Saturday, 2013-12-07

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mranostayzenlinux_: so they moved where dorkbotpdx is00:27
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zenlinux_yeah, Backspace closed. Now they're at the Bunk Bar in SE (Water Ave and Taylor)00:27
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brmhey guys, anyone know how to use network manager nmcli command to load a keyfile?00:41
brmI am trying to create an Access point which I believe is possible from 0.9.8 onwards00:42
brmanyone home?00:48
bluelightningbrm: I think that's really a question for networkmanager channels/mailing lists00:53
brmwhat is the name of the list00:57
brmor channel00:58
bluelightningI'm not sure00:58
bluelightningto be honest we don't really have much to do with networkmanager; the networkmanager recipes are maintained by the wider OpenEmbedded community00:58
bluelightningwe do maintain a recipe for connman for the same purpose00:59
brmthat's fine, I can't get connman to do what I want01:01
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linuhi all i have been trying to work on rtl8723as wifi module,i have successfully installed driver,but when i try to up module and configure wifi it throws me the errors repeatedly, please see can you help me to solve this issues07:15
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nerdboylinu: you mean the usb_read_port_complete warning?07:23
linunerdboy, yes i just posted the entire error in pastebin,while throwing those logs i could not work in the correct way..can you help07:28
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linunerdboy, actually i googling about that error before posting here,i could not get enough idea,do you have any idea07:34
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nerdboysomebody fell asleep...  long week...09:04
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ramoseERROR:Nothing provides fetch while bitbake13:05
ramoseI have added a new folder fetch inside the recipe-core of my layer /meta-xyz/recipe-core/fetch/fetch.bb13:07
ramosebut when I do "bitbake fetch " ,i am getting this error13:07
ramosecan any one let me know how do i bitbake new recipe file13:08
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ramoseGetting problem while customize the do_fetch18:20
ramoseERROR : Empty URI18:21
ramoseERROR : do_fetch failes18:21
ramosepython do_fetch() {    bb.note("Downloading source tarball from ${SRC_URI} ...")     src_uri = ('SRC_URI', d, True) or "").split()    if len(src_uri) == 0:       bb.fatal("Empty URI")     try:       bb.fetch.init(src_uri, d)       bb.fetch.go(d)    except FetchError:       bb.fatal("Could not fetch source tarball.")     bb.note("Download successful.") }18:22
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