Thursday, 2013-12-26

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pt__How to use flags in insane skip03:04
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linu1 hi all i try to load g_serial module in at91sam9x5ek to connect my ubuntu pc through minicom,but it freezed with "initializing modem" message,but i given "getty 115200 /dev/ttyGS0" thn its working fine, there is already an entry in /etc/inittab for S0 S:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 115200 ttyS0 but i altered for GS0 in the same file as S:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 115200 ttySG0  but it does not work, can you please help me07:24
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abellonihi, my touchscreen is correctly reporting events using evtests, xinput_calibrator is returningsane values but I can't get the touchscreen to work in matchbox. any idea ?09:57
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kergothDoes anyone know of a summary of the policy which states that a user needs to produce an sdk, not try to use the sysroots directly from outside the system? I know we have to explain it to people on a fairly regular basis15:52
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ramoseHello all17:02
ramoseI am getting this error while bitbaking the rpi basic image17:06
ramoseAny one let me what is going wrong17:07
ramoseRROR: Function failed: Unpack failure for URL: ''17:08
ramoseERROR: Function failed: Unpack failure for URL: ''17:08
ramoseI tried changing the file extension to tar.gz but it didn't work too17:10
scetry with -v to get some more information17:23
ramosesorry sce: didn't get you17:24
scemaybe you dont have the xz-utils17:24
sgw_ramose: good morning, sce might be correct, but we built it natively, check that you have the xz was built, it should be a binary in your tmp/sysroots/x86-64-linux/usr/bin17:27
ramoseGoog Morning, sgw_ but one point when I click on this link17:28
ramoseit showed me 404 Not Found17:29
ramosesqw_ : is this link deprecated?17:29
sgw_ramose: you should not need that since the build system should build a native xz binary for your and use it, please check if xz is built17:30
scewhich link ?17:30
ramosesce: this link
ramoseok sgw I am checking it17:31
sgw_ramose: does seem that the extension to .tar.gz, I really hate when upstream's just change things like that.17:31
sgw_ramose: what do you have in your downloads directory (DL_DIR) for zlib, did it find anything from the mirror?17:32
ramosejust one more update ,just now I made it run17:32
ramosewith .gz17:33
ramoseplz review the changed recipe17:33
sgw_ramose: looking at the, it turns out they offer both .tar.xz and .tar.gz, not sure why we are getting the 40417:33
sgw_ramose: just now the .tar.xz link worked correctly for me.  Please try it again17:34
sceon my side its working17:34
ramosemeanwhile would you please review the changed recipe17:36
sgw_ramose: why change the LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM lines, they should not need changing, but I think that you should leave it as it was originally, there might have been a short issue with their website.17:37
ramoseoh Thanks sgw: Thanks sce it is working with the older recipe now17:40
ramoseI don't know but it wa down yesterday also17:40
ramosesqw_To your point "why change the LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM lines" with older ckecksum i was getting some error ,so I replaced them with value suggested by bitbake environment17:42
sceur welcome17:42
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ramosehow much minimum hard disk space required to build Rpi basic image?18:37
ramoseI have 7gb of space lefft on my machine and its only 463 tasks done while building rpi basic image18:41
ramosewould this 7GB of space is enough18:42
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