Tuesday, 2014-02-04

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newellI am trying to set the smp_affinity for different irq's but I keep getting input/output errors.  I made sure I was root as well.  Any ideas why this might be happening?01:24
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mckoangood morning08:08
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ericbuttershi.. i want to build a kernel module. but i can not find module.h in my sysroot. why?09:45
bluelightningmorning all09:46
* LetoThe2nd is also mourning all09:47
ericbuttersi have most of the kernel headers in my sysroot, but module.h is missing.09:47
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bluelightningericbutters: you mean an out-of-tree kernel module? see meta-skeleton/recipes-kernel/hello-mod/09:50
ericbuttersbluelightning: yes. thanks. i will take a look at. but i am wondering why there is no module.h in my sysroot. can you say why?09:52
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bluelightningericbutters: not sure, but it ought to be there if you have built the kernel09:53
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ericbuttersis there a way to install kernel-headers to sysroot manually? like make install kernel-headers?09:54
bluelightningno, this gets done already09:55
bluelightningreally I would suggest following the recipe route09:55
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ericbuttersokay thanks again!10:08
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lpapphi, I am getting this for "bitbake -c menuconfig busybox" => http://pastebin.kde.org/psfgjwwem11:00
lpappis it supposed to work similarly to the kernel, u-boot, irc?11:00
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lpapp(oh, nvm, I just needed a different ncurses version than for the kernel)11:15
lpappso is there a nice way with Yocto to change the configuration for a software, and for save, it should be sync'd back to the corresponding defconfig?11:16
lpappcurrently, I always use menuconfig and manual copy from .config back to defconfig. :-(11:16
av500why not generate a patch and put it in the patches folder? :)11:20
bluelightninglpapp: how would we know where to copy it?11:22
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lpappav500: because that is not how yocto works11:23
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lpappbluelightning: by knowing the recipe location.11:24
bluelightninglpapp: except this defconfig should be going into your custom layer not the core...11:24
lpappbluelightning: except that it is already there with a bbappend of course...11:25
bluelightninglpapp: and what if it isn't?11:25
lpappbluelightning: warning, clarification for the path, etc?11:25
lpappdefinitely, that should not block others to use this usefully. :-)11:25
lpappcurrently, I am doing the same over again, again, and again, and it is getting tiresome.11:26
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lpapphence I thought I would mention that it could be improved (it is probably not just me configuring)11:26
lpappwhat is more important on top of tiring, it is also error-prone. :(11:29
lpappI had a lot of "ah, damn, I forgot to sync up" experience after hours of debuggings.11:29
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yoctiBug 5785: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , Make it possible to sync up configurations with defconfig11:36
SaurRP: Btw, I do not know your process for closing bugs, but bug #5588 was fixed and integrated a while back (34a5d1e9cd7df1fb46431ffda2371f5772a4eaf9 in Poky)...11:42
yoctiBug https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5588 normal, Medium, 1.6, peter.kjellerstedt, NEW , pybootchartgui.py doesn't work with -s option11:42
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bluelightningSaur: ideally, the developer who fixes the issue marks it as resolved and adds a link to the poky commit in the comments11:43
Saurbluelightning: Ok, thanks. Will do that then.11:45
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bluelightningSaur: great, thanks11:50
diego_rkhem: hi. I have this build problem: http://pastebin.com/v5MG6CpY if I use everything from master and this commit: https://github.com/OSSystems/meta-browser/commit/4b7a82273a85802070441e9c510e0891acc482fa11:50
lpappare the CI results available for Yocto, publicly?11:51
diego_rIt passed beyond that point now that I reverted that commit, so it looks like something is not working with oe-core master nss11:52
rburtonlpapp: autobuilder.yoctoproject.org11:53
lpapprburton: hmm, interesting that it is not Jenkins or Hudson.11:55
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rburtonlpapp: it's buildbot11:56
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Dennis__Hi everyone. How can I add a new machine feature? It doesn't seem to be documented anywhere.12:16
bluelightningDennis__: there's not much to it - basically just add a check for it where you need to, and then add it to the MACHINE_FEATURES value in the machine(s) that should have the feature enabled12:17
bluelightningit gets a little tricky when you have a feature that's currently "enabled" that you now want to disable for certain machines12:17
bluelightning(assuming you're talking about contributing the feature back)12:18
bluelightningthen you need to add it to MACHINE_FEATURES_BACKFILL in bitbake.conf so that existing machine configurations remain unaffected, and put it into MACHINE_FEATURES_BACKFILL_CONSIDERED in the conf file for the machines that should not have it enabled12:19
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Dennis__OK. Yes i've read something about backfill somewhere. But what do you mean by "just add a check where you need to"? something like this: ${@base_contains("MACHINE_FEATURES", "acpi", "packagegroup-base-acpi", "",d)} ?12:22
bluelightningDennis__: exactly that yes12:24
Dennis__OK, thank you!12:24
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lpappbluelightning: will bitbake -c cleanall image give a sufficiently correct image after changing branch?12:39
lpappbluelightning: or should I build from a fresh clone after changing branch?12:39
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lpappYocto version remains the same, but configs changed here and there for busybox, etc.12:39
lpappI do not wanna get any stray stuff into the new image build.12:40
lpappfrom the previous builds.12:40
ndeclpapp: cleanall <image> will only affect the <image> recipe, not any of the other recipes that gets pulled into the <image>12:48
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ndecit's not an overall 'cleanall' command that would call -c cleanall on all packages used by <image>12:49
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto12:49
lpappndec: :-/12:50
lpappso how to make sure there would be no stray stuff? Fresh clone or at least  git reset --hard HEAD && git clean -fdx?12:50
*** andna <andna!~andna@> has joined #yocto12:51
*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has joined #yocto12:52
ndeclpapp: well all 'the stray stuff' will be in the sstate folder.12:52
lpappndec: yes12:53
lpapp(kind of)12:53
ndecfresh clone isn't really needed, just make sure you have no local change.12:53
lpappndec: is it possible that even then wrong state is picked up?12:53
ndecsure, that would be a bug ;-)12:53
ndeci just found one such bug..12:54
yoctiBug 5786: normal, Undecided, ---, dvhart, NEW , module_autoload_xxx variables are not taken into for sstate signature12:54
lpappndec: :/12:54
lpappok, then I will just clone... Cannot take the risk currently, unfortunately.12:54
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*** danielki <danielki!~daniel@> has joined #yocto13:55
danielkihm, I get this trying to build nativesdk-expat: | /home/daniel/source/slb-nexus-bsp/build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/libexec/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/gcc/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/4.8.1/ld: lib/.libs/xmlparse.o: relocation R_X86_64_32S against `.rodata' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC13:58
danielkiargh, and a similar error with nativesdk-libtool14:01
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lpappdanielki: yeah, the linux libraries are in a sad state of affairs.14:06
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto14:06
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*** sjolley1 <sjolley1!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto14:11
danielkihm, and setting ICECC_DISABLED in the environment seems to have no effect whatsoever14:14
*** sjolley1 <sjolley1!~sjolley@> has quit IRC14:17
*** behanw <behanw!~behanw@> has joined #yocto14:19
bluelightningdanielki: what do you mean by "in the environment"?14:20
danielkiin the shell env of bitbake14:20
danielki(it is tested by a shell function in icecc.bbclass)14:21
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto14:21
bluelightningdanielki: it wouldn't, no; we filter the external environment14:21
bluelightningyou can, if you want to, extend the list of variables allowed through using BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE (see how this gets set in scripts/oe-buildenv-internal which is run by the environment setup script)14:23
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lpappbluelightning: what is the general practice to package softwares without install target? How to pick up the correct files? Packagers usually patch the buildsystem?14:31
*** oneQubit <oneQubit!~oneQubit@c-98-231-154-140.hsd1.md.comcast.net> has joined #yocto14:31
lpapp(or they just do the cp in do_install not to touch any Makefile mess?)14:32
diego_rkhem: otavio: I confirm reverting https://github.com/OSSystems/meta-browser/commit/4b7a82273a85802070441e9c510e0891acc482fa makes chromium build. With that commit I get: http://pastebin.com/v5MG6CpY14:33
bluelightninglpapp: just use the "install" command to install the files in do_install; so you have to know roughly what files need to be installed for the software the recipe is building14:33
lpappbluelightning: Yes, I know... a binary, and a library.14:34
bluelightningdiego_r: hmm, the fact that the errant file is in a directory called "bodge" is probably some kind of indication...14:35
lpappbluelightning: http://pastebin.kde.org/pmtwtgi2w but this produces no foo package, just -dev and -dbg14:35
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!~quassel@cpe.ge-0-2-0-950.faaqnqu1.dk.customer.tdc.net> has quit IRC14:36
bluelightninglpapp: have you changed PACKAGES in the recipe at all?14:36
bluelightningdiego_r: that's not really helpful though I know. Perhaps the version of chromium currently in meta-browser isn't compatible with the version of nss in OE-Core14:37
bluelightningotavio: ^14:37
lpappbluelightning: nop14:39
bluelightninglpapp: not sure then...14:39
diego_rbluelightning: yeah. That's why I pinged Khem and Otavio, they signed off and acked the commit. I think it not master related however, dora has the same nss 3.15.1 version (though newer than 3.13.3 in meta-browser)14:40
*** paulbarker <paulbarker!~pbarker@94-192-12-83.zone6.bethere.co.uk> has joined #yocto14:45
lpappbluelightning: ok, it was my mistake... :)14:46
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC14:46
*** sjolley1 <sjolley1!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto14:46
lpappbluelightning: but now, the main package depends on the -dev version...14:46
lpapp(not sure why... yes, we have got one .so which should go to the main package)14:46
lpappI do not think we should have any -dev package, but especially not as a dependency for the main.14:46
bluelightninglpapp: it just means (a) your library does not use the standard library versioning and (b) thus your -dev package is getting the library, but there's a dependency from the binary in the main package on that library14:47
lpappbluelightning: http://pastebin.kde.org/pxmllwbqz14:48
lpapphere you can see the whole recipe.14:48
lpappbluelightning: so, how to eliminate the -dev package for now?14:48
lpappexplicitly specify PACKAGES?14:48
bluelightninglpapp: the lib filename you are addingto FILES_${PN} does not match up with the filename you are installing14:49
lpappbluelightning: yep, that is an obfuscation mistake14:49
lpappbluelightning: http://pastebin.kde.org/ptp7f8pqp14:50
*** sjolley1 <sjolley1!~sjolley@> has quit IRC14:50
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto14:50
lpappbluelightning: for now, I only want to have a main package and perhaps a -dbg.14:50
lpappmaybe a lib package later...14:51
bluelightninglpapp: try FILES_${PN}-dev = ""14:51
lpappbluelightning: you mean remove the insane lines altogether, and just add this only?14:51
lpappERROR: QA Issue: foo rdepends on foo-dev14:52
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC14:52
lpappstill that, bluelightning ^14:52
bluelightningfoo-dev still has files in it then...14:53
bluelightningI don't know14:53
lpappI used this command after the change:14:53
lpappbitbake -c cleanall foo && bitbake foo14:53
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto14:55
lpappbluelightning: ok, I will decompress the -dev package on the host to see what it has inside...14:55
lpapp(arguably, package-split could do the same)14:55
*** joseppc <joseppc!~Josep@sestofw01.enea.se> has quit IRC14:56
lpappbluelightning: it contains the .so14:56
bluelightningyes, I'd guessed that based on the error14:56
lpappah, sorry, I made a mistake.14:56
lpappI did not follow correctly what you wrote.14:56
lpappbluelightning: thanks.14:58
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sjolleyJoin the Yocto Project Team meeting at:           Dial-in number:         1.972.995.7777             US Toll Free number:         1.877.561.6828             BlackBerry users, click this link to join your conference as   a participant:         1.972.995.7777x42001078#16:01
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jzhang-laptopYPTM: jzhang on the call16:02
BSDCatYPTM: Matthew on the call16:02
bluelightningYPTM: Paul Eggleton is on16:02
nitink1YPTM: Nitin joined the bridge16:02
bluelightningYPTM: Belen & Alex D are also on16:02
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tomzYPTM: Tom Z on the bridge16:02
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rburtonYPTM: ross on, i think.16:03
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IonutCYPTM: is on16:03
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IonutCYPTM: IonutC is on16:03
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alvdYPTM: good morning,16:06
* RP is online (ish) but not able to dial in16:07
alvdYPTM: hello all16:07
halsteadYPTM: Michael joined.16:09
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av500cult meeting?16:10
sjolleyYPTM is over - Thanks to all of you.16:11
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bluelightningav500: join us!16:11
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #14 of nightly-mips-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly-mips-lsb/builds/1417:38
lpappbluelightning: the site config has to be always called site.conf?17:41
bluelightninglpapp: yes17:42
lpappbluelightning: strange17:43
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khem`diego_r: Can you apply https://src.chromium.org/viewvc/chrome/trunk/src/net/third_party/nss/ssl/bodge/secitem_array.c?r1=206184&r2=206183&pathrev=206184&diff_format=u17:46
*** abelloni <abelloni!~piout@128-79-216-6.hfc.dyn.abo.bbox.fr> has joined #yocto17:47
khem`to chromium17:47
*** tobiash <tobiash!~quassel@mail.bmw-carit.de> has joined #yocto17:47
khem`and test if it fixes it17:47
*** khem <khem!~khem@99-57-140-30.lightspeed.sntcca.sbcglobal.net> has joined #yocto17:48
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diego_rkhem`: I will and let you know. Will give you feedback tomorrow or Thursday.17:48
khem`diego_r: ok17:48
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #14 of nightly-x86-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly-x86-lsb/builds/1417:56
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #14 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org:8011/builders/nightly-x86-64/builds/1418:05
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lpappdanielki: hmm, you are the man. :)18:11
lpappdanielki: you are using a very similar generic linux stack to me... :) Was considering icecc a few weeks ago, and I did not know Yocto would even have support for it...18:11
danielkiworks well with the change I posted to the list :)18:12
danielkithough my SDK build problems may be due to ICECC, I still need to investigate that18:13
danielkialso, I'm using the Yocto-generated toolchain18:13
lpappthat is a huge difference, yes.18:14
lpappI have been planning that for a while, but a few million LOC would suffer from a toolchain change like that....18:14
lpappthat is why it is not simple....18:14
diego_rkhem`: patch applied. Building...18:14
lpappdanielki: especially as the gcc 4.9 release is approaching with the nifty C++14 features...18:15
lpapp(and fixes)18:15
*** dlerner <dlerner!~dlerner@> has quit IRC18:15
diego_rsee you tomorrow18:17
lpappbluelightning: can we still use root login without debug-tweaks for SSH?18:17
lpapp(i.e. can I eliminate that default statements generated by the template?)18:17
lpappbluelightning: it is possible a customer comes back with an issue, and root ssh access would be a timer saver.18:19
*** gmacario <gmacario!~gmacario@maxlab.polito.it> has quit IRC18:20
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bluelightninglpapp: what default statements are you referring to?18:24
lpappbluelightning: EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES = "debug-tweaks" in the local.conf.sample file.18:25
bluelightningyou can have whatever you like in your own template18:25
lpappbluelightning: sure.... but the real question is: will I have root ssh access without that statements?18:26
*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has quit IRC18:26
bluelightninglpapp: if you set the root password in the image, sure18:26
bluelightningotherwise, no18:27
lpappbluelightning: ok, so yes, thanks.18:27
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jcalleaHi, I'm trying to build qt5 for am335x and am getting QA errors, i.e. ERROR: QA Issue: File '/usr/bin/sgx_blit_test' from libgles-omap3 was already stripped, this will prevent future debugging! is there anyway to skip these errors or resolve this issue?19:22
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sgw_jcallea: depending on your Distro settings  for WARN_QA/ERROR_QA, you could remove "already-stripped" from ERROR_QA and move it to WARN_QA19:43
onoffonthis should not be a error I thinkl19:44
*** onoffon is now known as khem`19:44
frayit is an error, because in the environments most of us work, we're building software for other application developers and product developers to use..19:45
frayif that software has stripped components, it means they can't debug them.. and we've failed to engineer a system that is debuggable..19:45
frayin the cases where you aren't providing a debuggable components, I usually add it to the recipe's INSANE_SKIP variable, with a comment that makes it clear we're not going to check the debug information as the object is already stripped..19:46
frayvariable is from memory BTW, so I likely have it wrong19:46
khem`but you want to fail the build for that ?19:46
frayyes..  since the recipe is broken19:46
khem`then fix it,  why spew INSANE_SKIP19:46
fraybut it is configurable within the distro file.. so you don't HAVE to fail, you choose to.. and the default is to fail19:46
khem`since its hiding the brokenness19:46
frayINSANE_SKIP is for individual recipes, not for the system as a whole..19:47
frayoccasionally you have to integrate something (commercial usually) that doesn't include debug information..  so skipping it reasonable19:47
khem`yes the point still stands if you had that as a warning user is notified too19:47
khem`adding it to INSANE_SKIP is papering over the issue19:47
fraywarnings 'scare' users into thinking you made a mistake..19:47
frayyes, insane_skip is used to hide a known error/warning (and make it neighter)19:48
frayas a commercial integrator, we get bugs from customers all the time that says "I got a warning .... fix it"19:48
fraysince they have a 'no warnings allowed' mentality19:48
khem`using error will aggrevate the use of insane_skip which is wrong direction19:48
khem`many a times packages have install -s19:48
khem`in there makefiles19:49
fraydepends on the behavior you want..  error is IMHO correct, since regular recipes should never produce non-debugable components..  i.e. the install -s crap you mention19:49
khem`and you have to patch them19:49
fraywarn is correct if you don't care..19:49
khem`not use INSANE_SKIP19:49
frayINSANE_SKIP is correct if you know it's not debuggable and don't want the warning19:49
khem`but now the claim is shallow imo19:49
khem`you want to enforce errors to fix metadata19:50
frayerror - stop, warn - make the user potentially fix it, skip - This test is not appropriate19:50
khem`otherwise warning/errors do the same job19:50
khem`anyhow my point is we are not fixing the root cause of the problem19:50
frayerrors stop, warnings don't19:50
frayroot cause is stupid vendors that provide non-buggable sources19:51
frayotherwise, there is no reason not to fix it19:51
khem`sometimes thats a genuine case, however you failed to provide a debuggable system anyway19:51
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fraythe typical case I see this is in commercial DBs (oracle), java (oracle) or graphics drivers (PowerVR, emgd, imgd, etc)19:52
frayanything built from source should be debuggable..  I'd never set the skip when building from source..19:53
frayanother aspect, I tree ERROR_QA and WARN_QA as distribution settings.. skip as recipe setting19:53
fraytree -> treat19:53
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jcalleaThanks everyone either option worked20:07
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kgephello, I am working with DISTRO_VERSION    = "1.2.2" and have ran into a problem in my build.  I get a fail do_rootfs with opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package  <fill-in-the-blank>-local-en-us for numerous packages22:50
kgephas anyone seen this?22:50
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evanpkgep: I'm pretty sure I've seen that. My circumstances are a little different, so I can't be completely certain, but it looks like what I remember.22:58
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evanpkgep: I'm using Yocto 1.2 and packaging into RPMs22:58
kgepi'm packaging into ipk22:59
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kgepwish I could change it but I've inherited it22:59
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kgepevanp what did you do to fix it?23:01
evanpkgep: in my situation, and if I recall correctly, the issue was related to DEPCHAINs. That piece of code injects RRECOMMENDS into packages, but it does it blind--that is, without knowing whether the target package actually exists or not--based only on PN patterns23:02
evanpkgep: RPM treats RRECOMMENDS and RDEPENDS the same, so lots of packages ended up uninstallable23:03
kgepevanp: ok, I've been toying with the local.conf23:04
evanpkgep: I had lots of these kinds of errors, anywhere a package didn't fit the pattern--for example, glibc spits out a bunch of packages (gcc-runtime, libgcc, etc.) and many of those don't fit the pattern23:04
evanpkgep: so I ended up forcing DEPCHAIN_POST = ""23:05
evanpkgep: I'm pretty sure all my *-locale-* broken dependencies disappeared at the same time23:06
kgepevanp: ok, I have not looked at that yet.  Do you set that in the local.conf?23:06
evanpkgep: I did it in my custom distro config file--I have a ${DISTRO}.conf derived from poky-tiny.conf23:07
evanpkgep: pretty sure you can do it from local.conf too, though...the original value is set in meta/conf/bitbake.conf23:08
kgepevanp: ok I have something similar. I will give it a try since my latest change just failed :)23:08
evanpkgep: yeah. if it ends up working for you, think about whether the change in how packages depend on each other matters to you before you commit to that approach23:09
evanpkgep: I was okay with it, but it might matter more to you23:09
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kgepevanp: right now it is set to: DEPCHAIN_POST = "-dev -dbg"23:12
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kgepevanp: rebuilding now...23:20
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