Monday, 2013-09-30

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mckoangood morning07:52
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alvdhello everyone. I am trying to use a toochain from meta-sourcery layer  - Mentor Graphics(Code Sourcery) - and I get the following error when building a recipe: ERROR: ExpansionError during parsing /media/sdc1/fb/alvd/test/broadcom/poky/meta-sourcery/recipes/meta/ Failure expanding variable sysroot_stage_all: ShellSyntaxError: LexToken(LPARENS,'(',0,0) followed by:   LexToken(TOKEN,'GCC-r22/sysroot-destdir/08:32
alvdCan you offer some suggestions, or hints for solving this error.08:33
alvdThank you, Alex08:33
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bluelightningmorning all08:41
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pevMorning all!09:39
pevIs there a way that in my layer I can "undo" things added from a layer I'm inheriting from. i.e. Ive inherited from someone elses BSP but they've included some demo apps which I don't want to have included in the image.09:40
pevAlso they used udhcpc which I want to take out and go back to static IP...09:40
Saurpev: Have you tried IMAGE_INSTALL_remove = "udhcpc" ?09:43
Saurpev: Assuming you're using master of Poky...09:43
pevSaur: I havent - didn't know it existed! I'll give that a go now, thanks09:45
Saurpev: It's new in the upcoming 1.5 release AFAIK.09:46
rburtonyes, only appeared in git a few weeks back.09:48
pevSaur: Ah, dont think it exists in my build then yet.... Do you know if it'll be a simple feature merge?09:50
pevSounds like it'd be very handy09:50
Saurpev: It requires a new version of BitBake09:50
bluelightningeasiest thing to do would be to use your own image recipe; failing that, just bbappend the image recipe and set IMAGE_INSTALL outright09:51
pevHm, looking at it I think udhcpc is a bit of an oddity as it's coming in as part of busybox by the looks of it so outside the scope of IMAGE_INSTALL... :-/09:53
bluelightningwell, it is a separate package; it can be installed or not09:54
bluelightningalthough it is recommended by busybox09:55
bluelightningyou can set your own busybox defconfig in your layer with a bbappend09:55
bluelightning(or even change the RRECOMMENDS)09:55
pevYeah, I've already got a bbappend for busybox.... We talked about it ages ago as I didn't realised it had to be a bit hacky and use sed in an do_prepare_config_append09:56
pevBut I guess that's not the right thing to do to remove it as busybox-udhcpc is actually a package as opposed to a config option munge?09:57
bluelightningdepending on which version of the build system you are using, busybox recipe supports config fragments09:57
pevIt's 10.4 + few extra merges from upstream09:58
pevI think when I tried before config fragments didnt work though...09:58
bluelightningyou could just try RRECOMMENDS_${PN} = "${PN}-syslog" in your busybox bbappend09:58
pevbluelightning: Sorry for being thick but how does the override ${PN}-udhcpc ?10:04
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bluelightningpev: the original recipe (at least in master) has ${PN}-udhcpc in RRECOMMENDS_${PN}10:05
bluelightningI'm assuming that's how it's being pulled in in your case10:05
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pevDoh! I see so you just rewrite the whole var to equal what it was without the udhcpc... Gotcha, thanks! :-)10:07
pevThat looks better - is there an idiomatic way under yocto to configure static IP's via the init instead or should I just roll my own as appropriate?10:09
bluelightningI think the standard way is to just provide your own interfaces file by bbappending init-ifupdown (or netbase in versions prior to 1.4)10:11
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pevbluelightning: Ah, like
bluelightningpev: pretty much, except that the only line you need in the bbappend is the FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend line10:46
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pevbluelightning: Thanks... I like the look of the PRINC trick - is that pretty standard?10:53
bluelightningpev: it's not really needed anymore with dylan and later assuming you enable the PR service - PR will be incremented automatically in that case10:53
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pevbluelightning: Actually, after all that I'll probably have to re-write ifupdown anyway... :-/11:04
pevbluelightning: I need to do RFC5227 (ish) conflict detection and will prob be better off managing directly looking at it...11:06
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lpapphi, is it expected that SPL is not built when building u-boot?11:36
lpappI should set the SPL_BINARY variable, or why it is empty by default?11:41
lpapp -> based on this, it should run make foo; make all where "foo" is my target, right?11:48
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lpappWARNING: Host distribution "Unknown" has not been validated with this version of the build system; you may possibly experience unexpected failures. It is recommended that you use a tested distribution. -> hmm, using debian 7.0 wheezy, and /etc/issue contains that properly. Why am I still getting such a warning then with dylan?12:28
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rburtonlpapp: install lsb-release12:37
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lpapprburton: it is.12:37
rburtoniirc, the old code reads /etc/debian_version, and the new code reads the LSB release files12:38
rburtonso i presume you've base-files installed12:38
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lpapprburton: I am getting loads of these license warnigns as well:
lpappthat might be related to the unknown distribution?12:45
rburtonlpapp: nope, the distro warning is a one-off sanity that has no bearing on anything else.  *do* those files exist?12:46
lpapprburton: I will check in a few hours when the build is over12:48
lpappoh, I can do that with a trick now, too.12:49
lpappyes, those files do exist.12:49
rburtonperms right?12:49
rburtonthat codepath clearly needs better error handling12:49
lpappI raised two months ago12:49
lpapprburton: 064412:50
rburtoni suspect the target directory has bad perms then12:50
rburtonwherever that is12:50
rburtoneasily debugging your end by putting a print statement into license.bbclass to find out where its trying to write, and then checking the perms of that directory.12:51
lpapprburton: what statement?12:53
rburtoncopy_license_files has that message in12:54
lpapprburton: wouldn't it be enough to check the target directory permission? Isn't that somewhat "static" we can do with a print?12:59
rburtonyes, exactly that12:59
rburtonthrow a print in to get the path its writing to, and then check the perms12:59
lpappthe problem is that the process is running, and I cannot throw.13:00
lpappthat is why I thought just checking with ls -l would be possible for now before the long build finishes.13:00
rburtona single control-c will abort the build cleanly (letting the current tasks finish) if you want to look at it now, or you can trace back and determine where its writing to.13:01
Krz-can I have gcc installed by default in my uclibc image?13:02
lpapprburton: ok, the process has now just finished.13:05
bluelightningKrz-: certaily, should just be a matter of adding "gcc" to IMAGE_INSTALL13:05
lpapphow can I retrigger it with /clean/ state?13:05
lpappto get the warnings again withour hours of rebuilding.13:05
bluelightningKrz-: you may also want "gcc-symlinks", not sure13:06
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rburtonlpapp: new tmpdir, share sstate, will be very quick.13:09
rburtondepends if the error happens every build or not13:09
rburtonas i've never seen it, i can't comment13:09
lpapprburton: hmm, I was wrong.13:09
lpapprburton: print('Test: %' %destdir) did not print out anything. :/13:10
lpappyet, I am getting the warnings if I just run "bitbake core-image-minimal" without the clean up.13:10
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rburtonuse bb.warn, maybe the prints are getting sucked into a log file13:11
lpapprburton: right, that works.13:14
lpapp644 on the printed folders.13:14
lpappis that wrong?13:14
lpapphmm, it is.13:14
lpappit should have the executable bit, maybe.13:14
lpappI do not know if bitbake steps into or not.13:15
rburtonyeah, directories with +x are pretty useless13:15
lpappbut for getting the file, you have to.13:15
rburtonwithout, even13:15
lpappso why does it have the wrong perms?13:15
lpappAnyway, sounds like a bugreport for error reporting.13:15
rburtona umask when seriously wrong somewhere.13:15
rburtonyes, file a bug.13:15
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rburtonno idea how to replicate though.13:16
lpapptell me to run the command. :}13:16
lpappthat looks good to me.13:16
lpapprburton: the parent has the executable bit.13:17
lpapprburton: where is destdir created?13:19
rburtonnot sure, sorry.13:20
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lpapprburton: your permission is 755?13:20
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rburtonlpapp: presumably, as you can't do a lot on a directory without x bits13:21
lpapp132 def copy_license_files(lic_files_paths, destdir):13:22
lpapp133     bb.warn('TEST: %s' %destdir)13:22
lpapp134     bb.mkdirhier(destdir)13:22
lpappah, hierarchy, not the german "hier" (here)13:22
lpapprburton: well, I would still encourage to double check.13:22
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rburtonlpapp: you'll need to tell me what directory its poking at then13:23
lpappI can copy files out of 644 folders when doing a quick test on my host.13:23
lpappas a simple user in my home folder.13:23
lpapp -> here is the proof.13:24
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lpapprburton: e.g., /home/lpapp/Projects/polatis/Yocto/poky-dylan-9.0.1/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/libgpg-error-native/1.11-r0/license-destdir/libgpg-error-native13:25
lpappsuch things.13:25
lpappbb.copyfile looks ok to me at first.13:28
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lpapp(it seems to handle any error case)13:30
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otaviosgw_: I am looking at u-boot build failure in meta-fsl-arm13:37
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ant_workzeddii: already working on 3.12-rc with linux-yocto-dev?14:01
zeddiiyep. should be out in a day or so. finishing up some 3.10 bug squashing as well.14:04
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jackmitchellhmm, is there any documentation anywhere on setting the default shell?15:44
jackmitchellor is it just a matter of overriding the ALTERNATIVE_* variables, as is done in the bash recipe?15:45
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bluelightningjackmitchell: surely that's a per-user setting, i.e /etc/passwd ?15:55
jackmitchellbluelightning: I'm looking to change /bin/sh -> /bin/bash to /bin/sh -> /bin/sh so it needs to be done at the time the symlink is created15:56
jackmitchellsorry, I meant /bin/sh -> busybox15:56
bluelightningjackmitchell: I see, in that case you'd have to either set the alternative priorities so busybox was above bash for /bin/sh or call update-alternatives manually to switch over to busybox in a shell function called by ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND15:57
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jackmitchellbluelightning: ok, I've just done a build with ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITIES overidden in a bash bbappend to be less than the default busybox, so I will see if that has worked15:58
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jackmitchellbluelightning: hmm, no such luck; is it possible to override a VAR = x, with another VAR = x16:02
jackmitchellor should the recipe be var ?= x, and then I override with var =x16:02
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bluelightningjackmitchell: if the statement you are adding follows the original in parse order (and if it's in a bbappend, it always will) yours will take effect if both are = or the original is ?= (or ??= for that matter)16:03
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jackmitchellbluelightning: ok that worked, thanks for the help16:15
bluelightningjackmitchell: ah, it sounded like it didn't earlier, what did you do differently the second time?16:15
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josh-adtec_Hi, I am trying to write a recipe to include libjsoncpp into the list of packages available to Yocto.  I downloaded the source tar from sourceforge ( but it is compiled using scons.  Since I am both a yocto and a python newbie, I do not know how to write the do_install portion of the recipe.  I appreciate any help I can get.17:24
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josh-adtec_The libjsoncpp README says to install I should run $ python platform=linux-gcc.  I added this to my but I get the following error while making the image:17:36
josh-adtec_Error: libjsoncpp not found in the base feeds (wandboard_quad cortexa9hf-vfp-neon cortexa9hf-vfp armv7ahf-vfp-neon armv7ahf-vfp armv6hf-vfp armv5ehf-vfp armv5hf-vfp noarch any all).17:36
bluelightningjosh-adtec_: so if your recipe inherits scons then it should have a proper do_install already17:37
bluelightningjosh-adtec_: the error you're getting is almost certainly because the package is empty and therefore not produced17:37
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josh-adtec_oh okay.  How might I fix that?  So if I inherit do_install, I can just leave that portion blank?17:39
bluelightningjosh-adtec_: if you inherit scons, you shouldn't need to define your own do_install in the recipe as far as I can see17:39
josh-adtec_I guess that makes sense.  From what I read about scons, it just checks if anything is out of date and rebuilds17:40
josh-adtec_I just have to figure out why the package is empty.  My SRC_URI is from "".  I know the specific version is often set as a variable, but I didn't want to do that until I can get this version to compile.  Is that something I should change now?17:41
bluelightningjosh-adtec_: could you use pastebin to show the contents of the recipe you are using to build this?17:42
josh-adtec_Sure, although it is sort of in pieces now17:43
josh-adtec_I also had issues with the license checksum, which is why it is currently set as "closed".17:44
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bluelightningjosh-adtec_: so your recipe is called ?17:46
josh-adtec_No, I called it  Is that my problem?  S = "${WORKDIR}/libjsoncpp" ?17:47
bluelightningS is definitely not set correctly, it needs to match the contents of the archive17:48
bluelightningjosh-adtec_: looking in the archive it contains a subdirectory "jsoncpp-src-0.6.0-rc2", so you should have S = "${WORKDIR}/jsoncpp-src-0.6.0-rc2"17:49
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bluelightningjosh-adtec_: add "inherit scons" and you should get a bit further17:49
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josh-adtec_Here are the changes I made:
josh-adtec_I now get the error:  scons: Reading SConscript files ...     You must specify a "platform"17:53
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josh-adtec_would you have any idea where I should specify the platform for scons?17:58
josh-adtec_I tried do_install(){ scons -f S/SConstruct platform=linux-gcc} but that results in the same error message.18:00
bluelightningjosh-adtec_: add any extra arguments you need to EXTRA_OESCONS18:00
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josh-adtec_could you explain what you mean by "add any extra arguments you need to EXTRA_OESCONS"?  Is this a variable that I set?18:09
josh-adtec_For instance, would I do EXTRA_OESCONS = "scons -f S/SConstruct platform=linux-gcc"18:09
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RPseebs: any chance on sorting out pseudo or should I patch what we have?21:35
JaMaYou attempted to reach, but the server presented an invalid certificate.21:38
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ant_homeJaMa: I've heard yesterday on irc about problems on Gentoo64 with pseudo. Example given was dbus21:55
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JaMaant_home: issues like what?21:57
JaMaI see the same issues on gentoo64 as ubuntu6421:57
ant_home<nerdboy> example being dbus do_install trying to chown messagebus:messagebus blah blah21:58
ant_homenerdboy> ubuntu works fine, gentoo barfs21:58
ant_homewas #oe yesterday night21:58
JaMathis works for me in gentoo21:59
JaMabiggest issue I know about has now patch in master, thanks RP/seebs22:00
ant_homeI see22:01
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #273 of nightly is complete: Exception [exception interrupted] Build details are at
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ftonelloanyone realised that when using smart upgrade <package> smart doesn't remove the old package? It only installs the new package on top23:50
ftonelloso if the package has a update-rc script, it will not be removed..23:50
ftonelloany ideas on how to fix it?23:50
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