-minimal?11:02
RagBalpackagegroup-core-x11-base and gdm?11:03
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derRichardhow can i rebuild a single package? i've changed some source files and therefore a rebuild is needed12:01
ZagorderRichard: bitbake <package>12:02
derRichardZagor: this does nothing. bitbake thinks nothing has to be done12:02
RagBalbitbake -c clean <package>12:03
derRichardi've replaced the tarball in downloads12:03
Zagornow run "bitbake <package>" again12:04
derRichardi'll paste you the logs12:04
derRichardone moment12:05
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Zagorpossibly you'll even want -c cleansstate to avoid it pulling in the sstate cache of the old version12:05
derRichardwill try cleanstate12:06
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derRichardZagor: thanks a lot! cleanstate did it! :-)12:08
derRichardwhat is the perfered way to work with sources in yocto? i'm changing all the time some source files within packages.12:09
RagBalIs there a packagegroup available for yocto images to run gnome? I'm trying to create an image with it but I can't seem to succeed12:11
RagBalSomething like angstrom-packagegroup-gnome12:15
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ZagorderRichard: don't use bitbake for software development. rather build your test system in yocto and then copy your test binaries there with scp, nfs or some other way.12:25
Zagorrebuilding the whole system for each test during development is overkill12:25
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derRichardlook, currently i'm hunting down a bug in wvdial on linux/arm. so i have to patch various packages all the time (eglibc, wvstreams, wvdial). if i'd build all these all the time by hand. i'd not need something like yocto12:27
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ZagorderRichard: ah, ok.12:28
derRichardcurrently i use bitbake -c cleanstate foo ; bitbake -c fetch foo ; patching the source taball... ; bitbake foo12:30
derRichardthis kinda sucks :D12:30
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ZagorderRichard: one option is to clone the repos of packages you modify and work against those (change SRC_URI and SRC_REV in the recipe)12:35
bluelightningif you're wanting to compile after changing source code under the workdir, you should use bitbake -c compile -f foo12:36
bluelightningor to do that and then continue on and do the rest of the tasks for the recipe: bitbake -C compile foo12:37
Zagorah, -C is good to know12:38
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derRichardbluelightning: what is -C?12:38
derRichardbitbake -h does not offer this switch12:39
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ZagorderRichard: really? it does for me. which version are you on?12:39
bluelightningderRichard: it means force the specified task and then run the default task for the specified recipe (as if you'd done bitbake foo)12:39
bluelightningderRichard: you're probably using an old version of bitbake then12:39
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derRichardbluelightning: BitBake Build Tool Core version 1.15.1, bitbake version 1.15.112:42
bluelightningderRichard: yep that version does not have that feature12:43
bluelightningit should support -c compile -f however12:43
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Net147bluelightning: hi bluelightning!12:52
bluelightninghi Net14712:52
Net147bluelightning: how's it going?12:53
bluelightningNet147: great thanks, and you?12:53
Net147bluelightning: yeah, all okay12:53
Net147bluelightning: Yocto is pretty large to understand, but i'm learning gradually12:55
bluelightningNet147: thanks for your recent patches12:56
Net147bluelightning: you're welcome12:57
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Net147is there a list of boards that Yocto is commonly tested/used with?13:11
bluelightningNet147: the Yocto Project QA team tests with the four reference hardware machines (atom-pc, beagleboard, mpc8315e-rdb and routerstationpro)13:14
Net147bluelightning: any particular brand/model of atom-pc?13:15
bluelightningBSP authors will do their own image testing and we build images for some of these on a regular basis including BSPs from Intel, Freescale ARM and Freescale PPC13:16
bluelightningNet147: if you have a look at the README.hardware I think we list a bunch of machines we have tested with although it should work with a wide range of machines13:16
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Net147bluelightning: does that include Atom boards currently in production using PowerVR SGX graphics (e.g. on newer Acer Aspire One netbooks)?13:20
bluelightningNet147: we wouldn't build the proprietary drivers for those no, but the machine should still boot I would think13:20
bluelightningNet147: we do have some atom-based BSPs in meta-intel that do build the Intel EMGD drivers for similar platforms13:21
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Net147bluelightning: I think BSP was removed because the PowerVR graphics drivers aren't compatible with the 3.8 kernel13:23
Net147bluelightning: Intel Cedartrail BSP13:25
rburtonNet147: that and that ISG were not support cedartrail anymore13:28
Net147rburton: ISG?13:28
rburtonits mainly due to the kernel thing13:28
rburtonthey weren't interested in porting13:29
rburtonhowever, patches welcome!  the kernel bit is small and easy, so if someone wants to use cedartrail, they can update the kernel driver bit13:29
Net147can EMGD drivers be used for Cedartrail platform?13:29
Net147I am using xf86-video-modesetting and kernel gma3600 support at the moment13:30
Net147will probably need porting to newer X.Org as well13:31
rburtonNet147: meta-intel has its own X for the binary drivers13:31
Net147rburton: I see. so perhaps just kernel stuff.13:31
rburtonNet147: the cedartrail bsp has the binary drivers13:32
Net147rburton: okay13:32
Net147maybe I will port it to newer kernel if I get bored13:32
rburtonone of the intel team does have a cedartrail netbook so he can test it in his spare time/gets bored, but he's also fully loaded with stuff that's a priority :)13:33
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Net147rburton: I got a whole shelf full of cedartrail boards13:34
rburtonNet147: patches very welcome then :)13:35
Net147rburton: only at work. at home I got a cedartrail netbook though.13:35
Net147isn't Ubuntu also doing some porting of the drivers to newer kernels?13:36
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rburtonNet147: no idea if they're actually supporting cdt going forward13:37
Net147rburton: well I imagine there would be many netbooks and Atom boards using it, until they produce a board that uses another chipset13:37
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rburtonNet147: yes, you would13:39
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Garibaldi|workhum... I'm trying to include grub_0.97 in my image, and I get 'checking whether i586-poky-linux-objcopy works for absolute addresses... no' and the configure fails.15:12
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Garibaldi|workdoes it just not work, or do I need to do some magic?15:22
rburtonGaribaldi|work: why not use grub2?15:23
Garibaldi|workwell, there are GPL-v3 concerns about us building grub2; the lawyers are extra-cautious15:24
Garibaldi|workand I'm trying to install it on a disk image (not an actual device) and I haven't figured out how to get anything grub2 gives me to do it.15:25
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Garibaldi|workI can, for instance use old grub's 'grub' command to install grub on a disk image file.15:28
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Garibaldi|workI actually tried grub2, but when I build it into my nativesdk, there were path issues (grub-mkimage: error: cannot open `/opt/poky/1.3/sysroots/x86_64-poky-linux/usr/lib/grub/i386-coreboot/moddep.lst); I didn't install the SDK in /opt/poky/1.3/15:29
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Garibaldi|workmaybe I can find a different boot loader16:19
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panda84kdeotavio: hi16:29
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panda84kdewhat do you mean with "author name not complete"?16:30
rburtonGaribaldi|work: syslinux?16:31
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panda84kdeotavio: have to go now. Will reply you to your email, 'cause it's not clear to me what I'm missing16:39
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otaviopanda84kde: Your .gitconfig is (were) not properly set16:41
panda84kdeok, but were do you see that? What's missing?16:43
otaviopanda84kde: 'Diego <...>' not 'Diego Surname <...>'16:43
panda84kdeI'm searching in the mail, but can't find any occurrence of "Diego <...>"16:45
panda84kdeforgot: otavio16:45
panda84kdeotavio: this is the good one. Are you referring to this?
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panda84kdeshould go. bye everybody16:52
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* mranostay yawns17:24
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panda84kdehi otavio, I'm Diego. I'm back if you want to clarify the problem with the wrong name18:34
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evanpany gurus out there? I'm trying to do a shared-work sort of thing, but there's something I don't understand happening which is making my custom task have one hash in some recipes and another in the rest. If I bitbake-sigdump, the only difference is some say "Tasks this task depends on: []" while others say "Tasks this task depends on: ['']"21:29
evanpthing is all the recipes in question inherit a bbclass with do_mycustomtask[depends] = "customthing-native:do_populate_sysroot" at the bottom21:30
evanpso I'm assuming the siggen code sees the inter-task dependency in the one case and somehow doesn't see it in the other21:31
evanpthe really interesting part is that shows a task dependency everywhere, even bitbake-sigdump claims there aren't any21:33
evanps/even/even though/21:33
kergoth`maybe richard has an idea, I can't think of anything that could cause such a weird behavior offhand21:34
kergoth`could use getVarFlag to sanity check that the depends flag is what you think it is in all cases21:35
kergoth`(i'm sure it is, but i tend to jump to bitbake -e equiavlent when things start beahving weird, to check assumptions)21:35
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Net147khem: did you want me to squash your uclibc patches into the systemd patch?22:38
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* kergoth kicks the PR server repeatedly22:48
kergothstupid going backwards errors when i didn't chnage anything22:48
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RPevanp: The sstate code doesn't track over the native to non-native boundary22:57
RPevanp: So it will notice <target> depending on <target> and <native> depending on <native> but but not crosses of these22:57
RPevanp: I suspect in your case this is causing the problem since you mention both a -native and  a non-native?22:58
RPkergoth: any objections to killing the global method space in bitbake?22:58
kergothRP: I'm all for it23:00
evanpRP: an example pair of affected recipes are my custom gcc-cross and custom libgcc, does that jive with what you are saying?23:00
kergothjust causes problems, really23:00
kergothwe started in that direction when we added the context stuff, so this is just the next logical step23:01
kergoth(saw the patches on the list this morning, hadnt had time to replyt hough)23:01
RPkergoth: I thought you'd agree, just thought I'd ask though. It continues down the road and is a good thing...23:01
* kergoth nods23:02
RPevanp: so that is mixing cross and target which will likely suffer as I mentioned23:02
kergothwe'll need this sort of thing to be able to have multiple builders in a single process space23:02
RPevanp: This is one of the reasons we stash libgcc into the sysroot and then libgcc simply packages it23:02
RPkergoth: I was a bit horrified when I realised resetting the cooker didn't touch the contexts :/23:03
kergothheh, indeed23:04
RPkergoth: the parallel parsing was also causing people interesting one build in twenty error messages from methodpool23:04
* RP -> Zzzz23:08
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kergothwhat's up with OECMAKE_BUILDPATH? why doesn't it just obey ${B}?23:50
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* sgw_ reminds people that they should put in expense requests for Q323:57
* sgw_ sez oops wrong window!23:57
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