Monday, 2014-01-06

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linuhi all i have been using RTL8723AS wifi module,i compiled for arm at91sam9x5ek,it is working fine,but in the backround it throws me lot of logs,it disturb me while configuring the wifi,please see  is it possible to stop those logs? can you plese help me05:51
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vickyHi yocto. Anyone succeeded with sstate-cache with nfs? I am following this guide but ``. But still i cant. Any sugestions?07:42
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bluelightningmorning all08:39
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hasselmmJaMa: your qt 5.2.0 branch seems to work. ok, still have a problem with input device detection, but that rather seems a qt or raspberry problem10:17
hasselmmJaMa: also seems a bit strange that you put the compiled examples into /usr/share/qt510:17
hasselmmuh. and this AUTOINC thing is not working for me, resulting in strange version numers for your packages10:18
hasselmmbut guess for the AUTOINC i am just too stup^W inexperienced with yocto10:19
JaMawhat you mean by AUTOINC?10:21
JaMathese are replaced by real numbers from PR service10:22
JaMait's to make git SHA-1s sortable10:22
JaMae.g. +gitr1_abc12345 < +gitr2_989abc10:22
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hasselmmoh... checking the generated files it's really just bitbake that shows AUTOINC, instead of the sha10:23
hasselmmthe package files are all fine. so sorry on that.10:23
lpappJaMa: which option was that for git when submitting patches the email only shows the differences between the revisions, not the whole change again?10:23
lpappWas it -M?10:23
hasselmmone more thing: the packages all are generated for armv6-vfp, although they contain machine specific platform bits10:24
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JaMahasselmm: yes, it's because it's replaced later in do_package task10:24
JaMahasselmm: they don't contain any machine specific bits by default, if your .bbappend makes it machine specific, then you're responsible to set MACHINE_ARCH in qtbase and all recipes depending on it10:25
JaMahasselmm: there is even small trick to set it automatically (merged in master few days ago)10:25
JaMaautomatically for all, but you still have to say that you want to set it10:26
JaMalpapp: if you mean to detect renames then yes -M is right one10:26
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hasselmmJaMa: oh. good point.10:26
hasselmmmight be worth to write down all those small things needed for building a machine specific qt with your layer10:27
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JaMahasselmm: it would be even nicer to find some way to keep it TUNE_PKGARCH :)10:32
JaMaI'll add note in
lpappJaMa: do you also have qtquickcontrols?10:33
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hasselmmJaMa: oh nice. thank you.10:41
lpappJaMa: what is the current state of the Qt 5 SDK?10:42
JaMalpapp: see wiki10:48
lpappok, will read later, thanks.10:50
lpappJaMa: heh, my name is on the wiki. :)10:51
lpappgood to see the progress.10:52
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hasselmmJaMa: seems there is no package with the qt example's source code?11:46
JaMahasselmm: it's possible, I don't use examples, maybe the FILES patttern doesn't match anymore?11:49
hasselmmJaMa: they are useful for testing the image :-)11:50
JaMadoes anyone know how bitbake knows to process python modules in openembedded-core/meta/lib/oe ?11:51
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JaMaI'm trying to add our own signature handler and don't know if I need some special setup for bitbake to find it in our layer11:52
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bluelightningJaMa: <layerdir>/lib is added to the python path automatically for all layers11:55
bluelightningI can't recall where the code to do that is, but I did find it while dealing with the runtime testing code11:55
JaMabluelightning: ok, thanks, so now I need to find out why it didn't work for me :)11:57
bluelightningnote of course that if you put it in <subdir> under lib/, the module would of course be referred to as <subdir>.<name> not just <name>11:58
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RPits in base.bbclass13:37
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JaMaRP: Ah thanks sys.path is pythonpath I was thinking about PATH as os.path when I've noticed this line in git grep :)13:44
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JaMaRP: can you please reconsider this patch ? And this one didn't have any negative response, maybe it was just missed in icecc changes
RPJaMa: the icecc patch is fine and I can queue, its just got lost13:49
RPJaMa: for the first one, we did make some improvements in other areas which I hoped had removed the need for that?13:49
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JaMaRP: this is the weird corner case with different toolchain for different MACHINEs and the need for this wasn't resolved AFAIK13:51
RPJaMa: is it just the set empty TARGET_PREFIX part you need or all of it?13:54
JaMaall, because without INHIBIT_DEFAULT_DEPS they also depend on toolchain signatures13:55
RPJaMa: this is where I get confused since INHIBIT_DEFAULT_DEPS is set whenever TARGET_PREFIX is cleared13:55
JaMaAh I'm confusing you again, this reply is more accurate than what I've just said :)
JaMaI'll retest and send v2 to clear this up13:58
RPJaMa: Either all of the class should be applied unconditionally or none of it should, mixing the two up sounds wrong13:58
RPJaMa: I need to stare at the code to better explain that but something doesn't feel right :/13:59
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JaMaRP: I'm retesting with TARGET_PREFIX only at least to better explain in commit message why the other part is needed14:06
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RPJaMa: ok, thanks14:09
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JaMais there some known reason for linux-yocto to rebuild in every image build in dora branch? I thought that those issues were all only in master and already fixed14:57
JaMathe signatures are identical (no DATETIME dependency or something like that)14:57
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gjohnsonis there a way to blacklist a bbappend file?  I want to replace the qt5 bbappend file in meta-fsl-arm with my own.15:05
RPJaMa: the initramfs task nostamp?15:05
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kergothgjohnson: that sounds like a bad idea, but its possible BBMASK may work for that.15:26
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JaMaRP: yes, do_bundle_initramfs[nostamp] = "1" is in dora's kernel.bbclass15:30
RPJaMa: I suspect that is the issue15:30
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JaMaI'm looking @ 55989cb509340bd265d0ce0d8bfe849681be4616 in master which removed that15:31
JaMabut I remember that there was longer discussion about this problem and don't remember if it had some other required changes or not in the end15:31
JaMait can be cherry-picked to dora after cherry-picking 81831db1c32afa3346f3ed9f4325ad280e5bb00515:33
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ajtaganyone know if there is a nice way to get around install -s in a makefile? is the answer patch the makefile?15:36
ajtagor is there an option that can be passed in a recipe?15:36
gjohnsonkergoth: Thanks, I will look into that.  The problem I have is the qt5 append file in the freescale layer doesn't work well with the way I want to configure qt.15:37
ajtagat the moment the wrong strip is being used15:37
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JaMaajtag: if it's in extra variable then you can use EXTRA_OEMAKE, otherwise some recipes are patching makefile or calling sed to deal with extra -s15:46
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ajtagok, thanks, there  are no extra variables at the moment, so I will build a patch. thanks15:47
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ZaifHi all, I know this is not yocto issue but just to get some suggestions, Any idea how to solve this "connection reset by peer" error while fetching opencv from github--->
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Xz_hi there, there is new minicom, version 2.716:21
Xz_is it going to appear magicaly in master, or the answer is 'if you bump recipe and test it will...' ? :)16:22
Xz_hmm... there are two of me in here16:23
ndeci don't think there is anything magic ;-)16:23
Xz_Xz: abc16:23
ndecsomebody has to submit the patch for it ;-)16:23
bluelightningXz_: Cristian Iorga is the maintainer for that recipe, I think it will be on his list to update16:23
bluelightningXz_: unless you get there first of course...16:23
Xz_you see, there is a bit of magic :)16:23
bluelightningFYI, recipe maintainers for the core recipes are listed in meta-yocto/conf/distro/include/maintainers.inc16:24
bluelightningbut of course doing the upgrade means you need to test it properly16:25
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Xz_bluelightning: does it mean when I add a new recipe I'm automacially becoming that recipe maintainer?16:26
bluelightningXz_: well, not necessarily16:26
bluelightningbut it is the default option ;)16:27
Xz_bluelightning: got it16:27
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #73 of nightly-arm is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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otavioHi there16:36
bluelightninghey otavio16:37
otavioHappy 201416:37
bluelightningotavio: and to you :)16:37
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otavioRP: sgw_: I am back to work today18:04
otavioI am looking at build failures in fsl-arm18:04
sgw_otavio: Happy New Year and thanks18:07
otavioI have some already queued; I am building it in my builder and will push18:07
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Crofton|worksgw_, every blown commit, you buy/bring a keg for the next conf :)18:10
Crofton|workand HNY18:10
sgw_Crofton|work: HNY to you, a beer yes, keg only if I can drive it there!18:11
Crofton|worksounds like funny dice18:11
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mranostaysomeone say beer?18:17
rburtongreat idea18:18
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mranostayCrofton|work: keg seems a bit much :)18:18
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WarheadsSECrofton|work: beer?18:26
WarheadsSEoh, hey, wb to the office otavio18:27
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lpappRP: will you have by any chance some time to take a look at the bitbake patches?19:10
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