Monday, 2013-12-30

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TuTizzmorning all, on, I want to propose a modification : --without-systemdsystemunitdir= -> --without-systemdsystemunitdir, this file is available on meta-openembedded/meta-oe/, where should I propose this patch?09:47
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panda84kdegood morning. Can anybody please kindly point me at any documentation on how to add a binary package for 2 different architectures? Specifically I want to create a java package for armv5 and armv711:33
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linuhi i have been using poky with meta-atmel,i have been tying to use gprs,it is working fine,i have used /etc/ppp script,but it is very slow when download a small file using wget,at the same time i used the same device with buildroot compiled files,it downloaded the same file without stalled,the csq value is 22 and 23,can you help me12:20
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panda84kdehi. Can anybody please kindly point me at any documentation on how to add a binary package for 2 different architectures? Specifically I want to create a java package for armv5 and armv714:37
T0mWI think that you need to be more specific about what it is that you are trying to accomplish?14:40
panda84kdeT0mW: you are talking to me, right?14:41
T0mWpanda84kde: yes, sorry14:41
panda84kdeok. I want to package Oracle Java for ARM in my own layer. I want to create 2 recipes (which I already have) one for Java for ARM5 and one for ARM7.14:43
T0mWpanda84kde: are these recipes each for a different "machine"?14:43
T0mWpanda84kde: for example arm7 would be "foo_machine" and arm5 for "other_machine"?14:44
panda84kdeT0mW: sort of. I'm targeting a specific machine on arm7 (Nitrogen6x), but there's nothing against running the same package on another arm7 chip14:45
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T0mWpanda84kde: ah, I see, you want to base it upon the ARCH instead of MACHINE.  Something like SRC_URI_append_arm14:47
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kergothCOMPATIBLE_HOST may be of interest, either directly or as inspiration, by examining how it's implemented14:47
panda84kdeT0mW: kergoth: thanks for the indications14:49
T0mWpanda84kde: if you make your recipes for armv7 / armv5 specific to a machine, there is no reason why someone else couldn't extend your recipe to another machine useing a bbappend + COMPATABLE_MACHINE statement(s).14:50
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jdvdt1qtwebkit with eglfs, anyone sucessfull?15:03
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* kergoth tests a tiny little script which checks for signature differences when including a bsp layer but not using a machine it provides, and the same for a distro layer and not using that distro, to check for leaky non-compliant layers that affect things they shouldn't (that is, not using overrides)17:00
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WarheadsSEthat would be handy for me kergoth18:06
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WarheadsSEAnyone aware of a recipe for mii-tool19:49
WarheadsSEor even ethtool19:51
WarheadsSEfound it.. whee ..19:57
* WarheadsSE is blind19:57
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T0mWThis has me really stumped.  I've a custom recipe which creates a directory in the target image and attempts to chown to www-data.  The directory is created but is still owned by root.  This is in my do_install(): install -m 775 -o www-data -g www-data -d ${D}/binaries20:08
T0mWI've even tried 'install -m 775 -d ${D}/binaries; chown 33:33 ${D}/binaries' with the same result, root ownership.20:09
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sgw_T0mW: are you looking at the files from the host or on the target?  Also did you set your recipe to have base-passwd as a DEPENDS since it will provide the passwd file in the sysroot with the correct uid?20:22
T0mWsgw_: mounting the ext3 image and looking at that.  No, I thought that DEPENDS meant "build the DEPENDs first"?20:23
sgw_T0mW: is does, base-passwd needs to be available (ie built) in the target sysroot20:24
T0mWsgw_: does DEPENDS mean to include the listed package, and files, into build environment for referencing?20:24
T0mWsgw_: the base password is there in the image, and the group + user is in /etc/passwd + /etc/group files.20:25
sgw_yes, the build system creates a build sysroot (see tmp/sysroots/<machince>) which has headers and libraries and some files like passwd20:26
T0mWedited my DEPENDS and only placed 'base-passwd' in it.20:26
nerdboyso does it still need a postinst to add user/group, or does it happen when the rootfs is built?20:27
T0mWbuilding rootfs, again, :-/20:27
T0mWno, didn't try a postinstall, but was thinking of that.  That something in the logic was ignoring the -o and -g install options, and the chown.20:28
T0mWnerdboy: the group + user is www-data, which is in base-passwd.20:28
sgw_nerdboy: no, it should not since www-data is part of the base-passwd, if you are adding a new user, you should use the useradd.bbclass and USERADD*20:28
T0mWyeah, useradd is pretty slick.20:29
nerdboyand no more postinst stuff?20:29
* nerdboy needs to migrate off of classic...20:29
sgw_nerdboy: nope, it does it for you automagically20:30
T0mWuh, I have pkg_postinst_${PN} in a package I migrated from Bernard and the postinst is still working.20:31
T0mWhmm, maybe that is a consideration too.20:31
nerdboyi just meant "no longer requires useradd/groupadd in postinst"20:32
T0mWheh, well, I'm jumping about 5 revisions of Yocto (OE) and find a lot has changed (improved as well).  I thought that postinst had been deprecated.20:33
* T0mW still waiting on do_rootfs20:33
sgw_nerdboy: useradd  does the magic as a preinst, but it can happen during rootfs creation time, and does not have to happen on the target20:34
T0mWnope, no good, still owned by root.20:34
sgw_T0mW: postinst is not deprecated20:35
sgw_T0mW: I will check something, brb20:35
T0mWdo_install says:20:36
T0mW   install -d -m 775 ${D}/configs20:36
T0mW    chown -h 33:33 ${D}/configs20:36
T0mWand still no change20:36
T0mWweird thing is that I extended lighttpd (bbappend) and can chown /www from do_install_append.20:38
T0mWI'll pull Dora and make sure I'm up to date.20:38
sgw_T0mW: so you are seeing it work someplace?20:38
T0mWsgw_: yes, in my lighttpd.bbappend20:38
sgw_But not in a standalone recipe on your layer?20:39
T0mWsgw_: same owener.group20:39
sgw_T0mW: ok, now you got me, I was going to do a local check20:39
T0mWsgw_: it is a simple recipe too.20:39
T0mWDora is up-to-date20:40
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T0mWsgw_: I've even blown everything away (cache, sstate-cache, tmp, etc...) and rebuild the entire project.  same result.20:41
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T0mWWonder if this is a 'race' condition as I have -j 8 on make and bitbake20:43
sgw_T0mW: willing to share your recipe for a quick examination? (you can pm me and/or pastebin)20:44
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T0mWsgw_: simple recipe, that is what i'm building now20:46
T0mWbrb, need coffee20:48
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T0mWsgw_: still no good, that recipe in pastebin is the one that just failed.20:53
sgw_T0mW: I am doing a local build, unfortunatly I have other changes that caused more to rebuild, it would have had to happen eventually!20:56
T0mWsgw_: maybe you should go for coffee too?20:57
T0mWas fast as Yocto (OE) has become, it still gives you time for coffee.20:57
Crofton|worksgw_, can you fix the foo in the latest db commit message?21:00
Crofton|workotherwise I can resend21:00
sgw_Crofton|work: I can tweak that for you!21:02
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sgw_T0mW: I have to head out for an hour or so, I will look at this again when I get back, sorry to delay this.21:05
T0mWsgw_: thanks, I've more to keep me busy..21:05
Crofton|workthanks, sorry about missing the sdk booboo21:13
nerdboywhat's with the foo thing?21:27
nerdboyand next time i think i'll clean up what i send you first, since it might just go "public"  ;)21:28
T0mWyeah, no not-nice language in the commits21:28
nerdboyi meant clean up the recipe hacks...21:29
T0mWthat too21:29
nerdboyi would never commit bad language...   or would i?21:29
nerdboythings that make you go "hmm..."21:30
T0mWheh, my boss and I collaborate on a project, I try to be careful in my commit messages about his foul^H^H^H^H mistakes21:30
T0mWthis is really strange, the pkg_postinst script didn't change the ownership either.21:32
nerdboyCrofton|work: are you paying attention?  you're taking all the fun out of harassing you...21:59
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Crofton|workfoo is what I put in commits I will turn around and rebase22:07
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otaviosgw_: around?22:56
otavioI just checked AB and fsl-arm is still failing; but the failure does not seem to be BSP specific ... am I right?22:57
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