Saturday, 2013-08-31

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nerdboyBCMM: fixed the network issue01:04
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lpapp_bluelightning: hi14:08
bluelightninghi lpapp_14:09
lpapp_bluelightning: how are you14:09
bluelightningfine thanks and you?14:10
lpapp_fine. :)14:11
lpapp_this is the openflow issue I mentioned the other day.14:11
bluelightningerror doesn't mean anything to me I'm afraid14:12
bluelightningyou know there is an openflow recipe in meta-virtualizartion14:12
bluelightninger meta-virtualization14:13
lpapp_which is outdated, and misplaced.14:13
lpapp_yes, I am trying to build a new one, and put it into meta-networking.14:13
bluelightningwell, you'll have to debug it in that case14:14
bluelightningmy usual first port of call for error messages is google14:14
lpapp_bluelightning: well, did not run fine14:14
lpapp_bluelightning: it is using git ls-files for generating it.14:15
lpapp_bluelightning: here is the script again,
lpapp_bluelightning: my recipe, cat ../meta-networking/recipes-support/openflow/ |curlpaste14:18
bluelightningI think you should be running and oe_runconf in do_configure14:21
lpapp_bluelightning: that worked, thanks.14:23
lpapp_bluelightning: hmm, ls /home/lpapp/Projects/poky/build/tmp/work/armv7a-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/openflow/1.0+gitAUTOINC+c84f33f09d-r0/git/ -> empty.14:24
lpapp_I ran this command: bitbake openflow -c clean && bitbake openflow14:25
bluelightninghad you successfully built it before that?14:26
lpapp_not this way, nope.14:27
bluelightningI'm confused then, I thought you said it worked?14:30
lpapp_we use it in a different way in our project.14:31
lpapp_basically it is embedded into our software14:31
lpapp_i.e. imported.14:31
lpapp_so we just hacked into our buildsystem to invoce its makefile recursively14:31
lpapp_but I would like to get rid of that in the long term.14:31
lpapp_getting a working build in meta-networking would be the first step.14:32
lpapp_bluelightning: I am not getting the source right14:34
lpapp_this is my recipe after the modification: cat ../meta-networking/recipes-support/openflow/ | curlpaste14:34
bluelightningI don't know what's going on on your system but that recipe just built perfectly here14:39
lpapp_bluelightning: mine, or the one in meta-virtualization?14:44
bluelightningthe one you pasted14:44
lpapp_bluelightning: by simply using bitbake openflow?14:45
lpapp_I did not get any errors either, but there is nothing in the git folder either.14:45
lpapp_is that expected? Same for you?14:46
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bluelightningit contains the source here14:48
bluelightningare you using rm_work ?14:49
* RP thinks he just found an interesting performance improvement. The one I haven't been able to put a finger on for a long time14:49
bluelightninglpapp_: well then that's expected14:49
lpapp_bluelightning: alright.14:49
lpapp_bluelightning: I am installing rpm now to verify the packag.14:49
lpapp_probably empty as I have to install stuff explicitly.14:49
bluelightningRP: interesting, what did you find?14:50
RPbluelightning: can you remember a) Why PR Server uses an SQL database at all and b) whether we support multiple users of the DB at once?14:50
RPbluelightning: The time.sleep() in is a significant bottleneck14:50
bluelightningRP: I wasn't involved in the PR server development at all I'm afraid14:50
lpapp_rpm package management means the rpm or fork in case of Yocto?14:50
bluelightningRP: seems to me we'd have to offer multiple user support given that it's meant to be sharable amongst multiple builders14:50
bluelightninglpapp_: rpm514:51
RPbluelightning: thats for connection to it though, not the DB file on disk?14:51
bluelightninglpapp_: why not just add it to your image?14:51
lpapp_bluelightning: ok, so not the fork.14:51
lpapp_bluelightning: I would like to verify the packages on the host.14:51
lpapp_bluelightning: you mean I could do that with the arm rpm binary, too?14:51
lpapp_without building it from source on the host?14:51
bluelightninglpapp_: if you want to see the contents you can just extract it14:52
bluelightningno need to use rpm to do that14:52
lpapp_bluelightning: I do not wanna extract it, just look into it.14:52
lpapp_rpm -qpl14:52
lpapp_if that is possible without rpm, that is fine, too.14:53
bluelightningRP: wouldn't have thought it necessary to allow that, but SQLite does support it of course14:53
lpapp_bluelightning: wanted to ask what the better practice is about the install vs. FILES14:54
lpapp_bluelightning: is it okay just to install files into the standard location rather than FILES?14:54
lpapp_in simple cases where I binaries, headers, and libraries at best.14:55
lpapp_at worst*14:55
bluelightningsorry, I don't understand the question14:55
lpapp_FILES is defined to the sane directories by default.14:55
lpapp_so when getting split packages, you usually do not need to use it AFAIU14:55
lpapp_is that a good practice though not using it in the aforementioned scenarios?14:56
lpapp_just install -m644 and install -dm755?14:56
lpapp_-m 644*14:56
bluelightningFILES doesn't influence the installation, only packaging14:57
RPbluelightning: makes the server a lot more responsive to process creation/completion14:59
lpapp_bluelightning: yes, this topic is about packaging.15:02
bluelightningRP: that does look like it would improve things yes, well done...15:10
RPbluelightning: just need to figure out how to patch up the xmlrpc server :/15:14
* RP thinks he now has a workable PR server solution too15:14
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #252 of nightly-fsl-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
RPpatches on if anyone is interested. Still need to do some cleanup15:15
* RP is rather concerned at the amount of unnoticed deprecated api usage15:15
bluelightningmaybe we should turn on deprecation warnings again...15:15
RPor force the issue and remove the compat entries...15:18
zeckeRP: looks reasonable, how did you benchmark?15:20
RPzecke: Added a task to every recipe with no dependencies and had that connect to the PR service 5 times in a row, then added a task with recursive dependencies on those individual tasks and ran that with BB_NUMBER_THREADS=48 for things like core-image-sato and sato-sdk15:24
RPEach task then printed out a timing for each of the 5 responses15:24
RPI also ran the whole thing with "time bitbake" which showed overall how quickly it could run all this. The patch takes it from 1m15 to 24s15:25
RPIts an even nicer improvement when you consider bitbake startup is a good chunk of the 24s15:27
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