Monday, 2013-09-23

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nrossii have a couple of toolchain related questions, any of the yocto toolchain maintainers online?00:56
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nerdboynrossi: depending on the question, maybe i can answer01:41
nrossinerdboy: know much about canadian cross compilation?01:45
nerdboyonly the gist of it...01:45
nerdboynever tried it01:46
nerdboywhat kind of error are you getting?  wrong formats linking?01:46
nrossinerdboy: its a loaded question, cause at the moment the yocto stuff doesn't look like it supports any sort of multi-arch compliation except for nativesdk01:47
nerdboydid you set SDKMACHINE in local.conf?01:48
nrossinerdboy: i am trying to build a cross compiler which runs on the target arch (in this case ARM) which is building for a third architecture (in this case the Epiphany architecture)01:48
nerdboyi guess i'm assuming that's required...01:48
nerdboythen wouldn't SDKMACHINE be set to MACHINE?01:49
nerdboynm, there should be more variables for canadian cross01:49
nrossinerdboy: i have got it working for binutils ( but beyond that (gcc, etc) it looks like it is going to be a bit of an uphill battle. Thought i would query some of the yocto toolchain maintainers see what they have to say about roadmaps for support this sort of hetergeneous system01:51
nerdboylooks like you want SDKMACHINE set your arm machine and MACHINE set to your epiphany machine01:57
nerdboyis that what you have?01:57
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g0hl1nHi everybody. I've problems building a CPAN Module (Module::Runtime). It fails with "Can't load /path/to/usr/lib/perl/5.14.3/auto/Data/Dumper/ for module Data::Dumper: /path/to/usr/lib/perl/5.14.3/auto/Data/Dumper/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32 at /path/to/usr/lib/perl-native/perl/5.14.3/ line 71." Does this ring a bell to anyone? Thanks!06:57
g0hl1nHere would be the complete do_compile log:
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g0hl1nDoes nobody has an idea what's the problem with the build? Here's the recipe source: Hope it helps!07:10
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g0hl1nOk, it seems I found the solution myself: The "inherit cpan" have to be replaced with "inherit cpan_build" and the "do_compile()" function can be removed. :-D07:22
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mckoangood morning08:14
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elbcrburton:  hi ! coming back to you because I have some troubles with my poky image : my image is .hddimg format and I launch it on my target with a usb-key. When i started my project I had loaded a poky image with the same format and was able to write on it (mkdir touch etc ...) and the files were still present after reboot. with my image, files are not kept. So my question is : do you know if there is something to enable in my configuratio08:22
elbcrburton:  knowing I've done this before08:22
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rburtonelbc: there was a bug in master where that was broken for a few days, so update.08:46
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elbcrburton: ok thanks ! I want to push my modifications for wayland 1.2 /weston 1.2, you've already said to me that I can create a bug and push a patch for this, is it the better way for this or do I have to create a meta in upstream ? To be clear it was asked to me to have visibility but I don't know what is the better way to do it09:16
elbcI'm a beginner so it is not very easy for me09:17
rburtonelbc: pushing a layer to eg github, sending patches, all are a good start.09:30
elbcok thank you !09:35
rburtonanything is better than nothing :)09:37
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soldoKynhi to all! I'm building a yocto image for an arm board. I've got two recipes: a makefile-based recipe that needs javac (for arm) and the java-jdk recipe that build javac for arm.10:11
soldoKynDuring do_compile of the first recipe yocto doesn't find javac I can tell the yocto build system that the javac is the one built with java-jdk recipe?10:11
soldoKynps: I've got DEPENDS setted so I'm sure that java-jdk recipe i built for first. thanks to all!10:11
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ndecsoldoKyn: you probably need to use the javac path which was built by java-jdk, no?10:16
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soldoKynndec: ok...there's a clever way to do this?10:52
ndecsoldoKyn: i am not familiar with these recipes, but i suspect java-jdk would install javac somewhere in sysroot, no? then you can use that path from the other recipe?10:53
danyHi All, whats up with the duplicated in poky, why not just BBCLASSEXTEND="native" the recipe ?10:58
soldoKynnde: yes, should work, thanks!10:59
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Krz_in poky there is a file: ./meta/conf/machine-sdk/i586.conf; can I do somehow bbappend to it inside my layer?11:23
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RPKrz_: not easily, no11:25
RPKrz_: you're probably into the realm of anonymous python at that point :/11:26
Krz_RP: what if I just create my own myi586.conf inside my layer?11:28
RPKrz_: that will override it11:28
Krz_RP: I will change the name11:28
RPKrz_: assuming your layer is higher in BBPATH11:29
Krz_RP: and for meta-toolchain creation I will just use different SDKMACHINE11:29
Krz_RP: thinking about this... overwriting wouldn't be a bad option, as long as I preserve the original content + add mine11:29
RPKrz_: exactly11:30
Krz_RP: I can see default priorities for poky are '5', so I just set my layer priority to '4' and use default i586.conf name to overwrite poky's version11:31
RPKrz_: you need to use BBPATH in this case11:32
RPKrz_: BBPATH works for config files like PATH does for executables11:32
Krz_RP: in all layers I have BBPATH is exactly the same: BBPATH := "${BBPATH}:${LAYERDIR}"11:34
Krz_RP: how do you want me to change it?11:34
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RPKrz_: prepend rather than append11:34
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Krz_RP: so you are telling me I just switch the order and regardless of BBFILE_PRIORITY Yocto will pick up my i586.conf?11:35
ant_workRP: I'm maybe missing the right switch but trying to avoid the sstate chache for that klcc-cross seems hard. Better to touch the inputs and recreate it?11:38
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RPKrz_: yes11:44
RPant_work: sstate isn't really designed to be avoided. Best you can do is make it machine specific explicitly11:45
ant_workI've noticed I'm trying to abuse of your beloved buildsystem;) Forgive me :p11:45
jackmitchellis there such thing as a package specific do_install? i.e. ${PN}-package_do_install11:46
rburtonjackmitchell: no11:48
jackmitchellrburton: can I check for selected packages in the do_install function?11:49
rburtonjackmitchell: what do you mean by "selected packages"?11:49
jackmitchellso in lmsensors the package is split out into multiple packages, and I want to check if a package has been selected for install so I can do something like if (is_selected(package)) { install xyz }11:50
rburtonno, you can't do that11:51
rburtonbitbake builds a canonical package, and the splitting is how you get to control what goes into an image11:52
rburtonthe package build doesn't/can't change depending on what image you're constructing11:52
rburtonespecially because you may not be constructing an image, what is someone does bitbake lmsensors?11:52
jackmitchellok, so, I'm a bit stuck.11:53
jackmitchellMy problem is that lmsensors-sensord has a DEPENDS on lighttpd because it packages cgi files in the /www directory11:53
jackmitchellnow I don't want lighttpd in my image11:53
rburtonRDEPENDS, surely11:53
jackmitchellyes RDEPENDS11:53
rburtonso split out the webby bits into a separate package11:54
rburtonand don't install it11:54
jackmitchellok, that's what I;ve tried but they're still installing automatically11:54
jackmitchelland I was wondering if it was bitbake picking up that they;re used in the do_install function11:54
rburtonthere's an explicit lighthttpd dependency somewhere11:54
jackmitchellwell, the dependancy comes from the new package lmsensors-sensord-cgi11:55
jackmitchellbut I can't find where the sensord-cgi comes from11:55
rburtonis there a class generating it?11:56
rburton(is this in meta-oe or a private layer?)11:56
jackmitchellnot that i can see, meta-oe11:57
jackmitchellthose are my modified recipes11:57
jackmitchellwith the new sensord-cgi package11:57
rburtonjackmitchell: i don't see PN-sensors-cgi being added to PACKAGES11:58
jackmitchellline 59, it's tagged onto sensord packages11:58
rburtonoh i was only looking at the first link11:59
jackmitchellyeah, the recipe is a bit weird..11:59
rburtonso what are those files?12:00
jackmitchellAFAIK just a cgi script and maybe a html file12:01
rburtonthe first one sets FILES for a package it doesn't create, and the second creates a package and sets depends, but puts nothing in it12:01
jackmitchellok, that's a good point, I shuffled them around a bit between the recipes, I think it is best for it to all go in the lmsensors-config package12:02
draskohi all, I have git SRC_URI in my file. However, after being fetched with --bare --mirror to downloads/git2/, it is unpacked into tmp/work/.../packet-r1/git12:02
draskoand not to tmp/work/.../packet-r1/packet12:02
draskoand this confuses do_configure()12:03
draskoHow to fix this?12:03
bluelightningdrasko: you need to set S = "${WORKDIR}/git" in the recipe12:03
rburtondrasko: set S="${WORKDIR}/git"12:03
draskoBut why? I do not want source dir to be git12:04
draskobut rather tmp/work/.../packet-r1/packet12:04
rburtondrasko: does it matter?  that's the idiomatic way of handling git src_uris.12:04
draskoOK, let me try12:05
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draskoOne more question... I have set SRC_URI to: git://;protocol=git;tag=${TAG}12:07
draskoWhere TAG = "socfpga-3.8"12:07
rburtondrasko: its best to use a full hash as it has to look up the tag name every time you run bitbake12:08
draskoBut in unpacked git I have something like this :12:08
drasko* (no branch)12:08
draskoWhy it does not switch to the socfpga-3.8 branch automatically?12:08
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SaurWho is responsible for ? It seems somewhat out of date... ;)12:33
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jackmitchellrburton: so I'm still fighting with this, the new recipe is here:
jackmitchellwhich has the new package ${PN}-cgi12:42
jackmitchellthat package is solely in this recipe now, it doesn't straddle the two recipes anymore12:42
jackmitchellhowever the recipe is still being built regardless12:42
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jackmitchellok, it seems the recipe is broken, a simple bitbake lmsensors-libsensors returns ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'lmsensors-libsensors'12:51
jackmitchellshoudl bitbake be able to directly build packages defined using PACKAGE += "${PN}-packgage"12:53
waltersjackmitchell: not to my knowledge, no12:59
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jackmitchellah ok, that would be why it's not working then ;)13:01
ant_workjackmitchell: sometimes this kind of recipes can be rewritten using PACKAGES_DYNAMIC13:04
jackmitchellant_work: I will look into that thanks13:05
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bluelightningSaur: I've emailed Jefro who takes care of some of the website bits, thanks13:36
bluelightningdrasko: I think you'll find it just checks out the specified revision rather than the branch by name13:36
bluelightningdrasko: which as far as the code being checked out is concerned amounts to the same thing13:37
Saurbluelightning: You don't happen to know who's responsible for as well? Or hasn't the advisory board had any meetings since April 2012? (That URL is linked from
B4gderthe AB has meetings about bimonthly or so13:41
SaurB4gder: Yeah, that's what I though. But the minutes of their meetings don't seem to have been updated since April 2012...13:42
bluelightningSaur: have just emailed about that as well13:45
B4gderthey are in the yocto-ab archives though, if you dig a little13:45
B4gder is the most recent one13:45
SaurB4gder: Thanks13:46
B4gderany particular thing you were looking for in there?13:47
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darknightemranostay: yep, I am considering getting a scope and/or LA.13:59
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Krz_is there somewhere a history of this IRC ?14:41
rburtonKrz_: yes, see topic14:42
Krz_rburton: good one, but missing private chats14:43
rburtonwell, yes.14:43
rburtonprivate chats are not on the channel14:44
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fenrigHow do I get opencv headers in "meta-toolchain-qt"15:20
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Krz_I have a simple recipe that I want to kick off when user types 'bitbake meta-toolchain'15:35
Krz_I can do a bbappend to meta-toolchain, but what do I type there? IMAGE_INSTALL += will not work15:35
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jackmitchellhmmm, I am getting another error with the lmsensors package15:54
jackmitchell|  * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for lmsensors-dev:15:54
jackmitchellcould this be because lmsensors-dev is essentially an empty package?15:55
rburtonsomething is pulling it in, but it doesn't exist15:56
rburtonyou can either find what's pulling it in and stop that, or use ALLOW_EMPTY to generate the empty package15:56
jackmitchellyeah, I've used allow_empty15:56
jackmitchellrebuilding now to see if it works15:56
jackmitchellrburton: I also realised that before, even though the -cgi package was being built, it wasn;t being included in the image15:59
jackmitchellrburton: it skews the bitbake -g package-depends something rotten though16:00
jackmitchellI asssume it builds all sub-packages, but only installs the ones you ask for16:00
jackmitchellbut they still find there way into the dependancy graph16:00
rburtonpackage building is isolated from image generation16:00
rburtonyes, of course.16:00
rburtonthey won't appear in the dependency chart for *your image* though16:00
fenrigHow do I get opencv headers in "meta-toolchain-qt"16:01
rburtonfenrig: its better to use "bitbake myimage -c populate_sdk" these days, as then you get a sdk containing exactly the development bits for your real image16:02
fenrigrburton: oh I'll look into that16:02
rburtoninstead of having to start with some meta-toolchain and extend it, missing bits out16:02
rburtonfenrig: its bigger, but it's more complete.16:02
fenrigrburton: thx ;)16:02
*** alex_kag <alex_kag!~alex_kag@> has joined #yocto16:06
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:10
Krz_I successfully created meta-toolchain.bbappend. How do I limit my bbappend to i586 only? I want Yocto not to bbappend it for different SDKMACHINES16:13
*** n01 <n01!> has quit IRC16:14
*** zeddii <zeddii!~ddez@> has joined #yocto16:16
bluelightningKrz_: there aren't overrides corresponding to SDKMACHINE AFAIK16:16
Krz_bluelightning: so maybe I can figure out inside bbappend the value of SDKMACHINE and there decide what to do or not?16:19
Krz_bluelightning: that would be good enough16:19
bluelightningKrz_: you could do that within an anonymous python section in the bbappend yes16:19
Krz_bluelightning: what's that section? any examples?16:19
Krz_bluelightning: cheers!16:22
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sakoman1I have a client who, for security reasons, wants to build their app outside of the yocto environment, and then add the app to the image via downloading a debian package containing the app17:40
sakoman1I suspect that I will have to pick apart the debian package to get the app binary, but was wondering if there was a clever way to convince bitbake to use the package17:41
sakoman1FWIW, they are using debian packages with Yocto too17:42
frayyou should be able to (assuming deb styl packages are used) simply override the package_write_deb task17:42
frayif deb isn't being used.. override do_package or something to tear apart what they've given you and put it into the YP format17:43
bluelightning_there is bin_package.bbclass which is designed to extract a dep/rpm/etc. package and repackage it as appropriate17:50
bluelightning_I think bin_package is the best approach if you have to do this, since the real output package will get the correct dependencies etc.17:51
*** bluelightning_ is now known as bluelightning17:51
abellonihum, I'm still not able to get wifi on my FRI217:56
abellonianybody can help ? :)17:56
sgw_seebs: I think I am seeing some strange interaction with pseudo and mkfs.btrfs, got a few to chat about it?18:00
seebsI can try.18:00
abellonioh right18:01
sakoman1bluelightning: thanks for the pointer!18:01
abellonithe issue is that modules are being built but don't end up in tmp/deploy/images/fri2/modules-fri2.tgz18:02
sgw_seebs: the latest mkfs seems to use ftw() to walk the file tree and symlinked files are returning the size of busybox (for example) instead of a symlink (like 1000byts)18:02
seebsIntuitive answer: that is probably a bug in pseudo, I'd guess I'm not processing the flags.18:03
seebsHuh. Well, there's an interesting thing. Currently, both ftw() and nftw() are doing no magic at all.18:04
seebsExcept the initial path cleanup for chroot.18:04
sgw_seebs: I did not dig much deeper, I tried with nftw and looked at the flags, that seemed correct.18:04
seebsI think I have been assuming that they call stat() and thus pick up pseudo's processing.18:04
seebsJust looking at it, ftw() appears to implicitly follow symlinks, I think. Or at least, nftw() has a flag to allow you to tell it not to.18:05
sgw_seebs: right nftw has a flag, plain ftw() just returns FILE for DIR flags18:06
*** dvhart <dvhart!~dvhart@> has joined #yocto18:06
seebsThere's the flags it passes to the per-file function, and also the invocation flags. nftw() apparently supports a FTW_PHYS flag to not follow symlinks, which would make me assume ftw() follows symlinks. I suppose I could test this theory.18:07
dvhartsomeone asking about the FRI2 I hear?18:08
*** Krz_ <Krz_!c0c6972c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC18:09
bluelightningdvhart: abelloni is trying to get wifi working and having trouble18:10
abelloniyeah right18:10
abelloniactually, the modules are in tmp/deploy/images/fri2/modules-fri2.tgz18:11
abellonibut they never end up in the filesystem18:11
abelloniI used core-image-minimal and core-image-sato with the same results18:11
abelloniI'm using a quite recent master, updated this afternoon18:12
dvhartcore-image-minimal would not work18:14
dvhartbut core-image-sato should18:14
seebsOkay, quick sanity check. Without pseudo involved, both ftw() and nftw() yield the target's information for a symlink, unless it's nftw with FTW_PHYS.18:15
dvhartabelloni,  see the reference manual for why minimal isn't affected by the MACHINE_EXTRA_RECOMMENDS18:16
abellonidvhart: I specifically added linux-firmware so it shouldn't matter18:16
dvhartyeah.... I'm not seeing the kernel-module* listed though18:16
abellonianyway, the firmwares are there, it is the modules that are not on the target18:17
dvhartI... don't recall that being removed18:17
dvhartbut yes, from the machine and kernel bbappend, it's missing18:17
dvhartabelloni, I'll do a git search to see if that was removed18:17
*** khem1 <khem1!> has quit IRC18:18
dvhartHowever, sato should install kernel-modules I thought....18:18
*** techneo <techneo!7aa42f6f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto18:19
dvhartabelloni, would you consider adding the following to fri2.conf and rebuilding?18:20
dvhartMACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS += " kernel-module-iwlwifi"18:20
dvhartIt needs a full list of those, but that should resolve your problem18:21
dvhartsgw, bluelightning, I thought sato included the kernel-modules package. Do you know if that has changed?18:21
dvhartabelloni, I would also really appreciate it if you could open a bug for this. I'm tracking a lot of issues right now and that would help make sure it doesn't get lost. Could you do that?18:22
sgw_dvhart: I don't think so, it's a MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMNEDS  for most platforms (including in
*** andyross <andyross!> has quit IRC18:23
dvhartsgw_, ah right.18:23
dvhartSo kernel-modules should have made it in.....18:24
dvhartabelloni, are you building using the linux-yocto recipe? Which DISTRO? Poky?18:24
*** andyross <andyross!> has joined #yocto18:24
* dvhart does a poky sato build for fri2 to verify18:24
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dvhartwow, full sstate builds are freakin' fast18:34
*** n01 <n01!> has joined #yocto18:38
mr_sciencecertainly a lot faster than classic...18:39
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dvhartit's just so rare that I get to build that way with everything in flux during the development cycles18:40
dvhartreturning to it is always a bit of a surprise :-)18:40
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mr_scienceyeah, each time i pull on master it builds a bunch of new stuff, but after that it gets fast again...18:57
* mr_science still wondering where khem was on Friday...18:58
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gjohnsonis there a way to remove a native package from the native sysroot?19:15
ndecgjohnson: you mean that you want OE to use the one installed on your machine instead?19:15
gjohnsonndec: No, I did a bitbake on a native package in my case qtbase-native which installed some binaries in the i686-linux sysroot.  I want to remove the files that qtbase-native installed19:17
ndecbitbake -c clean qtbase-native, does that work?19:18
gjohnsonndec: yes that worked!  Thanks.  I thought clean just cleared the work directory19:21
ndecno, it cleans the sysroot too. but i wasn't sure for -native stuff ;-)19:21
ndecbtw, you have cleansstate too that also removes anything from the sstate. and cleanall that just removes everything.19:22
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dvhartjwessel, Hey, would you mind having a look at Yocto BZ 523220:05
*** j8 <j8!~IceChat9@> has joined #yocto20:05
dvhartjwessel, I think this is related to the serial/vga work you're doing for the bootloader / installer20:06
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abellonidvhart: did you reproduce the issue or is it just me ?21:16
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dvhartabelloni, hrm, need to check, been working on something else for a while22:06
dvhartabelloni, for sato:22:07
abelloninp, it is simply to know if I'm doing something wrong or if I'm crazy ;)22:07
dvhart$ tree lib/modules | grep iwl22:07
dvhart    │   │   │       └── iwlwifi22:07
dvhart    │   │   │           │   └── iwldvm.ko22:07
dvhart    │   │   │           └── iwlwifi.ko22:07
dvhartabelloni, so iwlwifi.ko is included in the rootfs I build for fri2, DISTRO=poky, core-image-sato, with current master22:08
*** kmccombe <kmccombe!> has quit IRC22:08
dvhartabelloni, how are you building?22:08
dvhartare you building DISTRO=poky core-image-sato?22:08
abellonihum really weird22:09
abelloniI got the modules in fri2-poky-linux/core-image-sato/1.0-r0/rootfs22:10
abellonibut not on the target22:10
abelloniI'll check the hddimage directly then22:10
dvhart$ bitbake core-image-sato -e | grep "MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS="22:11
dvhartMACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS="kernel-modules eee-acpi-scripts linux-firmware-iwlwifi-6000g2a-5"22:11
dvhartmight want to verify that too22:11
dvhartdid you run out of space on the target disk? ;-)22:11
abellonigot an 8G sdcard22:12
abelloniright, no modules in core-image-sato-fri2.ext322:13
*** andyross <andyross!> has quit IRC22:14
abelloniI'm not so crazy22:14
abelloniI got DISTRO?=poky in my local.conf22:14
abelloniand the MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS are the same22:14
abelloniwould that be because I built core-image-minimal first ?22:14
dvhartshouldn't be .... no22:17
dvhartabelloni, I can't explain that :/22:17
dvhart$ mkdir mnt22:18
dvhart$ sudo mount core-image-sato-fri2.ext3 -o loop mnt22:18
dvhart$ find mnt -name "iwlwifi.ko"22:18
dvhartabelloni, I'd suggest keeping your build dir around, and building from skratch in another directory22:19
dvhartthen at least we'll know if it has something to do with existing state22:19
abelloniok, I'll do that22:20
dvhartsorry it's causing you grief :/22:21
abellonihonestly, it is not so bad ;)22:22
abelloniI would just want to understand, for the sake of quality22:22
abellonimaybe it is a bug, maybe not22:22
abelloniok, it is building from scratch now and I'm going to bed, we'll know tomorrow22:23
abellonioh, unrelated topic22:26
abelloniit doesn't reboot when i use reboot22:26
abelloniI have to unplug and plug it again, is there another way ?22:26
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