Friday, 2013-11-15

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mtahmedvmeson: No comments on the email but I found out that the compilers are being set in `meta/conf/*conf` files. Now I need to figure out how to overwrite those variables, and use the new variables.01:20
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mtahmedIf someone has already done something similar, that would have been very helpful.01:23
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vmesonmtahmed: I don't know of anyone who has done this exactly. Certainly people override the open source gcc with a vendor supported one01:37
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kergothwhat are you trying to do exactly?01:38
mtahmedkergoth: Trying to use llvm+clang for oe/poky.01:40
kergothas a crosscompiler toolchain, or native?01:41
mtahmedThe first "goal" could be to try to build core-image-minimal for poky-tiny using llvm+clang. So far, I have been able to compile the clang cross-compiler.01:41
mtahmedAs a cross-compiler toolchain for building the images.01:42
kergothafaik stock clang/llvm doesn't even support easy selection of target and corresponding sysroot yet, hence the existance of projects like ellcc01:42
kergothcould be mistaken, though01:42
kergothI would definitely love to see this as a possibility though. There's definite value in it, both from a tooling perspective, and for folks who are gpl-averse01:42
* vmeson recalls seeing ellcc... a year or two ago but I thought that clang no longer needed that help.01:43
kergothit's also worth noting that neither clang nor llvm replace binutils, there's no pure bsd binutils replacement afaik. there's elftoolchain, which is promising, but it's still missing the assembler and linker. not sure if you care about that or not01:43
kergothclang has an argument to select the target, but i don't know whether or not its smart enough to associate that with the appropriate sysroot for multilib01:44
* kergoth shrugs01:44
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vmesonkergoth:  mtahmed (and I) are just trying to take the first few steps to understand what needs to be done so your comments are certainly helpful.01:45
vmesonmtahmed: (in case you can't use google. :)  )01:45
kergoth apparently has some llvm stuff too, never tried it though01:45
kergothi've started trying to look at this in the past too, mostly was at the information gathering stage though01:45
kergothalso wanted to try using musl instead of eglibc, as an experiment/exercise :)01:45
mtahmedHaha. I already saw that :D. "associate that with the appropriate sysroot for multilib"? I am kind of noob with this stuff right now.01:45
kergoth may be of interest for that01:46
vmesonwe could hard-code some thing for one target arch as an initial proof of concept project since mtahmed has only 4 more weeks of co-op.01:46
kergothyeah, that would work, just a separate toolchain for each target configuration, no multilib01:46
kergothi honestly have no idea what clang's default search paths are for libs & headers, that'd be worth investigating so you know where to put things like crti.o01:47
kergothsounds like a fun project though, good luck with it01:47
kergothwill definitely be curious to hear how it goes01:47
vmeson is still active - that's good. If only they used git!01:48
kergothgit-svn is our friend ;)01:48
kergothremember that you don't need to build llvm+clang in yocto necessarily, a first step could be to find an existing one and alter the external toolchain stuff to grab its C library & headers01:48
kergothcould then move on to the more complex bootstrapping process from there01:49
kergothyour call01:49
kergothbut something to keep in mind01:49
kergothat least that would get you to the point where you'd be able to fix any build failures resulting from the use of clang rather than gcc :)01:49
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mtahmedAre there some small examples of using a non-host compiler for builds?01:56
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kergothnot sure what you mean by that01:57
kergothyocto always uses a non-host compiler for builds01:57
kergothit builds its own crosscompiler01:57
kergothunless you configure it for an external toolchain, e.g. the mentor graphics / codesourcery one (see
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mtahmedWell, I am quite noob. Then are there examples of using an external one?01:58
kergothyou should be able to use that as an example if you wanted to, say, use a prebuilt ellcc rather than trying to get yocto to build llvm+clang01:58
mtahmedOkay I could look at that.01:58
kergothpoky includes an external toolchainc onfiguration right in it01:58
kergothin oe-core01:58
kergothbut it's not well supported, and its a sourcery example, so you're better off using meta-sourcery as an example, i think01:59
mtahmedOkay that would be (much?) easier? Just build clang separately, drop it in somewhere, and use to with the appropriate target arguments?01:59
mtahmedAnd then see where/why I am getting errors (with include paths etc.)02:00
kergothtough to say without digging in in more detail, but from a look at hte musl page, there are quite a few components you'll need to build, which means you'd need recipes for each02:00
* kergoth shrugs02:00
kergothI've never built llvm+clang from scratch myself, so I'm no expert :)02:00
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mtahmedI have experience with llvm+clang ... I am maintaining (some) archlinux packages for it as well.02:01
mtahmedI have little experience with bitbake/yocto/oe/poky stuff though.02:01
mtahmedWhich is what I am seeking help with. And thanks for the tips. I need to save them somewhere now :)02:01
kergothno problem02:02
vmesongit svn clone -s ellcc.git didn't work -- I have a custom git in /usr/local so I'll have to fix:02:11
vmesonRepository has been moved: Repository moved permanently to '/viewvc/svn/ellcc'; please relocate at /usr/local/share/perl/5.14.2/Git/ line 31002:11
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kergothviewvc isn't an svn repository url, afaik, its likely the web browsing interface to it02:26
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kergothper % svn checkout ellcc02:26
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Crofton|workDo you guys have any idea how har dit is to figure out how old OE is :)03:10
Crofton|workThis may be the best date I have:
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kergothCrofton|work: first commit in the bitbake repo, which goes back to the bitkeeper days, is feb 200303:13
kergothi started work on a timeline at one point, but i can't seem to figure out where i put it03:13
Crofton|workfeel free to correct my email to the yocto list :)03:13
kergothat one point i found the ibot irc logs of some of the original discussions, including the debate where we decided to call it 'openembedded' :)03:13
kergothalso some of the old wiki pages out of the wayback machine03:14
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Crofton|workif you find that agina, it would be handy for me to have as a reference03:14
Crofton|workwe've come a long way, but I want to make sure people do not forget the path we took to get here03:15
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vmesonkergoth: oh yeah, thanks. This works: git svn clone ellcc.git or at least started working.. time for sleep.05:10
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brm123Hey guys, anyone know how to patch files that are not in  tmp/work/beaglebone/  I.e nano ... ?07:21
brm123I.e in the arm7... directory ..07:22
nerdboyas in do_patch?07:24
nerdboyyou can sed/awk/manual stuff in SYSROOT/blah but that's definitely a hack07:25
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nerdboywhat exactly do you think you need to do?07:25
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brm123I want to patch nano and put the patch in my layer .. that works ok for other source but not the source to nano ..07:26
nerdboyyou would patch nano with a nano_X.X.bbappend07:28
brm123Or any other source in tmp/work/arm7 ....07:28
nerdboyyou can add custom functions to recipes if really want control07:28
brm123Yep I know, it appears to work, I.e no compile error, but patch is not applied07:28
nerdboybut it sounds like all you need is a small bbappend with a patch file in it07:29
brm123I di that it does not work07:29
nerdboythen something's wrong with the recipe07:29
nerdboywhat does your SRC_URI look like?07:29
brm123I have similar patches for the linux kernel, they all work07:29
nerdboySRC_URI_append and SRC_URI+= should both work07:30
nerdboythe former is probably preferred07:30
brm123SRC_URI += file://parch07:31
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nerdboytry _append instead07:32
nerdboyand don't forget the quotea07:33
brm123Ok, but += works for other .bbapend files07:33
brm123Yep have the quotes07:33
nerdboyseems like a remember a couple of cases where it didn't07:33
nerdboySRC_URI_append = "file://parch"  <=  try that07:34
brm123Ok, will do thanks ..07:34
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mckoangood morning08:44
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TuTizzmorning all08:53
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TuTizzCan someone tell me what is the correct way to modify a *.inc? (I want to remove tiff from Should I create a patch? Can I do that from a *.bbappend?09:04
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draskohi all. When I run bitbake busybox -c menuconfig, ncurses are confused, everything is misaligned09:33
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ndecTuTizz: the .inc in included in the .bb file. so anything you do in .bbappend will indeed have impact on the .inc/.bb file.09:34
ndechowever, the .inc can be included in many .bb files, so you might need to add many .bbappend...09:35
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ndecok, it doesn't seem to be the case for, it's included once.09:36
draskocan it be messed locale?09:37
draskohow to fix this?09:37
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draskoanyone on the channel ?10:08
tobiashdrasko: did you try a different terminal?10:10
draskotobiash, not10:10
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draskoI am trying to find do_meniuconfig() for BUsybox10:10
draskoI do not find it10:10
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tobiashdrasko: it's in cml1.bbclass10:12
draskotobiash, I do not get how for Linux menuconfig works nicely10:12
draskoand for Busybox not10:13
draskosame terminal...10:13
bluelightningmorning all10:13
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draskotobiash, in meta/recipes-core/busybox/ I can see just cml1_do_configure10:18
draskoHowever I can not find where it calls menuconfig10:18
draskoI also can not find where kernel recipes inherit cml110:19
draskoBecause kernel recipes must do something correct, as ncurses is displayed correctly over there.10:19
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tobiashdrasko: the addtask for menuconfig is in the cml1.bbclass which is called by you as you called bitbake with -c menuconfig10:30
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draskotobiash, I can see that. I just can not see where kernel recipes inherist cml1.bbclass10:32
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draskoHi all, I can not see ldd tool in my sdk11:01
draskowhere is it located in yocto11:01
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draskoant_work, would this mean that I;d have to add tools-sdk to my EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES?11:14
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draskoIn order to obtain readelf11:14
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bluelightningJaMa: FYI:
yoctiBug 5546: enhancement, Undecided, ---, paul.eggleton, NEW , Optimise away meta-oe X init mechanism12:10
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JaMabluelightning: thx12:23
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TuTizzthanks ndec. I will try that13:00
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mtahmedkergoth: I was looking at and I was wondering if it's possible to directly add that layer and set EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN to the llvm+clang install?15:19
mtahmedOr would I need to replicate what it does?15:20
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kergothmtahmed: there are likely at least some assumptions in that about the layout ofthe toolchain. you're certainly ewlcomet o try15:47
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mtahmedkergoth: I am trying to understand how the CC, CXX etc. variables are set and how autotools etc. uses them.15:53
mtahmedFrom what I understand so far, recipes include autotools. And it magically builds everything for them using some compiler.15:54
mtahmedI am still trying to understand how it determines what compiler to use etc.15:55
mtahmedI am also trying to see how the PROVIDES/DEPENDS variables work.16:01
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kergothmtahmed: read bitbake.conf in oe-core16:20
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mtahmedkergoth: Alright. I think I did look at that before.16:22
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lexszerohmm. i have a recipe with SRC_URI = "git://git@git-server.local:somerepo;branch=somebranch" and SRCREV="${AUTOREV}". for somewhat reason bitbake runs git fetch file://git@git-server.local:somerepo and it obviously fails. how to fix this? possibly a bug...17:00
lexszerogit-server.local is a valid hostname of our corporate git server17:01
TuTizzhi, when I try to build my image ${CORE_IMAGE_BASE_INSTALL} with INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE = "GPLv3", I got an issue during  do_rootfs : | Processing packagegroup-core-boot... | error: Failed dependencies: is needed by bluez4-4.101-r3.armv7a_vfp_neon. Anyone got an idea?17:01
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:07
LetoThe2ndis this a known thing when trying to eclipse-adt debug against qemuarm? "Could not determine GDB version after sending: gdb --version"17:09
LetoThe2ndrunning works fine, it also seems to start the gdbserver, but fails with the given error message to debug17:09
kergothlexszero: that's not a valid url17:10
kergothlexszero: you can't use a : seprator between a host and path in a url17:10
*** GusBricker <GusBricker!> has joined #yocto17:11
kergothlexszero: change that ot a / and you'll be fine17:11
kergothalso, it sounds like you want ssh protocol, not git://, so add ;protocol=ssh17:11
kergothso git://git@git-server.local/somerepo;protocol=ssh17:11
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lexszerokergoth: thanks, your advice helped. git remote git@git-server.local:somerepo always worked for me, so i thought bitbake will take this too.17:23
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mr_sciencekergoth: do you normally have VM enabled in the kernel even with no physical swap device?17:35
kergothI don't understand the question17:37
*** ddalex <ddalex!~ddalex@> has joined #yocto17:40
mr_scienceapparently our default kernel config has no swap enabled at all17:40
mr_sciencefor the TI8168 machine17:40
mr_sciencewhereas i do enable swap and use zram on an even "smaller" machine17:41
*** roric <roric!> has quit IRC17:41
kergothah. i usually leave it enabled myself, just in case. i doubt there's much impact to doing so17:42
mr_scienceseems like we hit a case where the kernel took a dump and kworker sucked up almost all of the cpu17:48
mr_sciencewasn't me, so it's just anecdotal so far...17:48
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kergothhuh, interesting17:53
mr_sciencedmesg from that machine only shows the TI graphics blob spew and usbnet17:54
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mr_sciencemostly "VPSS_GRPX blah" over and over again...17:55
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* mr_science hates on unsupported TI graphics17:55
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vmesonmtahmed: it's be good to get a github page up now that you have a clang recipe19:11
*** GusBricker <GusBricker!> has joined #yocto19:11
vmesonI'd clone it and build locally so you'd have one user at least. :)19:12
vmesonalso, fyi for anyone following along, fray suggested that mtahmed start with
mtahmedvmeson: I already "forked" poky.19:15
mtahmedBut haven't push my clang recipe there yet.19:15
mtahmedIt's not very clean and just hacked together from the llvm recipe.19:16
mtahmedNot hacked but just coarsely adapted from it.19:16
*** GusBricker <GusBricker!> has quit IRC19:16
mtahmedI will clean it up before I *actually* start using it and then push to my fork.19:17
vmesonmtahmed: good plan! :)  . Ready when you are.19:19
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ccubeI need to change my bootstrap gcc, because 4.8 is not working for me. how can I tell yocto, to use another binary?21:33
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CircuitsoftHello. I'm trying to compile a utility library for my target which uses dlfcn.h, and gcc can't find it.21:53
CircuitsoftIs it supported on eglibc?21:54
mr_scienceshould be21:55
mr_sciencei have /usr/include/dlfcn.h, /usr/include/bits/dlfcn.h, and /usr/include/tcl8.4.19/compat/dlfcn.h in my sysroot (oe-classic)21:56
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