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pevAnyone ever played with PACKET_MMAP by any chance? Got some weird behaviour on my i.MX6 board (3.0.35 kernel) where it runs much slower than normal sockets and perf shows it as spending 60% of its time in v7_flush_kern_dcache_area - looks like a proper bug but dont have any other boards / later kernels I can take a pop at reproducing with...00:07
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khem`pev: does your kernel have
pevkhem`: Ah, interesting, no! I'll test now...01:46
kergothkhem`: btw we couldn't error on parsing, as the available package qa types is only known by 1) ALL_QA, which is ERROR_QA + WARN_QA, or 2) at runtime when package_qa_handle_error is called. would have to either be fatal at do_package time, which isn't much better than ERROR_QA, or would have to make the default behavior controllable, afaict01:48
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michael_e_brownThanks, khem. I'll try those out next week. What I have seems to be working great so far.02:14
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khem`kergoth: ah, yes but then if we create another variable that wont fix the issue of dangling QA  either02:25
khem`michael_e_brown: OK thanks02:25
* khem` larts ubuntu02:28
kergothkhem`: the "dangling" case currently does a bb.note(). I intend to add a var DEFAULT_QA or somesuch with values note/warn/error, or similar, to alter the default behavior for unlisted entries02:42
kergothmight not be ideal, but it would let a distro choose to make it fail by default for unlisted tests02:42
* kergoth digs02:42
khem`kergoth: ok thats good02:46
kergothhacking on my auto python deps code, converted it to a package_qa, and realized i'd get no output without adding it to a _QA var :)02:46
pevkhem`: Nope, good catch but doesnt seem to be the culprit...02:46
khem`pev: do you see it doing lot of cache activity ?02:47
pevkhem`: Unfortunately perf stat doesn't work on this board so only got the output of perf top to look at02:48
khem`ok, thats good enough02:49
khem`pev: you see it taking longer time in v7_flush_kern_dcache_area or too many calls ?02:57
pevkhem`: Frustratingly perf top only shows time spent in the function based on samples rather than entries - it is about 70% of total samples though (and a firther 10% is raw_spin_unlock_irqrestore)02:59
pevIt'd be easy to reproduce on other ARM boards I think03:01
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nerdboyso is there a tegra BSP layer somewhere?  i've looked and didn't see anything, but maybe it's named weirdly03:08
nerdboyspecifically for the trimslice/utilite devices03:09
* nerdboy planning to make one03:10
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lpappnerdboy: I saw it somewhere.03:15
lpappnerdboy: I would ask it on the mailing list first to be sure.03:19
nerdboyheh, just found woglinde's meta-tegra repo on github03:21
nerdboyit's 3 years old and empty03:21
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nerdboydigging around a bit more yields meta-toradex03:46
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nerdboybut for three specific colibri t20/t30 machines and something called a apalis03:49
nerdboyshould be easy to add one more machine...03:53
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nerdboyboy is there some weird stuff in that layer...04:32
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lpappis there a way to turn off the Q/A checks for a recipe?08:00
lpappideally I would like to turn off one specific check, not the whole Q/A.08:01
lpapp(upstream software is bad, and I do not have time to fix it to be nice)08:01
JaMaerr INSANE_SKIP08:03
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lpappJaMa: oh, I need INSANE_SKIP_${PN} += "dev-so textrel"08:13
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* danielki thinks DO_NOT_DELETE_FILES_IN_THIS_DIRECTORY.txt is somewhat misleading13:01
danielkiin fact you have to -- at least I'm not aware of any other way to remove old images13:02
lpappthere is though.13:03
lpappwhich poky are you using?13:03
danielkithere is?13:03
lpappI do not know the versions, sorry.13:03
lpappcode name?13:03
danielkicool, thanks, I've been looking for something like that!13:04
danielkiperhaps the do-not-delete readme should mention that...13:04
lpappyes, it is one of the reasons for us to move away from dylan to dora+1 in Q3 or Q4.13:04
* danielki adds it to site.conf13:08
lpappdanielki: are you using internal toolchain?13:10
danielkioh wait13:10
danielkiif you mean toolchain generated as part of the build13:10
lpappyes, not company internal.13:11
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lpappI wish we could have that luxury... :-/13:11
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danielki <-- I think I have exactly the problem described here15:57
danielkiany ideas?15:57
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zeckedanielki: which kernel are you using?15:59
danielkifreescale with patches to support this particular board16:00
danielkihm, I just found this:!msg/kernelarchive/xdfrndFarwY/xhYWzYDYaTIJ16:00
zeckedanielki: that kernel is ancient. Move at least to a LTS version. There were tons of Ubifs fixes even in 3.2.X16:01
danielkiI would love to, but this is i.MX5316:01
zeckedanielki: well, then don't use Freesclae hw in future products? ;)16:02
danielkizecke: it's a customer's product :)16:03
danielkithe situation is better with i.MX6 I heard16:03
michael_e_brownAre you sure the patches haven't been mainlined?16:04
zeckedanielki: but yes. ubi/ubifs is full of bugs. just browse the 3.2.x changelog. or older16:04
zeckedanielki: no idea if your 2.6.35 already had the fixes16:04
michael_e_brownI see some references that i.mx53 stuff is in later kernels16:05
danielkimichael_e_brown: as far as I know, mainline still doesn't support graphics and some other stuff16:05
michael_e_brownok, no personal experience with it. just got myself a few i.mx6 dev boards last week.16:06
danielkifor those freescale supports a 3-something kernel, and I heard mainline works too (though not with all features)16:08
lpappdanielki: I wonder if you can backport fixes?16:09
danielkiof course you can, but it means work16:09
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bunkdanielki: there's also sone 3.something kernel I've used for an i.MX53 based product, but it's not supported by Freescale16:18
danielkiwhere can I get it? :)16:19
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bunkdanielki: look at the16:21
bunklt-3.1 and lt-3.2-imx5 branches at
danielkioh cool16:22
bunkAFAIR we used the 3.2.0-rc6 from the latter, but that was 2012 so I don't remember everything16:22
danielkiis there already a yocto layer somewhere which integrates this?16:22
bunkWe didn't use Yocto for that project.16:23
danielkibut thanks anyway for the pointer16:23
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lpappdanielki: I saw a freescale layer, but it probably does not integrate this.17:04
danielkiI'm using the freescale layer17:04
lpappdanielki: maybe you could ask on this list?
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khem`always search layers.openembedded.or17:41
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