Saturday, 2013-09-07

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reallifeanyone here get yocto running well on a wandboard?00:39
reallifewith opengl working perhaps00:39
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brmhi guys .. anyone know how to get xbmc running on weston?03:15
brm.. or even get weston running without errors ... ;-)03:16
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brmweston error is here if anyone interested:
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vickycan i compile multiple rootfs(images) at the same time?05:10
ka6soxvicky, for multiple targets?05:47
ka6soxor same target, different layer sets?05:47
vickyka6sox: same target05:52
vickylike multiple kernels?05:52
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vickyhere is my case. I have a different models of handheld devices that running at91sam9x5 soc.05:53
ka6soxI don't do that.  there are mostly limitations on HD bandwidth that make it tough on anything but Super Server class hardware to do multiple builds simultaneously.05:55
ka6soxbut you can do it if you want by starting multiple builds.05:55
ka6soxthere isn't anything fundamentally preventing this for yocto or openembedded05:55
vickyi found a way for filessytems(images) by adding  image files.05:56
vickyBut kernel?05:56
vickyi am looking like each image  have to be compile with each kernel (mostly the kernel versions are same only the config will be diiferent and some board file changes)05:58
ka6soxmy experience with kernel builds is that they are disk intensive...and that usually limits what I can do unless I have lots of tmpfs, RAID10, or SSD06:00
ka6soxnothing I've seen prevents you from doing this.06:01
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JaMasomeone else seeing changing checksums while bitbake -S is running? ERROR: Bitbake's cached basehash does not match the one we just generated07:55
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pevIf I've got a app that I've written where the recipe works fine, is there an easy way that I can build it to run from the development environment on the dev host as well as on the target from the same source and recipe??13:18
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kergothBBCLASSEXTEND += "native"14:06
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Daemon404 /g 3714:56
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nerdboykhem: you should have something in your inbox...18:17
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