Monday, 2013-09-09

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brmHi all, can anyone help me on an X11 issue?07:56
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brmwhat packages do I need to install to get X11 working .. i.e driver and xorg receipe?07:59
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brmfor the beaglebone black07:59
mbeliskoIMAGE_FEATURES += "x11-base"08:00
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brmwhat about the video driver?08:00
brmI see mention of "modesetting"?08:02
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brmanyone know the name of the video driver for the BBB?08:10
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tfbrm: that should be all set up in the machine conf for bbb08:14
brmtf: what do you mean?08:14
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tfbrm: there is a machine conf for the bbb in the bsp layer, it sets up stuff like that08:15
brmI am using meta-beagleboard, is it in there ..08:16
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StygiaHeya. In the vein of earlier talks about perl module recipes, I wonder - What should be done about core modules that seemingly are not rprovided by the perl recipe? Should I just act as if these would always be part of perl?08:25
brmtf: still not sure what you mean by BSP, do you mean the meta-beagleboard layer?08:26
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brmAnyone? Still don't know what video driver to setup for BBB08:31
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brm123Anyone tell me what the video driver is for the BBB?08:47
ndecbrm123: according to the .conf file it is xf86-video-fbdev08:49
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brm123 Ndec: thanks .. why does the xorg.conf show driver=modesetter ?08:51
ndeci don't know..08:51
brm123Do I change it to fbdev?08:52
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Guest42914I get warning when I set LICENSE  = "CLOSED"09:16
Guest42914why does it give warning. Its ok in recipes09:16
Guest42914its ok in recipe but not image...09:16
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StygiaHey, have a weird issue. I have an RDEPENDS on perl-module-net-ping, which is a core module provided by the perl recipe itself. The recipe that RPDEPEND's on it builds just fine. However, on do_rootfs for the image itself, it fails claiming that perl-module-net-ping depends on perl-module-posix which does not exist. It seems that the perl recipe only RPROVIDES a few recipes, and that these are _much_ fewer (by orders of magnitudes09:38
Stygia) than the recipes whos RPDEPEND's are discussed in the perl-rdedends_5.14.3.inc09:38
StygiaAny clues? It seems to me, immediately, that the perl recipe does not have the RPROVIDES it should have.09:39
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erbo_Stygia: My guess is that is has something to do with dynamically created packages in the perl recipe, and then something like
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Stygiaerbo, Yea,that does seem to be the case. Adding the missing packages as RPROVIDES in a bbappend to perl itself "solves" the issue.09:56
StygiaBut not having read your link (yet) I would conclude that this is an issue with the perl recipe that should be fixed.09:56
erboStygia: I think the conclusion from my link is that it's a complex problem which isn't easily solved09:58
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StygiaQuite possible. At least if RPROVIDING a dynamic package is "wrong".09:59
StygiaEither way, it's a working workaround...09:59
StygiaBut IMO it's a bug either way - I definitively should be able to RDEPEND on perl-module-net-ping without errors.10:00
StygiaI'll try and ask rburton or bluelightening about it later and file a bug if they agree it's an issue.10:00
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erboStygia: I agree :)10:02
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Stygiaerbo, Heh, cool. I will almost certainly file it as a bug later, because it seems off.10:02
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zibristygia: afaik, perl-module-posix does exist10:15
zibrior, no, my bad. i have the same issue10:16
n01huumm  NOTE: multiple providers are available for virtual/kernel (linux, linux-dummy)10:17
Stygiazibri, Oh, yea, it does exist.10:18
Stygiazibri, That's not the issue. I can RDEPEND on it and build without issue.10:19
Stygiazibri, It fails once you do_rootfs for the image that actually uses it.10:19
n01why do I get this problem? my  PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel ?= "linux" and PREFERRED_VERSION_linux ?= "3.8.13"  are correctly set10:19
Guest42914n01 :  Are you sure that "linux" is correct value10:29
n01Guest42914: my recipe name is linux_3.8.13.bb10:31
n01so I assume PN=linux and PV=3.8.1310:31
Guest42914n01 : I think you could rename the recipe like linux-<MACHINE>_3.8.13.bb10:33
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n01yes, but I don't know why PREFERRED_VERSION_linux is ignored10:44
Guest42914n01 : where have you set that preferred version? Have you created a new disto conf10:53
n01Guest42914: it is in my machine conf10:54
Guest42914n01: in mine , have set PREFERRED_PROVIDE...  in machine.conf10:55
Guest42914and created new disto conf10:55
Guest42914which sets VERSION...10:55
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Guest42914I think you need to create new disto and add version there...10:57
n01uhm, ok let me try ... thank you for the hint10:57
n01actually I have seen several machine.conf setting VERSION ... like here
Guest42914n01: but that is using linux-yocto. Is that what you are using11:01
n01nope ... I'm using a traditional kernel recipe11:02
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Guest42914n01: I think that PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto ?= "3.4%" just overrides default value in poky.conf11:04
Guest42914n01: I think you need to create the distro .11:04
Guest42914here is example:11:05
n01ok, I'll try, tnx11:05
ant_workn01: in your machine.conf   PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "linux"11:05
Guest42914n01:  then update you local.conf with that distro11:06
n01ant_work: what's wrong with that?11:06
ant_workyou used ?=11:06
n01I'll check that also as soon as my current compilation is done11:07
Guest42914ah ok .  maybe its that simple.11:08
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n01ant_work: in poky-tiny.conf I read  "Distro config is evaluated after the machine config" so my PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel in always overridden?11:10
ant_workheh, yes, poky-tiny.conf is declaring it here11:11
n01so I cannot configure a preferred provider for the kernel in machine.conf when I uso poky tiny distro?11:13
ant_workn01: afaik you could still force with a _local override11:13
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Guest42914ant_work : if a recipe needs some linux headers for compilation. How do you go about doing that? there is libc headers...11:35
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Guest42914Can anybody tell me how I can libc headers to compile a recipe11:50
Guest42914i.e. the recipe needs linux headers to compile11:50
ant_workGuest42914: yes, there are linux-libc-headers11:51
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ant_worki.e. DEPENDS += "linux-libc-headers"11:53
Guest42914I need to use my own version of kernel ant_work11:53
ant_workthen you depends on virtual/kernel11:54
ant_works/you/the recipe/11:55
Guest42914so I manually need to copy the headers to stage then?11:56
Guest42914from the linux recipe?11:56
ant_workit depends11:56
ant_workif you plan to add specific headers there are some precautions to take11:57
ant_workthere was a msg on ML last week11:57
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ant_workGuest42914: are you sure recipe cannot be built against linux-libc-headers and needs a kernel tree ?12:06
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Guest42914ant_work : we have own kernel develment so we need to use that. Can I create a new recipe from linux-libc-headers and just change the SRC_URI?12:08
ant_workwell, yes12:09
ant_worksounds a bit uncommon though12:09
Guest42914so you think I should just depend on my linux recipe.. and then in the linux recipe copy the header files...?12:10
ant_worksee, if the recipe depends on virtual/kernel you have the unsanitized headers to play with in ${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}12:14
ant_workif you rely on the copy installed by make headers_install (the linux-libc-headers recipe) you then refer to the headers in ${STAGING_DIR_TARGET}${exec_prefix}12:15
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ant_workI don't know the code you're compiling12:16
ant_workwhat I can say, even unusual libs like klibc can be compiled with the sanitized headers12:17
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JaMarburton: I forgot to add in that opengl/mesa thread that my feeling about "opengl" DISTRO_FEATURE is from times when we didn't have so many PACKAGECONFIGs and it was quite common to build xserver-xorg with dri support and mesa even when you didn't want to use it in runtime12:27
n01ant_work: the problem was the overriding in poky-tiny. Using poky it is just fine.12:31
ant_workn01: sure. iirc there is a reason about that choice12:32
StygiaHey if I wanted to create a recipe for composer (which auto-builds dependencies for php-related things), what's the naming convention, composer-php?12:32
StygiaIt's not a lib.12:32
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ant_workn01: distros usually don't fix the kernel's provider. poky-tiny does12:33
n01ant_work: I saw. this means that I have to write a very very minimal distro by myself12:34
ant_workn01: you can build distroless :)12:34
n01poky is definitely huge for me12:34
n01ant_work: how? :)12:34
ant_workDISTRO = ""12:35
ant_workI just don't declare it12:36
n01great :)) thank you!12:36
ant_workdefault 'distroless' is  "oe-core.0"12:38
ant_workn01: not eyou'll lose th epoky customizations12:39
ant_workargh  this spacebar12:39
pev_Hey guys - I've got a non yocto specific question. I'm sure somewhere out there there must be a handy library for reading/writing text config files. You know the type I mean, "name = value" type stuff supporting strings, integers, IP's etc... I must be able to avoid re-inventing the wheel one more time?12:40
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Guest42914pev_ : libconfig12:47
pev_Guest42914:  That looks very interesting, thanks!12:49
cfo215pev_, if your using c++ you may be interested in the boost libraries (
cfo215pev_, they have a boost/program_options class which will do what you want.12:53
pev_cfo215:  Thanks but I'm in sensible C land -  Plus boost is an *immence* add-in for a small feature :-D12:54
cfo215pev_ kiss12:55
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pev_cfo215:  : Indeed!13:06
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cfo215I want to make sure "linux-firmware-rtl8192cu" gets included in my console-image.  What is the best practice for this?  create a cfo215-console-image recipe that extends console-image, or just add the package to console-image?13:09
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fenrigHi :)14:08
fenrigI'm looking for a (wireless) network manager for my angstrom generated raspberry pi OS14:08
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fenrigI'm using anstrom v2013.06, so it's yocto 1.4 compatible14:09
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rburtonfenrig: oe has connman, which has numerous different UIs14:10
fenrigrburton: ah nice, a text file is fine enough actually. I'm building a linux for a autonomous car/tank so I don't particulary need a gui.14:12
fenrigrburton: for my wireless stick to work i probably need to include firmware or some sorts?14:14
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StygiaHeya, what can I do if I get a conflict between files, one of them originating from a package that no longer exists? That package installed a certain file, but it was never necessary, so now it is removed. However, my image recipe fails because of a conflict between them...14:25
fenrigI cannot install "linux-firmware" because of a missing dependency "linux-firmware-iwlwifi-license"14:34
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scottrifhalstead: ping15:16
StygiaHey, does anyone know what the corrosponding install command would be to cp -r ${S}/public ${D}/var/www/website/ ? Install -d seemingly didn't install anything, and -m complains about directories.15:23
StygiaMaybe cp -r is the right way, though.15:23
StygiaI want to install the directory and all its subfiles and dirs into D15:23
*** mulhern <mulhern!> has quit IRC15:24
kergothafaik install can't recurse, cp is the best bet15:25
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Stygiakergoth, Alright, cool, thanks.15:43
cfo215Stygia, kergoth just a though, but would 'find' with the '--exec' switch work for you?15:43
StygiaAnyone remember what the print/warn function was?15:43
Stygiacfo215, I suppose, but I really want to just copy this entire directory verbatim.15:44
Stygiacp -r matches the usecase right.15:44
kergothWhy would you want to use find for sucha  thing? cp exists for a reason, it copies, thats waht it does. trying to reinvent it doesn't make sense15:44
StygiaIt was something like bbwarn or bbern or something.15:44
kergothbbnote, bbwarn, bberror, bbfatal, yes15:44
StygiaI call a script and suspect it is failing, but it doesn't tell me anything during do_install, so.15:45
cfo215just, saying.. if one does work in a particular case, maybe you can work around with an other...15:45
kergothcp does work. he was just asking if install could handle that case also15:45
kergothto which the answer is no15:45
cfo215sorry, got into the conversation late.15:45
StygiaYup, useable answer, I don't mind using cp, just wondered if I could use the bb tools instead.15:46
StygiaHmm can I make bbnote show me the results of a command? When I use bbnote bash script it just prints that15:47
kergothinstall isn't a bb tool :) it comes from coreutils, our use of it is just a convention15:47
StygiaRunning it manually works, but the package isn't populated, so I strongly suspect it's failing somehow.15:47
kergothi don't understand the qeustion. any output from the commands you run already goes to the log15:47
Stygiakergoth, Ah right, fair enough.15:48
Stygiakergoth, .. huh. Well alright.15:48
*** scottrif <scottrif!srifenbark@nat/intel/x-hahgrnzvwmixpeaf> has joined #yocto15:48
Stygiakergoth, Would it stop compilation if it got a non-zero exit status?15:48
kergothso it seems whatever command you're running is either working, or failing silently :)15:48
kergothall our tasks run with set -e15:48
scottrifhalstead: ping15:48
Stygiahmm, even when I say "bash ${S}/script"?15:48
*** ynezz <ynezz!> has joined #yocto15:48
kergothif anything you run from a task returns a non-zero exit code, the task will fail15:49
Stygiakergoth, Alright, gotcha.15:49
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kergothnow, if you run a command inside that script (${S}/script) and it returns a non-zero exit code, and that script doesn't set -e, of course that bash command might not return non-zero :)15:50
halsteadscottrif, pong.15:51
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Stygiakergoth, Ah hmm, the thing is if I CD to that dir and run the script it does what I expect - i.e. populate some subdirs15:59
Stygiakergoth, good change the guy who wrote it didn't consider our need to specify D, though...15:59
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scottrifhalstead: there are some servers in my cube here in JF1.  I had to use the internet connection for work.  I pulled it from the one that was on.16:07
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fenrigI can't install linux-firmware because of linux-firmware-iwlwifi-license16:09
halsteadscottrif, No problem. I didn't realize you were back this week.16:10
StygiaIs there some way to route STDOUT from scripts I call to bbnote? I'd love to be able to see all output from the script I run (external script run by do_install) during the build state, and it seems to be surpressed16:10
StygiaThe real issue I have is that I have a recipe that runs a setup script to install some files. These files do not seem to be anywhere in tmp/ although it works when I cd there and run the script16:11
StygiaThe script sets a BASE_PATH value based on the pwd, so I cd to ${S} before I run it.16:11
halsteadscottrif, I'll come in to help find a new spot for those.16:13
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kergothStygia: again, stdout/stderr of everything you run automaitcally goes to the log16:17
kergothStygia: to see this is true, run 'echo foo' in your task and view the log16:17
*** walters <walters!walters@nat/redhat/x-zccnhhpncflvshtb> has joined #yocto16:17
scottrifhalstead: thanks16:18
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dv_hello. yocto 1.5 is in the M4 phase. at M5, will recipes for new package versions still be accepted? for example, a new gstreamer release18:40
fenrighi I want to add wifi with usb adapter to my raspberry pi (Realtek RTL8188CUS)18:45
fenrigand it recognizes the device with lsbusb18:45
fenrigbut it doesn't seem to have any driver for it (allthough I included linux-firmware in the image)18:45
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imphilfenrig, do you have this edimax mini-stick?18:54
tffenrig: did you enable the appropriate driver in the kernel?18:54
imphilfenrig, there are two drivers, one from realtek, one in the mainline kernel. the default rpi kernel uses the realtek driver (it's patched in), which is rather awful18:55
imphilfenrig, no additional firmware is necessary for this driver, and it actually works but you need be careful which instructions you follow on the internet :)18:56
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fenrigHi why does rfkill soft block my wireless adapter (I can't seem to unblock it with rfkill)19:44
gjohnsonI am using meta-qt5 layer and when I build an sdk qmake isn't being installed into the sdk.  I tried adding TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK += "qtbase-native" but it appears that a native package hasn't been built.  Has anyone got qtbase-native installed into the sdk?19:46
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ArunKumar$ runqemu qemux86       gives this error "Unable to parse conf/bitbake.conf"19:57
ArunKumarwhat can be the possible causes19:57
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kergothgjohnson: you can't install a -native package into an sdk, as -native packages dont' exist. -native recipes are built to be run by other recipes at build time. i expect you want nativesdk, instead.20:14
gjohnsonkergoth: you are correct I am looking for a nativesdk for qt5 but I found an irc log from July 22 in which bluelightning indicated there is no SDK support in the qt5 layer yet.20:16
GeekGirl"$ runqemu qemux86 "   gives the following error "Unable to parse conf/bitbake.conf"20:16
GeekGirlany explanations, i cannot decipher it20:16
gjohnsonGeekGirl: Do you need to source oe-init-build-env?20:17
GeekGirli have built the image, it was my first build20:17
GeekGirli have my image under tmp/deploy/images20:18
GeekGirland i have set the machine as qemux86 in the localconf file too20:18
GeekGirlPS: i had to add the scripts dir in the poky directory to my PATH variable, if this gives some clue20:19
kergothas gjohnson says, you likely didn't runqemu in the same terminal you did your builds in, as your env isn't set up properly20:19
kergothsource the setup script20:19
GeekGirlokay, so do i need to run the build again?20:20
kergothno one said you had to run the build again20:20
kergothjust hte setup script20:20
GeekGirl$ source poky/oe-init-build-env,   this is it, i suppose20:21
kergoth15:17 < gjohnson> GeekGirl: Do you need to source oe-init-build-env?20:21
GeekGirlstil getting the same error20:23
GeekGirlERROR: Unable to parse conf/bitbake.conf: ParseError at conf/bitbake.conf:18: unparsed line: 'xport exec_prefix = "/usr"'20:23
kergothsounds lik your bitbake.conf is broken.20:24
GeekGirlany fix for that20:24
kergothit didn't ship that way, so likely you were editing it and accidentally deleted a character20:24
kergoththat line should read 'export', not 'xport'20:24
kergothadd the missing 'e' and it should be fine, unless there's something else going on20:24
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GeekGirland is this the conf dir in my build directory?20:25
kergother, poky/meta/conf/bitbake.conf20:26
kergoththere's no bitbake.conf in your build directory20:26
GeekGirlthanks a lot @kergroth, that really helped a lot.. my qemu started up20:28
GeekGirl\m/ for u20:28
kergothno problem20:28
GeekGirlall hail the kernel ;)20:29
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imphilis there a way to build a SDK *without* a native python? The version included there has some severe problems for my use case, and a working version is available on the host anyways21:29
imphilI mean that the SDK does not contain a native python, it's obviously needed for building the SDK21:30
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RPimphil: removing python from the list of tools included should work22:06
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imphilRP, it's not explicitly included, but it goes in as dependency, e.g. for gdb-cross-canadian-arm22:08
RPimphil: you'll probably have to override those dependencies then22:09
imphilRP, something like ASSUME_PROVIDED does not exist for this case?22:10
RPimphil: look at populate_sdk_rpm, INSTALL_PROVIDENAME_RPM in particular, assuming you're using rpm22:11
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imphilRP, this does not seem to work for explicit dependencies of packages. perl is also installed even though it's listed there (it's a dependency of nativesdk-autoconf)22:38
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imphilRP, I think I'll just go with the hackish way of simply rm usr/bin/python from the SDK again in a SDK_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND22:39
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RPimphil: you probably have to list all the dependencies that are pulling in python22:48
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imphilRP, I got it now to work by overriding the gdb recipe, thanks! interestingly, the gdb-cross is compiled without python, while the gdb-cross-canadian is with python23:00
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