Wednesday, 2013-06-26

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #184 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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erboI think I've found an issue with 64-bit build hosts, but since I feel that more ppl should see it I'm a bit puzzled08:25
erboin bitbake.conf this is added to FAKEROOTBASEENV: PSEUDO_LIBDIR=${STAGING_BINDIR_NATIVE}/../lib/pseudo/lib08:26
erboon my system it should be lib64 at the end08:27
erboso when e.g. a postinstall scripts uses qemu_run_binary I'll end up with a ERROR due to being unable to preload, which then is picked up by package_rpm.bbclass log checker and the do_rootfs fails08:28
rburtonerbo: oh, i saw that!  only happened with ipkg and was "fixed" by switching to package_rpm.08:29
erborburton: I see it with rpms08:30
rburtonerbo: worth bringing up on the list so seebs can comment08:31
* rburton has no idea about the black arts of pseudo08:31
erbowill do08:31
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StygiaI've got a question about bitbake. I am writing a new recipe, and although bitbake -c compile package works, when I try to install I get permission errors since it tries to write to /usr/local/. Is there some way to run the do_install() function as root? (Also posted to #oe)11:13
erboStygia: it's not supposed to install into /usr/local11:17
rburtonStygia: if it's writing to /usr/local, you're doing it wrong.  you want to install into a subdirectory of $D.  e.g. automake lets you set DESTDIR=$D and it will install into $D/usr/local/11:17
erboStygia: it should install into ${D}/usr/local/11:17
rburtonalso, don't let the package hard-code /usr/local, use $bindir etc11:17
rburtonso it goes into /usr11:17
StygiaHmm, alright.11:18
StygiaMy problem is that I am installing a package from CPAN, so I am using its own build script.11:18
Stygiado_install() { runs "perl Build install", which apparenlty decides where to place things.11:18
StygiaI will see if I can somehow instruct it not to.11:19
rburtoni thought we had a class to do cpan11:19
rburtonyes, we do11:19
rburtondid you inherit cpan?11:19
rburtonStygia: see libclass-isa-perl in oe-core, it just inherits cpan.11:20
rburtonmight work for you too11:20
StygiaI have done that for my other perl modules and it works there, but this package (DateTime) does not have a Makefile.PL, it has a Build.PL, which means I need a more manual do_compile and do_install11:20
StygiaWhich means that after doing inherit cpan and BBCLASSEXTEND = "native" it complains about there not being a Makefile.PL, which is why I'm doing this manually.11:21
rburtonso you'll need to find out how to tell where to think the install paths are, and where to actually install to.11:22
StygiaSeems like it uses Module::Build, which accepts the --install-base argument. I think this will do, I will set that to ${D} in the script.11:23
StygiaThat worked quite flawlessly. Thank you for the pointer.11:25
StygiaI should sit down with the full yocto manual eventually I suppose, but it's not usually "my job" (I'm just trying to install what I've written to our box), so I guess I'm working a bit in the dark.11:25
Stygiarburton, So, it all finally worked. So now I have 20-ish recipes for CPAN modules.11:27
Stygiarburton, I should publish these somewhere.11:27
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rburtonStygia: yes :)12:51
Stygiarburton, I put them on my github. I would publish them to some collection of recipes if I knew one. Any suggestions?12:54
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Stygiarburton, btw.12:54
rburtonwould be good if there was a way of automatically making recipes from cpan12:55
rburtongive it a url and it will basically generate the bulk of the recipe from the cpan metadata12:55
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Stygiarburton, Hmm, yes. I'm not sure that is totally possible, though. inherit CPAN works, as long as there is a Makefile.PL file, it does not work with Build.PL13:07
Stygiarburton, But since CPAN itself handles it.... well there must be some way.13:07
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rburtonStygia: can cpan.bbclass be extended to support too?13:09
Stygiarburton, I've no idea. Unfortunately, I'm not actually knowledable about BB in the least, I'm just a poor perl programming trying to get my scripts to install on our Yocto system.13:09
Stygiarburton, But yes, it presumably could.13:10
Stygiarburton, Assuming it's written in a touring-complete language.. I heard BB was actually in Python.13:11
rburtonbitbake is written in python, yes13:12
Stygiarburton, That I actually know pretty well, I guess I could write an extension for it, hmm.13:12
Stygiarburton, Not now, though, still too busy with these scripts I needed BB for in the first place.13:13
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Stygiarburton, Eh in the mean time I will manually create recipes for any cpan module I need, for now I've got a pretty good hang on creating these.13:14
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ant_workzeddii: tomz2: no sketches today?14:13
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mulherni'm working on a package and I find that I need to get some files that aren't currently being included into the root file system.14:33
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mulhernSpecifically, these files are in the etc directory of the install.14:35
mulhernI think there must be a way to alter the bitbake file by appending something to a FILES variable, but I don't know what it is.14:36
mulhernDoes anybody have any ideas?14:36
rburtonmulhern: FILES for the package name (so, FILES_${PN}) already contains $sysconfdir (/etc).  are you setting FILES_${PN} yourself?14:38
rburton(by default contains /etc that is)14:38
mulhernSo, it should be getting that directory into the root filesystem without my doing anything? Just to verify that's what you mean. Because, before I saw this problem I wasn't setting FILES_${PN} at all.14:40
rburtonyeah, it should be included automatically14:42
rburtonyou can see the default FILES values, look in conf/bitbake.conf14:42
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mulhernrburton: Yes, I see that loud and clear.14:45
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mulhernrburton: What directory is the $FILES variable relative to? I'm in $HOME/poky/build/tmp/work/arm5vte-poky-linux-gnueabi/snort/ but there's a plethora of directories below that one.15:39
rburtonmulhern: $D, so that path/image15:40
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mulhernrburton: Thanks! What task populates the image subdirectory? The stuff I need doesn't make it to there so the problem must occur earlier.16:00
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kergothmulhern: do_install16:10
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kergothwhat's the 1.5 release name?18:16
acidfoobob ?18:18
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mr_science  <=  you could even "borrow" the bob image18:53
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adam___Hello everybody! Having some build configuration issues. Setting the DL_DIR variable as a shell variable doesn't seem to affect the build. Any thoughts?18:56
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mr_scienceadam___: in oe-classic, if you want bitbake to see a shell environment variable you need to add it to BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE19:15
mr_sciencei'm assuming that's still there somewhere...19:15
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adam___mr_science: i'm using poky. is this wrong channel?20:05
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mulhernadam__: You're in the correct place. Check out yocto project mega manual ( for BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE.21:01
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mr_scienceadam___: sorry, didn't mean that to be confusing21:10
mr_sciencei just haven't had to modify that yet in yocto, but it should work the same unless the mega-manual states otherwise21:11
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