Thursday, 2013-07-11

-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #206 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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ftonellodoes any one noticed that the debug-tweaks is not working?00:18
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #206 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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fce84x0devafter finished the build by "bitbake core-image-basic", how can I get package list that have installed into the target image?05:18
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myopiatefce84x0dev: cat tmp/work/mybigboard-poky-linux/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/installed_pkgs.txt05:33
myopiateor something of the sort05:33
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MicWhat is correct way to include kernel headers in user space to build recipe06:00
MicIn the documentation, it says that kernel headers for user space are copied to $KERNEL_STAGING...06:01
Micbut they are no06:01
MicWhat I done was create a compile_append and manually copy the headers to staging directory and it works but is it necessary?06:02
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myopiateMic, i believe headers used to build packages against are in buildtmp/sysroots/machine/usr/include/linux/06:24
myopiateI'm not sure what combination of variables that is.06:24
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tor 0,06:56
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lpapphi, do you plan to use gerrit for contribution?06:57
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rburton_lpapp: no06:58
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rburton_the debate over patch review systems is a long and well trodden one, so please lets not repeat it again.  let's just say that for now, gerrit has been rejected as an option.06:59
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lpappthat is unfortunate.07:00
rburton_to a submitter it doesn't make a huge difference - you mail a patch and get feedback on it in your inbox.07:01
rburton_but as i said, let's not debate gerrit here - it's been done several times and unless you're offering to work on the gerrit source itself to add the features it's missing, there isn't any point.07:01
lpapptrust me, it makes a huge difference for me07:01
lpappand for many other people.07:02
lpappwe have used both ways ...07:02
lpappfor years now.07:02
rburton_lpapp: oh well.  you'll manage.  i do plan to attempt to fix up the patchwork system (
lpappwhy another from scratch? :'/07:03
rburton_because it solves the problem differently.07:03
rburton_also, patchwork has been around since 2008, about when gerrit appeared07:04
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lpappit is sad that we get more tools, and non is complete'ish.07:05
lpappIMO, especially since gerrit is open source, it would be better to improve it if needed.07:05
rburton_as i've said, it's been evaluated and rejected based on it's design and features.07:06
AlexGhalstead: ping07:06
lpappI do not see the point of waiting for a perfect system and others to do the job.07:09
lpappgerrit is also an open source project, and downstram can add features.07:09
rburton_lpapp: who said anything about waiting?07:09
rburton_lpapp: i'll continue talking if you're offering to do the work07:10
halsteadAlexG: what's up?07:10
rburton_lpapp: otherwise i've got breakfast to clean away07:10
AlexGhalstead: on private pls :)07:12
lpapprburton_: what work?07:13
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rburton_lpapp: the work on talking the the yocto community, getting agreement with relevant stakeholders, working on gerrit to satisfy the requirements, and then finally proposing it.07:16
lpapprburton_: I do not even know what is wrong with gerrit for you ...07:17
lpappbut I would say, getting a code review tool right is probably not a hard sell to any stakeholder. :)07:18
rburton_lpapp: getting the right cold review tool is.  review by email is a perfectly usable tool.07:18
lpappmany would disagree with "perfectly".07:19
* rburton_ shrugs07:19
lpappmany, that is, having used both ways.07:19
rburton_many would disagree gerrit is perfect.07:19
rburton_it's almost like there isn't a perfect tool!07:19
lpappno one has ever said gerrit is perfect.07:19
rburton_no one ever said review by mail was perfect.  or review by bugzilla.  both of which are popular alternatives.07:20
Micmyopiate: what is staging_kernel_dir mentioned in documentation then for .. if it not used. Its confusing07:20
rburton_anyway time to get the kids dressed.07:20
lpapppopular does not mean it is better.07:21
lpappsvn is still popular, too. :)07:21
lpappanyway, it is really hard to speak about it without knowing the details of the rejection.07:22
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mckoangood morning07:24
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MicWhen packages are created to tmp/deploy/... What is the naming convention?07:31
MicDo anybody have any idea?07:32
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fenrigHi for some reason X11 is always added in my image build (building a directfb image), and I'd would like to know from where it's coming, are there any tools for this?09:09
rburton_ becuase you didn't remove x11 from DISTRO_FEATURES?09:11
rburton_try "bitbake [imagename] -g -u depexp"09:11
rburton_that will (eventually, for a big image) give you a list of packages09:11
fenrigokay thx will try09:12
fenrigrburton_: i get a progressbar loading the cache and then I get a window with nothin in it (with exception for the layout)09:14
rburton_give it a minute :)09:15
rburton_(todo: make loading faster)09:15
fenrigrburton_: aaah okay sorry for complaining ;)09:15
rburton_no it's quite confusing - the progress bar finishes and then it hangs for a few seconds09:16
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fenrigrburton_: It's longer then a few seconds here, still don't see anything but I'll wait a few minutes :)09:16
rburton_fenrig: oh, maybe it's actually hung.  check the cpu load.09:17
rburton_there's a race in the startup somewhere09:17
rburton_this tool was something i hacked up about 6 years ago and nobody's got around to fixing it since :)09:17
tfyou will get a big delay on the first boot when packages are configured, iirc09:19
fenrigrburton_: It doesn't use any cpu cycles :/09:20
fenrigrburton: 0% in top09:20
rburton_fenrig: control-c and try again :(.  but if you haven't removed the x11 distro feature, you'll get x11 deps sneaking in through stuff like dbus.09:20
tfand if you change distro feature, you should wipe out tmp and start again09:21
fenrigI copied this recipe in my layer09:21
rburton_yes definitely what tf said09:21
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erenmorning all09:23
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fenrigpackagegroup-core-directfb doesn't exist anymore?09:29
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rburton_hm, tslib.09:30
fenrig" Nothing RPROVIDES 'packagegroup-core-directfb'  "09:30
fenrigcomes from bitbake :/09:30
rburton_try bitbake packagegroup-core-directfb09:31
rburton_see if that gives a more useful error09:31
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fenrigERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'packagegroup-core-directfb'09:32
rburton_what version of oe-core/yocto/poky are you using?09:32
fenrigI'm using the angstrom build :/
rburton_have a look in your meta/recipes-graphics/09:33
fenrigthere is a directfb package09:33
fenrigbut not a directfb packagegroup09:33
rburton_is there a tasks/ directory instead?09:34
fenrigin meta/recipes-graphics?09:34
rburton_well it's in oe-core09:35
fenrigI don't have oe-core09:36
fenrigI have meta-openembedded09:36
fenrigI mean openembedded-core09:37
bluelightningopenembedded-core = oe-core ;)09:37
rburton_openembedded-core == oe-core, i was abbreviating09:37
ant_workAngstrom is still 2012.1209:37
rburton_thanks ant_work09:38
fenrigcore-image-gtk-directfb <-- use this instead?09:39
fenrigor how do I go about fixing it ?09:39
ant_workI'd say yes, in danny is
fenrigI could however opt to download the renamed directfb package group :o09:41
ant_work(I've seen around some Angstrom based on Yocto 1.4 but seems not official yet)09:41
fenrigso I don't have to add the gtk+ dependency09:41
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fenrigrburton_: fixed it, now about your dependency explorer, every compiled package is visible in the "package" column10:05
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fenrigrburton: I mean every package that has to go in the image10:07
rburton_fenrig: yes10:08
rburton_click on the one you don't want and you'll see what is pulling it in10:09
rburton_i'll admit that tool needs rewriting to be more useful10:09
fenrigrburton_: strange but I can't find X1110:09
rburton_libx11 is a good start10:10
fenrigrburton_: + the tool just crashed and I can't open because "only one copy of bitbake should be run ..."10:10
rburton_ps axu |grep bitbake10:10
rburton_one glorious day i'll rewrite that from scratchl10:11
fenrigrburton_: (y) got it working again, had to kill python10:12
fenrigrburton_: No X11 to be seen :o strange10:14
rburton_so how did you determine that your image has x11 in?10:14
fenrigwell core_image_directfb has a python __anonymous() function10:18
fenrigand that complains about x1110:18
rburton_the function that aborts the build if you didn't remove the x11 distro feature10:18
fenrigyes indeed10:18
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rburton_so as i said originally, you need to remove x11 from your DISTRO_FEATURES10:19
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fenrigrburton_: in " conf/distro/" of the meta-angstrom dir?10:22
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rburton_never used angstrom, but i presume so.  there'll be something setting DISTRO_FEATURES, remove x11 from it and replace with directfb.10:23
rburton_you may need to set the distro features field entirely, as angstrom may inherit x11 from oe-core.10:23
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fenrig-.- yay10:24
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fenrigokay found it in :)10:25
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fenrigrburton_: I think you fixed it,  thx for your help10:32
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fenrigwhere can I find the differences between image_install and image_features12:04
fenrigimage_features adds dependencies and image install install the packages?12:07
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erenfenrig: IMAGE_FEATURES variable is more generic12:08
erenwith IMAGE_INSTALL, you specify which additional packages you want to be installed on the image. So, produced image contains that package12:09
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fenrigeren: the documentation suggest otherwise: "IMAGE_INSTALL List of packages used to build image"12:11
fenrigeren: too it's quite confusing12:11
fenrigeren: though*12:12
erenfenrig: well, I use "IMAGE_INSTALL" variable to specify which packages I want to put into image, hence 'list of packages used to build image'12:12
erenfenrig: it's a bit confusing, yeah12:12
fenrigeren: okay then I have problems getting qtbase compiled, the only thing I did was switch to directfb (with X11 it did build)12:13
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erenfenrig: I haven't been into graphics stuff yet, sorry :/12:17
fenrigeren: no problem :D12:17
fenrigI think I'm missing opengl es, somebody got some pointers on how to include it in my build?12:21
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StygiaHey guys, having a problem. Anyone here have any idea how to deal with an actual '+' sign in an S assignment? The file I download is Text-Tabs+Wrap-${PV}, and both "Text-Tabs+Wrap-${PV}" and "Text-Tabs\+Wrap" fail beacuse the makefile can't be found (Presumably it can't look into the dir). Any advice?12:38
StygiaIs there a way to concatentate strings, maybe, and does singlequotes keep interpolation from taking place?12:39
ant_workI see on eissue with Wrap-12:40
ant_workshould be _ before ${PV}12:40
ant_workhm.. I'm talking about recipes name, though12:41
Stygiaant_work, Ah, right. Yes, it is named like that.12:41
Stygiaant_work, I am talking about setting S, so I can actually do_install and do_compile12:41
Stygiaant_work, This is the file:
Stygiaant_work, It's folder is Text-Tabs+Wrap-${PV}12:41
Stygiaant_work, Which, apparently, breaks the string interpretation.12:42
ant_workwell, may be. In the past I had issues with kernels called i.e. linux_2.6.37+2.6.38 but was long ago. it was vercmp()12:43
Stygiaant_work, vercmp()?12:43
ant_workyes, from bitbake. IT was failing trying to evaluate if the version was grater than x12:44
ant_work..this at least 2-3 years ago...then linux-yocto came ;)12:45
ant_workit's harldy related to your case, though12:45
StygiaHmm nope.12:46
StygiaDo you know how to run a simple action before do_unpack?12:46
ant_workor add your task12:46
tfStygia: if you run devshell, you should be able to at least tell what directory it is changing to; that might give you a clue to what the problem is12:46
Stygiatf, HMm, I get 'No valid terminal found'. But I have not used the devshell before.12:48
ant_workStygia: I'd say that actually linux-yocto does indeed use '+git'12:49
tfthere is a variable in the local.conf, you can choose the terminal12:49
Stygiaant_work, In an ${S} context?12:49
Stygiatf, Awesome, will have a look.12:49
ant_workStygia: you'd show us the recipe name and the SRC_URI at least12:51
tfStygia: + should not be a problem, you get packages like gtk with + in name12:51
*** zenlinux <zenlinux!> has quit IRC12:51
Stygiaant_work, Yup, sorry, was trying a workaround without luck. This is it:
Stygiatf, Hmm. Strange.12:53
tfStygia: you are not forgetting the workdir, right, like S = "${WORKDIR}/Text-Tabs+Wrap-${PN}"12:53
Stygiatf, No, it is actually exactly S ="${WORKDIR]/Text-Tabs+Wrap-${PN}"12:54
tfPN is probably not right12:55
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has joined #yocto12:55
Stygiatf, PV, sorry.12:55
tfbut you have PV12:55
Stygiatf, Yup.12:55
erenhuh, I am having tmux issues with poky 1.4 :)12:55
Stygiatf, Can I use wildcards? Like Text-Tabs.*-${PN}?12:57
tfStygia: what's the recipe name?12:57
tfStygia: no, it's an argument for cd12:57
Stygiatf, cpan-text-wrap_2013.0532.bb12:57
Stygiatf, Pity.12:57
Stygiatf, And well... cpan-text-wrap really.12:57
Stygiatf, But the bb file is that.12:57
Stygiatf, And yes that is Text::Wrap in case you're wondering.12:58
tfStygia: can you run devshell?12:58
Stygiatf, Not immediately, haven't found the configuration option to enable it yet. :/12:59
tfwell, if you examine tmp/work/<arch>/cpan-text-wrap, there will the directory with your unpacked source, and likely another one, with a similar name but mostly empty that will be the S dir it;s trying to use13:00
ant_workStygia: anyway default is S = "${WORKDIR}/${BP}"13:00
ant_workand BP = "${BPN}-${PV}"13:01
*** av500 <av500!> has left #yocto13:01
*** mulhern <mulhern!> has joined #yocto13:02
Stygiaant_work, BNP?13:02
ant_workbase package name   defiend in conf/bitbake.conf13:03
Stygiaant_work, Dear fuck...13:03
Stygiatf, And you too.13:03
StygiaSorry, I wasted everybody's time.13:03
StygiaThe recipe name is 2013.05__32__13:04
Stygiathe file name is 2013.05.__23__13:04
StygiaObviously this is whats wrong...13:04
StygiaThank you for your assistance. Sorry for wasting your time.13:04
rburton_Stygia: just so you know, PN is the full package name, i.e. foo, foo-native, or lib32-foo.  BPN is the "base" without any suffixes or prefixes, so just foo.13:05
Stygiarburton_, Thank you, duly noted.13:06
rburton_suddenly becomes important with multilib and automatic-native where you don't want to do anything with the full package name13:06
ant_workStygia: remember this pitfall once you write a recipe wich extends to -native ;)13:06
Stygiarburton_, And heh, FYI, it's more like 85-ish CPAN recipes I'll be releasing once I finished than the 30-ish of last time we spoke.13:06
rburton_nice :)13:06
rburton_sounds like a substantial amount of meta-cpan is done then!13:07
Stygiarburton_, Yea for the community maybe. :P I've spend waay too long getting this one, simple script to run. I'm going crazy.13:07
Stygiarburton_, Yes... yes it does. ^_^13:07
*** fin <fin!5b99c473@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC13:07
Stygiarburton_, I just like to complain, it's okay, at least nobody will have to do this again.13:07
Stygiarburton_, Pity so many of these are under GPL though.13:07
ant_workafaik the biggest users of perl/cpan modules are spam filters13:08
Stygiaant_work, Seems likely. We're using it for, hmm, well updating of our embedded system.13:09
Stygiaant_work, And all the movies/music/etc shipped with it.13:09
Stygiaant_work, I only wanted like 10 modules... but the dependency three just kept growing. :P13:09
bluelightningStygia: btw, our convention for perl stuff is perl-* rather than cpan-*... this matches what distributions do as well13:10
Stygiabluelightning, I... I did notice when I was a good way into it.13:10
bluelightningStygia: really appreciate your perseverence on this set though, great work13:11
Stygiabluelightning, I'm gonna worry about that once I have a workable ship, then I'll actually rename them and push it in.13:11
bluelightninggreat :)13:11
Stygiabluelightning, Hehe, thanks, but it's not like I have a choice. :P Am getting paid to make these modules.13:11
Stygiabluelightning, Fortunately I have permission to open-source them so I feel less defeated doing this.13:11
rburton_Stygia: much appreciated13:11
Stygiarburton_, Eh no problem, the work has to be done, may as well save others from repeating it.13:14
ant_workStygia: check out the Gentoo's ebuilds - generator13:14
bluelightningwe should probably try to extend create-recipe13:18
bluelightningnot a lot of work has been done on it since it was introduced13:19
*** smartin <smartin!> has quit IRC13:19
erenrburton_: I'm digging into terminal.py13:19
erenthere seems to be problem with command parsing and feeding it into Popen13:19
*** tasslehoff <tasslehoff!~tasslehof@> has left #yocto13:19
*** mulhern <mulhern!> has quit IRC13:19
erendoes anyone have a time to assist me? :)13:19
*** mulhern <mulhern!> has joined #yocto13:22
Stygiabluelightning, Actually, are you a maintainer on OE/perl-related things? I need to file some serious bugs for the perl recipe13:25
*** Garibaldi|work <Garibaldi|work!~andydalt@nat/cisco/x-bkymjdczuixvhisl> has joined #yocto13:25
bluelightningStygia: I do do work on some of the core classes/recipes but haven't touched perl itself much13:26
bluelightningStygia: bug reports are welcome though if you have found issues13:26
rburton_pretty sure nobody will admit touching the perl recipe ;)13:26
Stygiabluelightning, Hmm alright. A number of crucial, perl core files, such as build-in PM's and SO's are missing.13:26
Stygiabluelightning, Hmm I'll file one, I made a .bbappend just to get perl to actually run. I'm surprised this perl was capable of anything.13:27
*** walters <walters!walters@nat/redhat/x-eugnweloavfdvoes> has joined #yocto13:27
*** smartin <smartin!> has joined #yocto13:27
bluelightningStygia: hmm, not good if it's that broken; I have certainly used it on the target in conjunction with webmin FWIW13:28
bluelightningperhaps that doesn't exercise the same things, not sure13:28
Stygiabluelightning, Well yes I would expect it works with your existing packages. But it was strange - Some of the more core files were missing.13:28
StygiaStygia,,, even, and POSIX.pm13:28
*** lpapp <lpapp!~lpapp@kde/lpapp> has left #yocto13:29
bluelightninghmm, webmin does depend on perl-module-strict13:31
*** pev <pev!~pev@> has joined #yocto13:31
pevafternoon all13:31
StygiaAnd hmm, now that I have you guys here, another issue. I get the "Files/directories were installed but not shipped" error, with the files I am doing this to: And yet I get complains about /usr/share/perl/ - Shouldn't adding it under ${D} do the trick?13:31
StygiaThe weird part is and movis.conf and installed, in this block, and no complaints are generated.13:32
*** bluelightning_ <bluelightning_!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto13:33
StygiaAm I supposed to "install" the directory itself? (/usr/share/perl) Or do anything other than create it under D?13:34
*** smartin_ <smartin_!> has joined #yocto13:35
bluelightning_Stygia: typically you would create it in do_install using install -d yes13:35
pevI've got a bbappend where I've added some things via "IMAGE_INSTALL +=" - however I'd like to remove something the original .bb had in IMAGE_INSTALL - is there an easy way to do that?13:35
bluelightning_pev: you can use oe_filter_out()13:36
Stygiabluelightning, Hmm, so with install -d instead of mkdir. I'll try.13:36
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC13:36
bluelightning_pev: however for image recipes to be honest I think the easiest thing is not to append them, just copy them13:36
*** smartin <smartin!> has quit IRC13:38
pevbluelightning_ : Thanks I'll give copying a go again - tried yesterday and failed so prob worth having another bash!13:40
thaytanis there a doc / guide on how to handle recipes for packages that need to build and run build-time helpers on the host?13:42
bluelightning_thaytan: I don't know if we have any specific docs on that13:44
bluelightning_thaytan: typically we try to build the native parts in a separate recipe13:44
bluelightning_thaytan: e.g. we have qt4-native to build qmake and co for building qt13:45
rburton_thaytan, bluelightning_: apart from recipes that just need a small tool internally built13:45
rburton_ie mesa13:45
rburton_where you can build just that using the native compiler13:45
rburton_thaytan: have a look at mesa, they upstreamed their "i'm cross compiling but have tools to build" support13:46
tfor you can try to use the extend mechanism, if the package is not outright evil13:46
thaytanbluelightning_: rburton_: ta13:46
fenrigI want to set up a cross development system using bitbake, and as we are using Qt we need Qt to work under cross compilation. I thought bitbake could generate such a thing, or am I completely wrong?13:53
pevHm, randmom question again - If you list all recipes in use via bitbake -s, is there an easy way to get the licence for each as well?13:54
*** pev <pev!~pev@> has left #yocto13:55
*** pev <pev!~pev@> has joined #yocto13:55
rburton_thaytan: i've made various packages work that need native tools so feel free to ping me13:55
bluelightning_fenrig: certainly, that is something we provide out of the box13:55
fenrigbluelightning_: I'm nog reading this document, but it doesn't seem to do what I want (cross compile Qt programs)13:56
fenrigbut maybe ADT is something else?13:56
rburton_the ADT gives you a cross compiler and libraries you want13:56
rburton_so that's what you want13:56
*** tlwoerner <tlwoerner!~tlwoerner@> has joined #yocto13:56
*** tlwoerner <tlwoerner!~tlwoerner@linaro/tlwoerner> has joined #yocto13:56
fenrigoh okay :o I just tried generating a ADT, and it's 700 kb big :o enough for a cross compiler but I don't think it's enough :o13:57
fenrignow I did only do " MACHINE="beaglebone" bitbake adt-installer "13:58
rburton_yeah you probably want more than that13:58
rburton_do you have an image?13:58
rburton_because you can do bitbake [myimage] -c populate_sdk13:58
rburton_and it will make you a SDK that contains all the libs etc from your image13:58
fenrigrburton_: that's what I'm looking, yes I did produce my own image13:59
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away14:00
*** munch <munch!> has joined #yocto14:01
*** Stygia <Stygia!> has quit IRC14:01
*** ericben <ericben!> has quit IRC14:02
fenrigrburton_: should I carry on reading the adt_manual? or is the sdk generation documentation to be found somewhere else?14:02
rburton_fenrig: rapidly reaching the edge of my knowledge here, but i think the adt and the "sdk" are mostly the same.14:03
fenrigrburton_: Oh okay, it doesn't seem so clear :o as the populate_sdk is only to be found in a "note" in the document14:03
rburton_fenrig: hmpf.  i'll prod our docs guy :)14:04
fenrigrburton_: hahaha :D still thx for the help :)14:05
fenrigrburton_: I appreciate it ;)14:05
*** ericben <ericben!> has joined #yocto14:05
fenrigbluelightning_: thx for your help ;)14:06
rburton_fenrig: for what it's worth, any mention of meta-toolchain should be considered as deprecated. populate_sdk is the way to get a fully-featured sdk.14:07
fenrigrburton_: will keep that in mind, but I don't think I have read anything about meta-toolchain.14:07
RagBalmeta-toolchain is deprecated? =o14:08
rburton_fenrig: good :)14:08
rburton_RagBal: sort of.  maybe meta-toolchain itself will stay, but e.g. meta-toolchain-gmae is going away14:08
bluelightning_RagBal: meta-toolchain is fine, it's just people often want to extend it to include libraries to match what goes into their images, and that is a bit hard14:09
bluelightning_RagBal: the much better alternative is bitbake -c populate_sdk imagename, which will give you an SDK that exactly matches the image14:09
* RagBal makes a mental note about populate_sdk task14:09
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has quit IRC14:10
bluelightning_we do need to document it a bit better although I think the current docs do at least mention it in passing14:10
fenrigoh yeah on another note: I tried including directfb in the BBB14:10
fenrigand when bitbake did a do_configure on Qt it failed, something about missing opengl :)14:11
fenrignow I think opengl (es) support is machine dependent and so is implemented in the machine layer?14:11
fenrigcorrect me if I'm wrong :D cause I can be terribly wrong sometimes XD14:12
rburton_qt should be respecting the opengl distro feature and disabling it14:12
fenrigrburton_: It did not :/ now when using X11 I don't get these issues14:13
bluelightning_QT_GLFLAGS gets set based upon whether opengl is in DISTRO_FEATURES except for qemux86 and qemuppc which force it on14:14
bluelightning_(to be honest I don't know why we do the latter, I wonder if it is a holdover from the days when we had passthrough GL support hacked into qemu)14:15
rburton_hm, yeah, we should remove that14:15
rburton_i found tizen's qemu GL code... it's a fork of qemu 1.2.14:16
bluelightning_yeah I saw your link14:16
*** smartin_ is now known as smartin14:16
fenrigso this is a yocto issue or has it to do with directfb?14:17
rburton_fenrig: possibly the gl support actually means glx, so it needs X?14:17
rburton_what was the actual error?14:17
fenrig“ fatal error: GLES2/gl2.h: No such file or directory "14:18
fenrigI'll post the log via gist14:18
bluelightning_fenrig: so does your DISTRO_FEATURES contain opengl ?14:18
*** Stygia <Stygia!> has joined #yocto14:18
fenrigbluelightning_: No I don't think so14:19
fenriglet me check14:19
bluelightning_fenrig: you're building qt4-embedded right?14:20
fenrigno i'm building qt514:21
fenrigusing qtbase in image_install14:21
bluelightning_oh, qt514:21
bluelightning_I've not done much with that yet14:21
rburton_fenrig: speak to JaMa14:22
fenrigI've commentend in the gist
fenrigabout the distro features14:23
JaMafenrig: default is to build against mesa, did you change that default?14:23
fenrigI understand that it is not enabled :)14:23
fenrigI did not change anything default :o14:23
fenrigI only changed in the distro_features from x11 to directfb :)14:23
JaMafenrig: it builds fine here with defaults, can you pastebin config.log from that build?14:26
fenrigJaMa: where can I find this ?14:27
*** sameo <sameo!samuel@nat/intel/x-sxhpmwlhklqaejwz> has joined #yocto14:28
*** bluelightning1 <bluelightning1!~paul@> has joined #yocto14:30
*** bluelightning1 is now known as bluelightning14:31
fenrigJaMa: I probably have to rerun the build, cause I've changed to X11 again after that :/14:32
*** kristofer1 <kristofer1!> has left #yocto14:33
*** bluelightning_ <bluelightning_!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC14:33
fenrigand at this moment I'm running the populate_sdk thing for the first time :/14:33
JaMafenrig: it should be in ${S}/build directory14:34
fenrigJaMa: nothing in my build dir, but I'm using the angstrom spinoff of yocto :/ maybe that's a part of the problem?14:35
JaMatry to search whole $S maybe I don't remember the name correctly14:36
fenrigOkay I get multiple results :o14:36
*** gmacario <gmacario!> has joined #yocto14:36
JaMais one of them in config.tests/unix/opengles2? :)14:37
JaMaor better config.tests/unix/opengldesktop14:38
*** gmacario1 <gmacario1!> has quit IRC14:39
*** tlwoerner <tlwoerner!~tlwoerner@linaro/tlwoerner> has quit IRC14:39
JaMamaybe start with "bitbake -e | grep ^PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/libgl14:39
fenrigJaMa: Okay, but I'm building something at the moment, it'll take some min but I'm almost there :p14:39
*** jchonig <jchonig!> has quit IRC14:43
*** jchonig <jchonig!> has joined #yocto14:45
fenrigJaMa: find | grep config.log | grep opengl didn't return anything :/14:46
fenrigJaMa: I'll try the bitbake method when my populate_sdk is done (70 tasks remaining on my i7)14:46
fenrigJaMa: do I have to configure my settings back to when I tried directfb?14:49
fenrigJaMa: it probably would, wouldn't it?14:50
sgw1otavio: you around?14:50
*** sgw1 is now known as sgw_14:51
otaviosgw_: sure14:52
sgw_otavio: any progress on  bug #451014:52
yoctiBug critical, High, 1.5 M2, otavio, NEW , GLX load failed14:52
*** gmacario1 <gmacario1!> has joined #yocto14:52
otaviosgw_: yes14:52
otaviosgw_: but I cannot disclose it yet14:52
sgw_Can you at least update the bug and mark it in progress?14:53
otaviosgw_: not yet, sorry14:53
otaviosgw_: but will be soon ;)14:53
*** gmacario <gmacario!> has quit IRC14:53
rburton_otavio: just changing the status to in progress instead of new would be good :)14:54
otaviorburton_: I should have said 'no progress' but I'd be lieing14:55
rburton_we're friends, you can tell us :)14:55
rburton_otavio: ok, change it to accepted :)14:55
otaviorburton_: NDA is not friendly ;)14:55
*** tlwoerner <tlwoerner!~tlwoerner@> has joined #yocto14:57
*** tlwoerner <tlwoerner!~tlwoerner@linaro/tlwoerner> has joined #yocto14:57
JaMafenrig: yes14:58
*** hollisb <hollisb!> has joined #yocto14:59
fenrig JaMa: the last 20 packages, sorry that I have to make you wait :)14:59
*** zenlinux <zenlinux!> has joined #yocto15:00
*** andyross <andyross!> has joined #yocto15:01
*** eren <eren!~eren@unaffiliated/eren> has quit IRC15:09
fenrigJaMa: I'm having some problems with the SDK, can I contact you tomorrow?15:11
*** fenrig <fenrig!55eac3e5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC15:19
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*** bluelightning_ is now known as bluelightning16:05
*** Stygia <Stygia!> has joined #yocto16:07
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*** ka6sox-away is now known as zz_ka6sox-away16:17
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*** fin_ <fin_!5b99c473@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:19
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fin_Is there any documented information about how to create crash kernel implementation in yocto project?16:20
fin_Has anybody done this16:20
*** Jay7 <Jay7!jay@> has quit IRC16:21
*** Jay7 <Jay7!jay@> has joined #yocto16:24
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*** zecke <zecke!> has joined #yocto16:25
fin_ok different question16:27
fin_Can somebody explain how to replace pr / pn ... in recipes with AUTOREV16:28
*** klinger <klinger!> has joined #yocto16:28
kergoth`grep for SRCPV16:29
fin_Where does value for SRCREV come from?16:33
bluelightningfin_: if fetching from a git/svn/etc. repository it needs to be set by the recipe16:35
bluelightning(to either a fixed revision/tag/etc. or ${AUTOREV})16:35
fin_Where do I obtain the value..if its from a git16:36
*** zeeblex <zeeblex!~apalalax@> has left #yocto16:36
kergoth`the value is the git commit hash. if you dont know how to get that from a git repo, read Pro Git :)16:36
fin_ok so if I use AUTOREV then it will just take the latest version?16:37
bluelightningfin_: yes, if you do SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}"16:37
*** Guest48863 <Guest48863!~tbn@> has quit IRC16:39
fin_What if I dont set that atall? What is the point in setting this?16:41
kergoth`it's not going to read your mind to figure out what branch/tag/commit to check out16:41
bluelightningfin_: I think you get an error if it's not set at all16:42
kergoth`if you want it to track the tip of a branch, that's what setting it to AUTOREV does16:42
fin_In the src_uri   I have the git link and branch. and that works16:42
bluelightningfin_: you may find it does not rebuild automatically when the tip moves without AUTOREV16:43
fin_Should I still set this SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}"16:45
fin_even if I specify git repo and branch in SRC_URI¨16:45
*** Umeaboy <Umeaboy!> has joined #yocto16:46
fin_The git repo is constantly been updated so I just need the latest version from the branch16:46
kergoth`again, thats what autorev is *for*16:46
kergoth`if you want to it to track the tip of a branch reliably, then set SRCREV to AUTOREV16:46
fin_ok, understand16:47
UmeaboyCorrect me if I'm wrong, but Yocto is supposed to be a replacement firmwar, right?16:47
bluelightningUmeaboy: not really, we provide the means to build custom "firmware" if "firmware" = the os that runs on a device16:48
*** davest <davest!~Adium@> has joined #yocto16:50
Umeaboybluelightning: OK, how can I add support for my TV then? I have bootloader-access.16:50
UmeaboyIt's Titania-based.16:50
bluelightningUmeaboy: you'd need to create a BSP layer containing a kernel and any other things required to boot/run on the device16:50
Umeaboybluelightning: I'm already running LGMOD on it.16:51
UmeaboyIt's a wrapper.16:51
*** slaine <slaine!~slaine@> has quit IRC16:52
*** lpapp <lpapp!~lpapp@> has joined #yocto16:53
lpapphi, I guess it is possible to replace the old u-boot version in Yocto with the version we want to have?16:54
lpapplike writing a new recipe?16:54
*** zz_ka6sox-away is now known as ka6sox16:54
bluelightninglpapp: absolutely16:54
Umeaboylpapp: Sure. "Anything is possible"....... said by a known skier here in Sweden.16:55
bluelightninglpapp: in fact a lot of BSPs do that16:55
UmeaboyI have to go. I'll be back in 4 to 5 hrs.16:55
mr_sciencelpapp: if you make it a git recipe you can have it pull from your own u-boot repo16:56
lpappk, ty.16:57
lpappI was wondering if there is any difficulty about it to pay attention to.16:57
*** davest <davest!~Adium@> has quit IRC16:57
lpappalso, is there anyone working on the libdir issue?16:57
mr_sciencenothing in particular, but you might check some of the existing recipes16:57
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC16:59
mr_sciencewe have a couple of different (local) u-boot git recipes, one for core u-boot, one for tools, and one for the SD bootloader files16:59
lpapp/home/lpapp/Projects/poky/meta/files/common-licenses/* could not be copied for some reason. It may not exist. WARN for now.16:59
lpappis this due to the libdir issue?17:00
mr_scienceno idea, haven't seen that one...17:00
rburton_not sure what you mean by "the libdir issue"17:00
rburton_lpapp: does the error actually say "*"?17:01
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lpapprburton_: no, it actually says all the license files.17:03
lpappdid not wanna paste them all17:03
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rburton_lpapp: do they exist?17:03
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lpapprburton_: yes17:04
rburton_how interesting.  file a bug?  never seen that.17:04
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wmatjusted added the slides from a talk at ELC entitled 'Yocto Meta-Virtualization Project' if anyone is interested:
kergoth`looks interesting17:12
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otaviorburton_: 'accepted' the bug ;-)17:31
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kergoth`Hmm, I don't think PKG is always being properly considered to satisfy RDEPENDS for runqueue generation18:39
seebsThere is some weird stuff in there.18:45
ftonellodoes any one know why debug-tweaks IMAGE_FEATURE is not working?18:45
ftonelloi saw and the actual function to replace the sshd_conf is been called, but for some reason the file is empty so sed doesn't replace anything18:46
ftonelloI'm using openssh recipes from dylan18:46
seebsThere is some extra-special magic with RDEPENDS and multlibs, as I recall. I think I once came up with a test case where I would get either 32-bit or 64-bit of some package, but which one was dependent on ordering of other things in a way that made it effectively non-deterministic.18:46
ftonellothe only difference from before(which was working) is that I added pulseaudio DISTRO_FEATURE18:46
sgw_ftonello: not sure, but I could do a local check, this is with dylan?18:47
ftonellosgw_: yes18:47
tinti_is that possible to create an SDK from yocto?18:48
sgw_tinti_: yes, you can get a sdk for the image you build by using the populate_sdk task (bitbake -c populate_sdk core-image-sato) or by building the meta-toolchain target which will give you a toolchain18:52
tinti_sgw_: but for example can I make it build libboost too? I a cortex-a8?18:53
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tinti_In a*18:53
sgw_ftonello: unfortunately my dylna build was stale and more stuff is building18:53
kergoth`tinti_: eitehr you can create an iamge recipe that includes it and use populate_sdk, or you can add to the variables used to control what packages go into the sdk18:54
sgw_tinti_: if you have an image in your distro's layer (if you are not using the core poky images) the populate_sdk task will match exactly that image, I think you might be able to do it with CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL_appends = " boost"18:54
sgw_kergoth`: timing18:55
tinti_got it, I will try to read a bit more about it18:56
fin_Hi I am trying to understand the sstate stuff. I read the documentaton and it give deploy.bbclass as a example18:58
fin_Can somebody explain the lines in that file?18:58
fin_is it just copying files from deploydir to deploydirimage19:00
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ftonellosgw_: ok.. thanks anyway19:06
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* sgw_ thinks he tracked down the boost issue to eglibc updated!! 19:19
*** trollixx_ <trollixx_!> has joined #yocto19:19
sgw_boost uses the __GLIBC_HAVE_LONG_LONG and19:19
sgw_../../../eglibc/2.18-r0/eglibc-2.18/libc/ChangeLog:     * include/features.h (__GLIBC_HAVE_LONG_LONG): Remove.19:20
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sgw1ftonello: still around, a local build completed and I do have a "correct" sshd_config with root allowed.19:59
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ftonellosgw1: do you have pulseaudio DISTRO_FEATURE?20:00
sgw1ftonello: just verified with bitbake -e, yes and I added it to my image to be sure20:06
ftonellosgw1: any ideas how to debug this?20:14
ftonellobecause as I told, the function is been called, is just that the conf file in the openssh installation is empty20:15
ftonelloI will try to cleanall the openssh recipe.. it was working before.. its really weird20:15
sgw1ftonello: yeah, mine is not empty.20:22
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mr_sciencewmat: thanks for that link...21:34
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UmeaboyAny dev around to assist me with adding support for my TV in Yocto?21:57
UmeaboyI'll do the job if someone guides me.21:57
UmeaboyIt is modified with a wrapper called LGMOD.21:57
UmeaboyThe board is Titania-based with mstar as bootloader.21:58
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