Friday, 2013-07-19

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halsteadI'll look02:00
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nerdboyb1gtuna: 1) there are update-alternatives for most of the "proper tools" vs. busybox02:44
nerdboyso if you install the proper packages, they should replace the busybox commands02:45
nerdboy2) to replace dropbear with openssh, add ssh-server-openssh to IMAGE_FEATURES02:46
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nerdboy3) i don't know, try adding dhcp-client to the packages in your image02:49
nerdboyyou can also make a blacklist file, but i don't think you should have to do that...02:50
nerdboyi just did an opkg remove busybox-udhcpc and it didn't complain, so you should be able to replace it with dhcp-client02:56
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nerdboydamn, i should've checked sooner...03:03
nerdboystupid proxy doesn't back-fill the user list03:04
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fenrigI'm investigating how to play video files with Qt in a qemu with a bitbaked qemuarm linux image :)07:31
fenrigNow I understand that for Qt4 I need phonon :)07:31
fenrigBut I assume the qt4-pkgs don't include phonon by default (I'm looking at it, but I'm still waiting for find :/)07:32
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fenrigfind did not return qt4-pkgs?07:42
fenrigI thought it was a recipe?07:42
nerdboyall i see is has qt4-embedded-plugin-phonon-backend-gstreamer in it07:44
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fenrigI'm not using Qte07:46
fenrigbut Qt07:46
fenrigbesides Qt Embedded is deprecated in version 507:46
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nerdboythat's just all i get from find/grep in poky master/meta-openembedded07:48
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fenrighhhmm, crap XD07:49
nerdboyand meta-qt5 even07:49
fenrignerdboy: meta-qt5 is still not "complete"07:50
nerdboyyeah, not really using it...07:50
fenrignerdboy: probably the maintainer told me that it doesn't support generating a toolchain so, I was asking myself why people would use it :o07:51
nerdboywell, it's past my bedtime07:54
fenrignerdboy: hahaha okay goodnight I presume (it's morning here)07:56
fenrigokay I'm officialy retarded, I forgot to source the enviroment before I started using qtcreator that's why it couldn't compile decently07:59
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fenrigCan I assume that phonon is not supported by qemu?08:16
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bluelightningfenrig: I don't think there's any connection, as far as I am aware08:26
bluelightningmorning all08:28
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fenrigbluelightning: morning ;)08:37
bluelightninghi fenrig :)08:37
fenrigbluelightning: how do u mean "there is any connection"?08:37
bluelightningfenrig: well, phonon exists as a way to isolate Qt/KDE applications from changes in the underlying audio input/output/codec system08:38
fenrigbluelightning: okay sounds intelligent, Qt is wel organised08:38
bluelightningfenrig: qemu just needs audio input/output08:39
fenrigbluelightning: okay but I tried making a base Qt phonon application08:39
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fenrigbluelightning: and Qemu is complaining: "VideoPlayback: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"08:39
fenrigmy application is called VideoPlayback ;)08:40
fenrigor better said named :p08:40
bluelightninger, qemu is complaining about that? or your application is?08:40
fenrigbluelightning: well my application08:40
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fenrigbluelightning: but I'm executing it on the qemu, that's why I said qemu is complaining08:40
bluelightningright, that makes a bit more sense08:40
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bluelightningit sounds like it just doesn't know how to find the library, assuming is installed in /usr/lib in your image08:41
fenrigbluelightning: I did a search in my layers and I couldn't find a file name which contained phonon :o08:42
fenrigbluelightning: not even a recipe :/08:42
bluelightningfenrig: it is mentioned in which is used by the qt4-* recipes08:43
sveinseHello people. I'm as fresh n00b as you can get on the yocto project, and I'm currently considering if we should adopt yocto or not.08:46
fenrigbluelightning: hhhmmm better take a look at it first08:46
fenrigsveinse: what do u want to do with it?08:46
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fenrigbluelightning: on a side note: I'm also still a noob although I'm playing with it intensively for 3 weeks now08:47
fenrigbluelightning: that was not meant for you XD08:47
fenrigsveinse: on a side note: I'm also still a noob although I'm playing with it intensively for 3 weeks now08:47
sveinseWe have a product on the market which runs on omap3 and is Ubuntu based. It's custom HW and we have already kernel in place for that. Since this is Ubuntu, we have gained .deb experience, and have our SW based around that environment.08:49
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sveinseBUT Ubuntu is horrobly slow for our use, and thus we are looking at alternative. Having generic desktop-based Ubuntu to run embedded product that performs one specific task is, well, wasting a lot08:50
fenrigsveinse: pardon me but what do u exactly mean with .deb experience, you mean compiling and packaging custom packages?08:50
sveinsefenrig: Both. I took our ppl some time to develop the skill to create deb packages, but also creating the build environment around deb's to be able to build filesystem images usable on target.08:51
sveinseOne example is that Ubuntu (nor Debian) is not created for cross compilation, so thats a major challenge you want to overcome somehow08:52
fenrigsveinse: okay sounds reasonable, but with yocto I don't think you get to use this experience much :/ as the build system of yocto does this all for you08:53
fenrigsveinse: from compiling to packaging to creating an image08:53
sveinsefenrig: Yes. And since we have a working environment for Ubuntu and debs, it will be a larger transition if we changed over to yocto. So we need to gain somthing from adopting yocto08:55
sveinseSo let me dive into the questions, I just saw the screencast by Scott Garman/Intel about yocto. The slides mentiones deb/rpm/ipkg, but he does not mention it. How does/can yocto take use of pkg-systems?08:56
fenrigsveinse: yes well I'm not really "qualified" to answer that correctly, but I think you have to forget the deb experience completely. Yocto is different, it works with a complete metadata tree that consists of layers08:58
fenrigsviense: you have machine layers, you have layers with applications (I understand they are seperated in a vendor like way, for instance there is meta-ti from texas instruments or meta-fsl from freescale)08:58
fenrigthe cool thing about yocto is08:59
sveinsefenrig. Yes, the poky/BB recepies and layers are all fine. That will be a migration, sure. But it seems (from the slides at least) that BB can output binary packages which can be used for later install on target08:59
fenrigthat because of these layers you actually have quite "independend" cross generation tools08:59
fenrigso when u want to switch to another machine/cpu then you just have to have the correct machine bsp and issue another bitbake command (eg. MACHINE=beaglebone bitbake your-custom-image --> MACHINE=raspberrypi bitbake your-custom-image)09:01
sveinseIs a BSP more than just a kernel[config]?09:01
fenrigthen there is also the toolchain part of yocto, yocto can actually generate certain cross toolchains for you so you can easily use it for development (MACHINE=raspberrypi bitbake meta-toolchain-qt)09:02
fenrigsveinse: yocto is quite modular, but in some aspects not feature complete. Don't forget it's a difficult system with a steep learning curve09:02
fenrigbluelightning: correct?09:03
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fenrigsveinse: and things are constantly evolving and changing09:03
sveinseDoes yocto have sysv only, or does it also have upstart available/ported? Or is perhaps that a Canonical-thing09:03
fenrigsveinse: that depends on the yocto distro you are using (look at poky, angstrom , ...) but I think linux is evolving to a systemd way of starting services09:04
fenrigsveinse: and that's also to be seen in yocto, but then again I'm only recently started using yocto09:05
fenrigJaMa: are you available for some questions about qt409:06
sveinseMy point is this: I have downloaded poky and can build a simple qemux86 core-minimal-image. Fine. How do I start from there adopting this to my custom HW? I have a custom kernel09:06
sveinseWhere do I start?09:07
sveinseok, I find lots of docs on the web page, so before I bother everyone with my million questions, I'll spend some time there09:08
fenrigsveinse: start by devising a BSP, look at other BSP's. Can you tell us what hardware you are using, maybe some layers already exist for this hardware?09:09
sveinseIts omap3 bases, so its not too different from beagleboard. But there are custom hardware on it, and thus custom kernel drivers and config.09:10
sveinsefenrig: I'll take a look at the beagleboard BSP09:10
fenrigsveinse: display drivers and stuff?09:11
sveinsefenrig: No more than whats in omap3; fbdev and the PowerVR/SGX OpenGL drivers09:13
sveinsefenrig: We're running qt4 app on fbdev, so no X09:13
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fenrigsveinse: directfb?09:14
fenrigsveinse: oh then look at the meta-ti layers09:15
sveinsefenrig: I'm not sure of the distinction between directfb and fbdev, if there are any. But we're using /dev/fb009:15
fenrigsveinse: they are quite extensive, and I understand that texas instrumens is quite dedicated to the yocto project09:15
fenrigsveinse: I think in order to use fbdev you need directfb in Qt, but I'm not quite sure09:16
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sveinsefenrig: qt4 has poor OpenGL support and since there is no 2D accel in OMAP3, we ended up using SW rendering of the graphics. This is all about to change when we migrate to Qt509:16
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fenrigsveinse: well with yocto you'll have to wait using Qt5, because it's still a work ongoing ;)09:17
sveinsefenrig: No worries, There's a large job internally as well, since the QtQuick-scripts needs porting09:18
sveinsefenrig: But TI has more or less "forgotten" the OMAP3. They don't maintain such stone age tech in any details, it seems09:19
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fenrigsveinse: I think maintaining drivers (Xorg and kernel device drivers) seem like a big job with the current pace of the linux kernel09:20
sveinsefenrig: Why is Qt5 not available? I believe given a decent cross compiler and the Qt5 source, it should not be problems compiling Qt5. I mean Qt is one of the better suits out there handling cross compilations09:21
fenrigsveinse: well first of all there is no qt5 toolchain support09:22
Stygiazibri, Are you around?09:22
fenrigsveinse: it is possible to create a linux image with qt5 packages09:22
sveinsefenrig: Oh. What gcc is yocto using?09:22
fenrigsveinse: but there isn't any toolchain support and I suppose you need a specific qmake09:22
fenrigsveinse: to develop applications in a cross platform manner09:23
fenrigsveinse: gcc support is not the problem but generating a cross development sdk with Qt5 is not supported09:24
sveinsefenrig: Hmm. I'm surprised. qmake is build as a part of the host tools when you build Qt. Unless they've done radical changes to that09:24
fenrigsveinse: HHHmmm maybe I've said it wrong09:24
fenrigsveinse: It's completely possible to create a linux image with qt 5.0 packages, so you can run qt 5 applications09:25
fenrigsveinse: but in order to cross compile (because I don't think you'll be compiling the application on target) you need to generate a cross SDK09:25
fenrigsveinse: and that cross SDK is not implemented yet ;)09:25
sveinseAh, so its yoctos adoption of the Qt development scheme. Good luck with that.09:26
fenrigsveinse: well they are busy implementing it, but Qt5.1 support is given more importance at the moment09:26
zibristygia: yes09:26
sveinseI think we've spent a few dozen hours on getting Qt tools to work seamless into our build system. A real trial, and pain at times.09:27
Stygiazibri, You said something about a recipe providing the libraries for perl, perl-libs or something? There is nothing like that, although perl PROVIDES perl-module-libs, is that what you meant?09:27
fenrigsveinse: I have too, but only with the yocto system :/ I'm still a student and I have much to learn09:28
Stygiazibri, If I didn't have to make a bbappend just to get basic perl features that'd be pretty sweet. :)09:28
zibristygia: i think it's called perl-lib09:29
fenrigJaMa: Can you answer some questions concerning Qt4 and phonon when you have time?09:29
Stygiazibri, Ah well, I get "nothing provides perl-lib", is it supposed to be in oe-core?09:30
sveinsefenrig: "They" <-- where are this effort being discussed? yocto (at) yoctoproject (dot) org?09:31
zibristygia: yes, it's supposed to be provided by the perl recipe.. :/09:31
fenrigsveinse: I reccomend that you first review yocto before making any descisions. Some things are awesome about yocto and somethings are a pain in the ass.09:31
fenrigsveinse: I think they do that at the mailing list, but I thought that JaMa in this channel is the responsible maintainer09:32
Stygiazibri, Ah yes, right, I grepped for it and it's in there.09:32
sveinsefenrig: I don't think I can review yocto without getting my feet wet. So some head-on approaches is needed :)09:33
fenrigsveinse: Indeed. Try to setup some basic goals09:33
fenrigsveinse: I've started with generating a custom linux image for my beaglebone09:33
fenrigsveinse: but then ran into some GFX driver issues09:34
fenrigsveinse: then I tried generating a cross sdk for qemuarm and integrated the sdk into qtcreator09:34
fenrigsveinse: and at this moment I'm trying to enable video playback with Qt (and phonon) on my qemuarm image09:35
fenrigsveinse: take a look at the official documentation, but don't fixate yourself on it. Some parts are a bit old and things rapidly change in yocto.09:36
fenrigsveinse: may I ask from where your company is ?09:37
fenrigbluelightning: Indeed phonon should have to be supported :/ maybe I'm doing something wrong in my application09:42
fenrigbluelightning: but then again I couldn't find a file on the qemu machine that contains phonon09:42
zibristygia: but still doesn't work? :/09:43
Stygiazibri, Hmm well, I can't build or depend on perl-lib, and the result is that crucial modules are not included.09:43
Stygiazibri, However I've made a perl.bbappend to include them.09:44
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bluelightningfenrig: erm, so is libqtphonon4 installed on your target system?09:44
bluelightningStygia: is this it? (ignoring the erroneous DESCRIPTION value):
zibribluelightning: the perl recipe within oecore builds a 'perl-lib' package, containing all the core modules.09:47
bluelightningah, right09:47
Stygiabluelightning, I'm not quite sure, but I don't think so, is one of the files but not all of them09:47
Stygiazibri, Yes, I saw that. However, building the vanilla perl, which provides that, still leaves several modules lacking (From what I saw)09:48
fenrigbluelightning: is libqtphonon4 a recipe? because then I can check with the dependency tree tool09:48
Stygiabluelightning, zibri, the recipe Bluelightening provided does _Some_ of it.09:48
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bluelightningfenrig: no, it's a package built as part of Qt itself09:48
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bluelightningStygia: I thought the description was incorrect...09:49
Stygiabluelightning, It's quite possible it provides more files? I don't know.09:49
fenrigbluelightning: I couldn't find any reference of phonon on the rootfs :o so I guess not09:50
StygiaThis is my current bbappend, of all the core files I noticed missing from the perl distribution:
StygiaRDEPENDS on just "perl", anyway, does not include this. Maybe lib-perl, or something, I haven't tried that one.09:50
fenrigbluelightning: which is quite odd because it's a part of qt4-x11-free09:51
bluelightningfenrig: ok, so assuming you're building your application separately and deploying it to the target manually (as opposed to building it via a recipe -> a package and installing that) you'll need to manually ensure all the appropriate Qt libraries are installed09:51
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bluelightningfenrig: which in this case would mean adding libqtphonon4 to your IMAGE_INSTALL09:51
fenrigbluelightning: and qt4-x11-free is included in the image with image_install09:51
fenrigbluelightning: so it is a recipe?09:51
bluelightningfenrig: qt4-x11-free is a recipe, libqtphonon4 definitely is not09:51
bluelightningfenrig: and yes if you have explicitly installed qt4-x11-free I don't know how you could not have libqtphonon4 brought in as a dependency unless for some reason it never got built09:52
fenrigbluelightning: but then how does adding libqtphonon4 to image_install help me? I thought that image_install only accepts recipes?09:52
bluelightningfenrig: no, it's the opposite, IMAGE_INSTALL expects package names09:53
bluelightningfenrig: it just happens that in ~95% of cases the main package for a recipe has the same name as the recipe (i.e. ${PN})09:53
fenrigbluelightning: oh, but in the other 5% I should have an error about it?09:54
bluelightningfenrig: yes09:54
Stygiabluelightning, I will try and build with the lib-perl recipe and see if any of the files I included in my bbappend are lacking09:54
bluelightningfenrig: could you please check if libqtphonon4* exists in tmp/deploy/<packaging type>/<package arch>/ ?09:55
Stygiabluelightning, I think if they are still missing then it'll be a bug in the OE recipe for perl... which I honestly already consider buggy for not including all this on when "perl" is depended on.09:55
fenrigbluelightning: okay will do09:55
bluelightningStygia: but if that were the case then wouldn't it be impossible to have a perl installation containing only the bits your application needs?09:55
Stygiabluelightning, Good point.09:56
Stygiabluelightning, But I'm not sure we should be removing core parts of perl. That seems like an invitation to trouble.09:56
Stygiabluelightning, Perl gets kinda bloated, I suppose, but the standard library IMHO should always be included.09:56
bluelightningStygia: it's possible we have things packaged incorrectly, so if you do see something that looks wrong please file a bug09:56
fenrigbluelightning: " cd build/deploy " " find | grep libqtphonon4" doens't return anything :/09:57
fenrigbluelightning: so it's not a part of it09:57
bluelightningfenrig: ok then you'll need to look at log.do_configure for qt4-x11-free to find out why not09:57
Stygiabluelightning, It _may_ be a question of preference, I suppose - Do we want a full but bloated perl, or just the core language?09:57
Stygiabluelightning, As for me, I feel that removing standard library componets is a mistake, disk space be damned.09:58
fenrigbluelightning: and where again can I find these log's?09:58
bluelightningStygia: ideally we provide people with the option to have either09:58
bluelightningStygia: assuming that is practical09:58
bluelightningfenrig: tmp/work/<pkgarch>/qt4-x11-free/<version>/temp/log.do_*09:59
Stygiabluelightning, Hmm. Perhaps your current recipe could be renamed something like perl-minimal and I could put in a patch to add the corelib files to the regular perl recipe?09:59
bluelightningStygia: erm... well, surely if there were a specific package containing all the core libs that could be the dependency and it would work without needing an additional recipe?10:00
fenrigbluelightning: thx ;)10:00
bluelightningStygia: s/containing/depending on/10:00
Stygiabluelightning, I'm not quite sure I understand.10:00
ant_workbluelightning: debian style or Gentoo's style...10:01
Stygiabluelightning, Ah, right.10:01
Stygiabluelightning, Hmm well, that isn't what I did, the core libs aren't recipes as such, they're just files build by perl that aren't included in FILES by the perl recipe by default.10:01
zibristygia: the way it's packaged now is very similar to the way debian packages it, with the interpreter in the perl package and the core modules in the "perl-modules" package10:01
*** mihai <mihai!~mihai@> has joined #yocto10:02
bluelightningStygia: yes but they aren't being thown away, they do get packaged somewhere - right?10:02
Stygiabluelightning, I don't think so. When I build perl and included it in my image, they just weren't there.10:03
bluelightningStygia: I don't mean they go into the main perl package, I mean they go into another package that you can simply install additionally10:03
Stygiabluelightning, Grepping all the recipes I have here for one of the files I added in my .bbappend shows nothing.10:03
Stygiabluelightning, I'm not sure, but presumably nothing in oe-core, my grep returns nothing.10:04
bluelightningStygia: I would be more inclined to look at the packages-split directory of the perl workdir10:04
fenrigbluelightning: by adding libqtphonon4 to my image recipe and rebuilding the image I got files but libqtphonon4* does still nog exist in tmp/deploy/<packaging type>/<package arch>/10:04
bluelightningStygia: since it may not be pulled in explicitly by name but instead by path or by glob (/*.pm)10:04
fenrigbluelightning: though my application now doens't complain about a missing lib ;)10:04
fenrigbluelightning: THANK YOU!10:04
fenrigbluelightning: does still not exist in tmp/...10:05
bluelightningfenrig: ah I may have misled you; because of debian style renaming the package file itself ends up called libphonon4 (based upon the main .so filename) rather than libqtphonon410:07
bluelightningfenrig: but note that you always use the name prior to any debian renaming in IMAGE_INSTALL (which is what you did, so it worked)10:07
*** smartin <smartin!> has joined #yocto10:09
*** TonyHo <TonyHo!d2166d86@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto10:10
*** smartin_ <smartin_!> has quit IRC10:10
zibristygia: look at e.g. tmp/work/mipsel-nf-poky-linux/perl/5.14.3-r1/packages-split10:11
Stygiabluelightning, I'll report back in a while to see if the lib-perl recipe you send me solves these issues in question.10:11
bluelightningStygia: ok10:11
Stygiazibri, Yes, I did have a look there, some of the modules do appear to be present without my bbappend, but I need to do a (lengthy) build to be sure.10:11
bluelightningStygia: which modules are you looking for?10:11
zeckekhem: ping?10:12
Stygiabluelightning, Not modules as such, but some of the core libs, including simple things like, or Carp did not appear to be included in just the "perl" recipe.10:13
TonyHo[Question]I have fetch the linux source code using git manually, but I don't know where to place it? Can sb. tell me ?10:13
zibristygia: i'm not quite sure how to make sure that all core modules gets installed though... :/10:14
fenrigbluelightning: okay cool ;)10:15
TonyHoI search my old yocto project, It seems just location at build/tmp/work/bockw-poky-linux-gnueabi/linux-yocto/3.4-r1/git/10:15
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #68 of minnow is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
zibristygia: ah, looking at the perl recipe, i see that they create a perl-modules "recommending all the other perl packages"10:16
zibristygia: try rdepending on that one instead of perl-lib10:16
*** rogerzhou <rogerzhou!~rogerzhou@> has quit IRC10:17
bluelightningStygia: what zibri said ^10:18
bluelightningTonyHo: there's no way to fetch it automatically?10:18
Stygiazibri, I'll give it a shot.10:19
TonyHoThe bblayer prints a warnning : WARNING: No bb files matched BBFILE_PATTERN_bockw '^/home/hexiongjun/yocto-719/meta-renesas-20130719/meta-bockw/'10:19
TonyHoIs this Matter?10:19
bluelightningTonyHo: does that directory contain any .bb files?10:21
bluelightningTonyHo: or rather, are there any .bb files in the expected path underneath that directory (as specified by BBFILES)?10:22
*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has quit IRC10:22
TonyHobluelightning: ^/home/hexiongjun/yocto-719/, why there is a ^ in the path?10:24
bluelightningTonyHo: it's a regular expression, the ^ anchors it to the beginning for matching10:25
*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has joined #yocto10:26
TonyHo bluelightning: There is two .bb files in the meta-renesas-20130719/meta-bockw subdirectory10:26
bluelightningTonyHo: what is the exact path to them?10:26
TonyHobluelightning: meta-bockw $ find -name *.bb 2>/dev/null ./recipes-kernel/linux-libc-headers/ ./recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto_3.4.bb10:27
TonyHobluelightning: in meta-bockw I input ` find -name *.bb 2>/dev/null `10:28
bluelightningTonyHo: ok, what is the BBFILES line in the layer.conf file for the layer?10:28
TonyHobluelightning: /home/hexiongjun/yocto-719/meta-renesas-20130719/meta-bockw \10:29
TonyHo bluelightning: And extra relative line: /home/hexiongjun/yocto-719/meta-renesas-20130719 \10:30
bluelightningTonyHo: I meant the BBFILES line in meta-bockw/conf/layer.conf10:31
sveinsefenrig: Sorry, was away. I'm from Norway10:32
fenrigsveinse: cool, belgium here ;)10:32
*** belen2 <belen2!~Adium@> has joined #yocto10:33
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC10:33
TonyHo bluelightning: BBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/recipes*/*/*.bb \       ${LAYERDIR}/recipes*/*/*.bbappend"10:33
sveinsefenrig: I'm working in a medical company, and the device I'm working on is a ipad-ish control device running (Ubuntu) linux+Qt4 fullscreen10:34
Stygiabluelightning, Alright, I've compiled an image that RDEPENDS on lib-perl now.10:34
Stygiabluelightning, However, I'm still prone to conclude that there is a need for a patch to perl itself, as is still not included (pretty crucial IMHO).10:35
Stygiabluelightning, The bbappend file I posted earlier contains all the files I've concluded are missing from the perl recipe.10:35
Stygiabluelightning, I'll go file a bug report after lunch. :)10:35
bluelightningStygia: the thing is they are not missing, they're just packaged in a more fine-grained manner10:36
Stygiabluelightning, Hmm, how exactly do you mean? From what I can see, they aren't included my any of the recipes in oe-core, or the meta-security one you published lately?10:37
bluelightningStygia: is in perl-module-strict; is in perl-module-carp; is in the main perl package (at least in master)10:38
bluelightningStygia: (as determined by find in tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/perl/5.14.3-r1/packages-split/ on my build machine)10:40
TonyHoThe yocto clone the linux source code is not locate in downloads directory? Where is it?10:45
*** mulhern <mulhern!> has joined #yocto10:45
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zibristygia: and as i mentioned, perl-modules recommends them all10:55
bluelightningTonyHo: it is - first it clones it under downloads/git2/ and then it creates a tarball under downloads called
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fenrigsveinse: ah cool. Is it meant for controlling some sort of machinerie or surgery equipment?11:19
sveinsefenrig: It for training medical personel in respect of CPR and other trauma. It's not a medical device, its a consumer device, but used by medical personel.11:21
fenrigsveinse: nice, we do more industrial appliances. Like for instance controllers for industrial washmachines11:22
sveinsefenrig: Cool11:22
Net147cristianiorga: any luck with the MBR?11:43
*** RichBayliss <RichBayliss!524466ee@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto11:48
RichBaylissanybody here have experience with Python on their images?11:48
*** joeythesaint <joeythesaint!~jjm@> has joined #yocto11:49
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Net147RichBayliss: I have used Python a few times in image12:03
*** icanicant <icanicant!~klawson@> has joined #yocto12:03
fenriguhm how do I include gstreamer with codecs?12:08
fenrigI already tried packagegroup-fsl-gstreamer12:08
fenrigand gst-plugins-good gst-plugins-bad gst-plugins-ugly12:09
fenrigah yes fsl is freescale -.-12:10
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #187 of nightly-fsl-arm is complete: Exception [exception Building Images Building Toolchain Images] Build details are at
Net147cristianiorga: I was able to boot an image with generated disk signature in VMware Player that I converted with qemu-img from hdddirect to vmdk. I will try creating a build appliance image to try to reproduce the issue you had.12:18
fenrig:o there are no packagegroups for gstreamer?12:18
Net147cristianiorga: if you could provide the disk signature hex id that failed, it would be useful12:18
*** Stygia <Stygia!> has quit IRC12:20
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #209 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
fenrigI can't even install ffmpeg -.-12:24
fenrigor do I have to adress it using another name?12:24
*** behanw <behanw!> has joined #yocto12:25
*** scot <scot!> has joined #yocto12:27
bluelightningfenrig: is it ffmpeg separately that you are looking for or gst-ffmpeg?12:29
fenrigbluelightning: as much codecs as I can include actually nothing specific12:30
fenrigbluelightning: including gstreamer-ffmpeg12:30
bluelightningfenrig: there is a gst-ffmpeg recipe and gst-plugins-* recipes12:32
fenrigbluelightning: put it in image_install12:32
fenrigbluelightning: or image_features?12:33
bluelightningfenrig: and the gst-plugins-* recipes all create a gst-plugins-xyz-meta package which pulls in all of the submodules12:33
fenrigbluelightning: it's image_features, right?12:33
bluelightningfenrig: IMAGE_INSTALL12:34
fenrigbluelightning: i get an error about an unbuildable dependency chain12:35
fenrigbluelightning: unbuildable dependency chain was: ['edna-image-minimal', 'ffmpeg']12:36
fenrigbluelightning: and 'edna-image-minimal' is my custom image -.-12:36
fenrigbluelightning: so strange I can even find the recipes for it12:36
bluelightningfenrig: what is the error before that12:36
fenrig"nothing provides 'ffmpeg'12:37
bluelightningfenrig: that means that no such recipe exists12:39
bluelightningor rather nothing provides a package with that name12:40
fenrigbluelightning: okay but I do think I have the package :/12:40
bluelightningfenrig: what makes you think that?12:40
fenrigbluelightning: well recipe :/12:40
fenrigbluelightning: I'm nog doing a find on my dir for ffmpeg12:41
*** icanicant <icanicant!~klawson@> has quit IRC12:41
*** icanicant <icanicant!~klawson@> has joined #yocto12:42
bluelightningAFAIK, there is gst-ffmpeg in OE-Core/Poky; there are some ffmpeg standalone packages kicking around but meta-oe provides libav as a replacement (and in fact we want to pull that into the core - see bug 4748)12:43
yoctiBug enhancement, Medium, 1.5, paul.eggleton, NEW , Add libav and gst-libav to OE-Core12:43
bluelightninger, ffmpeg standalone recipes I meant12:43
fenrigbluelightning: so that means it should build?12:44
bluelightningfenrig: which should?12:44
fenrigbluelightning: ffmpeg gst-ffmpeg?12:44
bluelightninggst-ffmpeg should yes12:44
fenrigbluelightning: same story with gst-ffmpeg12:45
fenrigand I have "/meta/recipes-multimedia/gstreamer/"12:46
bluelightningfenrig: could you please pastebin the full error log, thanks12:46
fenrigso I think it's quite odd12:46
fenrigforgot to prepend the . XD12:46
fenrigyes I will :)12:46
fenrigbluelightning: woops, I forgot something :o12:48
fenrigbluelightning: there is an error about the restricted license12:48
fenrigbluelightning: ERROR: gst-ffmpeg was skipped: because it has a restricted license not whitelisted in LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST12:48
bluelightningfenrig: ah right, I figured that might be the case12:48
bluelightningfenrig: add LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST = "commercial" in your local.conf12:49
fenrigbluelightning: sorry -.-12:49
bluelightningfenrig: on the understanding that you need to check yourself if you ever use this in a commercial product whether you can legally do so ;)12:49
fenrigoh okay, will add that note12:49
fenrigbluelightning: though we don't produce end products, we just produce products for use in end products of clients12:58
bluelightningfenrig: sure... in which case you'd just pass that understanding of requirement onto them I guess12:59
fenrigbluelightning: yes indeed12:59
bluelightningit's just a prompt to act as a reminder; it's the user's responsibility to actually take care of the issue if it is an issue13:00
bluelightning(well, user meaning the one developing the product)13:01
fenrigbluelightning: they actually hired me because more and more clients started requesting sexier UI's and stuff, they are even willing to pay a lot more for it13:01
fenrigbluelightning: I thought so, good way of fixing that problem13:01
fenrigbluelightning: that certainly fixed the issue, thank you13:04
*** Garibaldi|work <Garibaldi|work!~andydalt@nat/cisco/x-pxotuycpdzzvfrxj> has joined #yocto13:15
mulhernIf I were to backpatch the patch set at the following URL ( to gcc 4.8.1 how could I confirm that this is the final version of the patchset, i.e., the one eventually applied to development version of gcc 4.9.0?13:16
*** tinti <tinti!~tinti@pdpc/supporter/student/tinti> has joined #yocto13:17
Net147cristianiorga: ping13:23
ant_workmulhern: better ask Khem when he's around13:23
mulhernant_work: OK. Anyhow, I just found a more recent patch set.13:25
*** OlivierG` is now known as OlivierG_13:26
Net147is anyone else getting "Missing operating system" trying to boot a generated build appliance image in vmware player from master 3dee534f1e25109e0bdb681de0746c336f4b8840 or later?
yoctiBug 4859: major, High, 1.5 M3, cristian.iorga, IN PROGRESS DESIGN , Build Appliance does not boot in vmWare Player13:27
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cristianiorgaNet147: did you try to reproduce it on any recent poky?13:33
Net147cristianiorga: I am using c6b09377d47d1a0a0fb6a71cf0e93482d228286713:33
*** dzoe <dzoe!joe@pdpc/supporter/active/dzoe> has joined #yocto13:33
cristianiorgaNet147: I have added all the details in YB485913:33
Net147cristianiorga: waiting for build appliance image to finish generating. I have tested using the build appliance vmx, vmxf files and an .hdddirect image generated with the patch that I converted using qemu-img to vmdk using same steps as the vmdk class13:35
Net147cristianiorga: boots fine for that13:35
Net147cristianiorga: do you have an .hdddirect image that corresponds to the build appliance?13:37
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #215 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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fenrigI noticed that ubuntu contains a phonon-backend-gstreamer13:49
*** smartin <smartin!> has joined #yocto13:50
fenrigand because my Qt app is outputting warnings about "WARNING: bool Phonon::FactoryPrivate::createBackend() phonon backend plugin could not be loaded "13:50
*** joeythesaint <joeythesaint!~jjm@> has joined #yocto13:50
fenrigSo I think I'm still missing something, but I didn't work trying to add phonon-backend-gstreamer to image_install13:51
fenrigI think qt4-plugin-phonon-backend-gstreamer fixed it13:54
*** smartin_ <smartin_!> has joined #yocto14:03
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fenrigokay it fixed the error, but now the backend can't initialize because I don't seem to have the base GStreamer plugins installed, when they are clearly in the image_install part14:04
*** ericben <ericben!> has joined #yocto14:05
*** smartin <smartin!> has quit IRC14:05
cristianiorgaNet147: yes14:10
cristianiorgaNet147: but it would be hard to send it to you14:10
*** cristianiorga <cristianiorga!~cristiani@> has quit IRC14:12
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Net147cristianiorga: if you copy the .hdddirect image to another filename and run qemu-system-i386 copy.hdddirect, does syslinux boot?14:21
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bluelightningndec: are you around?14:53
*** ka6sox-away is now known as ka6sox14:54
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ndecbluelightning: yes.15:16
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bluelightningndec: I'm finally looking at
bluelightningndec: it looks to me that a patch has been removed that shouldn't be for the backport, could you double check that?15:18
bluelightning(apologies for the delay on this)15:18
ndecbluelightning: what do you mean by removed?15:19
ndecok. i think i see. but i don't remember all the details, right now. is that ok if i look into this on Mon? i am about to leave now, and that will take me some time to (re)think through this ;-)15:21
bluelightningndec: sure, that would be fine15:21
ndeciirc, the new patch is a replacement for the old one which was broken... but i can't certify that now.15:22
bluelightningOK; the comment just sounded like it was appropriate to remove only because of the uprev to 9.1.3 but if it's a replacement then that would be OK (but we'd want to clarify the commit msg I think)15:22
ndecbluelightning: i will look into that Mon morning, and ping you back.15:23
bluelightningndec: thanks15:23
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dzoeHi, I'm building my own image based upon image-minimal and I'd like to remove dbus and avahi completely. What would be the best way to do it? DISTRO_FEATURES don't seem to provide necessary framework.17:02
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kergothcheck for dependencies. something is likely depending on one or both of those17:04
kergothbitbake -g core-image-minimal may be informative17:04
kergothsee also bitbake -u depexp -g core-image-minimal17:04
dzoeOk ... then I have another question. How the hell render the resulting .dot into something small enough to be able to read it :)17:05
dzoe(Last time I tried this the graph was complete mess and scaled down to about 0.05)17:05
dzoeAh! depexp!17:06
dzoekergoth: Thanks alot!17:06
dzoeNice, nice. And now if I identify the packages, how is the best way to remove them? After a day of tracking (and two weeks of heavy duty with yocto) I didn't find any other way than to list all the packages that are gonna be installed into image, remove any packagegroups and manually list only those packages I need.17:08
kergoththere's no magic way. if somethign depends on something else, it does so for a reason. forcing that to not be included would just make the thing that depend son it not function correctly17:08
kergothyou'd need to inspect the htings which depend on it and check why. see if it obeys *_FEATURES to let you control the dependency17:09
dzoeThat makes sense... I'm going to actually traverse at least one dependency path including .bb files before asking something stupid.17:11
dzoeThank you again.17:11
bluelightningcould be that we need to add DISTRO_FEATURES for these (although "zeroconf" should control the avahi dependencies, a patch was just sent to do that for pulseaudio I think)17:13
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b1gtunaHappy Friday everybody! I'd like to NOT use busybox and use the proper tools. Any pointers?18:20
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arkyHi, Any solution for checkout issue18:31
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UmeaboyGot some new firmware from LG today.19:12
UmeaboyAs it seems I have no bootloader-prompt when breaking boot with ESC.19:13
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dnilRegarding licensing, I'm packaging linphone which has an optional G729 codec "bcg729". This codec is GPLv2 but requires a patent license for use in a product, I suspect I should make a user aware of this before attempting to include binaries from such a recipe in an image? If so, how?20:52
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kergothLICENSE_FLAGS = "non-commercial" is likely what you want20:53
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dnilkergoth, ahh look at that. Nice, will take a closer look and add that to the recipe20:56
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bluelightningkergoth: surely it's "commercial" ? at least it's the same situation for ffmpeg & co...21:08
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dnilbluelightning, that was my conclusion as well from reading the relevant chapter in the manual. So I'll add that to the recipe21:22
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kergothbluelightning: indeed, yes, oops22:04
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b1gtunaGooood afternoon everybody, best strategy to replace busybox with full versions of tools?23:27
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