Monday, 2013-10-14

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RPCrofton|work: no ;-)07:07
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elbcrburton: hi !07:48
rburtonhi elbc07:50
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elbcrburton: I'm able to launch a core-image-weston with wayland/weston 1.3.0 but to do this, I had to remove weston-examples for and to modify the init script of weston-init (because systemd was not able to execute the weston command but can only execute the weston-launch -u user command) . so my question is : what do I have to push exactly for patching ?07:51
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rburtonelbc: the weston 1.3 release notes says that that there's a new option for installing examples08:00
elbcrburton:  just the commit relating to weston and wayland .bb files or do I have to push my changes for the init script and for the file, I aske because it is a little confusing for me08:00
elbcok I'll take a look08:00
elbcrburton: and for the init script ?08:00
rburtonfeel free to send me everything you have as patches and i'll sort through it08:01
elbcok thanks !08:01
zaifrburton: what is the similar of ~/oe/ in Yocto?08:02
elbcrburton: where did you found the 1.3.0 notes ?08:02
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elbcrburton: did you find sorry08:03
zaifrburon: I was following this link( for dsp and it says to save the downloaded files in /recipes08:04
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ant_workrburton: hi there08:08
ant_workrburton: do you remember we talked about qvga? I discovered I lacked a remote MACHINE_FEATURE qvga used by sato.08:09
ant_workrburton: oh, and about formfactor, do you remember where are/were used DISPLAY_DPI and DISPLAY_SUBPIXEL_ORDER ?08:10
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mckoangood morning08:15
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rburtonant_work: my hunch is those were only used by kdrive08:22
ant_workas I suspected08:23
ant_workis there any possible future use wrt DPI / aliasing? Can we remove that vars and have the PPI calculated on the fly?08:24
ant_workthe sibling question is: do we still need to provide an xorg.conf or is now automagically recreated?08:24
rburtonant_work: xserver doesn't need xorg.conf08:25
ant_work(sorry, I'm not up to-date, I don't spend any time in userland nowadays...)08:25
rburtonant_work: it can auto-detect all HW so you only need it if you have stupid drivers (EMGD...) or need to override specific options08:25
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zaifrburton: Hi,08:27
zaifI was following this link( for dsp and it says to save the downloaded files in /recipes, what is the similar of ~/oe/ in Yocto?08:27
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rburtonzaif: if it's saying to use recipes/ then it's quite likely the recipe will need to be ported anyway08:32
rburtonzaif: but oe-classic recipes/ is just anywhere in a recipes- directory in yocto systems08:33
ant_workrburton: I guess we needed xorg.conf for i.e. Option          "Rotate"                "CW"08:34
ant_workrburton: this should take DISPLAY_ORIENTATION08:35
rburtonant_work: is it machine-specific?  then a machine-specific config fragment in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/rotate-display.conf would make just as much sense.08:35
zaifrburton: do I need to save the downloaded files in ~/yocto/build/downloads? and bitbake it?08:36
ant_workrburton: heh, I fear tehre are different layers of dust to clean here...08:36
rburtonzaif: if by downloaded files you mean sources, i guess so08:36
* rburton -> get dressed08:37
rburtoni only walked by to turn the computer on08:37
zaifrburton: ok08:37
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zaifHi all, After adding meta-ti to bblayers.conf, i get no recipes available error for these recipes: mesa_git.bbappend, mesa_9.1.6.bbappend, init-ifupdown_1.0.bbappend09:25
zaifadded this path: require yocto/poky/meta-ti/recipes-graphics/mesa-omap3-common.inc09:25
zaifwhere am I doing wrong?09:26
rburtonthose are in oe-core, so you must have accidently deleted meta/ from your bblayers.conf09:27
zaifrburton: no meta\ exists in my bblayers.conf.09:28
rburtonthat's the problem then09:29
rburtonare you using poky, or oe-core+bitbake, or what?09:29
zaifi meant yes, the meta\ exists in bblayers.conf09:32
zaifi am using poky09:32
zaifsorry for the confusion09:32
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rburtonso then I predict you are using an old release of poky, but meta-ti from git master.09:39
zaifrbuton: I built poky from github(, 1 week ago, deleted meta-ti and added meta-ti separately from
rburtonzaif: that's a rather old poky release09:44
rburtonthe release was called danny, so you want to use the danny branch of meta-ti09:44
rburtonthough why did you delete and re-add meta-ti?09:44
zaifbefore building meta-ti, i thought if i clone the latest then it will be updated09:45
zaifrburton: gumstix-yoctoproject-repo is old? or meta-ti is old?09:47
rburtongumstix-yoctoproject-repo is pulling an old release of poky09:47
rburtonand presumably a matching meta-ti09:47
rburtonif you want a newer meta-ti then you'll want to update poky to match.09:48
zaifwhere can I pull the updated/latest version of poky?09:49
zaiffrom yocto website?09:50
rburtonthe poky directory that repo created is a clone from yocto. do a fetch in there09:53
rburtonthen you can checkout either origin/dora (about to be released) or origin/dylan (latest release), checking out the same branch in meta-ti09:53
pevMorning all! Is there a quick and dirty way in yocto to enable sparse?09:53
pevAnd is anyone going to the Edinburgh do? I'm considering heading up!09:54
zaifrbuton: ok. Thank You. no recipes available error was solved when i added meta-ti from danny(I am using poky-danny). I will do the fetch.09:55
rburtonzaif: if you have no reason to use master, then danny should work.09:55
rburtonand if that's what gumstix recommend, i'd stick with it09:55
zaifrburton: ok09:55
rburtonpev: lots are heading to edinburgh, as there's a yocto developer day there09:55
pevAce... hopefully will make it - will buy you a pint :-)09:56
pevI was looking at the schedule and thinking I ought to do the "Yocto for dummys" track :-D10:03
beuhhello, is it possible to include file from another layer in a recipe in my custom layer?10:10
beuhbluelightning, thanks10:15
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pevSo anyway... original question : Is sparse (or any other static analysis tool) already integrated into Yocto and easy to just enable or do i need to use them manually, I guess via devshell?10:53
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pevHm, I've got a bbappend that I'm using in my layer to override some kernel defconfig settings from the base layer but for some reason some of the CONFIG_ vars I want to unset don't get unset...? Any ideas or suggestions of directions to look for working examples to see if I've done something obviously silly?11:13
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maxinHi, can somebody please tell why compiling a static binary with x86 toolchain (SDK created by  -c populate_sdk) fails ?11:16
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maxinthis is the failure log while compiling a simple hello world program as static:
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RPmaxin: do you have the staticdev packages installed?12:29
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RPmaxin: looks like its missing libc.a12:29
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maxinRP: sorry, I was out. Thanks! I will check it12:57
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maxinRP:  that did the trick . Thank you very much !13:10
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RPmaxin: great :)13:14
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maxinRP: most of the cross tool-chains support static linking as a default option. Can we do the same for Yocto toolchain as well ?13:16
Daemon404considering static linking doesnt work at all on some of the toolchains...13:18
Daemon404(im looking at you uclibc toolchain)13:18
RPmaxin: Its easy enough to include, it just makes the tarballs a lot bigger and in reality not many people use it13:20
maxinDaemon404: RP:  ok. In that case, can we document this behavior somewhere ?13:21
RPmaxin: I'm sure Scott would love a patch to the manual :)13:22
Daemon404at one point it worked13:22
Daemon404then it didnt13:22
Daemon404maybe it works now13:22
Daemon404We Shall See13:22
Daemon404any documentation would have to probably be a table of "which libcs play nice statically with yocto"13:22
Daemon404i think.13:22
RPDaemon404: uclibc should work but it isn't used by as many people so it sees less exposure :/13:23
Daemon404i know13:24
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Daemon404i used to have a yocto uclibc buildbot for us (libav/ffmpeg)13:24
Daemon404ill check if it works and/or fix it... bring it back13:24
Daemon404s/buildbot/regression testing and buildbot/13:24
maxinRP: will send an update :) Daemon404: I generally don't use uclibc (though used it for a project in the past)13:25
Daemon404ive used it to easy binary pushes in various situations in the past13:25
Daemon404i know its evil...13:25
Daemon404but glibc is more evil13:26
Daemon404btw a request for faq entry: how on earth do you pronounce "poky"13:33
Daemon404pocky or pokey?13:33
bluelightningDaemon404: the former13:33
bluelightningit's definitely a FAQ :)13:33
Daemon404when i interned at WRS, nobody seemed to know.13:34
bluelightningI'm pretty sure Mark, Jeff and Jason know how to pronounce it at least :)13:36
bluelightningand Bruce as well13:36
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gschmottlachIn the Yocto kernel dev guide it mentions you can create a kernel "fragment" file which you can use to change a subset of the kernel configuration file. It seems to imply that you use this to "enable" certain options. What's not clear is if you can use the same mechanism to "disable" a kernel configuration item?13:41
gschmottlachDo the kernel "fragment" files allow you to turn-off an option that's enabled the the defconfig?13:42
bluelightninggschmottlach: you can, it just needs to do: # CONFIG_SOME_VALUE is not set13:42
ant_workmaxin: if it is for a few binaries consider klibc13:42
bluelightninggschmottlach: (just as with a full config)13:43
jackmitchellhaving a quick browse through DISTRO/MACHINE_FEATURES is seems as though ext3 is specificed in a tune file, but is never used anywhere, ext2 exists and is used, but not ext3. Does anyone have any light to shed on this?13:44
maxinant_work: thanks. Haven't looked into klibc yet. here, the project requires static linking for c and c++ projects and the first toolchain version was based on eglibc..13:44
gschmottlachOkay, so effectively the fragment file almost has the same syntax a a regular kernel config file . . . but just contains those options you want to tweak (either enable or disable), right?13:45
bluelightninggschmottlach: correct13:45
gschmottlachThanks for the help13:46
ant_workgschmottlach: the syntax is the same, not almost ;)13:46
gschmottlachperfect . . . thank you.13:47
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scedear all i'm facing an issue with mp3 decoder on imx6q board, i found this
yoctiBug 4449: normal, Medium, 1.5, daiane.angolini, RESOLVED FIXED, GStreamer mp3 playback on Nitrogen6X - seg faults13:49
scebut i dont know what is MM13:49
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rburtondoes anyone have a uclibc machine with sdk they can run a five-line C program on?14:05
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Daemon404 <-- is this intentional?14:07
Daemon404meta-toolchain has a hard dep on eglibc?14:07
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bluelightningDaemon404: hmm, how did you select uclibc?14:12
Daemon404$ tail -2 conf/local.conf14:13
Daemon404... too bad i typo'd POKY14:13
* Daemon404 facedesk14:13
Daemon404doesnt matter. still fails the same.14:13
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Daemon404looks like i needed TCLIBC14:16
Daemon404didnt see it in the docs14:16
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bluelightningDaemon404: right, TCLIBC is the way to set it14:22
bluelightningDaemon404: you don't need to set TARGET_OS, that will be set automatically from TCLIBC14:22
bluelightning(TCLIBC replaced POKYLIBC about 3 or 4 releases ago I think)14:22
Daemon404i simply followed the poky handbook (which is the only thing google ever returns for poky documentation14:24
Daemon404which mentions TARGET_OS but not TCLIBC14:24
bluelightninggah, we really must kill that document14:24
bluelightningit is positively ancient14:24
Daemon404perhaps make it more clear *where* the proper document is14:25
Daemon404its very non-obviou14:25
bluelightningthe current documentation is always available from here:
Daemon404i see14:25
Daemon404handbook dominates search results14:25
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Daemon404.. i still cant find te poky documents off what you linked14:27
Daemon404it's a maze of lines14:27
Daemon404that leads nowhere14:27
bluelightningthere is no specific "Poky" manual anymore; the main manuals are the Yocto Project Reference Manual and the Yocto Project Development Manual14:27
Daemon404there it is...14:28
Daemon404Specifies which variant of the GNU standard C library (libc) to use during the build process. This variable replaces POKYLIBC, which is no longer supported.14:28
rburton(which is why the old docs keep on appearing - the current documentation is for Yocto, not Poky)14:28
Daemon404well this is just downright incorrect14:28
Daemon404now all of the libc are gnu14:28
bluelightningwhere the former is a reference for specific variables/classes/features and the latter is more of a task-oriented guide on how to accomplish things14:28
Daemon404rburton, yes but yocto != poky14:28
Daemon404which is my point14:28
Daemon404yocto is a superset14:29
rburtonsure, that's my point too14:29
rburtoni wasn't are tclibc was a GNU project these days14:29
Daemon404tclibc is a local.conf var14:29
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Daemon404set to eglibc or uclibc14:29
bluelightningPoky is the reference build system for the Yocto Project; but information given in the Yocto Project manuals also applies to other systems that are based on the Yocto Project14:29
Daemon404latter sure isnt gnu.14:29
bluelightningthen we should correct that, I'd have to agree14:30
Daemon404wouldn't OE and bitbake be the reference14:30
Daemon404poky is listed as a yocto project.14:31
Daemon404not a "reference"14:31
Daemon404it has it's own site too. with incorrect docs.14:31
Daemon404yocto even links to it in some areas.14:31
Daemon404it's all a bit schizophrenic14:31
rburtonDaemon404: please report any links from yocto to poky you find - they should have all been destroyed14:31
rburtonand the pokylinux site is up for historical purposes, really.14:31
rburtonsome products have only just stopped using pre-yocto poky, believe it or not.14:32
Daemon404it links directly to it14:32
Daemon404and thats is linked directly from tools/resources14:33
rburtonDaemon404: right, but nothing likes from the front page of the poky site to the old poky docs14:34
rburtonah, the quick start link goes to a really old version of the yocto docs14:34
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bluelightningFWIW, I am going to ensure that the old manual is replaced with a link to the new documentation14:35
*** munch <munch!> has joined #yocto14:36
rburtonbluelightning: hopefully that will help the current docs google-juice14:36
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Daemon404RP, tested... static uclibc linking works again in poky git master15:02
RPDaemon404: good to know :)15:08
* Daemon404 ponders on ressurrecting his tilera toolchain or not... likely not due to lack of available hw or emulators15:09
*** darknighte_znc is now known as darknighte15:11
Daemon404i spoke too soon15:19
Daemon404libc.a and libpthread.a have overlapping symbols15:20
Daemon404they both define __errno_location15:20
*** fpaut is now known as fpaut_15:20
Daemon404speak of the devi.15:22
*** ka6sox-away is now known as ka6sox15:24
rburtonelbc: somewhat confused how you made weston compile, unless you edited your sysroot manually15:36
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scottrifhalstead: ping15:37
halsteadHi scottrif15:37
scottrifhalstead: hi - issue with links... I will switch to private messaging15:37
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khemRP: any idea about mulitlib regression reported here
yoctiBug 5333: major, Medium, 1.5.1, laurentiu.palcu, NEW , meta-toolchain: no package provides libc6 >= 2.18 when multilib enabled17:19
khemRP: I am seeing the same on ppc64/x86_64 as well on 1.517:19
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zaifHi all, Does capturing Images using opencv with GUI works on gumstix-console-image? or should I do capture without GUI?17:26
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mr_sciencebluelightning: i updated the nginx recipe but i got lost yesterday building a gnat bootstrap for arm17:32
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dboxAll of the documentation links on are broken.18:17
dboxMost of the links at redirect to the same page.18:24
sgw_halstead: ^^^^18:28
* sgw_ off to swim18:32
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zaifunable to get yocto documentation? all links ref to
*** n01 <n01!> has joined #yocto18:42
rburtonzaif: works for me?18:43
rburtonit doesn't18:44
rburtonhow odd18:44
zaifrburton:ya. searching for getting started manual.18:44
rburtonzaif: you can checkout yocto-docs and build it yourself until its fixed18:45
rburtonjust prodded scott, or maybe it's something halstead needs to fix18:45
*** scottrif <scottrif!~scott-len@> has joined #yocto18:46
zaifrburton. now working18:46
scottrifhalstead: ping18:46
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scottrifhalstead: The links on the page are not working correctly.  Something we did to fix that google search stuff made them not work.  Try going to the doc landing page, clicking on "view all" for current, and then clicking on any particular manual.  You are taken back to the landing page rather than having the manual open up.18:52
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khemRP: I have tried for bug #533319:17
yoctiBug major, Medium, 1.5.1, laurentiu.palcu, NEW , meta-toolchain: no package provides libc6 >= 2.18 when multilib enabled19:17
khembut no use19:17
halsteadscottrif, sgw_ I'll get it fixed.19:21
halsteadscottrif, sgw_ Bad regex repaired.19:22
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halsteaddbox, Doc redirects  are fixed. Thanks!19:26
*** likewise <likewise!> has joined #yocto19:26
dboxgreat, thank you19:31
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scottrifhalstead: thanks!19:47
halsteadAny time.19:47
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sgw_seebs: around?  There might be some minor issues with your binutils alternatives patches20:16
*** hollisb <hollisb!> has joined #yocto20:21
seebsI am around. And I wouldn't be surprised if there were; they have so-far worked for us, but I could have missed stuff.20:22
sgw_seebs: and embedspu did not exist, also your patch synopsis don't have the right format (binutils: ....)20:24
seebsThe and embedspu thing is a Known Issue which I don't know how to correct: Both *could* exist, but may not *always* exist.20:25
seebsThe symlink thing can do this by just creating simlinks for whatever ends up existing, but I can't see a way to do conditional-alternatives.20:26
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seebsSo, if there is a reasonable mechanism for making the alternatives stuff handle embedspu and, I'd be interested in updating it. But I couldn't find one; I don't see any easy way to tell in advance whether the package will produce those.20:40
sgw_seebs: I will take a look also, I can't think of one off the top of my head, but we can't have the warnings.20:41
seebsIt might make sense to just not give WARNINGS for an absent alternative in some cases.20:41
frayyou should be able to figure out if those two items are going to exist "early"20:42
fraythe gold thing I thought was based on a configure argument..20:42
frayand I suspect the embedspu is also based on an arch flag or something20:42
seebsIt might be. Part of the problem is, if there is a definite rule for when they get created, I don't know it... I've never actually seen embedspu, I'm not even sure it ever happens.20:43
frayjust have to put into the python chunk if <condition> .... if <condition> embedspu20:44
seebsYeah. But I don't have any clue what the conditions are. I've never seen either get generated...20:45
sgw_seebs, this was with a world build with qemumips20:46
*** hyei <hyei!~hyei@> has joined #yocto20:47
seebsPretty sure embedspu is for Cell, so it's probably a rare subset of powerpc. We might well be able to just completely ignore it and assume no one will ever care.20:47
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RPkhem: not looked at that one yet...21:20
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