Monday, 2013-06-24

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bluelightningmorning all08:19
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RPhi bluelightning08:23
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bluelightninghi Net147, RP08:29
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JaMabluelightning: I have a tip for backport to dylan, but haven't confirmed that it fixes issues we're seeing yet (I'll send backport request in email when I can confirm it)
JaMafrom description it seems like it's triggered only in combination with but some folks have so fast machines that they are seeing the same errors08:33
bluelightningJaMa: yeah I thought those two went together as well08:34
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JaMabluelightning: this is the error we're seeing
JaMabluelightning: if I prepare patch for backport would you prefer to include both or just the later?08:59
bluelightningJaMa: can I get back to you on that?09:00
JaMabackporting both is easier because both apply cleanly in dylan, I'm runing clean build to confirm that they don't depend on any other changes09:02
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StygiaAnyone here alive/active/knowledgable about bitbake?14:21
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rburtonStygia: ask, don't ask to ask.14:22
rburtonStygia: knowledgeable is a spectrum14:22
Stygiarburton, Pardon. Has just seen this channel appear somewhat dead, was unsure if it was active or not.14:23
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StygiaIn that case, my question is this. I am trying to add a custom recipe to bitbake with yocto, to install a perl script I wrote myself. However, I keep an error that my recipe is "not found in the base feeds".14:24
StygiaWhich seems to indicate it isn't "officially" known, but I don't see why that would be a dependency. Neither me nor my collegue has had luck with trying to install this package into bitbake, although bitbake compiles it seemingly without a hint of error.14:24
StygiaWe have not been able to find anything. Just wondered if someone here could point me to appropriate documentation or help me out.14:25
rburtonso that error comes from the rpm packager14:26
Stygiarburton, Quite possible.14:27
rburtoncan you pastebin the recipe?14:27
StygiaYes, hang on.14:27
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StygiaThis would be it:
rburtonyou need another $ in there14:29
rburtonso you're generating an empty package, an empty packages get disappeared14:29
rburtonwhich is why your package doesn't exist14:29
Stygiarburton, Hmm, that is what made sense to me also ${} looking like a scalar dereferences in perl, but I found this in an example.14:30
rburtonoh? the example is wrong14:30
Stygiarburton, I will try, give me a minute, and thank you for the pointer.14:30
rburtonD and bindir are variables14:30
Stygiarburton, Alright, I must admit I just resigned myself to it being a multi-dimensional hash, like in perl $hash{slice}{slice}14:31
rburtonnah, bindir is $prefix/bin by default14:31
rburtonand D is the staging install location, same as DESTDIR in autotools14:32
rburtonD = "${WORKDIR}/image", says bitbake.conf14:32
rburtonbitbake.conf is a goldmine for variables14:33
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Stygiarburton, Thank you for your help so far. Unfortunately, seems like this didn't fix it, we are still getting "install: cannot stats `daemon`; no such file or directory14:39
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StygiaMy impression is that, if I have a recipe in the folder movis, I put the bb file in /movis/, and the actual files itself in /movis/movis/
StygiaUh not /movis but ./movis/, whatever.14:40
bluelightningStygia: must be referred to in SRC_URI14:42
bluelightningso that it gets fetched14:42
bluelightningideally the file should be in a "files" or "daemon" subdirectory next to the recipe14:43
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davestzenlinux: PM14:46
Stygiabluelightning, Indeed. Seems like this has done the trick. Thank you for your help.14:46
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bluelightningStygia: no problem :)15:03
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StygiaDoes anyone know if there is a default ${COMMON_LICENSE_DIR}? I have a moderately vanilla bitbake setup with yocto. Now, I want to add some recipes for some CPAN module I need, and I need to specify their license file. The examples says to use something like ${COMMON_LICENSE_DIR}/MIT (In this case GPL), which would be handy if possible, since I could then download and checksum the individual license only once. So is there a "default" location i15:10
Stygianto which to put these things?15:10
StygiaI want to download GPL license once, checksum it, place into this directory, and then copy that LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM everywhere it's needed.15:11
StygiaMy other solution would be to include a license file with each package and then use that...15:13
RPStygia: have a look at meta/files/common-licenses/GPL-*15:13
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bluelightningStygia: does the upstream source not include a license file?15:18
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Stygiabluelightning, It includes a README that says "This file is open source", but not a proper license.15:23
Stygiabluelightning, Eh as long as nobody sues me for making this recipe for some CPAN modules I don't care honestly. I want it to work for me, anyone else who'd need these modules, and for the original author not to get pissy.15:24
Stygiabluelightning, Seems like we'll just checksum the README file then.15:24
bluelightningStygia: I see... in that case yes, pointing to ${COMMON_LICENSE_DIR}/GPL-<version> is one way of handling it15:25
bluelightningStygia: you may also at the same time hassle upstream to do the right thing ;)15:25
Stygiabluelightning, Oh I intend to publish this upstream if I can.15:25
Stygiabluelightning, I'll put in on my github and add it to (or something)15:26
Stygiabluelightning, In case you can't tell, I usually don't mess with yocto/bitbake here, I'm a "regular" programmer15:26
bluelightningStygia: sure, I meant tell the author of the piece of software to include a proper license file15:26
bluelightningideally every piece of open source software would come with a proper license file; I know not all do unfortunately15:27
Stygiabluelightning, Ah, right. Hmm yea I suppose I could. He doesn't seem like he cares much about the license, though, but it would make it easier for us. I'll drop him a line.15:27
Stygiabluelightning, Another question, the docs said that a recipe can contain python or bash code, does this mean I can add "perl MakeFile.PL" to do_install() and it will work just like that?15:29
bluelightningStygia: yes, since do_install is defined as a shell task15:30
bluelightningor rather, as a shell function15:30
Stygiabluelightning, Fantastic.15:31
Stygiabluelightning, Hmm alright.15:33
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Crofton|workinteresting "Poky" has a copy(?) of the oe-build-init script at the roo level16:50
pidgeevanp: So, I looked at the license manifest for sdk. It does work for core-image-sato-sdk at HEAD. have you looked in tmp/deploy/licenses/<sdk name>-<machine>-<datetimestamp> IIRC it should have worked in 1.2.16:54
rburtonCrofton|work: oe-core has one there too...16:55
Crofton|workI know16:55
Crofton|workit need to be there since it has to be stand alone16:56
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Crofton|workI wa confused by some references on the list, so spent some time tryin gto figure out how poky was setup16:56
Crofton|workdo you know if it is an exact copy?16:56
rburtonwhat's "it" in this context? the script?16:57
Crofton|workthwe script16:57
rburtonthen yes, the one in poky comes from oe-core16:57
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Crofton|workit took me a few gioes to realize that there are more files in the poky repo :)16:57
rburtonpoky is bitbake + oe-core + meta-yocto + yocto-docs, with some light transforms applied en-route16:58
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Crofton|workyes, but this seems to be a point of confusion (still)16:58
RPCrofton|work: the intent was to make that script autoconfigure depending on the meta directories present, or read the name of the key directory out of a separate config file16:59
RPCrofton|work: I suspect there is a single line difference between the OE and poky versions17:00
Crofton|workrp sure17:00
Crofton|workwe just need to make sure people understand how the pieces fit togetehr17:00
RPah, top level is the same, scripts/oe-setup-builddir ../poky/scripts/oe-setup-builddir have one line different17:00
RPwas really just a time question to go and fix it17:01
Crofton|workI was confused because I ahd never looked at the poky repo :)17:01
RPneed to put "meta-yocto/conf" into a config file in the rootdir17:02
Crofton|workI actually grepped oe-core for "yocto"17:02
Crofton|workrp btw17:03
Crofton|workmeta/recipes-multimedia/libomxil/libomxil-0.9.3/configure-fix.patch:| i586-poky-17:03
Crofton|worklinux-libtool: compile:  i586-poky-linux-gcc -m32 -march=i586 --sysroot=/home/yo17:03
Crofton|workcto-build5/poky/build/tmp/sysroots/qemux86 -DHAVE_Climinate-unused-debug-types -17:03
Crofton|workWall -Werror -DCONFIG_DEBUG_LEVEL=0 -c OMXComponentRMExt.c  -fPIC -DPIC -o .libs17:03
Crofton|workthis seems odd17:03
RPCrofton|work: comments in a patch header?17:04
Crofton|workstream on conciousness17:05
RPCrofton|work: the patch itself or the header?17:05
rburtonlooks like a log fragment from someone's build17:05
RPits just a cut and paste from someone's build as rburton says17:05
RPIts not a bad way to show what problem the patch solves17:05
Crofton|workI just saw it via grep17:08
rburtonthere's no gotcha with replacing a do_install_append() that immediately checks PN against foo-native with do_install_append_class-native, is there?17:09
Crofton|workwhile we are talking about poky, anyone know why it messes with the linuxlibc-headers?17:12
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abelloniotavio: happy birthday ! ;)20:07
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otavioabelloni: :-D thx a lot :)20:54
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evanpanyone know the reasoning behind root's home directory being /home/root instead of /root?21:07
bluelightningevanp: historical reasons I think21:10
bluelightningevanp: when OE was used produce OSes for handhelds it was customary for the main user to be root, so if you wanted the home directory to be on a separate partition the thinking was then it should be under /home21:10
kergothI think that's correct21:11
bluelightningif we're lucky there'll be a commit message confirming that in the OE-Classic repo :)21:11
bluelightninghmm, I think it was too early for that21:15
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bluelightningevanp: you may already be aware, but you can set ROOT_HOME to change the default21:19
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evanpbluelightning: in what version of Yocto was ROOT_HOME introduced?21:27
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evanpbluelightning: looks like 1.421:34
evanpgetting tired of using 1.2...just another few months, hopefully....21:35
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bluelightningevanp: ah yes it was relatively recently22:31
bluelightningevanp: I think that was a pretty simple patch though, would probably be fairly easy to backport if you wanted to22:31
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sgw1khem, otavio: either of you around?22:38
*** sgw1 is now known as sgw_22:38
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sgw_halstead: you around?22:52
halsteadsgw_, Yes.22:52
sgw_halstead: who's maintainer?  It looks like the22:52
sgw_pcmcia files have gone awol22:53
sgw_halstead: is not there any more, i can find it on a mirror22:53
halsteadsgw_, Looking into it.22:55
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sgw_halstead: thanks23:06
halsteadsgw_, mricon is the main maintainer. He is off today but this should be addressed tomorrow.23:09
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sgw_halstead: thanks23:12
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evanpI've got this recipe with a do_install that extracts a tarball of binaries etc. Packaging fails with "QA Issue: thething rdepends on anotherthing-dev", I assume because the tarball contains a .so of the same name as anotherthing.23:32
evanpWhat's not clear to me is why it thinks the package depends on anotherthing-dev, since everything in the tarball is self-contained (no deps not also in the tarball)23:33
evanpI tried to work around it with EXCLUDE_FROM_SHLIBS = "1" and RPMSPEC_PREAMBLE() { %define __find_provides %{nil} %define __find_requires %{nil} }23:34
sgw_evanp: I am checking something23:34
sgw_evanp: do you have any RDEPENDS in your recipe?23:35
evanpsgw_: nope.23:36
sgw_evanp: if you do a bitbake -e <your package> | grep ^RDEPENDS do you get anything23:37
evanpsgw_: nope.23:38
evanpsgw_: well, nothing except for RDEPENDS_thething-staticdev="thething-dev (= X.Y)" and a similar line for the -dev, per usual23:39
evanpI am currently assuming there's some magic in package.bbclass, similar to that disabled by EXCLUDE_FROM_SHLIBS, which overwrites RDEPENDS in the context of packaging...hard to follow the dataflow, though23:41
sgw_evanp: Ok, I was looking at the actual test in insane.bbclass23:41
*** mulhern <mulhern!> has joined #yocto23:42
sgw_evanp: can you change your packaging and properly package the .so into it's -dev?  You can do this by adding package to PACKAGES += ... and then add a FILES_anotherthing-dev = ""23:46
evanpsgw_: not really... anotherthing and anotherthing-dev _do_ install their .so, its just that this giant tarball happens to contain a .so of the same name in a non-standard path (like 6 deep in /opt)23:48
evanpand there are programs in the giant tarball which need that .so at runtime, of course23:51
*** andyross <andyross!> has quit IRC23:52
sgw_evanp: it's a tarball the packaging to rpms happen after the tarball is unpacked in the workdir, so you should be able to the FILES, are the .so links or are they actual libraries23:52
evanpsgw_: both. its more or less a tarball of cross-toolchain stuff for a different architecture.23:55
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