Monday, 2013-12-09

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #36 of nightly-fsl-arm is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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bmentinkhi guys, anyone tried to use the "iw" tools? When I use it, it complaines that nl80211 is missing00:45
bmentinkand I can't find the package for it00:45
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newbie101hello..i'm new to yocto..i have problem building 3rd party library..i'm having libtool mismatch..06:36
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oswinHi all, I'm beginning with Yocto, and would like to know what is the difference between a yocto poky and an oe git tree ?07:21
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ak77is there a task to mount produced rootfs for inspection?08:31
ak77answer: no, as it is simple as "mount -o loop rootfs.img /mnt/rootfs"08:34
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B4gder is a bit sad ...08:45
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rburtonak77: the work directory for the rootfs also has the file system before it was actually in a standalone filesystem09:38
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bluelightningmorning all09:57
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LetoThe2ndhowdy! is there any support for working with poky on a nfs root? first try broke because of not being able to create hard links. :(10:09
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oswinLetoThe2nd, nfs root worked fine for me out of box10:22
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LetoThe2ndoswin: hm ok10:23
oswinLetoThe2nd, wich target did you build ?10:24
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LetoThe2ndoswin: it was not myself, coworker reported it. he said he tried to follow
LetoThe2ndnut doesn't have more details at hand reight now10:38
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RamoseHow do I make a particular file readonly in rootfs image?12:15
oswinwith fs file permission. Better would be to mount another file system in ro12:16
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Ramoseoswin: I didn't get you12:18
Ramosecould you explain your point a bit12:18
oswinyou can create a new image/partition with the files you want to be RO, then you mount this image/partition in your rootfs in RO, it will guarantee your files could not be accessible in write mode12:24
rburtonunless someone has root and can re-mounted the fs12:25
B4gderwhy is a ro-fs better than just a ro-file for a single file?12:25
B4gderseems overly complicated12:25
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Ramoseoswin: Can I use IMAGE_FEATURES for my purpose?12:30
rburtonRamose: just chmod the file if you want to make it read-only12:30
rburton(and then don't run anything as root if you actually want it to stay read only)12:31
rburtonwell, chmod+chown.12:31
oswinB4gder, it's not technically safer, but it avoid to accidentally changes rights of a file as you work on your roots12:32
B4gderaccidentally run as root and do chmod?12:33
Ramoserburton: I tried doing it by iinstall -m 444 ${WORKDIR}/sshd_config ${D}${sysconfdir}/ssh/sshd_config12:33
Ramosebut it didn't work out for me12:33
Ramosesshd_config file i wanted to make read only12:33
rburtonRamose: if you're making that read only are you also stopping someone from providing their own sshdconfig and starting sshd themselves? the point being, what are you actually trying to stop?12:34
rburton(one better idea would be read-only rootfs)12:34
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Ramosei don't want it to modify by someoen who don't root permission12:36
rburtonRamose: by default its 644, so its only writable by root12:37
Ramose<rburton> (one better idea would be read-only rootfs) ,wouldn't it make every file readonly in rootfs?12:37
rburtonyes, a read only rootfs has every file read-only.12:37
rburtonyou then mount read-write bits where you need them12:37
rburton-rw-r--r-- 2 ross ross   3277 Dec  9 12:38 sshd_config <-- ignore ross/ross, this is my work tree.12:39
Ramoserburton: Can't we override default permission 644 to 444 using linux install command?12:43
rburtonyou probably can, but root can just chmod it back again12:44
rburtonso you're not gaining anything there12:44
Ramoseright rburton ,got your point but i am not Worrying about "root can just chmod it back again"12:45
Ramosei just want to show the file permission to 444 at first place12:45
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rburtonthen a chmod should work, yes.12:46
Ramoseok i have added this chmod 444 ${WORKDIR}/sshd_config ${D}${sysconfdir}/ssh/sshd_config12:48
Ramosewould it be fine12:48
rburtonyou don't need the workdir bit, and do it in the do_install_append12:48
rburtonstill no point to this though ;)12:49
* rburton -> run, third time lucky12:49
Ramoseyes rburton it looks very odd requirement to me as well12:49
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Ramoserunning out of luck ,added this line under do_install_append chmod 444 ${WORKDIR}/sshd_config ${D}${sysconfdir}/ssh/sshd_config ,but under rootfs's /etc/ssh file permission is still 44413:11
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ZaifThere are two recipes of dhcp in meta and meta-openembedded. When I append dhcp in my image file, which one does bitbake choose?13:18
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RamoseZaif: Do your recipe have some PV?13:23
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bluelightningZaif: there is no dhcp recipe in meta-openembedded as far as I can tell...13:24
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Ramose* running out of luck ,added this line under do_install_append chmod 444 ${WORKDIR}/sshd_config ${D}${sysconfdir}/ssh/sshd_config ,but under rootfs's /etc/ssh file permission is still 64413:27
ZaifRamose: dhcp meta has 4.2.5 with PR=r1, and when I check in /work, the dhcp downloaded was 4.2.3-r3.13:28
RamoseZaif ,do dhcp recipe of meta-openembedded have version 4.2.3?13:29
ZaifRamose: In meta-openembedded there is a dhcp_4.2.5.bbappend file13:32
Zaifbluelightning: It was a slight confusion, yes there is no dhcp recipe in meta-openembedded, but some .bbappend file.13:33
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Zaifbluelightning, Ramose: When I append dhcp in my image, I get, dhcp not found in base feeds error
Zaifan idea, why bitbake is generating this error?13:34
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bluelightningZaif: the "dhcp" package is empty and thus is never produced13:40
bluelightningZaif: you need to install one of the other packages it produces, such as dhcp-client or dhcp-server (depending on what you want)13:41
Zaifbluelightning: Ok. Will include specific packages and build again.13:46
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oswinwhere does HOB store his config about chosen packages ?14:35
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RamoseI have added ip neighbour recipe and did IMAGE-INSTALL += "ip neighbour"14:38
Ramosebut when I do bitbake ip neighbour14:38
Ramosegets error :Nothing proivides ip neighbour14:39
belenoswin: if I am understanding your question correctly, the answer might be nowhere, I am afraid14:39
Ramosecan anyone point me what I am doing wrong14:39
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belenoswin: after completing your build, if you have modified the package list for the standard image recipe, you can save your changes as a new image recipe. That would be a way of keeping your package selections, I guess14:40
bluelightningRamose: your recipe doesn't have a space in its name does it?14:41
bluelightningRamose: if so, that's not allowed I'm afraid, you'd need to use - instead (not _, that's only allowed for separating the name and version in a recipe file name)14:43
Ramosebluelightning: it doesn't have space14:43
bluelightningRamose: so what is your recipe called?14:43
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oswinbelen, ok, so I have to save it before closing HOB ? What is the "standard image receipe" ? The one associated to the image I built or the one in meta-hob ?14:45
Ramosebluelightning: One point here what ever Iput againts IMAGE-INSTALL is should be recipe name?14:45
bluelightningRamose: IMAGE_INSTALL accepts package names, not recipe names; but in most cases the main package for a recipe has the same name as the recipe14:46
draskoHI all, I am getting: ERROR: QA Issue: No GNU_HASH in the elf binary14:47
Ramosebluelightning: Looks like my recipe started getting bitbake14:50
Ramosegetting this error though ,Recipe file does not have license file information (LIC_FILES_CHKSUM)14:51
bluelightningRamose: if it's the "ip neighbour" command that you want, I think maybe you just need to install iproute214:51
bluelightningwhich we already have a recipe for14:51
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Ramoseok bluelightning but how Do I tackle Recipe file does not have license file information (LIC_FILES_CHKSUM) error14:54
Ramosei just checked LIC_FILES_CHKSUM is missing from my recipe14:54
Ramosewhere Do I get LIC_FILES_CHKSUM for my recipe14:55
bluelightningRamose: this is where I point you to the manual ;)
RamoseThanks bluelightning14:56
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Ramosebluelightning: setting the LICENSE to closed worked for me15:04
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Ramosebut is it safe to set LICENSE to closed15:05
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bluelightningRamose: only if that's really the right value, if it's not a closed-source piece of software that is not appropriate15:07
vicenteolivertI was reading the documentation, specifically the "1.3.1. Supported Linux Distributions" paragraph, and it tells that CentOS 6.4 is supported, but I have CentOS 6.4 and the first problem I face with is:15:07
vicenteolivertBitBake requires Python 2.7.3 or later15:07
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vicenteolivertThe is no Python 2.7 on CentOS 6.415:07
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bluelightningvicenteolivert: right, CentOS 6 does not provide a new enough version of python, but we provide buildtools-tarball that includes 2.7.315:08
vicenteolivertbluelightning: oh, so I need to read about the buildtools-tarball. Thank you :-)15:08
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bluelightningvicenteolivert: the quick start guide links to here:
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vicenteolivertbluelightning: thank you.15:10
mckoanotavio: today I can't fetch from git:// using Yocto, doing it manually with git clone works. Any clue?15:10
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mckoanmaybe is my network too slow today15:12
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vicenteolivertbluelightning: does that buildtools-tarball contains everything I need to work with Yocto?15:27
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bluelightningvicenteolivert: it contains appropriate python, git and tar versions that your distro may not provide new enough versions of, however you still need to install some packages on your host system (as listed in the quick start guide)15:38
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vicenteolivertbluelightning: yes, sorry , I realized that was a silly question.15:40
bluelightningvicenteolivert: no worries, there are no silly questions ;)15:41
vicenteolivert:-) Thanks.15:41
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_tidhello, i'm trying to write a recipe for "pacpaser"
_tidit fail because the build is strange, the need a lib to be compiled first16:29
_tidand the compilation use gcc instead of the arm cc16:29
_tidso it fail with Relocations in generic ELF or libjs.a: could not read symbols: File in wrong format16:29
_tidthe make file use $(CC) so i don't know what to fix :)16:30
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bluelightning_tid: is the makefile also setting a value for CC perhaps?16:55
_tidi'm look for that, but i've only found $CC16:55
bluelightning_tid: your recipe isn't doing "inherit native" or anything like that is it?16:56
_tidnot it's the standard python i've used for other py ext inherit distutils pythonnative16:57
_tidpythonnative is a bad idea ?16:57
bluelightningno, that should be fine16:57
bluelightningcan you see which compiler it's using in log.do_compile ?16:58
_tidgcc -o Linux_All_DBG.OBJ/jsapi.o -c -fPIC -DHAVE_VA_COPY -DVA_COPY=__va_copy -Wall -Wno-format -g -DXP_UNIX -DSVR4 -DSYSV -D_BSD_SOURCE -DPOSIX_SOURCE -DHAVE_LOCALTIME_R -DX86_LINUX  -DDEBUG -DDEBUG_yoctodev -DEDITLINE -ILinux_All_DBG.OBJ  jsapi.c16:58
bluelightning_tid: hmm... maybe try EXTRA_OEMAKE = "'CC=${CC}'16:59
_tidhum let's try17:00
_tidsome part of the compile use gcc some other the good one arm-poky...17:00
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_tidno luck with EXTRA_OEMAKE17:04
bluelightningthat kind of sounds like CC is not being used in some places17:04
_tidbut i can't find where, this pacparser is strange :)17:05
_tidthere is a thing like that : CFLAGS="$(SMCFLAGS)" $(MAKE) -C js/src -f Makefile.ref libjs.a17:06
bluelightning_tid: maybe the issue is in the makefile in the embedded copy of js?17:07
_tidyou are probably right :)17:08
bluelightningthere is a tarball of it in the git repo, but it's not entirely clear to me how that gets extracted17:08
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!> has quit IRC17:10
_tidhum.. some makefile magic make it appears extracted :)17:11
_tidin src/spidermonkey/js/src17:11
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_tidit's probably in src/spidermonkey/js/src/Makefile.in17:15
_tidhum found it config/Linux_All.mk17:17
_tidand it's awfull to patch the file is extracted after the makefile17:22
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_tidthere is a way to alias gcc in the recipe so it overwrite this ?17:23
*** eballetbo <eballetbo!> has joined #yocto17:25
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bluelightning_tid: not really... we generally patch around stuff like this17:26
_tidbut patching the tarball is not easy :)17:26
bluelightning_tid: right... but presumably you could do the extraction yourself and just patch out the makefile doing it?17:27
bluelightning_tid: another option would be to break out js to a separate recipe; in fact we do have a recipe for spidermonkey js already17:27
*** mr_science <mr_science!> has joined #yocto17:28
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bluelightningalthough it's kind of an older version it seems17:30
_tidwell the one in pacparser is 1.7.0 also17:31
*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has joined #yocto17:32
_tidhum i like your idea i have to patch pacparser so it use the libjs in recipes-support17:32
*** JaMa <JaMa!> has quit IRC17:36
_tidstill don't know how to do that :)17:40
mr_science_tid: maybe start by making pacparser depend on the libjs recipe17:51
* mr_science missed the first part of the discussion17:52
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_tidyup :) it look for its libjs.a file... so i've to patch the Makefile not only the recipe... let's do that later, thanks a lot bluelightning and mr_science :)17:59
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bmentinkanyone know why the "iw" command returns nl80211 not found? my wpa_supplicant has the driver support ..18:34
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bmentinkanyone about?18:49
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sgw_bmentink: what's up?18:57
*** pidge <pidge!~eflanagan@> has joined #yocto18:58
bmentinksgw_: trying to find out why the "iw" tool is complaining about missing nl80211 driver18:58
sgw_bmentink: looking quickly, iw tool are part of meta-openembedded, right?19:00
*** sroy__ <sroy__!~sroy@2607:fad8:4:6:3e97:eff:feb5:1e2b> has joined #yocto19:01
bmentinksqw_: yes19:06
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sgw_bmentink: what kernel are you running and platform?19:15
bmentinksqw_: running custom yocto layer based on dylan, 3.8.13 kernel19:16
sgw_bmentink: do19:16
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sgw_bmentink: sorry are you sure that it has the nl80211 driver configured in?  I think that's a generic driver, maybe zeddii can weigh in, if you are using the linux-yocto kernel19:17
bmentinksqw_: no, using linux-mainline kernel heavily patched by meta-beaglebone19:18
sgw_bmentink: So can you confirm that the nl80211 driver is available on your booted machine?  I am not familiar with the iw since I mostly work with oe-core19:19
bmentinkfrom reading elsewhere looks like I might need nl80200 support in the actual wifi card driver19:20
sgw_bmentink: you hit my limits, sorry.19:20
bmentinksqw_: how do I see if nl80211 driver is available?19:20
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otaviomckoan|away: yes; this is due the missing branch from git SRC_URI. People are working in the patches to fix those in mailing list19:29
kergothi really hate bitbake's fetching stuff19:31
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jackmitch|homehalstead: are there git issues ongoing at the moment?19:54
halsteadjackmitch|home, I'll check.19:54
jackmitch|homehalstead: git:// is the one failing19:55
halsteadjackmitch|home, Not that I see. I'll test that.19:55
jackmitch|homehalstead: hmm I take it back, seems a clone works, but not through oe19:55
jackmitch|homewill go investigate, sorry for wasting your time!19:56
halsteadjackmitch|home, Interesting.19:56
jackmitch|homeI think I read about someone else with this problem earlier19:56
jackmitch|homesomething to do with the bitbake git fetcher changes19:56
halsteadjackmitch|home, No problem at all. Thanks for reporting early.19:56
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_tidi'd like to use cryptsetup and dm-crypt so i can have full disk encryption with yocto/poky but it need a initrd and the initramfs tools in yocto doesn't support arm. there is a solution ?20:07
*** sameo <sameo!samuel@nat/intel/x-kltexmpcrhyjndpl> has joined #yocto20:15
rburton_tid: what makes you think the initramfs support doesn't support arm?20:15
rburton(that's news to me)20:15
rburtonhi sameo20:15
sameorburton: Hey Sir20:15
_tidrburton : not initramfs but the tools provided within yocto20:16
rburton_tid: what tools?20:16
rburtonoh, because it says "efi"?20:17
_tidwell it doesn't want to build :)20:17
rburtontry deleting the "efi" bit?20:17
rburton(if that is the issue, that needs to be made conditiional on architecture)20:18
* rburton -> cooking20:18
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_tidERROR: initramfs-live-install was skipped: incompatible with host arm-poky-linux-gnueabi (not in COMPATIBLE_HOST)20:21
_tidwell the tools use grub & so20:21
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_tidbut i'm sure there is another way to build a initrd without those tools but i can't find any doc about that20:22
*** n01 <n01!> has joined #yocto20:22
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rburton_tid: remove live-install too, that's an installer that you won't be using20:24
rburton(this is an example image that lets you boot a live image, or install the image on the machine)20:25
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_tidhum nice20:27
_tidthat's a step further :)20:27
_tidso i can try to add it in uboot and see what happen :)20:28
rburtonwell, we don't have an image that does dm-crypt, but you can use that initramfs image as an example of how to build one.20:29
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #38 of nightly-fsl-arm is complete: Failure [failed Building Images Building Images_1 Building Images_2] Build details are at
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_tidin a python extension the workdir (with is src/pymod but i need to patch in the root dir, how can make my recipe aware of that ? :)22:45
_tidif do S = ${WORKDIR}, the patching is ok but not the python setup and if i do S = ${WORKDIR}/src/pymod its the contrary22:46
*** behanw <behanw!> has joined #yocto22:48
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bluelightning_tid: you can set striplevel on the patch entry in SRC_URI to indicate how many directories to strip off when applying the patch23:56
_tidbluelightning: it works for the path in the patchfile, not if i apply it beyond the root dir of src no ?23:57
_tidi've workaound using do_compile_prepend and patch command...23:57
bluelightning_tid: ok, I misunderstood; in that case you might need ;patchdir=../.. on the SRC_URI entry for the patch, or something like that23:58
_tidoh cool23:58
_tidthe external libjs had solved my pb the recipe is working :)23:59

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