Monday, 2014-01-20

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Net147what would be the best way to add files to an image that isn't tracked by package management?00:28
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Net147worked it out. I just created a new function that copies files into ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} and then add the function to ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND.01:48
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khemNet147: you have to regenerate the image and add the needed bits to IMAGE_INSTALL in that image recipe01:52
Net147khem: IMAGE_INSTALL is tracked by package management though isn't it?01:56
Net147khem: I don't want it to be in the package database on the target.01:59
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khemNet147: so you have an image which has Online Package Management ?02:56
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Net147khem: yes03:07
Net147khem: I already worked it out while you were disconnected. I just created a new function that copies files into ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} and then add the function to ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND.03:09
khemit seems you need to setup online feeds03:17
Net147khem: I have a feed03:18
Net147khem: but how does that help?03:19
khemwhen you have  an image with O_P_M then you cant avoid changing the package metadata03:21
khemyou can tweak some files with ROOTFS_POSTPROCES_COMMAND but  make it an exception not  norm03:22
Net147khem: yes it's just this special case03:24
Net147another alternative would be to modify the image after it is built. but that's not as elegant.03:25
mranostayhowdy khem03:36
khemmranostay: hey03:36
khemI was absconding for some time :)03:37
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mranostaykhem: planning on ELC?03:42
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khemmranostay: yes I think I will there03:50
khembe there03:50
khemhopefully all water in California wont dry up by then03:50
mranostaykhem: droughts?03:52
khemyep our governor has declared drought too ?03:54
khemI think03:54
khemlet me see some newspapers03:54
khembut no rains here03:54
mranostaykhem: pdx certainly rarely has that problem03:55
khemI am sure heh :)04:00
mranostaykhem: any forest fires yet?04:04
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khemnot yet04:06
khembut drought would mean more likely chances of fires04:06
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nerdboyoops, found some error junk in a recipe after pulling on master05:15
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bluelightningmorning all09:11
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rburtonJaMa: 10 day job on jenkins? what on earth are you building?! :)09:27
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lpapphmm, Yocto does not yet have a process monitor software integrated yet?09:58
lpapp(e.g. daemontools, supervisord, launchd, runit, etc?)09:58
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bluelightningsurely systemd? (ducks)10:00
lpappno, we use SysV.10:01
lpappand I am not sure if systemd can do the same.10:01
lpappi.e. relaunching daemons if they are stopped, quiting daemons for certain conditions, etc.10:01
hasselmmlpapp: that's the entire purpose of systemd10:01
hasselmmreliably launching services when needed, keeping them alive, losing no network connection10:02
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hasselmmlpapp: after all it's done by the company making billions with some enterprise linux ;-)10:02
hasselmmstill not sure if systemd integration in yocto is good enough already10:03
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mckoangood morning10:03
linu1hi all i have weighngscal bluetooth device i would like to pair that with arm target and need to use  bluetooth spp to get data from weighing scale machine.i googled but i could not get enough idea,can you please help me10:03
lpappso how can I tell systemd to run 50-100 different services?10:03
lpappand take care of relaunching some of them at certain points?10:03
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lpappor stopping 5-15 of them for a certain condition based on the run of one service?10:04
lpapp(anyway, we use SysV, so it is kinda moot)10:04
lpapp(not to mention systemd has other problems)10:04
lpapp(not just that it is bloated)10:04
bluelightninglpapp: if you want those other tools for sysv you'll need to write the recipes yourself I guess10:04
lpappof course, I was just surprised.10:05
hasselmmlpapp: exactly, that's what systemd is doing. you define conditions under which services are provided. if all this preconditions are fullfilled, the service launches. if you take away one, the service stops10:05
lpappthese are very old tools, and sysv had been around for quite a while.10:05
JaMarburton: actually nothing :)
hasselmmalso it has features like listening on network sockets for incoming traffic and only launching the service on demand10:06
hasselmmdoesn't seem useful on its own10:06
rburtonJaMa: blimey, i saw that but wasn't expecting the impact to be that tragic10:06
hasselmmbut becomes handy when reconfiguring services. since it makes you lose not a single byte of incoming traffic during the service restart10:06
lpappto be honest, I do not like systemd for other reasons.10:06
rburtoncan we not have another systemd war please?10:07
lpapprburton: no, I would just forget systemd. ;-)10:07
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lpappso which layer would daemontools fit in?10:09
bluelightningmeta-oe ?10:10
lpappnot meta?10:10
JaMarburton: neither did I, otherwise I wouldn't have started that job, but I'm still interested in how long it will actually take and the results in diff10:10
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linu1bluelightning,i have used poky with meta-atmel , do you have any idea to connect weighing scale bluetooth spp to arm target.?10:26
rburtonlinu1: bluez is the bluetooth stack, so use the APIs that has10:27
bluelightninglinu1: no, sorry, I don't10:27
lpapphasselmm: is it difficult to configure systemd up?10:28
linu1rburton, yes i have done bluetooth spp between 2 pc and also arm target with pc using rfcomm0 but i dont have any idea using weighing scale bluetooth device.10:30
rburtonlinu1: so you're asking how to program a very specific piece of hardware?  I suggest you find the documentation for it.10:31
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faborburton: ffsb patch is still needed, just not config.guess/sub update inside11:34
faborburton: it becomes a one-liner to remove the hardcoded configure11:34
faborburton: anyway, posting v211:34
rburtonfabo: sure, but we don't want to see a file added and then deleted11:34
faborburton: sounds good11:37
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zqadHi all. So I have a question about DISTRO_FEATURES vs. IMAGE_FEATURES, in respect to x11. According to, x11 is an IMAGE_FEATURE, which makes it complicated to use as a base for configuration decisions in other packages. However, most existing packages treat it as a DISTRO_FEATURE. Is this ok to do, or is x11 as a DISTRO_FEATURE being phased out?13:15
rburtonzqad: it's both.  ther'es an image feature you can chose to use.  and the distro feature is a global on/off.13:22
zqadrburton: alright, thanks!13:22
rburtonif you turn it off at the DISTRO level then you *cannot* build images with X.  turn it on at the distro level and you can build images with or without X servers.13:23
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zqadseems fair :)13:23
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vmesonzqad, rburton: I found that removing opengl/ x11 as DFs didn't work. I should test that again...
yoctiBug 5321: enhancement, Medium, 1.6, randy.macleod, NEW , When DISTRO_FEATURES are removed, bitbake world should still work17:09
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rburtonwell, it works, just don't expect to build world.17:18
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sjolley /msg nickserv register jolleykirk stephen.k.jolley@intel.com22:49
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newellI added "emacs" to my IMAGE_INSTALL_append variable in local.conf and it installs emacs fine but when I go to use it via a serial console, it just freezes the whole thing.  Any ideas or anyone here get emacs to work properly?22:55
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mranostaynewell: yeah use vim22:56
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newellmranostay, NO!23:00
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mranostaybehanw: how it a'boot today?23:43
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