Tuesday, 2013-12-24

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tom____hi all06:14
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ramoseMorning all07:27
ramoseHow Do I Patch /etc/pam.d/sshd07:45
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lpappwhy is yocto using the commands python module for invoking commands as opposed to the subprocess module as recommended?09:17
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linu1hi all i try to load g_serial module in at91sam9x5ek to connect my ubuntu pc through minicom,but it freezed with "initializing modem" message,but i given "getty 115200 /dev/ttyGS0" thn its working fine,is it any entry for initial boot startup10:47
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lpappRP: it still needs some polishing as git am does not seem to handle --git-dir. :(, but in principle, would you accept a patch like this? http://pastebin.kde.org/ppa0gpsoi11:39
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lpappthe error reporting from bitbake is sometimes poor, and hard to understand what is going on.12:06
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scedoes someone which tool is loading kernel modules and what options can I use? I'm trying to load a wifi module and sometimes he is not loaded before an init script need to use the interface13:51
sceso i would like to insure that the driver is loaded before the init.d script is executed13:51
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ramoseAny body tell me how can I patch /etc/pam.d/sshd file?14:50
scewhich recpies ?14:56
scewhich recipe ?14:56
sceyou can do a bbappend and add your patch for sshd in a specific folder14:59
ramosesce: I tried it15:00
sceshow me your bbappend15:01
ramoseits recipe libpam_1.1.6.bb15:01
ramoseFILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}:" SRC_URI += "file://pam_mine.patch" FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}:" SRC_URI += "file://pam_mine.patch"15:04
ramosesce: I copied it two times by mistake15:04
ramoseFILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}:" SRC_URI += "file://pam_mine.patch" FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}:" SRC_URI += "file://pam_mine.patch"15:04
sceonce is enough15:05
ramoseits only one there in bbappend file15:05
sceand what does your patch contains15:05
sceyou can also add  FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}:" SRC_URI += "file://sshd do_install_append () {15:06
sceinstall -d ${D}${sysconfdir}/15:06
sceinstall -m 0755 ${WORKDIR}/sshd${D}${sysconfdir}/15:06
ramose--- a/rootfs/etc/pam.d/sshd     2013-12-24 03:47:02.780580473 -0600 +++ b/rootfs/etc/pam.d/sshd     2013-12-24 03:52:42.427284265 -0600 @@ -1,6 +1,7 @@  #%PAM-1.0   auth       include      common-auth +auth       optional     pam_faildelay.so  delay=20000000  account    required     pam_nologin.so  account    include      common-account  password   include      common-password15:06
sceyou can also do i mean15:06
scedo_install_append () {15:07
sceinstall -d ${D}${sysconfdir}/pam.d15:07
sceinstall -m 0755 ${WORKDIR}/sshd ${D}${sysconfdir}/pam.d/15:07
sceand in your sshd what you need15:07
ramoseauth       optional     pam_faildelay.so  delay=20000000 this new entry I need15:07
ramoseI am BCM soc15:08
ramosei mean I am working with BCM soc15:08
sceso create a file sshd with this entry15:10
sceand install it as described above15:10
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ramoseok I am trying15:11
ramosesce:install -d ${D}${sysconfdir}/ install -m 0755 ${WORKDIR}/sshd${D}${sysconfdir}/ these two lines are good enough?15:12
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scei dont know but i guess it has to be in /etc/pam.d as i understodd15:13
scei dont know pam.d15:13
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ramosesce:with above method I don't get my /etc/pam.d/sshd file installed15:21
sceit should work15:21
sceplease check this example15:21
sceFILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}:"15:21
sceSRC_URI += "file://modules \15:21
sce   "15:21
scedo_install_append () {15:21
sceinstall -d ${D}${sysconfdir}/15:21
sceinstall -m 0755 ${WORKDIR}/modules ${D}${sysconfdir}/15:21
scethis is for another purpose15:21
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ramoseProblem while fetching "bitbake bcm2835-bootfiles -c fetch"18:23
ramoseI have cloned the firmware.git into the source mirror path18:23
ramoseand now I try to fetch run "bitbake bcm2835-bootfiles -c fetch" without use of internet but its failing now18:24
sgw_ramose: what kind of failure?18:31
ramosesgw_:its says WARNING: Failed to fetch URL git://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware.git;protocol=git;branch=master, attempting MIRRORS if available ERROR: Fetcher failure: Fetch command failed with exit code 128, output: Cloning into bare repository '/home/amit/repo/rpi-build/downloads/git2/github.com.raspberrypi.firmware.git'...18:32
ramoseThis is from Log files :  DEBUG: For url git://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware.git;protocol=git;branch=master returning file://source_mirror/sources/git2_github.com.raspberrypi.firmware.git.tar.gz DEBUG: Searching for source_mirror/sources/git2_github.com.raspberrypi.firmware.git.tar.gz in paths:18:34
sgw_ramose: is your downloads populated (ie did it clone from your local copy), It may be we need to tone down an error18:34
ramoseI have cloned the firmware repo to source_mirror/sources folder18:35
sgw_ramose: so does it find the .tar.gz or did you clone the git itself?  It might be looking for a bare clone tarball18:36
ramoseThis is my exact path of mirror /home/amit/repo/rpi-build/conf/source_mirror/sources18:36
ramosei clone the git itslef18:36
ramose*I mean I cloned the git itself18:37
ramoseits 3GB of repo which I don' want to download again from internet18:37
ramosesgw_: how to I provide  bare clone tarball now?18:38
sgw_ramose: as I said I think it's looking for a .tar.gz, so try to put a bare clone tar.gz, you can create on if you enable BB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALL = 1 then re-fetch from the actual upstream, if you can.18:38
ramosesgw_ Can I modify recipe in some ways to pick clon itself?18:39
sgw_ramose: you might also try changing the SRC_URI in your local.conf to point locally:  SRC_URI_pn-<recipename> = <your local clone>18:40
sgw_ramose: that should work and if oyu set the BB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALL, it should generate the tarball also18:41
sgw_then you can remove the SRC_URI from local.conf and it should just use the mirror tarball file.18:42
ramosesgw_: SRC_URI_pn_bcm2835-bootfiles=firmare,is it right??18:42
sgw_ramose: = "<path to your git clone as URI>"18:43
sgw_so file://home/amit/repo/rpi-build/conf/source_mirror/sources/firmware.git, with quotes18:44
sgw_ramose: if I got the path right18:44
ramoseand that I have to put in /home/amit/repo/rpi-build/conf/local.conf,right?18:45
sgw_that's the easiest without editing the recipe18:46
ramoseok ,mine cloned repo is of name firmare ,so I have put like   SRC_URI_pn_bcm2835-bootfiles="file://home/amit/repo/rpi-build/conf/source_mirror/sources/firmware"   in local.conf18:48
ramoseVery Thanks sqw_,I will try and let you know the result.18:49
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ramosesgw: Sorry but it didn't work out19:06
ramoseERROR: Fetcher failure: Unable to find file file://home/amit/repo/rpi-build/conf/source_mirror/sources/firmware. The paths that were searched were:19:06
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sgw_ramose: then I suggest you take the 3G re-download hit and use the BB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALL, sorry I can't help exactly then19:07
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ramosehmm 3G re-download not sure I have more money left to get that much of internet bandwidth .19:08
ramoseanyways Thanks sgw_:19:09
sgw_ramose: Let's try further then, what does it say after the "he paths that were searched were:" line?19:09
ramoseOK: there are many paths it is showing19:11
sgw_ramose: can you either pastebin or pm them to me to not flood this channel19:11
sgw_ramose: do any of those match your /home/... directory path?19:12
ramosedid i flood my path here?19:12
sgw_ramose: to what level19:12
sgw_ramose: no, I was refering to you not posting the big list.19:13
ramoseok I never tried pastebin ,Plz check is it ok?19:14
sgw_ramose: it works, I just had a thought, by saying file:// we are looking for a file, not a git repo, so please try to change that to git:// and see what happens.19:16
ramoseok sgw_19:17
ramoseI am trying this in my local.conf file19:18
ramoseis it fine?19:19
sgw_let's try it and see19:20
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ramosesgw_: It didn't work out :(19:28
sgw_ramose: what was the error this time?19:28
sgw_I am double checking in the fetch code what the correct URI format should be for file, hang on.19:31
ramoseok: Just a small point Can we go for premirror option here?19:31
sgw_possibly, might have the same uri formating issue19:32
ramosesgw_Is it good idea to call it from recipe?19:35
sgw_ramose: I think we need to have git:///home to empty the host position, also rename the directory to be firmware.git19:36
ramosesorry  I didn't get  "need to have git:///home to empty the host position"19:37
sgw_ramose: instead of git://home use git:///home so that the spot where a hostname would be specifed is empty19:37
ramoseok triple backslash19:38
ramoseAre we missing FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/ somewhere?19:40
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ramosesgw_: Did n't get any error this time19:50
ramosebut how Do I make sure that my fetch went well?19:51
sgw_ramose: 2 things, if you set the BB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALL, there should be a tar.gz in your downloads dir that we can rename to the correct firmware repo, you will also have a populated WORKDIR in the tmp/work/... (you can use bitbake -e <recipename> to get the WORKDIR)19:53
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ramosesgw_:Which one will be my downloads dir ,is it source_mirror one?19:55
ramoseI am going to set BB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALLS = "1" in local.conf19:56
sgw_ramose: that tarball might be like git2_home.amit.repo.rpi-build.conf.source_mirror.sources.firmware.git.tar.gz, you would rename that to git2_github.com.raspberrypi.firmware.git.tar.gz in your source_mirror/sources folder19:57
sgw_ramose: you had not set the BB already?19:57
ramoseActully I commented out that19:58
ramoseIt was set earlier19:58
sgw_ramose: it will show up in your download / DL_DIR and you will need to move it to the source_mirror/source directory19:58
ramosesorry sgw: but could n't find that file in home/amit/repo/rpi-build/downloads directory20:02
sgw_ramose: any *firmware* files in there?20:02
ramose *no20:04
ramoseactully I removed everyhing for download dir and run the bitbake again20:04
ramosebut nothing is generated in home/amit/repo/rpi-build/downloads directory20:05
ramoseis it right download directoy I am looking in to?20:05
sgw_I assume you have not set DL_DIR to something else, otherwise that is correct20:06
sgw_I am trying, sorry I could not be more help, let me try one more thing locally here20:06
ramoseok No prob sgw:20:07
ramoseYou aleady helped me a lot20:07
sgw_ramose: I am downlaoding the firmware repo to ensure i test the same as you.20:19
sgw_ramose: 70%20:19
ramosesqw: just on point wanted to share with you20:19
ramoseafter bitbake bcm2835-bootfiles -c clean and bitbake bcm2835-bootfiles -c cleansstate20:20
ramosei run the bitbake bcm2835-bootfiles -c fetch again20:20
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ramosend i can see tow folder in download dir20:20
ramose*I can see two folder in download dir20:21
ramosegit2_.home.amit.repo.rpi-build.conf.source_mirror.sources.firmware.git.tar.gz and git220:21
ramoseI was connected to net while running  bitbake bcm2835-bootfiles -c fetch20:22
sgw_Ok so it looks like it created the tarball now you can rename that to the upsteam name as I suggested above and get rid of the SRC_URI_pn in local.conf , but keep your MIRRORS entry, and it maybe should work!20:23
ramosealso sgw: You will loose internet bandwidth if download that repo.I don't want you loose your money20:23
sgw_ramose: I have a monthly cable service, no restrictions like that.20:24
sgw_ramose: sounds like you have it under control, I am leaving for a few hours, gym, last minute shopping here on the west coast.20:25
ramoseok sgw: but I didn't run the bitbake bcm2835-bootfiles -c fetch fully in the fear that i will loose my internet bandwidth20:25
ramoseso i disconnected in between20:25
sgw_you can also set BB_NO_NETWORK20:25
sgw_but that will prevent other things from downloading20:25
ramosesqw_ : Have my sincere Thanks !!!20:26
ramoseYou saved a lot of money of mine...20:27
ramoseHappy X-mas :)20:27
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