Friday, 2013-06-07

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_alex_kag_hello, i whant delete some files from initscripts (, What is the better way to do it? (I don't whant modify original files)06:21
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silviof_alex_kag_: own layer with an .bbappend of the initscript-recipe07:04
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_alex_kag_<silviof>, i don't know, how to use .bbappend to remove. I know only how to add.07:09
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erbohas anyone had libpseudo-related issues recently? I get an error that libpseudo can't be preloaded during do_rootfs when installing udev-hwdb07:23
ivalihow can i force yocto to rebuild my hard drive (.ext3 file) on bitbake07:25
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seebserbo: One other person recently reported that.07:29
seebsIt appears to be host-specific but I don't have details. I can run the same build he's running and not see it.07:29
seebsIf you come up with steps to reproduce it, or details on how you're doing it, please send me email (, because I want to track that one down.07:30
erboseebs: I'll try to get some time to narrow it down, if I find anything useful I'll email you07:31
seebsThanks. Even just, say, a bitbake.conf and host system info (distro, version, etc.) might help.07:31
erbohappens to a colleague as well, so we're up to three :)07:31
seebs*ahem* "It's user error."07:32
seebs(I always say this on pseudo bugs, because then if it is I look really smart.)07:32
ivaliHow can i force bitbake to rebuild my rootfs?07:34
_alex_kag_try -f07:34
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silviof_alex_kag_: generally: the recipes name is you can create in your layer a a.bbappend and in this you can write do_install_append. here you can remove your files07:38
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ivaliworked. didn't update my symlinks to it but it's fine :) thank you07:54
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mckoangood morning07:54
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bluelightningmorning all08:16
zeckebluelightning: hi08:24
bluelightninghi zecke08:24
zeckebluelightning: I found a funny dylan issue. I added a PACKAGE_ARCH = "all" to a package and bumped the PR08:24
zeckebluelightning: now it tries to look for a -rNEW-1 in the all dir.. while it is still in the armv5te direcyory08:24
zeckecleanall doesn't remove that 'state' either08:25
bluelightningI guess that's a case that hasn't been tested08:26
bluelightningzecke: can you please file a bug?08:26
JaMazecke: there is one already, mmt08:27
yoctiBug 4102: normal, Medium+, 1.5, richard.purdie, NEW , Incremental builds do not work well when renaming recipes or changing architecture.08:27
JaMazecke: you need to remove old pkgdata for it to work08:27
zeckeJaMa: yes I resorted to find tmp -name "*package-name*" -delete08:28
zeckeJaMa: thanks!08:30
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Net147has anyone actually tried using qmake on the target?cd08:50
Net147I get "sh: -d: command not found"08:50
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bluelightningNet147: I know at least one person has used it in the recent past08:52
bluelightningit's not something we test regularly though08:52
bluelightningwith the introduction of automated testing in 1.5 we should certainly look at it though08:53
bluelightnings/introduction of/introduction of enhanced/08:53
Net147bluelightning: I am trying to get Qt Creator running on target. I have submitted all the patches I needed to get it compiled.08:53
Net147bluelightning: it's running now, just that qmake isn't working.08:53
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ivaliIs there a way to install closed-source software on yocto?10:28
ivaliLike adobe flash?10:28
ivalito install - to build a recipe for10:28
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bluelightningivali: sure, you can write a recipe to package anything, it doesn't have to be something built from source10:37
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silviofwhat is a/the swabber-report? see meta/classes/image-swab.bbclass12:32
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bluelightningsilviof: it's not really maintained atm as far as I am aware12:36
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silviofbluelightning: thx for the link12:50
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RPkergoth: I assume you're ok with the bitbake-worker split from runqueue?14:03
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JaMaRP: maybe I've missed it somewhere, but pseudo-native check and build will be also resolved without wrapper, right?15:22
bluelightningJaMa: it has been in that changeset yes15:23
RPJaMa: newer bitbake will be able to handle that internally. I've not posted the patches yet but see
RPJaMa: its working well locally, just ironing out a few minor issues15:27
frayRP, the fialure case (spawn) where we occasionally get the can't LD_PRELOAD.  Will any of that be hidden by the way it's being spawned now.. (I suspect no, but just curious if anythings changed there)15:28
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RPfray: it should still hit the console/logs, just later in the build15:29
fraythat was the one issue that I've noticed, it doesn't always his the logs (today).. if we could get it into the logs, it would help us spot failures15:30
RPfray: I'd expect that would be easier now at the very least15:30
JaMaRP: ah ok, I was just surprised that your e-mail was talking mostly about python version and native replacements, I really like this idea (one less reason for my occassional hangs)15:33
RPJaMa: btw, I did see a hang that resembled your report where I broke the PATH manipulation in that script and it infinitely executed itself with no output :)15:34
RPJaMa: I haven't forgotten about those hangs, I'm just struggling to understand what is going on there :/15:35
JaMaI'm fine with having them until this new bitbake-worker is implemented15:36
JaMaI'm still inclined to think that it has something to do with /dev/shm shared between multiple bitbake calls15:36
RPJaMa: could well be, I tend only to run one build at a time, the autobuilders only run two15:38
RPJaMa: I'm not sure bitbake-worker is going to fix this though as you appear to be seeing it really early :/15:39
RPunless its pseudo related...15:39
RPthe new code does move pseudo into a much more manageable place15:39
JaMayes I'm running them even in different chroots (one gentoo based shr-chroot, 2nd ubuntu chroot for work) but both sharing the same /dev/shm from host15:42
JaMaand I don't remember seeing hang when I was only in one chroot (running one build)15:42
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kergothRP: not opposed to bitbake-worker as long as it doesn't impact performance terribly, and I'm sure you're testing that15:50
RPkergoth: it actually improves it!15:57
RPkergoth: 3% speedup on a core-image-sato15:57
frayI'm not surprised by that.. especially on the newer truely multithreaded machines15:57
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frayIs there a way to find the absolute path to a '.inc' file?16:18
frayHmm wrong channel.. but someone might know here as well16:18
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RPfray: In what context?16:35
RPwould BBINCLUDED help?16:35
bluelightningRP: see #oe16:35
frayI ended up just using ${COREBASE}..16:35
fraybut in short.. I have one recipe using the .inc from another recipe (in another layer).. and I need a way to get to that path so I can reference the files..16:36 -> require recipes-devtools/qemu/ ....16:36
frayFILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${COREBASE}/meta/recipes-devtools/qemu/files:"16:36
RPthat is probably reasonable if not ideal16:37
frayya, what I was looking for is something that would tell me the path of 'recipes-devtools/qemu/'16:37
bluelightningfray: hmm... is /files necessary?16:38
frayI'll have to go back and look, I think it was..16:38
bluelightningfray: I think by virtue of using FILESEXTRAPATHS you'll get /files and /${BPN}/ etc. added automatically16:38
frayI'm modifying some stuff someone else hacked up.. at at least works now16:38
bluelightningthat might not be right16:39
bluelightningmy head hurts at the moment...16:39
kergothfray: bb.utils.which() against BBPATH16:39
frayya, it's needed..16:40
bluelightningok, my mistake16:40
fraykergoth..  thats what I was thinking, there had to be something like that..16:40
* kergoth ponders16:40
frayanyway, the corebase is fine for this.. and it makes sure that no other layers going to get in the way..16:40
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mranostayhi hollisb17:24
hollisbhey mranostay17:24
sgw_halstead: around?17:31
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halsteadsgw_: yes. Grabbing coffee right now.17:35
sgw_halstead: when you are back, we need to do a update to the AutoBuilders python, want to get an estimate from you.17:37
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halsteadsgw_, I saw the e-mail this morning. ab06 meets the requirements but none of the other builders do.17:42
sgw_halstead: How hard will it be to update those?17:44
halsteadsgw_, If we can use the local versions built in ~pokybuild/bin that it's easy. If we have to upgrade system wide that will be an issue.17:46
sgw_halstead: let's work with pokybuild then.17:47
halsteadsgw_, I'll need to add "source /home/pokybuild/sdk/environment-setup-i586-poky-linux" to the biuld steps.17:48
halsteadsgw_, I'll reply to the e-mail and then get started.17:49
kergothAnyone given any thought to how to handle selection of gnutls vs openssl and the like for recipes that support such things? separate variable? packageconfig? the problem with the latter is it doesn't really grasp this-or-that choices, so you'd want to add some sort of 'conflicts' handling17:59
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mranostayhollisb: so be honest how many days do we get like this a year? :P18:22
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fraykergoth / RP -- I found a case where I have to manually remove the bitbake cache to trigger a reparse..19:22
frayconfigure a project, inherit the blacklist.bbclass..19:22
fraybuild something (setup the cache)19:23
fraythen go in and add: PNBLACKLIST[recipe] = "reason" to the local.conf, try to build the recipe..19:23
frayit goes right on and tries to build..19:23
fray(that is bitbake as of Monday)19:23
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hollisbmranostay: almost guaranteed 4th July through October is like this19:38
hollisbmranostay: June can go either way19:39
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mranostayhollisb: at least there is beer for the rain :P19:41
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RPfray: not entirely surprising, please file a bug19:47
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fraywill do19:49
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frayRP -- 462719:53
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