Wednesday, 2013-12-04

otaviorburton: sorry for the delay00:00
otaviorburton: busy those days00:01
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Ramancalling chmod from recipe file07:04
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Ramanis it possible to call chmod from recipe file?07:06
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linuhi i have been using poky with meta-atmel,i used qt4 when i try to build a rootfs it shows me this error can you help me07:39
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luke88How to make ssh_config readonly while packing to rootfs08:08
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erija952_Hello! I'm running yocto on a gumstix - overo board on the dora branch. I'm developing an application that uses bluetooth, and i'm using bluez for this. I've had problems with a crash on both bluez4.101 and  bluez5.11 . The bluez main developer recommended me to upgrade linux kernel version to 3.10.x.09:11
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erija952_Is there a "simple" way of doing that in yocto, without messing every dependency up? (I'm quite new to yocto...)09:12
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bukingtonerija952_, if you're building linux-yocto kernel, you probably want to set PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto variable09:28
g1zer0hi! what package is "depmod" provided by? I want to opkg install kernel-module-<something> on the target but postinstall complains that depmod is missing. Is there any dedicated IMAGE_FEATURE supporting that?09:28
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bukingtonerija952_, see
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erija952_bukington: Thanks for the help! We just found out that there is quite alot of patches on the current kernel for our overo board, so we'll try something else first09:33
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g1zer0ok... my fault! I had an error in my image recipe. now /sbin/depmod is there as expected10:01
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bluelightningmorning all10:40
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luke88How can I make ssh_config read only while packing to rootfs12:02
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Krz-luke88: are you using Linux 'install' command to put sshd_config to /etc/ssh ? if so you can just set proper permissions there12:23
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Krz-trying to build an app called 'xpra'; it's built in a weird way - instead of Makefile12:32
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Krz-so what do I do in compile and build steps just call that script12:32
Krz-unfortunatelly python from host is called instead of Yocto python-native12:32
Krz-what's the trick to force recipe to use Yocto's python instead of the global one?12:33
chocisHi, I could use a little help. Is there a way to RDEPEND on a busybox specific config? For example I would like to craete a recip, that depends on cron, but if I set RDEPEND to cron, then as I understand it will depend on the full version of cron, but in reality I would like to use busybox's internal cron.12:34
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bluelightningchocis: there is no built-in way to check for enabled busybox config options no12:36
Krz-chocis: bluelightning: python anonymous? :)12:38
chocisthnx, ok, then what could be a solution or warning if someone includes my recipe which should depend on cron (in exapmle)12:38
bluelightningKrz-: that would assume you can read it from somewhere without touching busybox's WORKDIR (which wouldn't be correct); I don't think it gets staged anywhere12:38
bluelightningKrz-: in answer to your question, your recipe should inherit perlnative12:39
Krz-bluelightning: on top of that this magic uses not very common extension called 'cython'12:39
bluelightningKrz-: but actually if the recipe uses python setuptools or distutils you should just inherit the class for that and that should take care of running setup.py12:39
Krz-bluelightning: is there any way to add extensions to python-native?12:39
bluelightningKrz-: you'd need a separate recipe for that I think12:40
Krz-bluelightning: like python-cython-native? makes sense12:40
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bluelightningKrz-: there is already a python-cython recipe in meta-oe, presumably you'd just need to BBCLASSEXTEND it to native12:42
Krz-bluelightning: regarding 'setuptools' - I just inherit it and that's it? Don't I need to do sth like '$PYTHON /my/dir/'? Are all variables automatically set after inheriting ?12:43
bluelightningKrz-: no, just inheriting should be enough12:43
Krz-bluelightning: I run yesterday that webbrowser - midori or whatever it is12:44
Krz-bluelightning: works nice, but crashes for some websites12:44
Krz-bluelightning: as for manual - they recommend using eglibc 2.18 :) (mine is 2.17 - dylan)12:45
Krz-bluelightning: so I copied eglibc 2.18 from dora to my layer12:45
Krz-bluelightning: didn't check it yet, but overall experience so far is very positive12:45
luke88Krz-: sshd_config is being taken from of poky and then packed to rootfs12:46
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sledgesfrom one day to the other, out of nowhere, im getting clean yocto build breaking: eglibc/, do_compile) failed with exit code '1'13:14
sledgesit compiled fine before..13:15
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bluelightningsledges: can you pastebin the full error?13:37
sledgesbluelightning: yocto/build/tmp/work/armv7a-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/eglibc/2.18-r0/build-arm-poky-linux-gnueabi/ syntax error13:47
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bluelightningsledges: hmm... odd13:51
bluelightningkhem: any ideas? ^13:51
Krz-luke88: take a look at 'do_compile_append' step inside file13:53
Krz-luke88: it does "install -m 0644 ${WORKDIR}/sshd_config ${S}"13:54
Krz-luke88: just figure out what chmod you want to set and do it there13:54
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Krz-luke88: if you want read-only for everybody that would be '0444' instead of '0644'14:04
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Krz-is there anywhere some good manual for all Yocto variables? Like ${WORKDIR}, ${S}, ${PN}, etc. I'd like to print them since I always forget ...14:12
sledgesbluelightning: how can this happen from same state? do online tarballs change? or version change?14:17
bluelightningKrz-: the reference manual:
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bluelightningsledges: the build system is based around task signatures; if something that eglibc's do_compile depends upon is modified (i.e. a variable value or another task), then that task will be re-executed14:21
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sledgesbluelightning: but i've removed build, and rebuilt14:23
sledgesbuild of 5 days old built core-image-minimal fine14:23
sledgesand the fresh new one of today doesnt14:23
bluelightningsledges: so nothing changed in between times?14:24
sledgesjust time14:24
luke88yes krz: we tried setting to 0444  but doesn't change permission14:24
bluelightningsledges: ok, in this instance it's possible that it's a parallel build race (as suggested when googling for this error)14:24
bluelightningsledges: which would mean it would work sometimes and not others14:24
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sledgesnow it failed two times in a row14:25
sledgeson same place14:25
sledgesi think i built kernel before14:25
sledgesand then core image14:25
bluelightningthis is where we need khem's advice really14:25
sledgesi could do that again14:25
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Krz-bluelightning: wow there are quite few of them. will not fit on one sheet :|14:29
bluelightningKrz-: well, some are much less important for normal usage than others14:30
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Krz-bluelightning: to take advantage of BBCLASSEXTEND do I do 'python-cython.bbappend' or 'python-cython-native.bbappend' or '' in my layer? I hope I don't have to change meta-oe files.14:35
bluelightningKrz-: the bbappend file name must match up with the recipe file name14:36
Krz-bluelightning: so python-cython.bbappend will "export" python-cython-native name eventually?14:37
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bluelightningKrz-: BBCLASSEXTEND = "native" is what makes that happen, yes14:37
Krz-bluelightning: cool, Yocto rocks14:39
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siguserHi all, Any idea about this error? Error: udisks-systemd not found in the base feeds15:34
*** KS is now known as Ks15:34
sigusermy build fails with  udisks-systemd not found in the base feeds error?15:35
rburtonyour base feed (the package feed in tmp/deploy/) doesn't contain a package called "udisks-systemd"15:36
rburtonso either you haven't built it, or udisks doesn't build a package called that15:36
*** davest <davest!~Adium@> has joined #yocto15:37
siguserrburton: Do I need to add udisks recipe for that?15:38
rburtongenuinely no idea, i've never built udisks and don't know what your building.  the image shouldn't have failed earlier if you hadn't built udisks15:38
rburtonbut you can try building udisks directly and seeing if that helps15:39
*** Ks is now known as ks15:41
siguserrburton: I am just building gumstix-console-image from gumstix-github-repo. previously I had old yocto version and I didn't get this error, but strange now it thows this.15:41
*** ks is now known as Y15:42
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siguserThere are two udisks recipes available, which one should I include in my Image? (
*** Guest7112 is now known as O15:43
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siguserThere is a recipe of udisks in meta-oe, it got downloaded in /tmp/work , but gives this error on final build.15:49
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kergothOT, but damn I hate when a project checks in a lot of code with broken builds, which makes it nearly impossible to accurately bisect a problem17:53
* kergoth mutters17:53
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mranostaybehanw: !18:17
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behanwmranostay, !?!18:21
mranostaybehanw: dueling exclamation points!?!? :)18:22
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behanwIt seemed the appropriate response. ;)18:22
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Xzcan I set any env variables from a Yocto recipe? :)18:25
kergothexport FOO = "bar" -- now FOO is set to bar in the env of any shell tasks18:26
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bluelightningkergoth: btw - bug 562718:35
yoctiBug enhancement, Undecided, ---, paul.eggleton, NEW , Detect and fail when S has been set incorrectly18:35
kergothnice, that's been a really long standing annoyance18:36
bluelightningkergoth: indeed, it was your mention of it a month or so ago that prompted me to file the bug ;)18:36
kergothah, right :)18:37
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kergothbluelightning: Hmm, if we remove ${S}/${B} from 'dirs', we'd have to figure out a different way to get bitbake to chdir there, either try hacking something with prefunc perhaps, or adding a new bitbake flag to differentiate dirs to create from dir to cd to. do_compile[cwd] ?= "${@d.getVarFlag('do_compile', 'dirs', True).split()[-1]}" or somesuch18:40
kergothhm :)18:40
bluelightningthis is much earlier than do_compile though18:42
bluelightningI couldn't seem to find out where it was first being created... even after do_fetch it seems to be there18:43
bluelightningI just didn't dig deep enough obviously18:43
kergothbluelightning: oh, I know what's doing that, in fact i think I even have a bug open for it. bitbake internally has a fallback to ${B} if the 'dirs' flag isn't set at all on a function18:45
kergothvery bad internal knowledge of oe18:46
kergothi had a case where a do_unpack failed if the dest already existed, so it was racing with one of the sstate functions18:46
kergoth(yes, even prefuncs and stuff can create ${B} if they dont have dirs set..)18:46
behanwwhoops. Wrong channel. :)18:46
kergoththough, maybe richard fixed that one18:47
kergothcould be something else then, *shrug* :)18:47
kergothah, nope, it's still there it seems18:47
kergothelse: adir = d.getVar('B', True)18:47
kergothbug 463418:48
yoctiBug normal, Medium, 1.6, richard.purdie, NEW , BitBake default 'dirs' in exec_func (${B}) causes build failures18:48
kergoththere it is, might need to fix that before 562718:48
bluelightningkergoth: ah, thanks... I'll add it as a blocker18:49
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blloyddumb question: how do you figure out the git branch from the yocto version number.  Or vice versa.19:35
kergoththe git branch is the release's code name. presumably there's a page documenting the code names, or in the release notes, not sure19:36
blloydThat page/info is what I can't find19:39
kergothgoogle for yocto 1.5 release notes,, under version "10.0.0 "Dora"19:40
kergothworks for one version at a time, anyway19:40
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blloydthanks.  add the release notes to search and it gets what I wanted.  Google foo is nice when it works.19:46
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kergothblloyd: heh, indeed. np19:57
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kergothhmm, Exception: KeyError: 'PKGV' in buildhistory_emit_pkghistory. odd22:26
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bluelightningkergoth: hmm, that sounds like it would be my fault :/23:09
kergoththis is stock master, not sure if that has your latest patchset merged or not, though23:10
kergothdoesn't look like it23:10
bluelightningit was merged, just yesterday23:11
kergothah, i'll make sure i'm current23:11
bluelightningbut why would PKGV not be present...23:11
kergothah, indeed.23:11
bluelightningwhere is the keyerror?23:11
kergothnot a clue. something related to use of existing sstates with old pkgdata? *shrug*23:11
kergothpkgv = pkgdata['PKGV'], just before 'Find out what the last version was'23:12
bluelightningcould be, but none of my changes were about ensuring PKGV is present23:12
bluelightningperhaps that's the problem...23:12
kergoththis recipe does define its own PKGV, both the global unsuffixed and a number of individual packages, don't know if taht's a factor or not23:12
kergoth(it's meta-sourcery's external toolchain)23:13
* kergoth forces a build from scratch23:13
kergothk, not realted to sstate, good to know23:14
* kergoth shrugs, gets back to work23:14
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bluelightningkergoth: can you double-check, does the pkgdata file for that package have PKGV_<packagename>: rather than PKGV: ?23:18
bluelightningwell, check, not double-check :)23:19
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kergothokay, some of the pkgdata have just PKGV, others have PKGV_<pkg>23:23
kergothahh, right23:23
kergothokay, every package that has a PKGV_<pkg> did indeed emit that variable, nt PKGV23:23
bluelightningseems my code is a bit naive then23:23
kergothseems a bit redundant to emit a suffixed var toa  file that's already named after the package :)23:25
*** [simar|o1] <[simar|o1]!> has joined #yocto23:27
bluelightningyes, I've never really understood that23:28
*** blloyd <blloyd!> has quit IRC23:29
bluelightningwell, I guess it was probably designed to indicate where the value was set, i.e. for the package or the recipe23:29
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