Monday, 2013-07-01

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bluelightningmorning all08:12
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JaMabluelightning: morning08:23
JaMabluelightning: have you seen the request for those 2 backports?08:24
rburtonJaMa: i'm reliably informed that mesa patches sent to the bugzilla are likely to be ignored, so send it directly to the list.08:25
bluelightningJaMa: I have yes08:25
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bluelightningJaMa: we've got some pretty urgent issues to deal with in master atm, unfortunately I think that's going to keep me busy for today08:27
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rburtonJaMa: you might be interested in my ross/mesa branch on poky-contrib.  whoever wins the race to send the patches avoids having to rebase :)08:29
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JaMarburton: I plan to send them today :)08:33
JaMabluelightning: ok08:33
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #189 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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conditionzerohi i updated the recipie for my bind to 9.9.3-p1 and now it throws back an error on the do compile ../../tools/genrandom 100 randomfile/bin/bash: ../../tools/genrandom: No such file or directory make[3]: *** [randomfile] Error 12711:12
conditionzerowhat could caus this ?11:13
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JaMais it possible to combine varflags with override? e.g. PNBLACKLIST_distro[foo] = "foo doesn't work with <distro>"?13:53
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bluelightning_JaMa: I can't find that we do that anywhere so I suspect not14:12
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JaMabluelightning: ok, I've wrapped it in anonymous python which compares DISTRO value14:53
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bluelightningJaMa: re 4565 - I have all those packages and still I'm not able to reproduce the failure15:15
bluelightningJaMa: I'm wondering if it's something you can reproduce on your autobuilder with a clean TMPDIR, just doing bitbake -c configure cmake-native ?15:16
bluelightningunless you can think of any other package that might be installed on the host that might trigger it15:17
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JaMabluelightning: I'm pretty sure that host system wasn't changed lately, so it's trigerred by some change in metadata or order of items being built15:21
JaMabluelightning: I'll try from clean tmpdir after last world build finishes15:21
bluelightningJaMa: sure, I appreciate it's not a host issue, I just need to reproduce it to try to find the problem15:21
bluelightningJaMa: actually I might be onto something; I notice your machine is x86-64 but the installed Qt packages are i386, maybe that will trigger it15:22
JaMaand because it failed the same for 3 different architectures I guess it's some -native recipe now built before cmake-native (e.g. qt4-native-tools)15:22
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bluelightningannoyingly the machine I have vmware installed on is 32-bit so I can't try it there :/15:25
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kergothlooks like the libcurl in buildtools-tarball doesn't support https, breaking git ls-remote of many repositories15:30
* kergoth digs15:30
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kergothalso looks like the git wrapper for nativesdk is busted, due to hardcoded paths. those wrappers are only useful with the sysroot substitutions happening15:37
* kergoth rolls eyes15:38
* kergoth wonders if buildtools-tarball was ever actually used15:38
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seebsGosh, that's a funny coincidence, I think we were just talking with someone at Mentor about buildtools-tarball.15:40
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rburtonkhem: you're the patchwork man, right?  can i have an account please?15:44
rburtonkhem: i also want to figure out why its not auto-marking merged patches as well as it should, so if you have any thoughts...15:45
JaMarburton: most common reason is multiple versions of the same patch15:46
JaMarburton: then it marks only one version as applied15:46
rburtonneeds a way to mark v1 as obsolete if a v2 arrives15:46
JaMarburton: unfortunatelly even when v1 is marked as superseded and v2 as "Pending" it marks v1 not v215:47
bluelightningyes, that's just broken logic, shouldn't be too hard to fix15:48
bluelightningkergoth: I've used it here15:49
kergothhmm, either the env setup script needs to do the equivalent of the sysroot install substitutions on the warppers, or it needs to not use create_wrapper at all15:50
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JaMarburton: I've talked with khem about it and IIRC the issue is that the script doesn't use some PW API to query state and patches, it just looks for patch with right checksum15:53
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bluelightningJaMa: bingo... you need 64-bit qmake-qt4 installed but 32-bit libraries16:14
bluelightningJaMa: to be honest I'm not sure what the correct course is here... ultimately the host system does appear to be misconfigured16:15
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JaMabluelightning: any idea why it's showing it only now?16:24
bluelightningJaMa: don't know yet, but I'm testing a possible fix atm16:25
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JaMabluelightning: last world build finished few minutes ago, let me know if I should test it as-is or wait for that fix16:26
bluelightningJaMa: it's pretty much guaranteed that you'll get the failure now, probably best to wait16:26
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kergothHmm, is there a recipe for the root certificate bundle?17:52
JaMaca-certificates in meta-oe?17:53
kergothah, not sure how i missed that, thanks18:02
zeckeJaMa: does it work nowadays?18:03
kergothtrying to fix buildtools-tarball to actually be useful, need ssl and ca certs for libcurl to be useful to git ffor https repositories..18:05
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JaMazecke: yes AFAIK, only the tarball needs to be on PREMIRROR18:12
JaMazecke: it's removed every time new one is published IIRC18:13
JaMarburton: ping about mesa18:13
JaMarburton: nobody will need separate PACKAGECONFIG for --enable-xlib-glx, right?18:15
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JaMarburton: I need to enable it to test 0002-pipe_loader_sw-include-xlib_sw_winsys.h-only-when-HA.patch but doesn't allow to force-enable it with PACKAGECONFIG18:15
JaMabut I guess everybody is happy with DRI-based glx18:15
mr_scienceadding the PACKAGECONFIG stuff sounds more flexible...18:17
mr_scienceis there a downside to doing that?18:17
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JaMamr_science: it's exclusive with other PACKAGECONFIGs like dri18:18
JaMamr_science: and nobody is probably using it18:18
JaMawe already have many PACKAGECONFIGs in mesa for options which are more usefull18:19
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mr_sciencei'm still working on integrating the rpi gles/egl stuff with mesa18:20
mr_sciencesounded like it might be useful...18:20
bluelightning_kergoth: erm... surely it should be picking up the root certificates from the host?18:21
mr_sciencemostly because i've already hacked a few PACKAGECONFIG options in my meta-rpi layer i guess...18:21
rburtonJaMa: xlib glx is unbelievably useless18:22
JaMamr_science: what option is missing for you? see
mr_sciencekeep in mind it may cause me to bug you at some future time...  ;)18:22
JaMarburton: yes, that's why I need it only to test patch not to use it :)18:22
rburtonJaMa: surprised that code hasn't disappeared from mesa to be honest18:23
mr_scienceJaMa: thanks, i just emailed myself that link for later...18:24
JaMarburton: that's the winsys pipe_loader which is failing without x11 headers :)18:25
rburtonmy mesa patches got merged \o/18:25
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JaMarburton: great, so I guess I'll do the rebase :)18:31
rburtonJaMa: i mean merged upstream, still haven't sent for oe-core18:31
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JaMaheh I have finally found combination of flags which actually enables xlib in gallium loader (GALLIUM_PIPE_LOADER_DEFINES = -DHAVE_PIPE_LOADER_SW -DHAVE_PIPE_LOADER_XLIB), but such combination doesnt build18:39
JaMacc1: some warnings being treated as errors18:39
JaMamake[2]: *** [glapi_dispatch.lo] Error 118:39
JaMaso it's true, nobody is using xlib in gallium loader :)18:39
erenhey there18:42
JaMarburton: "build: fix EGL build when no X11 headers are present" isn't what we're using in oe-core now :/ "EGL: Mutate NativeDisplayType depending on config" is IMHO better implementation18:53
JaMarburton: because it doesn't force you to add -DMESA_EGL_NO_X11_HEADERS in CFLAGS when building something else then mesa but still without x11 headers18:54
rburtonJaMa: it throws the flags into egl.pc too18:57
JaMaand the if is already there from b3f1f665b18:57
JaMaif echo "$egl_platforms" | grep 'x11' >/dev/null 2>&1; then18:57
JaMaAM_CONDITIONAL(HAVE_EGL_PLATFORM_X11, echo "$egl_platforms" | grep 'x11' >/dev/null 2>&1)18:57
JaMaif ! echo "$egl_platforms" | grep -q 'x11'; then18:58
erenwhat's your usual setup for testing the packages? I guess QEMU is the solution18:59
erenhowever, what I need is the ability to use serial ports and stuff18:59
erendoes QEMU support it?18:59
erenI mean, can the emulated image use the serial port on the real hw18:59
erenotherwise, I have beagleboard. I will have to produce image for beagleboard, dd it to mmc, boot it up, try it, get an error, rebuild ...19:01
Daemon404why dont you netboot?19:04
Daemon404saves so much testing time19:04
Daemon404nfs share with the rootfs or something19:04
Daemon404tftp etc19:04
Daemon404granted... it's a royal pain in the ass to set up :D19:05
Daemon404i know teh pandabard could boostrap/boot off of a usb-to-miniusb cable between a comp and the board19:05
Daemon404does the beagleboard have such a feature?19:05
erenneed to check19:05
Daemon404just thinking out loud here.19:06
erenI guess u-boot has tftp feature19:07
erenlet's assume that it has tftp boot19:07
erenwhen we are done with building, we can extract the rootfs to somewhere permanent19:07
Daemon404it does19:07
erenI mean, in OE build tree19:07
Daemon404ive used u-boot with tftp before19:08
erenthen it does :)19:08
erenso, we extract the rootfs somewhere19:08
erencopy the uImage19:08
erenenable dhcp and tftp setup19:08
Daemon404you an send the uImage over LAN19:08
Daemon404insid uboot19:08
erenok, I will look at it19:09
Daemon404and then point it at a nfs share19:09
Daemon404take everything with a grain of salt19:09
Daemon404i havent done this in 2 years19:09
* Daemon404 usually doesnt even look at this channel anymore... just happened to look today because he bought seebs' book19:10
seebsHey, cool!19:11
seebsHope you like it. I actually still use it as a reference sometimes.19:11
Daemon404im hoping to use it as a reference19:11
erenah, which book is it?19:11
Daemon404i periodically forget certain pitfalls19:11
Daemon404and bsd explodes.19:11
seebsSo, long story short: The book was written without anyone in the writing or editing part of it being aware that someone planned to attach "Beginning" to the name.19:12
* mr_science thought bsd was designed not to explode...19:12
erenseebs: oh nice! :)19:12
seebsThe technical reviewer was Gary Vaughan from autoconf land.19:12
Daemon404mr_science, bashisms make bsd explode19:12
Daemon404so do GNU extensions to sed19:12
Daemon404and such.19:12
seebsAnd *both* of us learned a fair bit about shell portability in the process of working on it.19:12
erenseebs: do you explain why there are lots of if [ x$foo = "xbar" ] strings?19:12
erenwhat is x here? :P19:12
seebsAhh, yeah.19:13
seebs[ -lt = bar ]19:13
mr_sciencebeen a few years since i played with bsd...19:13
seebsSome very old test will explode in fire because they got an operator (-lt) without an operand.19:13
Daemon404maybe you can help me with a stupid problem:19:13
Daemon404ive been passing regex around as strings in shel scripts19:13
Daemon404and they accidentally expand to lists of filenames19:14
Daemon404Bad Thins Happen19:14
* mr_science remembers the "lp0 error: printer on fire?" message19:14
Daemon404i cant find a non-ugly solution to this19:14
seebsLong story short, regex-like things should pretty much always be in "" so they aren't globbed.19:15
seebsExcept in cases where globbing won't happen, but you can nearly always quote them there too.19:16
Daemon404i see19:16
Daemon404well i have a strange case19:16
Daemon404something like19:16
mr_sciencequoting variables/strings/paths is usually a good thing...19:16
Daemon404for exp in ${THING}; do...19:16
seebsI would probably not use IFS splitting on things which might be globbish.19:17
Daemon404well i figured as much19:17
Daemon404im unsure if a 'better' way19:18
seebswhile [ "$THING" ]; do exp=${THING%%;*} THING=${THING#*}; use-exp; done19:18
* eren thinks it's ugly19:18
erenpython is new bash19:18
erenlet the flame begin19:19
Daemon404so use expansion19:19
Daemon404'ugly' but less error prone19:19
Daemon404i suppose.19:19
seebsI am so not a Python fan.19:19
seebsIt has just never really clicked for me. I like Lua and Ruby, but not Python and Tcl.19:19
* mr_science enjoys bash and python19:20
Daemon404seebs, no perl?19:21
Daemon404i am in fact porting this regex thing /from/ perl19:21
seebsperl is sort of in the middle of my language pool. I don't really like it, I don't really hate it.19:21
erenI never dared to learn perl19:22
erenand I am still amazed how bugzilla is maintained19:22
erenit's pure perl, oh19:22
seebsMy perl is pretty shoddy these days, I learned some very early perl5 and sort of vaguely know about bless and such, but.. only vaguely.19:22
mr_scienceactually, of all the compiled languages i still enjoy Ada...19:23
Daemon404i sometimes miss the hardcore unix world wind river19:23
*** mulhern <mulhern!> has quit IRC19:23
Daemon404there;s so much hippy dippy hipster coding around me now19:24
Daemon404nodejs and pals19:24
mr_scienceexcept foe the build overhead, i'm finally starting to like c++ a little better now...19:24
joshcIFS splitting can be used for globbish things (in bash): IFS=';' read -ra foo <<< "r1*;r2*"; for exp in "${foo[@]}"; do ...; done19:24
seebsAhh, right.19:24
erenDaemon404: node.js, mongodb, textmate, macos, awesome \m/19:24
Daemon404i wouldnt be buying seebs' book if i wanted to write bash19:24
Daemon404now would i ;)19:24
seebsI think you can do that with << too, probably.19:24
seebsAlthough now I don't remember. Hmm.19:25
Daemon404eren, i one of three peope who runs linux at my place of work19:25
Daemon404maybe 419:25
Daemon404rest run mac os x19:25
mr_sciencenot played with mongo, but i do like redis now19:25
Daemon404theyre not really useful for the same reasons.19:26
seebsOS X has bash these days too, I think. I mean, not just around, but I think /bin/sh might be now.19:26
*** SidH_ <SidH_!~SidH_@> has joined #yocto19:26
Daemon404i am not a fan of dong development work on os19:26
Daemon404os x*19:26
Daemon404that is deployed to linux19:26
Daemon404just asking for trouble.19:27
mr_scienceDaemon404: other than they're both in the "noSQL" camp...19:27
erenwell, I use OS X right now19:27
erenfull screen tmux, zsh, weechat19:27
erennot different from my linux installation19:27
Daemon404so youre telling me this load balancer works different on a different kernel?19:27
Daemon404well. you dont say.19:27
erenI use OS X as some kind of a BSD distribution that has nice GUI19:27
seebsHuh. If you don't need to be able to use the values in the same shell, echo "$foo" | tr ';' '\012' | while read i ...19:27
Daemon404its gui is primarily why i do not use os x19:28
Daemon404it constantly gets in my way19:28
Daemon404also its subpixel smoothing is horrible19:28
erenI don't think so19:28
erenI really love OS X font rendering19:28
Daemon404i despise it19:29
Daemon404anyway, thanks for the suggestion seebs19:30
mr_sciencepretty much all my apple hardware is ppc, so it mostly runs gentoo...19:30
*** michael_e_brown_ <michael_e_brown_!~michaeleb@> has joined #yocto19:31
Daemon404my mac mini is running windows 8 for a build/coverage instance for 4 different windows compilers for ffmpeg/libav19:31
Daemon404ultimate heretic19:31
mr_sciencei'm surprised you haven't been tracked down and arrested...19:32
Daemon404im committed worse sins...19:32
Daemon404i've, even.19:32
mr_sciencenobody said said anything about sin19:33
mr_sciencejust because you get arrested doesn't mean you actually did anything wrong...19:33
Daemon404fair enough.19:34
Daemon404try this on then:19:34
Daemon404step 1) helped write and tests a c99-to-c89 converter to support MSVC for libav/ffmpeg19:34
*** SidH_ <SidH_!~SidH_@> has quit IRC19:35
Daemon404step 2) run into a filesystem filter bug and get a friend to file na internal bug report19:35
Daemon404step 3) ms announces MSVC gets c99 support with a giant ffmpeg logo at their latest conference19:35
Daemon404im pretty proud of that one19:35
mr_sciencenot sure about the cause and effect chain there...19:36
mr_sciencethe answer to your bug was a new release?19:36
Daemon404oh the bug with with MSE19:36
Daemon404but it brough the c99-to-c89 converter to their attention19:36
Daemon404compiler team wasnt so thrilled, as i hear.19:36
mr_sciencemaybe the compiler team should get off their collective asses19:37
mr_sciencejust sayin'...19:37
Daemon404their c++ support is rather good19:37
Daemon404nobody uses c99 except foss pretty much19:38
Daemon404hence ms didnt care19:38
mr_sciencewhy wasn't gcc the answer for you in this case?19:39
Daemon404because fuck gdb19:39
Daemon404msvc's debugger is actually /nice/19:39
Daemon404i hate gdb with the passion of a thousand suns19:39
Daemon404after years of using it19:39
mr_scienceconsidering it's windows, wouldn't it have to be?19:40
Daemon404what do you mean?19:40
Daemon404(side note: ffmpeg has supported mingw's gcc for aeons)19:40
*** andyross <andyross!> has quit IRC19:42
*** sameo <sameo!samuel@nat/intel/x-zvvfmoxtteoeuzzb> has joined #yocto19:45
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mr_scienceDaemon404: i was just referring to MSVC on windows needing a very good debugger...20:03
Daemon4040/10 poor troll20:03
mr_scienceokay, i'll buy that...20:03
Daemon404speaking of windows20:04
Daemon404i was pondering the other day if its possible for glibc to pull something like MS's c runtime does20:04
Daemon404filling free'd memory with a specfic constant20:04
Daemon404instead of maybe working and maybe not20:04
Daemon404if you try and access it20:04
*** sameo <sameo!samuel@nat/intel/x-zvvfmoxtteoeuzzb> has quit IRC20:10
mr_sciencebeen a long time since i had to troubleshoot memory errors on a windows box20:15
*** zecke <zecke!> has quit IRC20:16
erenI haven't touched a windows box since ages20:16
erenlet alone, programming on windows20:16
mr_sciencetechnically i have to touch one at work for certain things, but me too, more or less20:16
erenI heard that they have an internal API call with 23 parameters :P20:17
mr_sciencegave up on windows at home when my kids were just little tikes20:17
mr_sciencethey all grew up on gentoo20:17
erenmr_science: are they having hard times using windows?20:18
mr_sciencewell, my daughter had to have macbook when she left for school20:18
mr_sciencemade her pay for half of it tho20:18
Daemon404im probably the youngest person in this channel20:18
* Daemon404 runs20:18
erenDaemon404: your age?20:19
mr_sciencemy first answer was something like "What?!? i can buy 5 laptops for that price!!"20:19
erenyou lost it20:19
erenI'm 2220:19
Daemon404well then.20:20
erenmr_science: well, that's ok but MBP Retinas are quote appealing20:20
mr_scienceeren: they mostly used openoffice at school but never had any MS office trouble AFAIK20:21
*** jbaxter <jbaxter!> has quit IRC20:22
mr_sciencethat resolution is wasted on tablet-size dsiplays...20:22
mr_sciencemaybe on bigger ones it's more noticeable20:22
Daemon404clearly we should all stay at 90 PPI for eternity20:23
Daemon404as has been the case.20:23
mr_scienceit's more or less a function of display size and viewing distance20:24
mr_sciencethe normal viewing distance for a 10" (or smaller) display doesn't lend itself to super-high res20:25
mr_scienceif your eyes can't see it, why drive the extra pixels?20:25
Daemon404in general i am quite close to my laptop screen20:26
Daemon404its pretty noticeable.20:26
Daemon404especially WRT font rendering20:26
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mr_scienceas i sit about two feet from a smallish 1080p laptop display20:26
mr_sciencewell, proper font rendering is about a lot more than just resolution...20:27
erenthat's why I love OSX20:27
eren<3 subpixel rendering20:27
Daemon404os x's is by far the worst20:27
Daemon404it makes some sites (slashdot e.g.) unreadable20:28
eren+ Macbook's LCD is far greater than normal LCDs20:28
Daemon404it's worse than stock debian fontconfig/freetype configs20:28
*** JaMa <JaMa!> has quit IRC20:28
Daemon404i wish i had kept those images i snapped...20:28
Daemon404not to mention if you use a non-aaple monitor on a mac mini, it disables a bunch of font renderig stuff20:29
erenit looks good to me20:29
Daemon404the titles look pretty terrible to me20:30
Daemon404too bold, jagged edges.20:30
erentoo bold?20:30
Daemon404apple's subpixel rendering does not respect the fact that monitors are pixel-based20:31
Daemon404it ends up lookign bold/smooth/ugly20:31
erenon non-apple monitor, yes20:31
erenwhen you are in Apple world, you should not leave it :P20:31
erenI use AOC 23" monitor with macbook air20:31
erenit's good so far20:31
Daemon404apples monitors are crap for DSP or image relatd work20:31
Daemon404glossy is terrible20:32
Daemon404and they dont offer matet any more20:32
erenah yeah20:32
Daemon404(i work in DSP/image stuff)20:32
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* mr_science is listening to his freshly released PiMP3 yocto build20:33
Daemon404also tryin to remember if theyre 8bit or some crap 6bit dithered thing20:33
Daemon404i think theyre at least not TNs20:33
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*** tinti_ <tinti_!~tinti@pdpc/supporter/student/tinti> has quit IRC20:36
*** zenlinux <zenlinux!> has quit IRC20:37
seebsI think you can still get non-Retina MBPs in antiglare as a special option. But yeah.20:40
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*** Lahar <Lahar!41245403@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto20:46
LaharHi! I am looking for some basic knowledge on rootfs and elf files? Can somebody please help telling me where can I find some information on it?20:48
*** mulhern <mulhern!> has joined #yocto20:50
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Laharmranostay: already tried google...didn't help me much....that's why I am here....I understand the definition of rootfs and I understand fsl-image-minimal and fsl-image-full etc are rootfs images....but why do we call them rootfs? Are they linux images?20:59
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rtollertDoes anybody have experience building a mingw SDK? I tried setting SDK_ARCH="i586", SDK_OS="mingw32", SDK_EXEEXT=".exe", and it starts off on the right track, but gcc-crosssdk-initial eventually fails because we're not creating gcc-4.7.2/winsup/ prior to `configure`21:19
rtollert(and more specifically failing due to a lack of finding windows.h)21:19
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!> has quit IRC21:21
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*** mulhern <mulhern!> has joined #yocto23:00
mulhernHow can you ensure that a process is running as a daemon after a build machine has booted…supposing you know the proper command line arguments to start that process as a daemon?23:09
*** ka6sox-away is now known as ka6sox23:13
sgw1mulhern: a ps with a grep, I think the sanity tests do something similar to check for connman23:23
sgw1mulhern: scripts/qemuimage-tests/tools/connman_test.sh23:24
*** michael_e_brown_ <michael_e_brown_!~michaeleb@> has quit IRC23:29
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