Wednesday, 2013-08-14

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carlos001_Hi! so newby question, I am using yocto (dylan) for a beagleboard, compiled gcc and it is running at the beagleboard, but when I try to compile code (simple hello world with stdio.h) i get that the header cant be found, it is not at the board, any suggestion on how to get headers at the board in order to compile code there?00:44
carlos001_I wonder if there is already a package or related that adds headers into the board00:45
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seebsUsually the answer is "you don't, you build stuff on the host". I mean, you can compile on the target, but it's not usually useful.01:01
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carlos001_I see, thank you for your answer, yes I am aware of cross compilation, but my intetion is to compile code at the board01:03
carlos001_not huge projects, just basic code for developing stuff and related01:06
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seebsAt that point, I think mostly you need to tell the system that you want development packages on the target. I haven't done this often enough to remember off the top of my head, but you probably want things like gcc, eglibc, and eglibc-dev. The -dev packages would be the first candidate that comes to mind for being missing.01:10
carlos001_hmmm interesting yes I have gcc and eglibc, but no -dev01:11
seebsafk a bit, likely back later.01:13
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mikelI am creating a recipe which downloads some sw from git and compiles it06:17
mikelhowever for some reason when it compiles it.. it  says "file format not recognized"06:18
mikelCan anybody explain why I am getting this?06:18
levimikel: Could be that you have something built for the host trying to link with something from the target, or a target executable trying to run on the host, etc.06:19
leviI would suspect that the Makefile or whatever has some hard-coded paths to host libraries. I'd look at the build logs and poke around in the devshell for the package to see what's going on.06:21
mikelAt the moment I have manually copied the code to the build area.  the file I want gets compiled ok06:26
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mikelok it doesnt compile...06:30
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leviYou should probably fix that...06:32
mikelIf I compile it manually ... no problem... but with yocto .. gives that error06:33
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leviWell, you need to check the commands it's running (via the log files) and see why it's calling the wrong compiler.06:50
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mikelI got it to work now .07:01
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mikelI am creating native recipe07:49
mikelthe recipe provides some tools which need to modify the target files  like encryption07:49
mikelThe tool is a shell script which creates is run. that shell then compiles the needed files for the encryption and then does execution...07:50
mikelCan I put those files to stage ?07:51
mikelHow should I make those available to all recipes07:51
leviI'm afraid I don't remember how to do that.07:53
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lpappgood morning, so there is no stunnel package anywhere yet with Yocto?08:15
lpappwhich layer would be a good place to add it to?08:15
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panda84kdeotavio: morning08:54
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alex_kaghello, does master is broken? i can't build qt4e-demo-image - mesa failed08:56
panda84kdealex_kag: which machine? mesa or mesa-demos?08:56
panda84kdealex_kag: hi :)08:56
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alex_kagimx6qsabresd,     ERROR: Task 2292 (/home/alexei/mteplovis/sources/poky/meta/recipes-graphics/mesa/, do_configure) failed with exit code '1'09:00
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panda84kdealex_kag: please pastebin the log of the fail (bitbake should tell you the full path of the log when it fails)09:01
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panda84kdeconfigure: error: source directory already configured; run "make distclean" there first09:18
panda84kdemaybe you have some old dirt from some previous builds09:18
panda84kdetry "bitbake -c cleansstate mesa" and then "bitbake mesa"09:18
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bluelightningmorning all09:23
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RPrburton: the mesa change means people need to clean it :/09:30
rburtonoh yeah, out-of-tree09:30
rburtonwould be nice if bitbake could detect that somehow :(09:30
rburtonwe could at least detect that failure and tell the user to clean09:31
rburtonbut magically doing it would be nice09:31
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vickyhi yocto. I added pcsclite package in my custom layer. It compiled fine and installed in sysroot. But the pcsc libraries doesnt exist in rootfs.09:43
vickymy pcsclite bb at
vickyanyideas guys. wat i am doing wrong?09:45
ndecvicky: by rootfs, you mean in the final image, right?09:46
rburtonvicky: you're probably not installing anything in your image that needs pcselite09:46
ndecthat's what i was about to say ;-)09:46
rburtonbeing build/packaged/sysroot != in the image09:46
rburtonvicky: you can remove your do_compile, that's default behaviour09:47
rburtonbut you need to add whatever you want to get installed to your image09:48
vickyany sample bb file?09:52
ndecvicky: has all you need, i believe.09:54
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vickyYes. I followed this one
vickybut i got warning of "WARNING: QA Issue: ccid: Files/directories were installed but not shipped" while compiling ccid package (user-space driver of smartcards10:06
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bluelightningvicky: that means that your values for FILES_* are not picking up files that have been installed within do_install10:17
bluelightningvicky: so either you need to modify the FILES_* values or fix where things are being installed within do_install10:17
bluelightning(as appropriate)10:17
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vickyhi. What is this actually means "WARNING: QA Issue: ccid: Files/directories were installed but not shipped"12:00
Crofton|workit means Files/directories were installed but not shipped12:01
JaMavicky: that some files were installed into "image" directory by do_instal, but no package is including them12:01
Crofton|workit means the fiels were installed by make install, but are not collected into any package12:01
JaMavicky: so they shouldn't be installed or they should be included in package12:02
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vickyI found the problem. I am trying to include the ccid package. But its libraries are not present  /usr/lib  directory. It is there at  /usr/lib/pcsc/drivers/ifd-ccid.bundle.12:13
vickybluelightning: You may right12:14
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alex_kagtrying to make qt4e-demo-image - now it compiling well. but when i run it - next error is heppend: Unable to load library icui18n "Cannot load library icui18n: (icui18n: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)"  I found, whet i should install libicui18n51-51.2-r0.armv7a_vfp_neon.rpm but when i add to local.conf  IMAGE_INSTALL_append="  libicui18n51-51.2-r0 "  i got :ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'libicui18n51-51.2-r0' (but /home/alexei/12:24
alex_kagmteplovis/sources/poky/meta/recipes-qt/images/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)12:24
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #129 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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Krz_i'm using now some i5 4-core laptop with standard hdd to build yocto; it takes about 60min. how low can i approx. go with timing when upgrading to i7/xeon + some ssd RAID (or pci-ssd revo drive)?15:56
fraydepends on WHAT you are building...15:58
frayit's been a while since I timed the builds.. but a "world" build is a couple of hours on an 8-core Xeon w/ RAID and 128 GB of ram..15:59
fray'er.. sorry -dual- 8-core Xeon.. (16 usable cores, 32 w/ Hyper Threading)15:59
Krz_that's mad16:00
Krz_is the cpu horsepower bottleneck here?16:01
fraysheer numbers of tasks..16:03
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frayonly so much parallization can occur.. but the task count for my builds is in the 30,000 range..16:06
frayassuming around 8 tasks per package.. thats about 3750 packages16:06
fraya couple of hours for that is fairly reasonable.  :)16:07
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Crofton|workanyone want to make sure I understand MACHINEOVERRIDES?16:45
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kergothit's just a value referenced by OVERRIDES. same syntax as overrides, coloon separated override values16:47
Crofton|workI suck at overrides in gerenal, except as a consumer16:47
Crofton|workI think I am actually fairly clsoe16:49
kergothit's just a layered implementation of conditionals. you can define a variable or append/kprepend to a variable if and only if a givenj value is listed in the OVERRIDES list, and they're applied in a particular order such that the most specific information is used in preference to the least specific information16:49
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bluelightning1seebs: morning16:54
bluelightning1seebs: I've just found if libpseudo is LD_PRELOADed when I run "pseudo /some/command" pseudo just exits without error and without running the command. Is that desirable behaviour?16:54
*** klinger <klinger!> has joined #yocto16:56
seebs... No.16:56
seebsAnd that's a case that USED to be expected to work, I think.16:57
Crofton|workkergoth, I need to make a pacth, as always :)16:58
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Crofton|workshoudl I drop soc family and use MACHINEINCLUDES directly?17:04
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Crofton|workso if I read this corrctly, it reanmes the armv7a-neon tune settings to zynq and only slets you use that setting?17:41
mr_sciencemaybe i need some modern BOFH tips...17:42
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Crofton|workno, just seems to create an aias?17:57
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kergothit creates a new tune which includes the features of armv7a-neon + its own. it's a common pattern among tune files, letting one build on another17:58
Crofton|workI jsut can't see that it adds anything :)17:59
mr_sciencejust the kernel address tweak, i guess18:01
mr_sciencebut you don't need a custom TUNE just for that...18:02
Crofton|workI tempted to propose removing all the excess18:03
Crofton|workthe defualt looks liek the regular armv7a-neon anyway18:03
mr_scienceif it actually changed tune-specific flags i could see the point18:03
seebskergoth: There's a ton of bugs to iron out, but I now have a meta-sourcery layer with a working cross-canadian recipe. Well. Mostly working.18:03
seebsAlso some flashy new features to make life better with binary distributions.18:04
mr_sciencecan someone explain the whole "canadian" thing?18:04
mr_sciencedo i have to drink maple sytup to use that?18:04
seebsOh, sure, a lot of my coworkers are Canadian, I know all about it.18:04
seebsJust as Italy's currency is the "lire", Canada's is the "tire". This is why their bills all say "CANADIAN TIRE".18:04
mr_sciencei thought the Finns made the best snow tires...18:05
seebsAccording to the Internet, "The term Canadian Cross came about because at the time that these issues were under discussion, Canada had three national political parties.[1]"18:05
seebsAnd as we all know, Wikipedia is very reliable.18:05
mr_sciencenow *that* clears everything up...18:05
Crofton|workJefro, knows18:06
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seebsI was really disappointed, I know someone with a pancreatic disorder of some sort who lives in Canada, and apparently the doctors were totally unaware that she has a legal right to have her brain transplanted into the healthy body of a moose.18:07
mr_scienceis she getting her operation?18:09
seebsWell, not the healthy moose body one.18:11
seebsThey're apparently doing some sort of "treatment" which involves conventional science.18:11
seebsI feel that any time you go to a doctor and the doctor doesn't scream "THE FOOLS LAUGHED AT ME", you are not getting your best entertainment value. Although I suppose "chance to survive large enough not to round to zero in 32-bit float" is also a desireable trait sometimes.18:12
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mr_sciencemy only data point is my mom, who got married again and moved to North Bay after she retired...18:29
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JefroWikipedia is correct about Canadian cross. It was a sort of cutesy term that was never really intended to be used for 20 years.18:51
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* mr_science loves cloning huge git repos19:05
seebsWhat's "huge"?19:07
mr_sciencetakes at least 20 minutes...19:07
seebsLargest I remember having to deal with was ~17GB for a repo with only a couple of checkins.19:07
mr_scienceokay, you win...19:08
seebsThat was the peak bad case for a git checkin of one of the larger Code Sourcery binary toolchains with a LOT of multilibs.19:08
seebsThey were way smaller, but git doesn't know or care about hard links...19:08
mr_sciencemy classic oe-dev repo seems to take about as long as a kernel source repo19:08
mr_sciencemaybe if i got to lunch it'll be done when i get back...19:09
mr_science*go to even19:09
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rburtonkergoth: mwhaha, figured out how to automatically glue a "less" onto bb-contents like git does21:30
bluelightningrburton: cool... I've tried to make less behave like git's paged output but I found it troublesome to get it to behave properly with less than one screen worth of output21:31
kergothjust need the right LESS variable21:31
rburtontbh i'd always assumed it was just spawning a less21:32
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rburtonkergoth: i'll see if i can figure out a way to abstract it21:33
kergothi usually use FRX21:34
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mr_sciencerburton: can i get one with mustard?21:34
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mr_sciencei think i found all the classic bits i need to build a hardfloat sdk...21:35
rburtonkergoth: i think there's some stuff in my bb branch you might want21:37
rburtonbut i see i need to rebase21:37
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mulhernKind of a funny thing. I'm building core-image-sato for current master and I get an error for xserver-nodm-init.22:06
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mulhernRecipe xserver-nodm-init is trying to change PR from 'r22' to 'r31'. This will cause do_package_write_* failures since the incorrect data will be used and they will be unable to find the right workdir.22:07
mulhernThe funny thing is if I -c clean and -c cleanstate and then try to bake xerver-nodm-init again the same 2.0-r22 subdirectory gets remade for doing the actual building. Where can that 22 be coming from when the recipes PR is, indeed, 31?22:09
JaMamulhern: see tmp-eglibc/pkgdata22:11
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JaMamulhern: also read
yoctiBug 4102: normal, Medium+, 1.5 M2, richard.purdie, RESOLVED FIXED, Incremental builds do not work well when renaming recipes or changing architecture.22:11
*** wmat is now known as Guest6979922:11
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mulhernJaMa: Thanks for getting me out of this mess. But it's still weird that now the 2.0-r22 subdir still gets made, the difference is that there are no complaints.22:22
mulhernI confess I do not fully understand the bug…I lack some of the necessary background, clearly.22:23
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