Monday, 2013-08-05

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arkyHeading to Hong Kong, Anyone know where to pickup a NUC?07:23
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lpapprburton: have you seen my TOPDIR question?07:50
rburtonconsidering i've been on IRC for a good ten seconds, no. :)07:51
lpapprburton: it was on Friday.07:51
rburtoni don't recall seeing it before I left on Friday.07:51
lpapprburton: is there a variable dedicated to PROJDIR?07:51
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lpapprburton: currently, I am using TOPDIR/.. inside the bblayers07:51
lpappbut it is fragile.07:52
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lpappsomething like projdir, or rootdir would be nice07:53
lpappwe could write ${rootdir}/meta-yocto ... etc then.07:53
lpappand it would work for every developer, and even for the CI.07:53
lpappand oe-init-build-env knows the rootdir, as it is inside.07:54
rburtonthere's COREROOT or something if you want the location of oe-core, iirc07:55
bluelightningmorning all07:56
lpappbut then I would still need the parent.07:56
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lpappI need a variable for the container folder of the layers.07:56
lpappwell, for the rootdir, to be precise, but it is the same 99%07:57
lpappthat would allow a nice bblayers.conf structure.07:58
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RPlpapp: that directory might be in multiple places, you don't have to have all layers in one directory08:07
lpappRP: nope08:09
lpappit is not related to layers, it is the rootdir or projectdir as its name would say.08:09
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lpappand yes, most people have the layers in that folder.08:10
lpappor semi-relatively to that.08:10
lpappit would not make TOPDIR/.. more difficult after all, just easier.08:11
* lpapp is filing a bugreport08:11
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ant_workrburton: bluelightning: I run a quick build adding xinput-calibrator *and* pointercal-xinput to my XSERVER and then sato's do_rootfs fails because task packagegroup-core-x11-base cannot install pointercal-xinput.08:28
ant_worknow, this latter is in the RRECOMMENDS of xinput-calibrator08:29
bluelightningant_work: it'll be elsewhere too via XSERVER surely...?08:29
ant_workI see there isn't any pointercal-xinput package (it is skipped 'cause empty I guess)08:29
bluelightningant_work: right, so you shouldn't add it to XSERVER I guess08:29
ant_workI've added one .bbappend with a bogus pointercal in my layer but no differences..08:30
ant_workI had to remove pointercal-xinput from my XSERVER var08:30
bluelightningright, I don't think you need it there anyway08:31
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ant_workthe idea was about provifing custom per-machine calibration08:31
rburtonthat should be a recommends then as it *can* be empty on machines without a pre-calibration08:32
ant_workok but why did it fail with provided not-empty cal. file?08:33
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ant_workit was too late to check, I'll do today08:34
ant_workrburton: in meta-oe xinput-calibrator was one rdeps of xserver-nodm-init08:35
bluelightningbut that can't work for non-touchscreen devices08:35
yoctiBug 4980: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , Variable for the root/project dir08:39
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rburtonJaMa: ask nicely and i'll push dates patches upstream08:46
ant_workbluelightning: need surely some kind of conditional08:47
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ant_workrburton: bluelightning: I correct myself: in meta-oe it is one of the RDEPENDS of xserver-common (which is a RDEPEND of xserver-nodm-init)08:51
JaMarburton: the same commit message as eds applies to dates :/08:51
JaMarburton: lets wait for someone to at least test them in runtime, but thanks :)08:52
* rburton reads08:52
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rburtonJaMa: so i was right to move them out of oe-core then, if nobody noticed its been broken for months08:53
ant_workrburton: bluelightning: if we keep the oe-core structure we could add xinput-calibrator to x11-common (and remove xtscal from there?)08:53
JaMarburton: I've noticed it :) it was also reported in my "state of bitbake world" emails08:54
rburtonJaMa: well, nobody else08:54
JaMarburton: now I had to fix it just to allow to test if at least dependencies are correct :)08:54
JaMaI remember that I've asked you to move dates becuse someone wanted it in SHR feeds, but SHR feeds are now using dylan release so I haven't noticed it there too08:55
RPrburton: in core, we would have noticed failures sooner08:58
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rburtonJaMa: do shr users really use dates/contacts still?08:59
JaMarburton: true about devilspie, I'll probably update that commit after run is completed (if it reveals that libwnck autodetects startup-notifications), this commit was just to get the script going09:00
JaMarburton: someone asked for it to be in feed, but I didn't get any feedback since then09:00
JaMato be returned to feed, to be precise so he was probably using it before09:01
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Zagora long vacation is nice. then mailbox when you get back, not so much.09:18
rburtonZagor: select all, mark as read.09:19
Zagoryeah I do it for the most part.09:19
rburtonZagor: i feel honoured to get a reply from you then ;)09:20
Zagorheh :)09:21
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rburtonJaMa: you seem like someone who will know... is there a way to easily step through ever commit in a branch, i.e. looping through a checkout of each commit?10:10
rburtonJaMa: thinking a tool to run buildhistory-diff after every commit in a branch might be useful10:11
bluelightningrburton: FWIW, combo-layer does that... not particularly sophisticated10:12
rburtona git iterate would be so useful10:13
rburtoncheckout every commit, run this script10:13
bluelightningrburton: google it, it's been done already ;)10:14
JaMaI would write one for loop for that10:16
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lpapprburton: like history rewriting?10:18
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JaMafor rev in `git log --oneline $START..$STOP | cut -d ' ' -f 1`; do git checkout $rev; do_something | tee log.$rev; done10:18
rburtonJaMa: i bet you can drop the cut10:18
JaMarburton: true, git rev-list $START..$STOP would be better10:19
rburtonah, i was thinking of using the pretty controls10:20
rburtonforgot about that one10:20
JaMaand I like the idea of running buildhistory-diff, especially for "upgrade" commits10:20
JaMaI'm sorry if I sounded too negative when reporting last libpng issue, but it's not the first time simple upgrade caused some issues and IIRC using buildhistory was considered almost mandatory10:21
* JaMa should find some time to finish world-image support10:22
rburtonJaMa: should be. partly to blame for not checking that myself.10:22
rburtonthats why i want to automate it10:22
bluelightningwe really ought to have buildhistory-web set up on the autobuilder... there is a bug filed for it10:30
rburtonthen we could browse the history from MUT10:32
rburtonhm you can't amend in an iterate, as the hashes change. that's a shame.10:38
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ant_workJaMa: wrt test-dependencies-2013-07-24, iirc you didn't use meta-initramfs, isn't?10:54
ant_workJaMa: I guess that's why all -klibc recipes failed10:55
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JaMaant_work: same config as every world build I do, so meta-initramfs was included11:06
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #233 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
JaMaant_work: + all -klibc recipes are in meta-initramfs, aren't they?11:07
ant_workyea, silly question11:08
ant_workthough, I know the recipes do build ;)11:08
ant_workI don't fully understand why are listed as failed11:10
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JaMathey were failing quite often in reqular builds so I'm not surprised they failed11:13
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ant_workhm.. again  fatal error: linux/limits.h: No such file or directory11:19
rburtonwith yocto, there are no limits11:22
rburtonboom tish, thankyou everyone, i'll be here all week11:22
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ant_workseems linux-libc-headers were missing11:50
ant_workhm.. are not in DEFAULT_DEPS12:05
ant_workJaMa: I'm perplexed because all -klibc recipes do depend on klibc so indirectly on linux-libc-headers12:10
bluelightningant_work: I'm not sure if the system works that way - if your recipe fails to build without linux-libc-headers in the sysroot, you need to add an explicit DEPENDS on it12:11
ant_workhm even if the klcc crosscompiler depends on linux-libc-headers to be built?12:12
ant_worksounds strange12:13
JaMatry bitbake -e and bitbake -g to be sure12:15
ant_workwill do12:16
* bluelightning is looking at bringing over libav into OE-Core12:19
bluelightningthese recipes are a bit of a mess :/12:19
bluelightningthey produce bunch of QA warnings as well12:19
ant_worksee about the possible configuration12:20
bluelightninga bit annoying that it seems we might have to pull in x264 and therefore yasm (and maybe libvpx which doesn't seem to be explicitly enabled?)12:21
JaMabluelightning: please move only newer one if possible12:22
bluelightningJaMa: newer one?12:22
JaMabluelightning: git version depends on separate libpostproc and older release recipe is conflicting with separate libpostproc12:22
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bluelightningJaMa: so should we move to a newer release version then?12:23
bluelightningthe release version is quite old by now12:23
JaMabluelightning: newer release if possible or move only _git.bb12:23
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bluelightningJaMa: I don't mind upgrading; the only issue would be testing to make sure there aren't any regressions12:23
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* JaMa haven't used libav on target for long time12:28
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bluelightninghmm seems libvpx may not be needed, configure log indicates it isn't enabled12:31
bluelightningI can add a PACKAGECONFIG for it though12:31
ant_workbluelightning: th elist would be long...12:37
bluelightningant_work: I'm only adding a few for the moment :)12:38
ant_workyou've pick up a nasty one this time ;)12:38
bluelightningI've been putting this off for ages, I just want to get rid of one more bbappend in meta-oe (the gst-ffmpeg one)12:38
ant_workseems libav expects finer config in bsp layer12:39
bluelightninghmm looks like the _git recipe is v9.1+12:44
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bluelightningor at least, the revision pointed to by SRCREV only appears there12:45
bluelightningJaMa: seems like v9 is an API break and the separation of libpostproc was something done upstream12:54
bluelightningso I'm not sure what we should be doing here...12:54
bluelightningif nobody needs 0.8.x then we can drop it, but are we sure this is the case?12:54
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bluelightningJaMa: have you been doing world builds with the current libav_git recipe?12:56
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JaMabluelightning: with default version which is IIRC the release13:02
*** Garibaldi|work <Garibaldi|work!~andydalt@nat/cisco/x-ixhxozyihsjfuhxv> has joined #yocto13:02
JaMabut had to blacklist libpostproc to prevent failures13:02
bluelightningwell that suggests that we should be keeping 0.8.x13:06
bluelightningangstrom is using the 0.8.x recipe as well it seems13:07
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #239 of nightly-x86 is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests Building Images_1 Building Toolchain Images Building Toolchain Images_1 Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
bluelightningargh why does the git recipe need to filter out --enable-libpostproc? it's not even in EXTRA_OECONF to begin with...13:10
bluelightningoh wait13:10
bluelightningreading comprehension fail13:10
bluelightningactually, it still shouldn't need to13:13
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bluelightningJaMa: I wonder if this libav git recipe has been tested, because the libpostproc recipe has libav in its DEPENDS -> circular dependency loop14:10
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JaMaotavio_: do you remember testing libav_git recipe? ^^^14:31
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halsteadsgw1, You around?14:50
sgw1halstead: OTP14:52
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otavio_JaMa: yes I did but looong time ago15:05
*** otavio_ is now known as otavio15:05
otavioJaMa: bluelightning: I tested it when working in xbmc patches15:06
otavioJaMa: but didn't work on it for a while now15:06
JaMaotavio: I know it's long time ago, but looks like bluelightning is right and circular dependency was there since it was introduced15:06
otavioJaMa: but I did test it15:06
otavioJaMa: I am not how/when15:06
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bluelightningotavio: hmm, not sure how it could have worked then...15:08
otaviobluelightning: only if I did a fix locally and forgot to push it15:08
otaviobluelightning: possible15:08
JaMaI know that libpostproc builds with libav_0.8 (and then do_package fails because of new check which detects 2 recipes building the same package)15:09
bluelightningsure, because with 0.8 libav doesn't depend on libpostproc15:09
bluelightningargh gst-ffmpeg bbappend adds orc as well15:10
JaMacannot be orc dependency converted to PACKAGECONFIG?15:10
bluelightningpossibly, looking into it15:10
JaMawell to keep things as they are you would need to add new .bbappend which sets PACKAGECONFIG for meta-oe :)15:11
bluelightningyes and that is not acceptable15:11
bluelightningor else I might as well just give up15:11
JaMaI'm OK with warning to DISTRO maintainers to add PACKAGECONFIG value in their .bbappend15:12
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otaviobluelightning: what is your goal?15:12
bluelightningotavio: get rid of all bbappends and overlayed recipes in meta-oe15:12
JaMaone disadvantage of this meta-oe -> distro-layer .bbappends moves is that .bbappend renames were resolved in one place15:12
otaviosgw1: can you trigger a build of meta-fsl-arm? I did push evdev bbappend update15:13
JaManow every DISTRO maintainer will need to update it on his own when bumping oe-core revision with some updates15:13
bluelightningJaMa: true, but it's one or the other; besides PACKAGECONFIG changes don't mandate the use of a bbappend if you'd prefer to avoid one15:13
kergothmight be a good thing to make sure distro maintainers are paying attention :)15:14
otaviobluelightning: yes, you could have it in distro itself15:14
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has joined #yocto15:14
* JaMa just splitted meta-shr and meta-shr-distro :)15:14
bluelightningI just want to kill this "meta-oe isn't safe to use" idea once and for all15:14
otaviokergoth: can you take a look in the rfc I sent for u-boot-config?15:14
otaviobluelightning: you too15:14
otavioJaMa: and you too, too15:14
bluelightningotavio: do we really need another bbclass just for this?15:15
otaviobluelightning: no; In fact I was pondering about moving all to a u-boot class15:15
JaMabluelightning: it looks like some people changed their view from "meta-oe isn't safe to use" to "meta-oe is too big for us to use, lets move bits we need to oe-core"15:15
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otavioJaMa: agreed; this indeed happened15:15
bluelightningJaMa: well, that's not my line of thinking15:16
otaviobluelightning: I can add it to u-boot.inc15:16
otaviobluelightning: but I am more concerned about the concept itself15:16
bluelightningJaMa: there will always be folks that think it's too large, can't do a lot about that other than make splits where it makes sense15:16
otaviobluelightning: I think people don't see sublayers inside meta-oe as split.15:16
otaviobluelightning: I agree it is better to have it in a single place but meta-networking brings up a valid point about size.15:17
otaviobluelightning: one possibility would be to have auto-generated sublayers in separated repositories; so people can choose what to take15:18
bluelightningotavio: I don't have a strong preference over inside or outside the meta-openembedded repo; Joe has chosen to provide a broken-out version for meta-networking, I don't think there's anything wrong with that15:18
otaviobluelightning: me neither; but might be good to have it in a global / general way. So we avoid in-house solutions for it15:19
bluelightningdepends how much demand there is for separate repo versions of meta-openembedded15:20
JaMagtg will reply in 4 hours or so15:20
otaviobluelightning: I think providing a splited version, if done automatically, it does not hurt and make all people happy. The point is it avoids in-house solutions and put all those in a single place for people to look at.15:21
otaviobluelightning: most of my projects, for example, just use meta-oe. Just few use other layers.15:22
bluelightningJaMa: I'm tempted to add a PACKAGECONFIG for orc but disable it by default; reason being, the rest of gstreamer in OE-Core handles orc that way15:26
sgw1otavio: OK, will do, I will also be mesa bump soon as well15:27
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otaviosgw1: tell me when it is merged; so I bump it15:32
sgw1otavio: fsl-arm triggered.15:32
otaviosgw1: thx15:32
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sgw1otavio: do you have a master-next or mut equivlant for fsl-arm (I don't think you touch fsl-ppc)18:09
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otaviosgw1: yes20:32
otaviosgw1: we do; master-next20:33
otaviosgw1: want me to push something?20:33
sgw1otavio: mesa update to 9.1.620:33
otaviosgw1: ok; let me do it20:34
otaviosgw1: I ping you in 5min20:34
otaviosgw1: done.20:36
otaviosgw1: ok, 2m ;)20:36
sgw1Ok, thanks, I will start a build this afternoon.20:39
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b1gtunaGood day everybody! When I inherit a class, how can I exclude certain packages/recipes?21:34
bluelightningb1gtuna: not quite understanding the question... can you be more specific?21:36
b1gtunaHello bluelightning :) It looks like packagegroup-core has ifconfig, ifupdown included. They conflict with Gnome's NetworkManager package. I'm trying to exclude the command line tools21:39
bluelightningb1gtuna: they shouldn't conflict, it sounds like some alternatives config is missing from the networkmanager recipes21:41
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mr_sciencealso, network-manager is a bit piggy for an embedded env21:43
b1gtunabluelightning: does networkmanager manage the interfaces listed in network/interfaces file? With no extra configuration?21:43
mr_sciencejust make sure you're okay with that...21:43
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b1gtunamr_science: i have a console image, and now i'm working on an xfce image21:44
bluelightningb1gtuna: I'm not sure21:44
mr_scienceb1gtuna: network manager should ignore configured interfaces (in the interfaces file)21:44
bluelightningb1gtuna: I don't have any direct experience building networkmanager within OE although I've always meant to try it21:44
mr_scienceso if you have a static/dhcp config for eth0 say, then nm should only care about other interfaces21:45
b1gtunabluelightning: more specifically, ifconfig cannot start an interface using wpa-supplicant, because networkmanager is always locking(?) wpa-supplicant21:45
mr_scienceif you nm to manage your wired interface, then comment out the interfaces config21:45
mr_scienceifconfig and wpa-supplicant still need wpa-passhrase foo > wpa-supplicant.conf in order to actually work21:46
b1gtunamr_science: i think my problem has more to do with wpa_supplicant. Any devices that use wpa_supplicant (throgh config file in /etc/wpa_supplicant) gets all screwy everytime I configure another interface with wpa-suplicant using  NM21:47
mr_scienceand here's what i would recommend for wireless21:47
b1gtunawhat do you mean wpa-passphrase foo > wpa-supplicant.conf?21:47
mr_sciencei mean to use "ifup wlan0" with no NM or other management tools21:48
mr_sciencefirs you need to set your wpa-passphrase in the config file21:48
mr_science*first even21:48
b1gtunamr_science: even on a graphical environment?21:49
mr_scienceso that's really the rub, it think, ie, you don't want to mix NM and manual on the same type of interface21:49
b1gtunab1gtuna: i thought providing a GUI tool to manage networks would be cool to demo21:49
b1gtunamr_science: ya.. that's what my problem is really21:49
b1gtunamr_science: i don't mind not having manual/cli-tools on my XFCE image21:50
mr_scienceyou can either a) ifup wlan0 with no management tools, or b) use NM or wicd or connman21:50
b1gtunamr_science: i think i'm trying to achieve b21:51
b1gtunamr_science: firstly i should comment out the interfaces i want NM to manage right?21:52
mr_sciencethe leave the static configs alone and don't try to manually manipulate wifi21:52
mr_scienceb1gtuna: correct21:52
b1gtunamr_science: coolio, anything else you can think of? or would that be enough?21:52
mr_scienceNM is probably the most consistent at leaving alone a statically configured interface21:52
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mr_scienceb1gtuna: that should do it21:53
mr_scienceyou can always kill nm and then do manual stuff21:53
b1gtunamr_science: wonerful21:53
b1gtunamr_science: thank you :)21:54
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mr_scienceb1gtuna: np22:06
mr_sciencei hit that same question for my rpi openbox build and the answer i came up with was to document the manual config and resurrect wifi-radar as a wireless config gui22:07
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mr_sciencesince the other three management options are either bloaty, squirrelly, or both22:08
b1gtunamr_science: so wifi-radar in replacement of NM?22:10
mr_sciencenot really, it's an older more lightweight solution22:12
mr_scienceit don't think it handles creating the passphrase, just maintaining basic wireless profiles and switching between them22:13
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khemsgw1: jinja should be ok now.23:03
khemsgw1: if its not behaving23:03
sgw1khem: I will try again later this week, I already have my MUT request pending on the AB, I will try it local again.23:07
sgw1khem any news on the ppc floor() issue and qemu, I updated the bug report with the qemu commit that caused it, but athat's as far as I can take it.23:08
sgw1khem bug #485423:08
yoctiBug normal, Medium+, 1.5, raj.khem, NEW , floor call (from math.h) is broken on qemuppc23:08
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khemsgw1: It seems to me that kernel needs a patch23:21
khemsgw1: if you could try with linux-yocto-dev that will make it clear23:21
khemsgw1: if it works with linux-yocto-dev which is 3.10.x23:21
khemthen probably, I know the kernel patches that needs backporting23:22
sgw1khem: sure, I have the setup to try, I will put my results in the bug, will you or zeddii beable to figure out what needs backporting?23:22
khemsgw1: yes23:22
sgw1Ok< will keep you posted, thanks.23:22
khemI think I have a hunch on few patches23:22
khemif it fails same way then next thing I will recommend is to align the tune for qemuppc to be ppc7xxx23:23
kheminstead of ppc60323:23
sgw1khem, I hope you can provide that patch if it's needed23:23
khemsince this works OK on real machine I have ruled out eglibc to be buggy23:23
khemsgw1: yes I will23:24
khemthis works fine on p202023:24
khemwhich excercises same floor() code23:24
seebsI would be a little nervous about a change of qemuppc, just because our prebuilt-binary multilib selection is based in part on working with qemuppc...23:24
khemthats being excercised on qemuppc23:24
khemseebs: we have is wrong anyway23:25
khemother option is to change qemuppc to emulate 603e core23:25
khemand not mac9923:25
khembut we made the change from 603e to mac99 last year IIRC23:26
khemand I believe there must be a reason23:26
khemwe changed the qemu machine emulation but did not change the default tune23:26
khemwhich is not very right23:27
khemnow we have new LTS/LTSI23:28
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