Thursday, 2013-10-10

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mckoangood morning07:24
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #96 of eclipse-plugin-juno is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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bluelightningmorning all08:58
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n01guys, any suggestion on how to generate a custom tarball with inside rootfs, modules, kernel, and such?09:56
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ndecn01: it's not quite clear what you want to do.09:58
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n01ndec: now in deploy dir I have separate files for rootfs,modules,u-boot,kernel ... what I want is having as output one single tarball containing pretty much everything10:02
ndecn01: you can define IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_CMD that runs after the image is done.10:02
ndecyou should be able to combine them from this function10:03
n01ndec: tnx10:05
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zaifWhen I add 'Libeigen' to my image, then build fails. It says 'Function failed: do_rootfs' and 'Unable to resolve package libeigen | ERROR: some packages were missing'. Any idea where I am doing wrong?12:06
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JaMadid you use capital L in IMAGE_INSTALL?12:09
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n01any idea why using core-image-minimal my kernel isn't copied in /boot?12:20
n01nvm, solved12:25
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beuhdoes anyone already have this issue with perl? Can't locate in @INC (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/lib/perl/site_perl/5.14.3/ .........12:59
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zaifWhen I add 'libeigen' to my image, then build fails. It says 'Function failed: do_rootfs' and 'Unable to resolve package libeigen | ERROR: some packages were missing'. Any idea where I am doing wrong?13:08
rburtonthe library probably gets renamed to libeigen1 or something, after the soname13:17
rburtonhave a look in tmp/deploy/(rpm/ipk/deb) and you'll see the final package names13:17
zaif:rburton: libeigen.rpm is empty13:23
zaifit looks like the package is not downloaded.13:23
rburtonsounds like your recipe isn't building what you expect13:24
rburtonif you have bb, use bb contents libeigen13:24
rburtonotherwise, you can look in tmp/work/[machine]/.../packages-split/13:25
rburtonto see what went where13:25
oneQubitI'm getting a .so in my -dev package, any things that I can quickly check?13:32
Garibaldi|workoneQubit: is that unusual?13:38
oneQubitGaribaldi|work, yes, it should be in the main package (this is a new recipe)13:38
oneQubitI've even tried manually adding it FILES_${PN}13:38
Garibaldi|workoneQubit: by default, .so files go in the -dev package13:42
Garibaldi| would go in ${P}13:42
Garibaldi|workwhere X is some version number13:42
Garibaldi|workit is changable, but you'd be going outside the norm to do it13:44
oneQubitahhh, yes, I see now (been a while since I've been playing with library recipes). There's no version numbers, so the .so isn't a link, it's the library itself13:44
oneQubithow should I fix it? rename the .so to .so.0, or somehow force the library into ${P}?13:46
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rburtonif its a *library* you tell the authors to version their library13:48
rburtonif its a module then you can unset FILES_${PN}-dev to ignore it13:48
oneQubitit's a gnuradio Out of Tree module13:49
oneQubitso I guess that answers that13:51
oneQubitCrofton|work, I'm curious your opinion since this is sure to come up sooner or later, for gnuradio OOT modules should we nix -dev?13:53
n01in my machine file I have defined KERNEL_DEVICETREE and the dtb is correcly generated. the problem is that it is not copied in /boot as indicated in do_install_append() in linux-dtb.inc13:53
n01in my kernel recipe I have  require recipes-kernel/linux/linux-dtb.inc13:54
Crofton|workhmm, I need to see a recipe and see what happens :)13:54
Crofton|workI also need to review
Crofton|worksemi afk atm13:55
oneQubitooh, nice commit, gonna be a lot nicer13:58
Crofton|workdrop PR btw14:00
oneQubitCrofton|work, disregard the pastbin,
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TuTizzn01, IMAGE_INSTALL += " \${CORE_IMAGE_BASE_INSTALL} \ install uImage in /boot for me14:09
n01TuTizz: I solved for u-boot now the problem is dtb14:10
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zaifrburton: under tmp/work/[machine]/.../packages-split/ libeigen dir is empty and in 'libeigen-dev' source is extracted.14:16
zaiflibeigen-dbg is also empty14:16
jackmitchellwhat is the easiest way to provide a root password? Override the shadow file?14:19
rburtonzaif: so have a look in package/ and see what got installed, and see if anything is missing.  sounds like your do_install is broken.14:22
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zaifrbuton: what is package/ path? (Sorry for basic question) and how do i repair do_install?14:37
rburtonpackage/ is alongside packages-split14:38
zaifrbuton: in /package these files are present /usr, /include, /eigen3, /Eigen(Source is extracted here)14:40
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zaifSource I mean /src files14:42
rburtonso you probably need to package /eigen3 into your package, in FILES_*14:44
rburtonyou should have got a warning about that14:44
rburtonalso installing into /eigen3 is horrible.14:45
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zaifin .bb FILES_${PN} = "${includedir} ${libdir}"14:46
zaifis it here I need to make changes?14:46
rburtonassuming you can't stop it putting files into /eigen3/, yes14:46
zaifso, i guess i should change it to this: FILES_${PN} = "${includedir}14:49
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tlwoerner"OpenWRT, the most used Linux distribution for embedded devices" ??15:57
bluelightning_hmm, seems a little bit optimistic16:00
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bluelightningI wonder if you could practically measure that...16:00
bluelightningit wouldn't be easy16:00
rburtonthis is why we need to get a ntp pool for yocto16:02
rburtonso every instance pings that16:02
tlwoernerand if you have an embedded board running linux what would be the purpose of tacking on the atmega on the side?16:02
tlwoernerrburton: that'd only work if the target device is network enabled, and can route to the internet16:03
rburtontlwoerner: sure, but it would set an interesting lower bound16:03
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tlwoerner(not that i'd be in favour of this, but...) maybe a modification to the build so that it pings something with every run of "bitbake"?16:03
tlwoernerhook into do_rootfs :-)16:04
rburtonthat doesn't tell you how many deployments that bitbake run caused16:04
tlwoernerrburton: true, if you wanted to count deployments. if you wanted a "feel" for how much it's "used", however... :-)16:05
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Crofton|worklook at hits omn the source mirrors :)16:54
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mr_sciencebluelightning: apparently there's some clean-up to do17:41
mr_scienceprobably should've scrubbed the recipe first...17:41
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bluelightningmr_science: no problem at all17:42
mr_sciencei followed the patch submission stuff from that link you provided bu apparently there are some issues there too17:44
mr_scienceso maybe you could explain a couple of those comments later?17:44
bluelightningah, sure17:48
bluelightningI have to get a train home now but will be online later17:48
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mr_sciencei'll be at work for several hours...17:50
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otavioHi there; how I can make a 'class' to be picked from a layer, not poky one?18:04
otavioit is not working in my case18:04
kergothjust put it in classesa nd mkae sure your layer.conf is correct (adds layer to BBPATH)18:10
kergothand make sure its priority is higher18:10
kergotherm, no, make sure its before poky in BBLAYERS18:10
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otaviokergoth: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh18:24
otaviokergoth: so classes does not respect the priority right?18:24
otaviobad bad bad :-(18:24
mario-goulartIsn't the priority for recipe files? (assuming you are talking about BBFILE_PRIORITY)18:26
evanptlwoerner: bitbake already phones home when you use it--the I-can-download-something sanity check18:27
tlwoernerevanp: good point. are these "phone home" stats available somewhere?18:29
kergothyeah, layer priority only controls recipes and bbappend order, conf/classes obey BBLAYERS order18:31
kergothotavio: at mentor, our setup scripts control the included layers, and it automatically reorders them by recipe priority, to avoid this, but that has other complications..18:32
otavioOh got it18:33
otavioother? which?18:33
kergothwell, it means manual bblayers.conf editing wouldn't get reordered, since its done at a layer above/before bitbake, so it forces us to use the setup script interface to add additional layers18:33
otaviokergoth: mind to share more info?18:34
kergoth - uses a glob pattern and a list of default and additional layer names, along with the machine name, to determine what layers to include, then handles their dependencies (auto-includes dependent layers where appropriate) and reorders by priority18:35
kergothstill not 100% happy with it, but it's working for now. uses it18:35
kergothi'd rather avoid the 'locate hte layers that include this machine .conf' logic in favor of including all the bsp layers, but not all bsp layers work well with others :)18:36
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otaviokergoth: cool; will check it :-) thanks a lot18:41
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ant_homehere with default distro:23:09
ant_homeWARNING: The recipe shadow-native is trying to install files into a shared area when those files already exist. Those files and their manifest location are:23:09
ant_home   /oe/oe-core/build/tmp-eglibc/sysroots/i686-linux/bin/login23:09
ant_home   Matched in manifest-i686-util-linux-native23:09
ant_homePlease verify which package should provide the above files.23:09
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