Monday, 2013-08-26

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JaMaprserv/serv: Fix pid file removal.. heh I was assuming that those hundrets of files were from cases where I had to kill bitbake with -9 (when it was stuck)07:40
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lpapprburton: hey, have you seen 504608:18
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draskohi all, how to clean only one recipie?08:23
JaMadrasko: bitbake -c clean recipe-name08:24
draskoJaMa, I want to clean only binutils part in order to reconfigure it and rebuild it08:25
draskohow do I find recipe-name for this?08:25
lpappdrasko: check for the relevant .bb file.08:25
draskoIs it under some variable?08:25
draskoWhat's the name of this variable to grep?08:26
lpappnot sure what variable you mean.08:26
draskoso, I have to give a link to bb file?08:26
draskobitbake -c clean ./recipes-devtools/binutils/binutils_2.23.2.bb08:27
draskolike this?08:27
lpappbitbake -c clean binutils08:27
draskohm... this does not work for me08:27
draskoSummary: There was 1 ERROR message shown, returning a non-zero exit code.08:27
lpapp"does not work" does not work for help. ;-)08:28
draskoIt looks like it is not called binutils08:28
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draskohow to find name of the recipe?08:29
JaMait's called binutils08:30
JaMawhat's wrong is written in that ERROR message08:30
draskoJaMa is this name kept in some variable within ./recipes-devtools/binutils/
draskoBecause I can not see it08:30
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lpappdrasko: why do you keep talking about variable?08:31
lpappwhy don't you just check the link above?08:32
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lpappyou cannot say to the doctor "you feel ill", but not provide more information. :)08:32
draskolpapp, how does yocto detemine that `binutils` is related to etc...08:32
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lpappdrasko: come on ... you got an error, and you have not even pasted it...08:33
draskoERROR: Execution of event handler 'external_linaro_toolchain_version_handler' failed08:33
lpapppaste is not equal to grabbing out a line you may think is the most important.08:33
lpapppaste the whole.08:33
lpapptrust the doctor to judge the important bits, do not try to play his role. :)08:33
draskoOK doc08:34
lpappI am likely not the person to help, but at least the experienced people do not need to ask the same.08:34
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draskoany diagnose?08:36
lpappCmdError to bb.process.CmdError08:36
lpappyou are using old meta data, apparently.08:36
draskowhat do you mean?08:37
lpappsee this is the problem.08:37
lpappyou think you pasted the error until you pasted the whole, and your line was irrelevant. :)08:37
JaMadrasko: variable PN is automatically assigned from filename08:37
draskohere is what I did :08:37
draskobitbake virtual/kernel08:37
draskobinutils breaks08:38
draskoi changed the way it is configured trying to add --disable-doc08:38
JaMayou're probably talking about binutils-cross not target binutils08:38
lpappdrasko: do you have an up to date version?08:38
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draskoNow when I restart bitbake virtual/kernel it executes do_install of binutils, instead to go to beginning (configure, compile, etc...)08:39
JaMaand because you're using external-linaro-toolchain it's not provided by binutils-cross recipe but by external-linaro-toolchain recipe (prebuilt toolchain installed somewhere on your host)08:39
draskoso I want to force it to do this by cleaning binutils somehow08:39
lpappdrasko: you are using an external toolchain, prebuiltr.08:39
lpapp;a=tree;f=meta-linaro-toolchain/recipes-devtools/binutils;h=111819820577cb9d274b8ddedd21ec17c6aad162;hb=master presumably this would be cleaned.08:40
lpappbut then again, either use the latest version, or apply the fix manually.08:41
lpappdrasko: also, you might wanna update the external toolchain layer more regularly.08:44
JaMatrue missing my fix is bad :)08:46
ant_workJaMa: I found a flaw bot unly for meta-micro atm ;)08:47
ant_workJaMa: you could hopefully restart the rebuild of klibc now08:48
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lpappJaMa: you are using the external linaro toolchain, too?08:48
StygiaAnyone here familiar with the busybox recipe?08:54
StygiaI was just wondering if there's a recommended way to append config options to it, and the recipe looks fairly complex.08:55
StygiaI was thinking I'd just sed the config file, but if there's a better or more standard way I'd love to do that instead.08:55
lpappI somewhat am.08:56
lpappStygia: you can use config fragments.08:56
lpappStygia: see the relevant mailing list discussion I initiated.08:57
lpappthat is an example how to use it.08:59
lpappStygia: I asked for documentation on the issue tracker, but the people closed it.08:59
lpappthey did not wanna document it.08:59
lpappit would be nice ...08:59
lpappStygia: see the last post,
yoctiBug 3379: enhancement, Low, 1.4 M5, Qi.Chen, VERIFIED FIXED, Add config fragment support to busybox09:01
RPlpapp: FWIW it was closed after we did add an example to meta-skeleton ?09:05
lpappRP, no that is a different thing.09:06
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lpapp4964 was about _documentation_.09:06
lpappnote, how example in the source code and documentation are not equivalent.09:06
lpappalso, that example was added waaaay after my report.09:07
lpappand my report was closed before that.09:07
RPlpapp: well, its better than having nothing at all09:07
RPlpapp: well, my point is *something* was done about it09:07
lpappRP: better than having nothing at all does not make my request solved.09:07
lpappand again, my report was closed way before that example added.09:07
lpapp(i.e. there was not even an example for the time)09:08
lpappnow, tell me whether it was closed rightfully.09:08
lpappor mistakenly.09:08
lpapp(and no, I am not blaming anyone, just simply pointing out objectively that a report has been closed before solving the issue, actually)09:08
RPlpapp: I do not know the details of that so I will not comment on it09:10
RPlpapp: All I do know is that an example was added so some kind of response to your request did happen09:11
JaMalpapp: yes in one project09:12
lpappRP: yes without giving a thanks. :)09:12
lpappor marking my report as "solved" rather than "invalid" which is well ... incorrect.09:12
yoctiBug 4964: enhancement, Low, Future, saul.wold, RESOLVED INVALID, busybox: missing documentation for config fragments09:12
JaMaant_work: it's running with your patch from yesterday09:12
lpappRP: that is a typical example of why I do not like devs closing bugs without allowing the reporters to even speak up or reply.09:13
lpappRP: because devs or triages will not simply get back to it.09:13
ant_workJaMa: ok, is only broken for micro distro atm (/usr -> /)09:14
JaMaant_work: and if it's building I can live with that until you send v2 :)09:14
ant_workI somehow thought kernel is always in /usr but those hardcodes are only in the klibc build tree09:15
RPlpapp: that bug changed meaning several times over and several of the topics in there are invalid. If you want consistent clean answers to bug reports, keep them to a simple topic, rather than keeping changing their meaning09:15
lpappRP: there was no meaning changed.09:15
lpappRP: the bugreport is about allowing people to customize the config of things, like busybox.09:16
lpappRP: people suggested to open a feature request, so did I.09:16
RPlpapp: You changed the subject a short while ago, it was "Simplify the mapping between PACKAGECONFIG and .bb/.inc file" which was correctly marke INVALID09:16
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lpapponce someone presented there is a feature (why are features added without documentation btw?!), I suggested to turn that into documentation.09:16
lpappRP: exactly.09:16
lpappbecause just like with any other similar reports, a missing feature is turned into a documentation issue.09:17
lpappalso, why is this not a project policy to add features only with documentation?09:17
lpappit is a good and working practice in several big projects. Any reason why not to do so in here?09:18
*** amarsman <amarsman!> has joined #yocto09:18
RPlpapp: funnily enough it is a policy we're adopting in future, it just taked time to do these things09:18
RPlpapp: Instead of working on this or the release I'm here trying to explain to you how to use a bugzilla though :(09:19
lpappyou do not need to explain how to use bugzilla.09:19
lpappyou do not need to explain how to use bugzilla.009:19
lpappespecially not according to the practice which Jeff also promoted. ;-09:19
lpappagainst the practice*09:19
lpappthis seems to be a standard practice due to the lack of quality for that matter, that missing documentations are added once the feature is revealed to be present.09:20
lpappRP: also, if you do not have time to hang on IRC for such topics to be discussion, do not do it. You are not obliged. I will not mind.09:20
lpappto be discussed*09:20
lpappIMO, the long discussion in the thread just shows that how much we need documentation because it is hard to figure out what is going on without it.09:22
*** jeremiah <jeremiah!~jeremiah@> has joined #yocto09:23
RPlpapp: One of the key things to do in making a good bug report is to have one clear issue and to clearly explain that issue. 4964 mostly talked about PACKAGECONFIG which in fact had nothing to do with "buzybox config fragements not documented"09:24
RPlpapp: bugs should not "mutate" into something else in their lifecycle09:25
RPlpapp: If it turns out that you later understand you need something different I recomment a new clear single topic bug report in future. I will talk to Jefro about this and we will agree to do this in future09:25
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ant_workRP: what about smthg like this to simplify our live to build rare images?
ant_workRP: low hanging fruit, just unpackaged09:27
RPant_work: don't we use update-alternatives for that?09:28
ant_workRP: no alternatives/conflicts once cramfs removed from meta-openemdebbed/meta-filesystems09:29
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ant_workRP: probably there are more unpackaged utils...09:30
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RPant_work: it looks ok to me then09:32
RPant_work: surely we'd get an unpackaged file warning?09:32
ant_workI don't remember any09:33
*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has joined #yocto09:33
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ant_workRP: see, mkfs.bfs is SCO so we can probably ignore it09:38
*** mitz <mitz!> has quit IRC09:38
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*** Stygia <Stygia!~gmpsaifi@> has joined #yocto09:41
lpappRP: that was the idea for the feature, but then the feature was present already. I do not see how it is irrelevant.09:46
lpappRP: you would only need to talk to Jeff, but a lot of people who act differently than you.09:47
lpappperhaps you should accept their way rather than changing everyone else around.09:47
lpappand "add a feature or document it" is one topic: I wanna have a feature with documentation. Actually there is even a documentation flag nowadays to the features proposed.09:48
lpappand as you said, that should be even more atomic in the future, so I do not see how you would be correct here.09:48
RPlpapp: What I'm saying is don't change bugs from one thing into something completely different09:48
lpappRP: I agree about, but that is a different discussion.09:49
lpappwhen a user wanna have a feature he wanna have that present _and_ documented.09:49
RPlpapp: in an ideal world, yes and I agree09:49
lpappif the feature is present, and it is only a documentation part missing, then solving the issue is simpler.09:49
lpappI do not really see the problem.09:49
RPlpapp: I also agree we do have some missing documentation09:50
RPlpapp: however I do think having a config fragment example for busybox does go a long way to helping people understand how to use it09:50
RPI agree in a perfect world we should have documentation too09:50
lpappRP: actually, not, the bare minimum is close that report as done as suggested.09:50
lpappthat example could have been added at the point of implementing the feature.09:51
lpappwhether this QA gate is missing in Yocto, that is another discussion.09:51
lpappso, all I am saying, PACKAGECONFIG is just a low-level detail there; do not be concerned about that much.09:51
lpappthe main point of the documentation "add a documentation configuration feature more than the existing PACKAGECONFIG"09:52
lpappof the report*09:52
RPlpapp: We have a lot of existing functionality which is not documented. We cannot magically have documentation for it all. As you see, we are adding QA processes to check documentation09:52
lpappand then it was explain why that would be necessary.09:52
lpappRP: I do not see how that affect the bugreports. The  bugreport is about adding a documented feature. If it is only the documentation missing, it is easier to solve the bug report, so the dev can even be happier, and the user earlier.09:53
*** jmdelos_ <jmdelos_!> has joined #yocto09:53
RPlpapp: You need to work on the clarity of your bug reports since I can't understand exactly what the problem is, or what kind of a solution would make you happy09:54
lpappas I said, when you request a new feature, the documentation flag was even integrated.09:54
lpappso let us not break us the good way of moving forward.09:54
*** jmpdelos <jmpdelos!> has quit IRC09:54
StygiaRP, Do you know if we actually have a config fragment example for busybox? I'm tampering with busybox right now, and saw the bug that was resolved an hour or so ago.09:55
ant_workJaMa: looks *good*09:57
lpappStygia: he already pasted the link, so did I one in linaro.09:58
lpappStygia: and the bugreport also gave one at the bottom what I mentioned.09:58
Stygialpapp, Yea sorry, I don't monitor this channel 24/7.09:59
StygiaRP, Thanks. :)09:59
lpappStygia: it was 10-20 minutes ago or so. :)09:59
lpappwith highlighting you specifically.09:59
Stygialpapp, I don't think so, the xchat icon flashes if someone says my name.09:59
StygiaBut sure.09:59
StygiaEither way,the link's what I needed, so thanks RP10:00
draskoHi all, I am trying to update my met-linaro, but I am confued. Here are the differences between my meta-linaro.OLD, which is current meta-linaro, and the one I just clend from git repo :
*** mitz <mitz!> has joined #yocto10:00
draskoCan anyone explain how this update can be done, because I guess that I have to keep the same directory structure10:00
lpappStygia: are you saying you did not receive my posts when I tried to help you, and used your nick?10:01
lpappdrasko: git pull10:02
Stygialpapp, , Eh. I come here to check whenever the icon flashes. Any line where someone says "stygia" is red. I haven't seen any red lines until just now.10:02
StygiaNor flashing icons.10:02
lpappdrasko: or you need to archive the latest first, and then uncompress.10:02
lpappStygia: do you have this in the history:10:02
draskolpapp, what do you mean? I did git clone and the directory structures are different...10:03
Stygialpapp, Does it matter?10:03
lpappStygia: whether it matters you are not getting the help you request?10:03
lpappdrasko: why would that be a problem?10:04
Stygialpapp, As I said to RP, the example he send me seemed to be quite sufficient. Adding CONFIG_SHA512SUM=y to something.cnf and adding that file to SRC_URI is simple and logical.10:04
draskolpapp, what is the update procedure?10:04
Stygialpapp, Just leave it. I'm fine, I'll say otherwise.10:04
draskocopy folders from new dir to old one?10:04
draskoI do not get it quite10:04
lpappStygia: ok, then I will not try to help in the future.10:05
Stygialpapp, Spare me the sarcasm.10:05
draskoI thought that I can just replace cold meta-linaro with new cloned dir10:05
lpappif you are not getting the posts for some reason.10:05
lpappStygia: there is no sarcasm.10:05
lpappdrasko: for meta-sourcery, I just use git pull personally.10:06
lpappdrasko: I do the same with meta-networking.10:06
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #235 of nightly is complete: Failure [failed Building Images_12] Build details are at
lpappdrasko: but if you are inside a git repository, archiving might be cleaner.10:06
draskoWhat I am even more confused is that binutils used during the bitbake virtual/kernel are located in meta/recipes-devtools/binutils10:08
StygiaRP, I'm not super adapt with GIT, did that commit go into master? And was support for it _just_ added, or was it just the example that was added there? Having that ability to just use a something.cnf file like that would save me ages.10:08
draskoand they should be in meta-linaro...10:08
draskoI do not get this10:08
StygiaRP, I don't immediately see it in git log for my meta-openembedded checkout10:09
lpappit is not in meta-openembedded ...10:09
lpapphave you checked where it was committd?10:09
lpappit is meta-*skeleton*10:09
StygiaAh, I thought that was a subdir of meta-openembedded10:09
StygiaRight, I'll checkout skeleton, thanks.10:09
StygiaBut... meta skeleton, is that examples? Is support for this already in there?10:10
lpappStygia: read my paste. :)10:10
lpappit was mentioned it is an example.10:10
Stygialpapp, The paste.kde one?10:11
lpappobviously, the feature is implemented if there is an example using it.10:11
Stygialpapp, Right then.10:11
lpappa documentation would still be nice... see the classes, there are examples, but I would not know how to write a class file, what the guidelines are, etc.10:12
lpapphowever, this case is pretty simple, so yeah.10:12
*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has quit IRC10:15
lpappJaMa: do you see any remaining issue with the stunnel change?10:16
draskoAny idea why binutils is located meta/recipes-devtools/binutils instead meta-linaro?10:17
lpappdrasko: because you need binutils without external toolchain when you are fine with building on the fly.10:18
draskolpapp, can I replace this meta/recipes-devtools/binutils directory with this one :;a=tree;f=meta-linaro-toolchain/recipes-devtools/binutils;h=111819820577cb9d274b8ddedd21ec17c6aad162;hb=82fa48fb82e94a908f8be74ebddcd85a6ca306e9 in order to update binutils?10:21
lpappdrasko: you should not, no.10:21
RPStygia: its part of oe-core so you should already have it if your oe-core or poky is up to date10:21
draskolpapp, but what can I do then - this one is breaking on build10:22
lpappdrasko: you have not pasted the error.10:22
draskolpapp, there are errors realted to texinfo, I will paste them later10:23
*** Gintaro <Gintaro!> has quit IRC10:23
draskoI am just interested how can we update these binutils10:23
*** Gintaro <Gintaro!> has joined #yocto10:23
lpappdrasko: do not talk about anything else until you fix the errors you have.10:23
draskoand why these binutils are used, and not one from external toolchain?10:23
StygiaRP, Right I found it. :)10:23
StygiaHmm. Outside of any function, in a bbappend without anything but an SRC_URI, why does $THISDIR not expand to the location of the bbappend? It seems to expand to the location of the actual recipe.10:28
lpappStygia: what is the problem at hand?10:28
lpappdrasko: because *you* request so when using an external toolchain.10:28
Stygialpapp, I have a bbappend file that adds a file.cnf. The file.cnf is in the same directory as the bbappend10:28
*** drasko <drasko!> has quit IRC10:29
lpappStygia: good, but what is the problem?10:29
StygiaBut it expands to the location of the actual recipe, not the directory the bbappend file is in, and fails with the file not being found.10:29
StygiaEven if I do a SRC_URI += "file://${THISDIR}/file.cnf" <- this expands to the path of the actual recipe, not the bbappend10:29
Stygiafile://file.cnf doesn't help, either.10:29
lpappStygia: add meta-skeleton to the bblayers.conf and try building busybox from there.10:30
lpappbitbake busybox -> does that work?10:30
Stygialpapp, ... why would I want to add meta-skeleton?10:31
lpappStygia: it is called debugging ...10:31
Stygia.. I need one variable. The variable that means "The directory this file is located in".10:31
StygiaI thought that was THISDIR. It's not.10:31
lpappcome on... you are doing something that is supposed to work10:31
lpappand it does not work.10:31
StygiaAnyone else have any ideas?10:31
lpapphow about verifying whether what is supposed does work?10:31
lpappit is a usual debugging ceremony AFAICT.10:32
lpappand it takes a few minutes maximum.10:32
lpappadding one line, and then running a short command, maybe two to clean up before.10:32
erboStygia: you need to use := for immediate variable expansion10:34
tfStygia: I suggest you look at one of the bbappends, e.g., in meta-yocto10:34
lpapperbo: yeah, that is also in the example and works for me fine.10:35
lpappI just checked.10:35
Stygiaerbo, Fantastic, thanks. :) I saw := did something, but for some reason, when I used that, then the main recipe couldn't find it's LICENSE file... I'm investigating.10:36
erboStygia: but you might also want to follow the "standard" and use FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend10:36
lpappStygia: See? If you had run the example in a few minutes you would have figured out where the problem was.10:37
lpappRP: do you have any idea for the custom bblayers.conf sample issue?10:37
lpappStygia: just paste the example as is, and then customize the bits you need. It is simpler than starting from scratch.10:38
JaMalpapp: no, but meta-networking changes are applied by Joe10:39
yoctiBug 5046: normal, Undecided, ---, scott.m.rifenbark, NEEDINFO , Document that CPPFLAGS override behavior and possible workaround10:39
lpappJaMa: yes, sure. Thanks for the previous review anyway.10:40
erboStygia: Stygia sound like lpapp or someone else gave you an example already, otherwise looks at
erboStygia: that's the recommended way of doing it10:40
Stygiaerbo, Yup, I had an example long ago, I just wondered why ${THISDIR} didn't expand as I expected. :)10:40
lpapperbo: if you copy and paste the example it works. :)10:40
lpapperbo: do you have any iea for the CPPFLAGS issue?10:41
Stygiaerbo, The issue is that when I mimic the examples, such as the one you linked, the file can't be found.10:42
erbolpapp: unfortunately no, if I think of anything I'll let you know though10:42
erboStygia: where have you put the file?10:42
Stygiain meta-company/recipes-company/busybox/busybox_1.20.2.bbappend10:43
StygiaIn that same directory I have my file.cnf10:43
erboit should be in a subdir called busybox10:43
StygiaPresumably I have to move it to something that matches ${THISDIR}/${PN}... so that being a subfolder named after the package, i.e.10:43
Stygiaerbo, ... yea exactly. :P10:43
Stygiaerbo, I could just remove ${PN} from the append I suppose, but still. The funny thing is that it worked, but then the main recipe failed complaining about the LICENSE file. But ah,well.10:44
erboor you could create that directory to stay as close to the "standard" as possily10:44
Stygiaerbo, Yup, I'm gonna.10:45
danyunused-debug-types -fPIC -c /media/sdb5/eel/build/tmp/work/x86_64-poky-linux/libpam/1.1.6-r3/Linux-PAM-1.1.6/libpam/pam_dynamic.c  -fPIC -DPIC -o .libs/pam_dynamic.o10:47
dany| /media/sdb5/eel/build/tmp/work/x86_64-poky-linux/libpam/1.1.6-r3/Linux-PAM-1.1.6/libpam/pam_prelude.c:13:32: fatal error: libprelude/prelude.h: No such file or directory10:47
dany|  #include <libprelude/prelude.h>10:47
dany|                                 ^10:47
dany| compilation terminated.10:47
danyanyone else seeing this ?10:47
*** yzhao2 <yzhao2!~yzhao2@> has joined #yocto10:47
lpappStygia: if you copy the busybox example it does not work?10:48
lpappPN is different to P so the two examples are not interchangable.10:48
lpappdany: paste.kde.org10:49
*** yzhao2_ <yzhao2_!~yzhao2@> has quit IRC10:51
danylpapp: sry about that.10:51
lpappdany: also, you need to paste more, including the command you executed. Perhaps, you could share a few words about your setup, too.10:52
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!> has joined #yocto10:54
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!> has quit IRC10:54
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto10:54
danywheb issuing bitbake -k core-image-lsb with poky master, libpam seems to have autodetected libprelude.h,10:55
RPStygia: THISDIR needs to use immediate expansion to work (:=). Usually you set the FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}" and then SRC_URI will find the file without a path10:56
RPEqually you could _prepend or _append to SRCURI and use a := I guess10:56
danywhich is installed on the host machine, but does not exist in the sysroot.11:00
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #281 of nightly-intel-gpl is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Building Images_1] Build details are at
lpappdany: then you need to package it maybe?11:02
lpappor fix the detection... so it is not detected for core-image-minimal for instance?11:02
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #109 of minnow-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #246 of nightly-oecore is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Running Sanity Tests Building Toolchain Images Building Toolchain Images_1] Build details are at
danylpapp: pam is not built/installed for core-image-minimal.11:05
lpappdany: yeah, but I mean any other?11:06
lpappdany: alternatively, what happens when you execute "bitbake pam"?11:07
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #125 of minnow is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #237 of nightly-fsl-ppc-lsb is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #43 of eclipse-plugin-kepler is complete: Exception [exception interrupted] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #268 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Exception [exception interrupted] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #147 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Exception [exception interrupted] Build details are at
*** dany <dany!> has quit IRC11:26
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*** dany <dany!> has joined #yocto11:27
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto11:28
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #239 of nightly-fsl-arm-lsb is complete: Exception [exception interrupted] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #271 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Exception [exception interrupted] Build details are at
*** jeremiah_ <jeremiah_!> has quit IRC11:32
*** jeremiah <jeremiah!> has joined #yocto11:33
StygiaRP, Yup, that's exactly what I ended up doing.11:34
StygiaRP, Though it does seem like it didn't quite "catch"... And that busybox hasn't included my config setting. But I'll investigate.11:35
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #268 of nightly-multilib is complete: Exception [exception interrupted] Build details are at
*** mulhern <mulhern!> has joined #yocto11:35
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #266 of nightly-world is complete: Exception [exception interrupted] Build details are at
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!> has quit IRC11:39
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!> has joined #yocto11:39
JaMaRP: even with "process: Improve exit handling and hangs" I have bitbake hanging after Ctrl+C11:47
RPJaMa: I'm not claiming it fixes them all, it did seem better in my testing though11:48
RPJaMa: I suspect the best way to fix the hanging issue is to fix all the Ctrl+C ones though :/11:49
JaMayes I'm writting only because you said that you're interested in feedback on that :)11:49
RPJaMa: totally, its useful data thanks :)11:49
RPnot meaning to be negative :)11:49
JaMain this case it was also from a bit weird state11:49
RPSo that was Ctrl+C during parsing?11:50
JaMawhen I accidentaly started bitbake with dylan branch checkouted in oe-core repo and while it was running I've checked out master11:50
JaMaand pressed Ctrl+C while it was still parsing, yes11:50
*** drasko <drasko!> has joined #yocto11:51
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #282 of nightly-intel-gpl is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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erenJaMa: I tried using but I guess it doesn't do what I intended to do12:16
erenJaMa: i just want to have cross-toolchain, not requiring me to re-compile, and try the build failure by minimal dependencies12:17
erenafter the package is done, I want to have something like "go to that point and start again", in that case have cross toolchain ready12:17
erenwould you mind giving some introduction to the script?12:17
draskolpapp, how can I upgrade just meta/recipes-devtools/binutils? Can this be done, or whole meta directory has to be replaced?12:20
lpappdrasko: you are using an external toolchain. For you that recipe is meaningless as previously written.12:24
draskolpapp, however - this recepie is executed and breaks the build12:24
draskothere is a bug in Binutils2.2212:24
yoctiBug 15183: was not found.12:24
lpappdrasko: the problem is that with this whole conversation, you claim things which are out of your league12:25
lpappand you do not wanna paste an error rather than telling the issue to the doctors. :)12:25
lpapptelling your analyzes*12:25
lpappso, how about pasting the error? ;)12:25
draskolpapp, OK, OK... But I just wanted to learn how to upgrade one packet in meta...12:26
draskois there a way?12:26
lpappwhy would you need to learn that?12:26
draskowell - I would like to upgrade my Binutils to 2.2312:26
lpappbut again, you are using an external toolchain because you selected it.12:27
draskoagain, this bug :
yoctiBug 15183: was not found.12:27
lpappdo not jump into conclusions, just tell the issues.12:27
draskoBug 15183 - texinfo-5.0: bfd.texinfo: unknown command `colophon'12:27
yoctiBug was not found.12:27
lpappso what is the problem? Again, can you paste the error?12:27
draskolpapp, I will have an error log in a little while - it is building12:27
JaMaeren: I have about 60 patches in my queue from yesterday evening, so please wait for new status email12:28
draskoproblem is that I have binutils 2.22 in my meta12:28
draskoand I have texinfo 5.1 installed on my machine12:28
draskodue to the bug Bug 15183 - texinfo-5.0: bfd.texinfo: unknown command `colophon' this build failes12:28
lpappthere is no any problem with it12:28
erenJaMa: okkie. when I fix the problem that I mentioned, I can start working on the packages12:28
lpappI am having the same scenario12:28
JaMaeren: in order to let every recipe to detect as many dependencies as possible the script is building "world" first12:28
erenJaMa: currently, O remove tmp-eglibc and sstate to build the package from scratch12:29
JaMaeren: keep sstate-cache directory12:29
JaMaeren: and just do bitbake -c cleansstate <tested-recipe> before rebuilding it12:29
erenJaMa: I don't want to detect dependencies. These are already been detected by your build. I just want to build only that package, without any additional packages that were built so that I can get the same error as you12:29
draskohow do we deal with binutils that break during the build? We add patches, or we can replace binutils with newer version?12:30
draskoI prefer to replace binutils from my meta directory to a newer version12:30
erenJaMa: am I clear on the problem?12:30
lpappdrasko: paste the error, please.12:30
lpappif you cannot paste the error, we can only guess, and that is time consuming.12:30
draskolpapp, unrelated to this error12:30
JaMaeren: for detecting missing mandatory dependencies yes12:30
lpapplast time you pasted an irrelevant line and we spent X time with it.12:30
draskoI am asking - in general12:30
draskohow do we deal with these situations?12:31
lpappwhen you actually pasted the real error, I got the patch for you in a few seconds.12:31
JaMaeren: as I said, just remove tmp-eglibc, keep sstate-cache and do bitbake -c cleansstate recipe-name; bitbake -c build recipe-name12:31
lpappdrasko: not to mention, what you are asking is in the manual.12:32
erenJaMa: okkie, no need to run then12:32
lpapp(as it is a basic stuff)12:32
*** mulhern <mulhern!> has quit IRC12:32
lpappdrasko: look for .bbappend, but pretty please: do not start solving this issue yourself because I am afraid you will need to drop your work later.12:33
JaMaeren: yes I pointed you to to show you how it's being tested (and it's the same as what I said now - for minimal deps)12:33
lpapplet us discuss the error output first, and how it is different to my setup because I have the same and it works.12:33
*** OlivierG_ is now known as OlivierG12:33
erenJaMa: okkie, thanks. I am waiting for new email12:33
lpappalso, 15183 does not exit, so I am not sure what you are referring to at this point.12:34
lpappthe bot seems to have claimed the same twice.12:34
JaMaeren: you can check the jenkins link from yesterday, but it will take 10+ hours to finish12:35
draskolpapp, here is the error I am facing12:35
lpappdrasko: sorry, I meant to say another recipe, not .bbappend.12:35
draskoit took some time for compilation to reach this moment of breaking ;)12:36
draskoBug 15183 - texinfo-5.0: bfd.texinfo: unknown command `colophon'12:36
yoctiBug was not found.12:36
lpappdrasko: you still have not fixed the error we pasted you. :O12:36
draskowait a second...12:36
draskoIt was an old log12:37
draskoI have new one12:37
draskohere :
lpappdrasko: why don't you use a supported distribution?12:38
*** mulhern <mulhern!> has joined #yocto12:39
lpappe.g. wheezy.12:39
lpappdrasko: anyway, use poky master.12:39
JaMaRP: another data point can be cacheprogres.update sometimes showing backtrace on ^C
lpappthat is the only thing which would make me think that you do not have the texinfo fix.12:40
draskoIt's not my choice - I have got this one to work on12:42
draskocolophon and cygnus are seen as unknown commands - this is a binutils 2.22 texinfo related bug12:42
draskoI need either a patch that correct tis12:42
draskoor replacement to a newer version of binutils12:42
draskoBut I do not know how to do this :(12:42
lpapphave you tried master?12:42
RPJaMa: I'll merge which should help12:43
lpappwhat environment is that where you do not choose your Linux? :(12:43
lpappanyway, one texinfo has been fixed in master, so do not use dylan, but master.12:43
lpappor backport the fix with a .bbappend file.12:43
lpappdrasko: also, be prepared there might be a lot of issues for that testing debian12:43
lpappat least archlinux got several patches in master... as for debian testing, probably not many.12:44
JaMaRP: I'm going to cherry-pick it right now, thanks :)12:46
lpappJaMa: hmm, it seems there is a qtserialport recipe in meta-oe.12:46
ant_workRP: I got catched in a nice infinite loop yesterday on do_package of inexistent relative symlinks. Ctrl+C did help in that case12:47
*** BjornArnelid <BjornArnelid!~bjorn@> has joined #yocto12:47
JaMalpapp: yes there is qt4 version of it12:47
lpappJaMa: 5.1.012:48
lpapphmm, the name is a bit bogus, but yes, built against qt4 from version qt 5.1.012:49
draskolpapp, so how do I replace/fix these binutils? How to backport the fixes with .bbappend?12:49
JaMaI meant built with qt4-tools-native (qmake2)12:49
lpappdrasko: have you tried master12:50
draskolpapp, I have tried Yocto poky-dylan-9.0.1 and it builds fine12:51
draskohowever, project I have received uses older version12:51
lpappdrasko: then .bbappend for backporting the fix in your layer12:52
lpappin your distro or/and bsp layer.12:52
drasko.bbappend what? How to use this?12:54
lpappplease read the reference manual for details. Grep for it, and see how it is used.12:54
StygiaAnyone know if there's a variable like ${PN} which won't include things like -native?12:54
lpappor even the docs about the own layer creation.12:54
lpappdrasko: you will need to find the fix.12:55
lpappStygia: BPN12:55
*** mulhern <mulhern!> has quit IRC13:04
*** BjornArnelid <BjornArnelid!~bjorn@> has quit IRC13:04
*** jeremiah <jeremiah!> has quit IRC13:08
StygiaI'm having the issue that in my bbappend for PHP I have a php.ini file, in a php subfolder. I've appended this file to SRC_URI and FILES_${PN}, and yet, I can't find the files in my do_install_prepend. I have FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}:" - How do I properly specify the files I want in a do_install_prepend in my bbappend, which is located in a different layer?13:09
Stygia <- The bbappend I'm trying to make work.13:10
erboStygia: point to the dir that contains the file in do_install_prepend, e.g ${S}/php.ini13:10
Stygiaerbo, As far as I can tell, it doesn't wind up anywhere in tmp/ (work or otherwise.13:12
erboStygia: then you should have got an error during do_fetch13:12
erboare you sure it reran do_fetch after you edited the bbappend?13:13
Stygiaerbo, Nope. I just normally do "bitbake recipe".13:13
Stygiaerbo, Did it just now. Still, the php.ini file only apperas in subfolders of the (full, not append) recipe that uses the file..13:14
Stygiaerbo, Sorry. The recipe that _used_ to include the file. It belongs in a php bbappend, but we used to have it as part of our company site recipe.13:14
StygiaI still see it in that subfolder when I do find tmp/ -name php.ini13:15
StygiaBut not in a folder with php in it.13:15
erbotry a clean build of the recipe, bitbake -c cleansstate <yourrecipe> and then built it again13:15
Stygiaerbo, The recipe is right here
Stygiaerbo, Will try.13:15
*** walters <walters!walters@nat/redhat/x-opngjlrmcksjmxte> has joined #yocto13:18
Stygiaerbo, No change.13:18
erbowhat does the actual recipe look like?13:19
erboStygia: so you have no php.ini in tmp/work/yada/${PN}?13:20
Stygiaerbo, No, it doesn't look like it. At least, find tmp/ -name php.ini only shows the file in locations that it's been installed to in the path.13:21
Stygiaerbo, And it's the vanilla php recipe13:21
erbois the .bbappend being detected properly? try bitbake-layers show-appends | grep php13:22
Stygiaerbo, Well it sure fails if I have a type in it.13:22
Stygiaerbo, But sure thing, just a sec.13:22
erbook, good :)13:22
Stygiaerbo, Yea, it does.13:23
StygiaThe bbappend is located in meta-company/recipes-company/php/, and the files in a php/ subfolder to that.13:23
Stygiaerbo, It may be worthwhile to note that it fails trying to build php-native.13:23
Stygiaerbo, And from that command it does look detected.13:24
tfStygia: how does it fail?13:24
Stygiatf, by complaining that it can't find php.ini13:25
Stygiatf, That's the file I'm trying to install into /etc/php5/ in my do_install_prepend13:25
Stygiatf, It's looking for it in tmp/work/x86_64-linux/php-native/5.4.14-r4.0/13:25
StygiaBut either way, what's weird is that even after a (successful) do_fetch I don't find a php.ini file anywhere in tmp/.13:26
tfStygia: replace the ${PN} with ${BPN}13:27
tfin the files path13:27
*** mulhern <mulhern!> has joined #yocto13:28
Stygiatf, I take it you mean FILESEXTRAPATH_prepend?13:28
tfor just php13:28
Stygiatf, Will do. And _that's_ the variable to get PN without -native postfixes etc... thanks. :P13:28
Stygiatf, Hmm it still can't find it during do_install, though.13:29
tftry just 'php'13:30
StygiaWhich is... weird. do_fetch is fine, and both php.ini and the other file is in src_uri, and yet, not found in tmp/13:30
Stygiatf, I'll try13:30
erbotyp in the bbappend13:30
erboSRC_URI is spelled SRI_URI13:30
tfbut BPN should work13:31
Stygiaerbo, Ah yup. In the recipe it's SRI_URI, though.13:31
Stygiatf, Still no luck.13:31
erboStygia: but it should be SRC_URI13:31
Stygiaerbo, Oh right, I misunderstood your comment, then.13:32
Stygiaerbo, Seemed like you wanted s/SRI_URI/SRC_URI/g13:32
Stygiaerbo, And there...13:32
Stygiaerbo, God dammit... programming and slight dyslexia.13:32
StygiaSorry for wasting your time.13:32
erbono worries :)13:33
Stygiaerbo, Things are sane, it does work exactly like it should .:P13:33
Stygiaerbo, I had a feeling I was missing something obvious, hmm.13:33
Stygiaerbo, I should make like a spellchecker for this... or basic sanity checker for recipies.13:33
StygiaCould be pretty cool as an emacs extension, really.13:34
erboexcept for the emacs part :)13:39
JaMado we want consolekit with polkit dependency or is it worth it patching configure to allow disabling it?13:40
* tf was waiting who would rise to that :)13:40
JaMaah we have to patch it as polkit is in meta-oe13:41
tfJaMa: iirc ross was trying to get rid of that dependency13:41
tfJaMa: vague memory, but todays is holiday in the UK, so he is not around13:42
*** dv__ <dv__!> has joined #yocto13:43
*** dv_ <dv_!> has quit IRC13:44
* JaMa testing patch for it already13:44
*** dv__ <dv__!> has quit IRC13:45
JaMaI remember seeing some discussion about it13:45
*** dv_ <dv_!> has joined #yocto13:46
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #280 of nightly-x32 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
lpapptf: I told Stygia the same half an hour ago.14:02
lpappfor some reason he makes his life harder.14:02
lpapp(in fact more than an hour)14:03
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC14:17
*** behanw <behanw!> has joined #yocto14:17
*** [simar|on] <[simar|on]!~simar@> has joined #yocto14:20
halsteadRP, Can I get advice about what to do when bitbake shows libtool version mismatch errors and tells me to recreate aclocal.m4 and run autoconf again? This is in relation to gnutls.14:31
*** ant_work <ant_work!> has quit IRC14:31
halsteadx86_64-linux-libtool: Version mismatch error.  This is libtool 2.4.2, but the14:31
halsteaddefinition of this LT_INIT comes from an older release.14:31
halsteadYou should recreate aclocal.m4 with macros from libtool 2.4.214:31
halsteadand run autoconf again.14:32
RPhalstead: is this a clean build?14:32
JaMaerbo: sorry to spoil the fun, but if everything goes OK, then there are only 4 undeterministic dependencies now :)14:33
halsteadRP, I ran bitbake -c clean buildtools-tarball before but I have used the build dir in the past. Also I am using sstate.14:33
RPhalstead: bitbake gnutls -c clean might get you past this.14:33
halsteadRP, Thanks!14:33
RPhalstead: failing that it might be safer to remove tmp/ and rebuild14:34
RPhalstead: If you're doing what I think you're doing we've probably changed a lot since you last built in that directory :/14:34
halsteadRP, I've removed tmp.14:34
lpapptf: yeah, today is a bank holiday in here.14:35
halsteadRP, much has definitely changed and my last build was a MUT. I've just been lucky in the past I guess.14:35
Crofton|workRP, why aren't you out riding?14:36
*** panda84kde <panda84kde!> has joined #yocto14:37
RPCrofton|work: someone scheduled a release freeze on a bank holiday?14:39
RPhalstead: in theory upgrading should work, it just doesn't always and we can't test every combination14:39
Crofton|workWe need a global list of holidays14:39
RPCrofton|work: one of the bikes is also has its engine in bits on the work bench :(14:39
Crofton|workI am certain the Americans wanted the freeze out of the way before the labour day weekend14:39
Crofton|workwell, you should be working on that :)14:40
RPCrofton|work: I need a lot of expensive parts :(14:40
halsteadRP, I've been improperly using -c clean commands when I should have been deleting tmp. But it's worked until now.14:40
* RP is semi looking at parts catalogues atm 14:40
erenI switched to offlineimap and realized that oe-commits list is so big. The process hasn't ended :(14:40
erenI would have deleted oe-commits mails if I had known14:40
* RP wishes he had a trip to the US coming up soon as the parts are cheaper over there :/14:43
*** zenlinux_ <zenlinux_!> has joined #yocto14:48
*** jeremiah <jeremiah!~jeremiah@> has joined #yocto14:48
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*** smartin <smartin!> has quit IRC15:01
*** andyross <andyross!> has joined #yocto15:05
*** mulhern <mulhern!> has joined #yocto15:05
Crofton|workrp, I could bring them to ELCE :)15:11
Crofton|workunless they are heavy15:11
*** blitz00 <blitz00!stefans@unaffiliated/blitz00> has quit IRC15:16
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #238 of nightly-fsl-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
RPCrofton|work: they are probably what you'd class as heavy and I'd like to work again before ELCE if I can :)15:17
Crofton|workI fogured that :)15:17
[simar|on]Hey guys, I guess this is more of a python question than yocto but would anyone know of an alternative to have python multiprocessing without /dev/shm? Currently bitbake just fails out if /de/shm isn't found/unwritable.15:17
lpapp[simar|on]: I had the same issue, but no.15:17
lpappmy bugreport has been closed, and there will be no alternative backend implementation sadly.15:17
lpappI had the same concerns.15:17
lpapp[simar|on]: are you using chroot?15:18
[simar|on]lpapp: on a Mac.15:18
lpapp[simar|on]: blame RP. :p15:18
RPlpapp: Anyone is free to step up and maintain such an implementation. I do not have the time or inclination to do so15:20
lpapp[simar|on]: -> you can write your opinion in here.15:20
yoctiBug 4925: enhancement, Low, ---, scott.m.rifenbark, RESOLVED WONTFIX, Hard to set up shard memory IPC in chroot for supported distributions15:20
lpappRP: that does not mean you should close as invalid.15:20
RPlpapp: it wasn't closed as invalid, was closed as WONTFIX15:20
lpappor "wontfix" because they are technically incorrect and form the basis for thinking that this would not be accepted.15:20
lpappRP: same for us end users.15:21
lpappwe suffer.15:21
RPlpapp: If someone comes along and wants to implement *and* support it, we can repoen and talk about it15:21
RPUntil then, it is the correct resolution15:21
lpappI disagree.15:21
lpappit is a task that makes sense.15:21
lpappit just has a very low priority.15:21
lpapp(for you)15:21
RPlpapp: its low enough in priority its been closed15:21
RPlive with it15:21
lpapp[simar|on]: please post your issue and explanation in there.15:22
lpapp[simar|on]: I tried to make it work for weeks.15:24
lpappI gave up on it. If you have any solution that may help me, I will be happy to listen to you.15:24
lpappI am currently just using an ubuntu ssh as the work around ...15:24
*** zecke <zecke!> has quit IRC15:25
lpapp[simar|on]: admittedly, I was frustrated in that bugreport so please forgive that for me.15:25
lpappI literally tried it for days without any success, but perhaps it is simpler to get done on Mac. I am sure you will not get much documentation from here though, sadly.15:26
[simar|on]I'm no software architect but the rationale given by the maintainers seems appropriate. I don't see this as a yocto issue if it has been clearly stated what distributions are supported.15:27
lpapp[simar|on]: I was using a supported distribution.15:27
lpapp(as written)15:28
*** smartin <smartin!> has joined #yocto15:28
kergothhmm, looks like toolchain-layer hasn't cuaght up to the gcc restructuring yet15:28
*** munch <munch!> has joined #yocto15:30
RPlpapp: chroots are not on the official support list15:30
lpappRP: where is it documented it is not supported?15:30
lpappcan you show me the documentation?15:31
RPlpapp: can you point me at where we say it is?15:31
*** mulhern <mulhern!> has quit IRC15:31
*** tinti <tinti!~tinti@pdpc/supporter/student/tinti> has joined #yocto15:31
*** smartin_ <smartin_!> has quit IRC15:31
lpappsure, debian wheezy is said to be supported.15:31
lpappas is.15:31
lpappand even that, we do not wanna have it documented, but we wanna get the broken core technology replacable.15:32
RPlpapp: It says in the documentation that debian wheezy as a chroot is supported?15:32
*** mulhern <mulhern!> has joined #yocto15:33
RPkergoth: :/. Hopefully there shouldn't be anything too painful, mostly just combining of includes15:33
lpappRP: why would it? If it does not mention, everything is included, VB, VMware, chroot, kvm, etc15:33
lpappif it says debian is supported, then it is supported.15:33
RPlpapp: er, no. None of these are tested configurations15:34
simarlpapp: I don't see the point to argue on that. The error message I saw was easy enough to point out what was going wrong.15:34
lpappanyway, let us not focus on the wrong kinda argument.15:34
lpappthe idea is not to get documented you are blocked.15:34
* kergoth nods15:34
lpappthe idea is to be able to replace the broken core technology.15:34
*** zenlinux_ <zenlinux_!> has quit IRC15:35
RPlpapp: please go and talk to the python people about their "broken technology" ;-)15:35
lpappsimar: do you seriously think if you get an error message for something that is officially meaning it is supported or not?15:36
RPWe're just using standard python modules15:36
lpappsimar: perhaps you should check what an unsupported host says.15:36
lpappsimar: in fake, yocto reported that my distribution is supported!15:36
lpappRP: I have not seen this causing any issues the last 10 years15:36
lpappincluding python.15:37
lpappfor me, Yocto is the first project.15:37
*** eballetbo <eballetbo!> has quit IRC15:37
lpappactually this conversation inspired me to add another post in there that yocto actually reported supported distribution which is totally bogus.15:37
*** galak <galak!> has joined #yocto15:39
kergothAnyone using a chroot should be setting up the proper bind mounts to make the chroot actually useful. without proc, sys, dev/shm, etc, it's pretty useless.15:44
kergothschroot makes this easier15:44
lpappI tried everything, really, even arch-chroot which is I guess similar to schroot15:45
lpappbut you are welcome to give the working commands. I could not manage it in days.15:45
*** slaine <slaine!~slaine@> has quit IRC15:49
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*** OlivierG is now known as OlivierG_15:51
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lpapp[simar|on]: have you been able to work the issue around?17:36
[simar|on]lpapp: I moved over to supported linux distro in the meantime.17:38
[simar|on]I just experimenting if building was possible on a Mac.17:38
*** panda84kde <panda84kde!> has quit IRC17:38
lpappok, good for you.17:38
lpappit was a blocker for me, and still not solved. I still use ssh for daily yocto development.17:38
lpappotherwise, I could use debian stable in chroot.17:40
*** cargo23 <cargo23!> has quit IRC17:42
*** [simar|on] <[simar|on]!~simar@> has quit IRC17:42
bluelightninglpapp: you can still use a chroot, we've been over this many times17:43
*** [simar|on] <[simar|on]!~simar@> has joined #yocto17:43
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*** ahmedammar <ahmedammar!~b33fc0d3@unaffiliated/b33fc0d3> has joined #yocto18:36
ahmedammaris eglibc supposed to compile fine with callconvention-hard ?18:40
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #247 of nightly-oecore is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
nerdboybuilds fine here18:49
ahmedammarnerdboy: which branch are you using?18:49
nerdboyhad to do my own tuning in the rpi layer, but it's been building for several weeks18:51
nerdboyalthough i do need to pull again...18:51
ahmedammari'm new to yocto, any idea how I can try to work out why yours is building and mine isn't?18:51
ahmedammari'm using the fsl layer18:51
nerdboyi'll update after this image build and see what happens18:53
*** Jay7 <Jay7!~jay@> has joined #yocto18:54
nerdboyit's doing webkit-gtk now and has about 1000 tasks left, so it might take a little while...18:55
ahmedammarnerdboy: np, just ping me whenever18:55
ahmedammarnerdboy: when you say 'had to do my own tuning to the rpi layer', what were those tunings?18:56
nerdboyto get all the hardfloat stuff right18:57
ahmedammarnerdboy: ok, so fixes for the rpi layer specifically, therefore unrelated to eglibc18:57
nerdboyyup, nothing specific to libc18:58
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ArunKumaris there anyone else facing the following error19:03
ArunKumarFetcher failure for URL: ''. Unable to fetch URL from any source.19:03
ArunKumari am building this for the first time, and it has been 6hours since it started,19:04
ArunKumarhow will this error effect the final output?19:04
nerdboycan't build if it can't fetch19:05
nerdboycheck it manually?19:05
nerdboyahmedammar: this is what i meant19:06
ahmedammarnerdboy: thanks for that19:06
*** smartin__ <smartin__!> has joined #yocto19:06
nerdboybut you glibc missing symbol error doesn't seem related to that19:06
ahmedammaryeah i realize that19:07
ahmedammari'm rebuilding again after bumping poky to master-next19:07
*** smartin <smartin!> has quit IRC19:07
nerdboythey are nscd/nss symbols which is part of glibc19:07
nerdboymaybe it just didn't build it for some reason19:08
ahmedammarthere we go, same crash again ..19:08
nerdboydid the configure args enable it?19:08
ArunKumarso, is there a way i can download it manually and begin with the build?19:08
nerdboycheck the do_configure log19:08
ArunKumaror should i run the bitbake command again19:08
*** Jay7 <Jay7!~jay@> has joined #yocto19:08
nerdboyArunKumar: if you can find it, download and touch the .done file19:09
ArunKumarcan u give me a little more detail please19:10
*** Guest62601 <Guest62601!> has joined #yocto19:12
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ahmedammardiff -uN build/tmp.old/work/armv7a-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/eglibc/2.18-r0/build-arm-poky-linux-gnueabi/.tmp.config.old  build/tmp/work/cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/eglibc/2.18-r0/build-arm-poky-linux-gnueabi/.tmp.config.old  | pastebinit19:17
ahmedammarnerdboy: ^^19:17
ahmedammarthat looks odd to me19:17
*** drasko <drasko!> has joined #yocto19:18
nerdboy1) i don't see a config option for nscd, 2) --enable-kernel=2.6.16 looks weird for such a new version of gcc19:18
nerdboyer, glibc19:18
nerdboyand the last part dosen't look good either19:20
ahmedammari think it19:20
ahmedammar's the last part that's causing it19:20
ahmedammarno idea why though19:20
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #242 of nightly-fsl-arm is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
ahmedammarotavio: if i use meta-fsl-arm master-next with everything else being at master is it expected to work?19:26
*** Jay7 <Jay7!~jay@> has quit IRC19:32
ahmedammarok nevermind, i think i found it, it was my fault19:34
ahmedammarincorrect use of DISTRO_FEATURES in local.conf it seems19:37
ahmedammarnerdboy: thanks for your time19:38
*** Jay7 <Jay7!~jay@> has joined #yocto19:41
ahmedammarunrelated question: is there a reason the autobuilders don't publish Packages.gz for the debs?19:43
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