Thursday, 2013-11-07

mr_sciencekergoth: is that your own custom image doing that?00:00
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* mr_science not so happy with his own custom image/backported ro-rootfs support00:01
kergothmr_science: No, it's the default behavior of sysvinit in oe-core, see
kergothwell, technically I'm using a different solution for systemd, but it's the same concept00:02
kergoth - generates a service file for each copy + bind mount00:03
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mr_sciencehaven't really played with it in oe-core yet00:07
mr_sciencejust stole some of the patches for our arago classic...00:08
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mr_sciencesounds like i should make an rpi image with ro-rootfs00:08
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GusBrickerwhats the difference between meta-toolchain and meta-toolchain-sdk?00:37
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mr_sciencemeta-toolchain-sdk is pretty small, so it has pretty minimal set of headers/libs00:54
mr_scienceif you want an SDK based on a particular image build, then use the do_populate_sdk thing00:54
GusBrickerso if i want to do some kernel development for my platform, should i use meta-toolchain or meta-toolchain-sdk00:55
mr_sciencemeta-toolchain-sdk, but only if it has kernel headers00:55
mr_scienceyou can try bitbake -c do_populate_sdk <image_name>00:56
mr_sciencethat made a 900 MB tarball for my rpi image00:56
GusBrickerwhats diff between that and meta-toolchain-sdk?00:56
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mr_scienceAFAICT meta-toolchain-sdk doesn't care about any particular image00:57
mr_scienceso it's essentially just the toolchain and some small set of system libs/headers00:57
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mr_sciencei've built it but not really played with it yet00:57
GusBrickerok, ill try both and see what i get00:58
mr_scienceyou can download one that i built and unpack it...00:58
mr_scienceif you just want to see what;s in it00:58
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bluelightningmorning all09:36
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LetoThe2ndmourning , too09:40
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mckoangood morning10:28
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linu1hi all i have used poky with meta atmel layer,i have added a bluez-tools package externally,and it compiled properly bitbake bluez-tools,but when i create a rootfs it is not detected in target device like bt-obex... my bb file is  can you tell me the issues10:37
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RPlinu1: you probably need to add those tools into your image10:40
* bluelightning mutters to himself about layers not in the layer index...10:42
linu1RP of course  i have added that package into filesystem image as bitbake root-image,but those binaries are not in the target system10:42
RPlinu1: can you be more specific about how you did that since something clearly isn't working10:44
RPYou'd have thought autotools would be consistent about its cache file format wouldn't you :(10:44
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linu1RP,i just added 4 external packages for my at91sam9x5ek target, bluez-tools,fuse,obexd, obexfs obexftp, i have compiled each package separately like bitbake fuse;bitbake obexftp....., and finaly i created rootfs as bitbake 72xx-sdk,when i try to search bt-adapterbt-device, there are no files in target my bb files
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RPlinu1: did you add these recipes to 72xx-sdk though ?10:55
RPlinu1: you shouldn't have to build them indvidually, if the image depends on them, it will trigger the build of them10:56
linu1RP,ya i forgot to add into 72xx-sdk,i got it..actually i am fresher to poky..thanks RP11:01
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LetoThe2ndis sharing downloads and sstate over all of the system a good or bad idea? even when building for different aches?11:07
rburtona very good idea11:10
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LetoThe2ndrburton: so x86 vs. arm or such is not going to get me into troubles?11:13
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rburtonLetoThe2nd: downloads are obviously architecture independant, and the shared state handles (and numerous other inputs that change the binaries)11:14
LetoThe2ndrburton: would've guessed it for the downloads, but the sstate is not completely in my head by now. thx.11:14
rburtonLetoThe2nd: in fact sstate is *designed* to be shared between builds/machines/etc.11:15
LetoThe2ndrburton: hm ok11:15
LetoThe2ndeven over machines, e.g. several developers, that is?11:16
rburtonhost-specific bits are split into per-distro directories11:17
linu1RP i have added those packages to target rootfs it shows can you help me11:17
LetoThe2ndrburton: ok, i think i get it.11:18
Krz-Hi guys, I have a sysvinit script which does 'while true do ; mybinary ; done' in runlevel 5. I would like to create a stopping behaviour as well, any ideas?11:25
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linu1hi all i have used poky with meta-atmel,i have tried to add obexfs package in my project externaly it shows the error my bb file is can you help me11:56
LetoThe2ndwell find out why the configure failed.11:57
LetoThe2ndit even tell you which log to check.11:58
LetoThe2ndtells, that is.11:58
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linu1LetoThe2nd, you mean this file
LetoThe2ndlinu1: sorry, but why do you always only post error messages, but not read them12:01
LetoThe2ndlinu1: line 64 is very clear about what fails. go check your dependencies.12:02
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OlivierGHi guys... one question regarding dash/bash ... i m getting a "error: Can't install pm-utils-1.4.1-r1@x86_64: no package provides /bin/bash" on do_rootfs.... should bash be added to pm-utils recipe ???12:23
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RPlinu1: what are the names of the packages you're trying to install? Do packages of those names exist in tmp/deploy/{ipk|rpm} ?12:40
StygiaDoes anyone know how I can see which package depends on X package? I get ofonod as part of my image, and I'd rather take it out.12:45
StygiaDoes anyone know how I can search my image to see which recipe ends up depending on it?12:46
linu1RP i have added total four 5 packages 3 packages added successfully and rootfs also created successfully but the obexfs and obexftp even does not compile,i have some issues in bb file12:46
linu1RP i have added total 5 packages 3 packages added successfully and rootfs also created successfully but the obexfs and obexftp even does not compile,i have some issues in bb file12:46
LetoThe2ndlike i said - check the inter-recipe dependencies.12:46
linu1LetoThe2nd, yes i am working on it12:47
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linu1RP yes ussp-push and bluez-tools have ipk in tmp/deploy12:51
zibristygia: try 'bitbake -g <image>' and look at the generated dot file ""12:55
RPlinu1: If the ipk files are there it should be able to install them...12:56
Stygiazibri, Ah, cheers.12:56
Stygiazibri, I looked at that and figured I could use it to see what package X depended on, but I can always grep it for the image itself.12:56
LetoThe2ndRP: from the configure log in linu1's case, it seems that package c does not even get built, because it does not find package a or b. i don't think that the packages directory is the place to search, then.12:58
RPLetoThe2nd: If there is a package missing then that is a different issue, yes. That wasn't clear from the log fragments that I saw :/13:01
LetoThe2nd13:01 < linu1> LetoThe2nd, you mean this file
LetoThe2ndRP ^^^^13:02
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LetoThe2ndrburton: the core-image-minimal-directfb build we talked about yesterday was successful after removing the check. i have no means of checking the result, but shall i file that as a bug then?13:42
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rburtonLetoThe2nd: please do14:09
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kbartIs there any recipe for Python 3?14:16
rburtonkbart: there have been patches sent to oe-core previously, yes14:16
rburtonby otavio, iirc14:17
bluelightningby khem14:17
bluelightningkbart: ^14:19
kbartrburton, bluelightning thank  you both14:21
kbartDo you know by chance if it's ready for use or still under development/experimental?14:21
bluelightninglast I heard it still had some build-time issues14:22
bluelightning(otherwise I think it would have been merged by now)14:22
kbartI see..14:23
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LetoThe2ndrburton: #550414:29
* kergoth yawns and stretches14:35
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parekhHi all, I got gumstix-console-image working very well. Any hints on how to setup wifi? and what recipes should I include for wifi?15:01
rburtonparekh: connman is one option15:01
rburtonor just do the old fashioned way in /etc/network/interfaces15:01
parekhrburton: Ok. Thank You.15:04
parekhrburton: I am unable to see what is inside of a any recipe at When i search for a recipe and when i open it it shows just blank15:06
rburtonparekh: tell bluelightning15:06
bluelightningparekh: can you be more specific?15:07
bluelightningparekh: i.e. can you paste the URL that's showing up blank for you?15:07
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parekhbluelightning: When I open any recipe it shows like this
draskoHi all. If I want to temporarely change u-boot files to try something - where do I make the changes? In STAGE_DIR? In /tmp/work dir?15:14
draskoI.e. which sources are used for compilation?15:14
draskoFound it in /tmp/work...15:15
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bluelightningparekh: hmm, seems like it's a problem with cgit rather than the layer index, if I browse from the root of I see the same problem15:20
parekhbluelightning: ok.15:23
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rumdiskit's pretty quiet in here. i guess that means everything is working the way it should :)19:09
rumdiski've got a bitbake environment question, if anyone has a minute to assist19:10
kergothdon't ask to ask, just ask :)19:11
rumdisk:) i'm trying to get bitbake to not use any data from a users ~/.bashrc file to keep any of their customizations out of the build... i'm checking it with bitbake -c devshell <target>19:13
seebsIRC is usually pretty asynchronous, often it's most effective to post a question and check back a day later. :)19:13
rumdiskmost notably the PATH variable which seems to allow the user's .bashrc file to override any of the bitbake environment19:13
seebsHuh, that's a fascinating question.19:14
seebswell, one thing: .bashrc is run only for interactive shells, in principle.19:14
seebsAnd it may be sort of intentional that a devshell would pick up your normal environment, because otherwise it'll feel broken or unfamiliar.19:15
rumdiskso you are saying that the normal bitbake environment would not have included the .bashrc file?19:15
kergothrumdisk: bitbake already filters the environment heavily. any additions it does to the PATH are prepended, so override what the user had19:15
rumdiskbut the devshell would19:15
kergothso i think this theoretical concern really isn't an issue19:16
Croftonhmm, the adt code needs someone to replace all mentions of poky with oe-core19:16
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rumdiski had assumed that the devshell would operate in the exact environment that bitbake would run in when processing a target (i think i read that in the doc somewhere)19:17
rumdiskupon noticing that the PATH had a prepended adjustment to the path that my .bashrc contains, I became concerned19:18
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kergothI don't really see why that's a concern19:18
rumdiskfor example, if I have ~/bin prepended to the path that contains something like install or make19:19
rumdiskperhaps the full paths are given during the builds and it doesn't rely on path lookups19:20
kergothimo the answer is, if you want sane builds, don't run builds on users that do that, or just plain dont do that19:21
kergothbut you could always override the PATH in your distro or local.conf to a minimized set, if you'd rather do that19:21
rumdiski would agree that overrides in the PATH from .bashrc is probably not best practice... the modification to local.conf hadn't occurred to me. i might do that19:22
mr_scienceboy is it hard to convince some people that windows is a crap platform for judging compliance with external standards19:23
rumdiski'm working on scripting builds in a way that the random user can run them without breaking them because they changed something that seemed like a good idea to them :)19:23
mr_scienceNTP being the current issue...19:24
mr_sciencecan't i even get a "kergoth rolls eyes" for that one?19:25
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kergothrumdisk: If you really want deterministic, reproducible, isolated builds for all engineers, you might consider distributing VMs, or a chroot environment19:31
kergothrumdisk: something to think about, anyway19:31
rumdiskthanks, i'll give it some thought and see where i end up19:32
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jwhitmoreHello all. Is KERNEL_DEFCONFIG only for poky kernels?19:52
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zeddiijwhitmore. no, it isn't for them at all :)20:18
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jwhitmorezeddii: sorry went for food. I'm a bit confused by your answer, sorry. I asked was the variable only for poky to which you replied "no". So I assume it's for them all. But you added that "it isn't for them all" Apologies but can you clarify?21:13
zeddii"poky" is the reference distroy for Yocto.21:13
zeddiithat variable is used by the meta-raspberrypi kernel recipes, and no one else.21:13
zeddiiso that's why the answer was no. it'll only work for that one board layer.21:14
jwhitmoreThanks. I'm having problems with it on the raspberrypi kernel. It basically does.. well it don't seem to do what I tell it.21:14
zeddiithere have been some other threads on the mailing list(s) just recently on just that subject.21:15
zeddiiwhat is it not doing ? not using your config ?21:16
jwhitmorewell the most recent is me ;-)21:16
zeddiithought so :)21:16
zeddiidid I follow up to yours ? I know I replied to one or two ..  but I don't have my sent box handy.21:16
jwhitmoreI just thought I'd check here before I made a fool of myself on the mailing list with a variable that I should not be using21:16
zeddiiif the question is about SRC_URI order/finalization or typical variable overrides .. it applies on the lists. but if it is about the specific handling of it by the recipe, then the raspberrypi lists would be appropriate.21:17
jwhitmoreHmm I would have thought that the poky build system enables a user to configure the build that they're trying to perform and every layer should be consistent with that. If Raspberrypi layer starts doing it's own stuff then should I be reading the yocto documentation or forgetting that as it isn't relevant at all. Maybe the simplest thing would be to install gcc on the raspberrypi and just do the kernel work there. OK so that's 8 hours of a build probab21:20
jwhitmorely ;-)21:20
zeddiiwell that's the thing. if any layer has recipes with routines and special processing of any given part of the recipe .. the core supports that, but if the processing in the recipe doesn't work .. that's the recipe author's that know best.21:22
jwhitmoreAgreed but the raspberrypi kernel recipe is written in a way that precludes changing the config file. What's the sense in that?21:22
zeddiiyou'd have to ask the authors :) I'm only familiar with what is happening in that recipe based on what I've seen asked on the lists.21:23
jwhitmoreI could email the maintainers of that layer. I was just trying to rewrite that recipe to do it the more established way21:24
jwhitmorecross post ;-)21:24
zeddiithe thing about it is .. is that clearly they want you to change the config (hence the variable), but what I'm trying to glean from the list posts is .. has something changed in the base that changed the compute order ?21:24
jwhitmoreI'll email the yocto list and CC them.21:24
jwhitmoretheir recipe has a do config_prepend() which hard codes the config file that they're using. I was trying to change it to use SRC_URI Which is what the hard code. But poky ignored my KERNEL_DEFCONFIG SRC_URI attemt21:26
ant_homezeddii: yes, there are recent quirks with overrides and in some cases it can be painful21:26
jwhitmoreMy thinking was that if their recipe used KERNEL_DEFCONFIG=${SRC_URI}/..... Then my bbappend could override that KERNEL_DEFCONFIG. That sounds like it's how it should work. It's not how it seems to21:28
jwhitmoreI'll post on the list and CC the authors, but thanks you've been very helpful21:29
zeddiijwhitmore, you can cc' me as well if you like, I can poke at things to see if the base changed unexpectedly21:32
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jwhitmoreZeddii: I'm only new on the mailing list so not sure your name to find your email address?21:38
jwhitmorethanks a million!21:38
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mr_sciencedamn do i feel dirty...22:07
* mr_science just had to install NTP on a <shudder> windows box22:08
* kergoth fixes a little update-rc.d bug22:14
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RPant_home: good news, I understand your overrides issue23:13
RPrburton: same bug as you found23:13
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ant_homeRP: great, then fix is coming ;)23:42
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