Monday, 2013-11-04

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mrAlmondI've build the sdk using meta-toolchain-sdk target07:51
mrAlmondI've also installed it using the script07:52
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mrAlmondnow how can I install missing headers etc etc using the *dev* tpm packages?07:52
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mrAlmondI can't find documentation for this07:53
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tlwoernermrAlmond: if, instead of using the meta-toolchain-sdk target, you do "bitbake -c populate_sdk <image>" then your sdk will include all the header files and libraries based on the packages contained in <image>08:06
tlwoernerso if you your image contains all the packages you want it to contain, your sdk will contain all the headers etc to match08:06
mrAlmondtlwoerner :so it will create the installer script (self-extracting) with everything inside?08:07
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tlwoerneryes, in $TMPDIR/deploy/sdk, i.e. all the instructions are the same08:09
mrAlmondok this command explained in the documentation?08:10
mrAlmondthank you08:12
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mckoangood morning09:02
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bluelightningmorning all09:37
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Net147bluelightning: moin09:44
bluelightninghi Net14709:45
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Net147bluelightning: documentation for DISK_SIGNATURE still on todo?09:46
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bluelightningNet147: yep09:47
bluelightningNet147: I have a list here, just need to take some time to run through it with Scott09:47
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Net147bluelightning: what would I need to do to arrange for the Qt patches to be cherry picked into the dora branch?09:49
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bluelightningNet147: just post a request (or the backported patches) on the mailing list; mark as [dora] in the subject and CC the dora branch maintainer (Robert Yang <>)09:51
Net147bluelightning: okay, thanks09:51
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lpapphi, how can I run an ssh server on the core image minimal?10:16
beuhlpapp, you can add ssh-server-openssh to IMAGES_FEATURES in your local.conf10:23
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lpappbeuh: so it is not available for a core minimal image?10:30
lpappthat is kinda weird, isn't it?10:30
lpappcore-image seems to have it though.10:31
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beuhlpapp, are you sure that core-image have it? I never build it.10:49
lpappbeuh: yes, I grepped for it.10:49
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beuhlpapp, ok, well all I know is that I add it to my local.conf10:59
lpappbeuh: is it possible to send the ipk over minicom to the board?11:00
lpappbeuh: because I only need the server for a quick verification.11:00
beuhlpapp, never try11:01
lpappbeuh: so if you add it to IMAGE_FEATURES in your local.conf, it will be built for every image you build?11:02
beuhlpapp, yes11:02
beuhlpapp, if you need it juste for one image you can make a .bbapend file11:04
beuh.bbappend *11:04
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lpappStarting Bootlog daemon: bootlogd: cannot allocate pseudo tty: No such file or directory11:11
lpapphmm, that is kinda weird, isn't it11:11
mrAlmondguys, I'm trying to compile qtbase (qt5-layers)...I've added ${LAYERDIR}/qt5-layer/recipes-*/*/*.bbappend to BBFILES in  meta-fsl-arm/conf/layer.conf but now the error is11:13
mrAlmondERROR: No recipes available for11:13
mrAlmondwhat am I missing?11:14
lpappyou are using oooold Qt 5.11:24
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lpappbeuh: how to run the ssh server?11:24
bluelightningmrAlmond: meta-fsl-arm is not matching up with the version of meta-qt5 you are using - check you are using up-to-date versions of the same branch of both11:25
lpappalso, do not use those old versions.11:25
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lpappI guess it is some systemd or sysv service run stuff, but I do not know how....11:26
lpappI have been using systemd for a long while now.11:26
mrAlmondI've repo sync the fsl-community-bsp...this was done 3 weeks ago more or less11:28
mrAlmondnow I've made another repo sync11:28
mrAlmondand now the error is the same but about qtbase_5.1.1.bbappend11:28
lpappoh, simply /etc/init.d/sshd start11:30
mrAlmondlpapp: are you talking to me?11:31
lpapptalking to myself not to exploit others' time. :D11:31
mrAlmondah ok :-)11:31
lpappwell, I am also interested qt 5, namely qt 5.2 in deceber.11:31
lpappso keep stabilizing the layer. :-)11:31
mrAlmondthat would be great11:32
mrAlmondbut now I'm still not able to compile the 5.1.111:32
lpappyou do not have a compilation issue11:33
lpappyou have a packaging issue.11:33
lpappso, are you using the latest commit from git in the corresponding branch?11:33
lpappalso, ask JaMa11:33
lpappmrAlmond: first things first, check what bluelightning said, and reply to that as "done" if done.11:34
lpappthen paste the next error message.11:34
lpapp(or the same if persistent ... )11:34
mrAlmondlet me check11:35
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mrAlmondlpapp : summarizing my steps....I've just done a repo sync to get the latests the qt5 recipe is for qt 5.1.111:42
mrAlmondI guess I've to manually add the qt5 recipes to meta-fsl-arm/conf/layer.conf ? Is this correct?11:43
JaMamrAlmond: no11:43
JaMamrAlmond: you need to add meta-qt5 layer to BBLAYERS in conf/bblayers.conf11:43
mrAlmondI did this begore the repo sync11:44
mrAlmondbut I was getting errors...let me try again11:44
mrAlmondah was the qt5-layer11:44
mrAlmondnot meta-qt511:45
mrAlmondso I need to clone meta-qt5?11:45
JaMaI don't know what fsl-arm is using, what's qt5-layer?11:45
mrAlmondinside meta-fsl-arm there is the qt5-layer directory11:46
JaMaas bluelightning said you need to use compatible versions of all layers (basically the same branch name)11:46
mrAlmondmaybe I've to ask Otavio Salvador who is the official mantainer of that layer11:46
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JaMawhat's in qt5-layer directory? just 2 .bbappend?11:46
JaMathen it's not layer11:47
mrAlmondyes I know :-)11:47
mrAlmondthat's why I was talking about layer.conf11:48
JaMayou need to add meta-qt5 to repo Manifest or clone it manually11:48
JaMa12:45:04 < mrAlmond> ah was the qt5-layer11:48
JaMa12:45:09 < mrAlmond> not meta-qt511:48
JaMawasn't very clear what you mean by that11:48
mrAlmondJaMa : excuse me but I'm still a bit confused about these things11:48
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JaMaI see :)11:48
mrAlmondI thought you know qt5-layer from meta-fsl-arm11:49
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bluelightningJaMa: ok, I fixed the error... thanks12:09
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bluelightning(layer index one)12:09
lpappmrAlmond: why do you not use meta-qt5?12:12
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JaMabluelightning: thanks12:30
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mrAlmondlpapp : I'm using it now12:46
mrAlmondI just wanted to know which was the best option for freescale12:46
mrAlmondbut now I've just find out that meta-qt5 is a replacement for that old recipes12:46
mrAlmondRROR: No recipes available for:   /mnt/sdk/sviluppo/yocto/fsl-community-bsp/sources/meta-qt5/recipes-devtools/cmake/cmake_2.8.12.bbappend12:51
mrAlmondit seems I'm missing something else12:51
lpappwell, cmake should be optional first of all.12:52
lpappsecond, cmake is not shipped by meta-qt5 AFAIK12:52
lpappso make sure bitbake cmake works12:52
mrAlmonddo you mean by simply compliling cmake using bitbake12:53
mrAlmondbitbake cmake gives me the same error12:53
lpappwell, you need to have the layer that provides cmake12:53
lpappand of course it has to come before the meta-qt5 layer in the layer conf12:53
mrAlmondlet me understand...the bbappend are not real recipes12:54
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mrAlmondare just something added to the original recipe?12:54
lpappyou should not have any bbappend12:54
mrAlmondthis exists12:54
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lpappsounds bad to me.12:55
lpappQt5 should be fine with vanilla cmake12:55
mrAlmondcmake is not installed on my dev pc12:56
mrAlmondmust I install it with apt-get ?12:56
mrAlmondmaybe JaMa knows...what about the cmake issue I'm having with qtbase?13:00
mrAlmondERROR: No recipes available for:   /mnt/sdk/sviluppo/yocto/fsl-community-bsp/sources/meta-qt5/recipes-devtools/cmake/cmake_2.8.12.bbappend13:01
lpappI have no idea what you are talking about. :D13:01
lpappI think that cmake patch is some native stuff.13:02
JaMamrAlmond: you're using meta-qt5/master and older oe-core13:03
JaMalpapp: it isn't read what the .bbappend does13:04
lpappJaMa: I was just wondering what that is for.13:04
JaMamrAlmond: you need oe-core version which has (which is master branch) you probably have dora or older which has only 2.8.11.bb13:04
JaMamrAlmond: if you have oe-core/dora, then you should use meta-qt5/dora13:05
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Krz-hi all13:23
Krz-in one of my recipes I have: DEPENDS_libc_uclibc += "libiconv"13:23
Krz-which doesn't trigger libiconv build for TCLIBC = "uclibc"13:24
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Krz-in other words - this DEPENDS line doesn't work for me13:24
Krz-any suggestions?13:24
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RPKrz-: try DEPENDS_append_libc_uclibc = " libiconv"13:29
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RPKrz-: you could also try DEPENDS += "virtual/libiconv"13:30
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mrAlmondJaMa : I'm currently using this repo that as cmake
mrAlmondmeta-qt5 master needs cmake 2.8.1213:33
mrAlmondhow can I stay aligned with that freescale repo using meta-qt5?13:34
mrAlmonddo I simply need to tell meta-qt5 to use cmake ?13:34
JaMamrAlmond: you need to use compatile branch of meta-qt513:38
JaMawhich is dora in your case13:38
JaMaif you're using dora branch of
mrAlmondI should be on can I check it from ly local copy?13:39
Krz-RP: if I do DEPENDS += "virtual/libiconv" it means my recipe will not try to build libiconv for eglibc build?13:39
mrAlmondmy local copy13:39
JaMagit branch13:40
RPKrz-: for eglibc isn't virtual/libiconv provided by eglibc?13:40
Krz-RP: I have no idea what virtual/ means, but for eglibc builds libiconv doesn't exist - eglibc provides functionality of libiconv on its own13:41
Krz-RP: so my target is to have DEPENDS statement which will trigger libiconv only for uclibc build. If my layer tries to build libiconv for eglibc - then build fails13:42
RPKrz-: recipes-core/eglibc/ += "virtual/libintl virtual/libiconv"13:42
RPKrz-: conf/distro/include/ ?= "eglibc"13:42
mrAlmondJaMa : in repo manifest there is <default sync-j="4" revision="dora"/>13:42
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Krz-RP: so DEPENDS += "virtual/libiconv" is Yocto way to go?13:43
mrAlmondall references are to "dora"13:43
RPKrz-: yes13:44
Krz-RP: cool, thanks13:45
mrAlmondJaMa :
mrAlmondcmake version of dora is
mrAlmondah excuse me13:50
mrAlmondnow I understand...13:50
mrAlmondI must switch to meta-qt5 dora13:50
mrAlmondnow it's compiling...thanks!!13:55
Krz-RP: btw. using += vs _append, which one is better? As I read in local.conf documentation it's better to use _append since it guarantees contents to get to variable, whereas += not always. Is that correct?13:59
j8i want a conditional based on IMAGE_INSTALL inside of a recipe task. checking it with base_contains is not working... any other methods?13:59
bluelightningj8: if you mean you want to do something different in another recipe depending on what your image recipe specifies for IMAGE_INSTALL, you can't do that14:00
bluelightningj8: can you elaborate on what you want to do? it's likely there is another way to accomplish the same thing14:01
RPKrz-: its all about context. += appends to any existing variable but can be overridden later by overrides14:03
j8bluelightning: I need to create a symlink to the bzImage-* in /boot for grub. i wanted to do this with that conditional14:03
bluelightningj8: ok, I would suggest doing that as part of postprocessing; i.e. in your image recipe create a shell function to create the symlink and then add that function to ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND14:05
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lpappwhy is Yocto using /var/volatile for fstab by default?15:14
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otaviolpapp: this is the choosen default; you can override it15:31
lpappI mean, I worked for Fremantle and Harmattan, Meego, etc15:32
lpappbut never seen this before.15:32
lpappI believe we used /var/tmp and /tmp there.15:32
lpappis there any other system outside Yocto using this?15:32
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otaviolpapp: OE ;-)17:47
lpappotavio: anything else than oe/yocto/poky?17:48
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Croftonzeddii, perf sucks:
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Croftonseems like older kernel newer gcc issue19:20
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brmHi Guys, good morning!21:11
brmDoes anyone know why my c_can module does not get included in the rootfs?21:12
brmI have : MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS += "kernel-module-can-dev" MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS += "kernel-module-c_can" in my .conf file21:12
brmbut only can-dev ends up in rootfs21:12
brmboth are built as kernel modules and end up in the modules* tarball ok21:13
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mr_sciencebrm: one works and the other doesn't?21:18
kergothhmm, grub-efi-native doesn't build on centos5, it seems21:20
kergothgrub-setup.c:797: error: 'struct fiemap' has no member named 'fm_extents'21:20
* kergoth digs21:20
brmdoing a search for kernel-module-can-dev in the linux tree shows it there, but only "c_can", it doesn't have the kernel-module- bit ...21:21
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brmmr_science: what do you think21:23
sgw_kergoth: got it be related to gcc-multilib?21:24
kergothseems unlikely, the header lives in /usr/include/linux/, i'm guessing grub 2.0 might have a minimum kernel version that isn't met by the host21:25
* kergoth shrugs21:25
mr_sciencekergoth: kernel version on the host?21:29
mr_sciencegrub2 builds fine with newer kernels21:29
mr_science3.9, 3.10, etc21:30
mr_sciencebrm: not sure i have a thought, other than "that's weird..."21:30
kergothmr_science: centos 5 is ancient :)21:31
kergothi mean ancient. thats its value, in that we know that any native/cross sstates built there will work anywhere :)21:31
kergoth2.6.18 kernel :)21:31
mr_sciencedamn, that is old...21:33
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kergothkeeping it building has involved a number of hacks here and there, but i think this one might finally be the deal breaker for us, might have to switch to a different distro for our automated build systems21:39
mr_scienceeasy to use multiple kernels/bootloaders/toolchains on Gentoo21:42
mr_sciencejust sayin'...21:42
mr_sciencedamn, too many stale versions of json-c lying around...21:48
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j8how does one change boot root mount options?22:40
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j8the yocto kernel (initrd?) doesn't like me passing rootfs=relatime via grub - it kernel panics22:55
ant_homedoesn't seem a valid kernel parameter to me...22:57
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j8oops, i meant rootflags=relatime22:59
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kergothHmm, centos6 is listed as supported, but it really can't be without a buildtools-tarball or python-tarball, correct?23:43
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bluelightningkergoth: with dora+, correct23:46
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