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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #28 of nightly-fsl-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #29 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #29 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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mckoangood morning08:07
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bluelightningmorning all09:38
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ccube there is a weird error when building my images since a few days. i am getting a no such file error while do_rootfs (i am creating a initrd script and convertig it with mkimage). have there been any changes in the last days which could be responsible? (the 'missing' file is there, at least after the error occures) Where can I start investigating this?10:35
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bluelightningccube: you're on master?10:37
bluelightningthe image generation rework went into master just the other day, so it may be related to that10:38
ccubeshould i switch to dora?10:38
ccubeah ok10:38
bluelightningwell, master is the development branch, and we try not to break things but it sometimes does happen10:38
ccubesure it does :)10:38
ccubeso maybe I found a bug10:38
ccubeI cannot really explain what is going on there. It seems that the file does not exists while do_rootfs step. But if I check afterwards, it is there.10:39
bluelightningcould be that when the error occurs the file isn't there yet10:40
bluelightningpossibly a race condition10:40
ccubecan I force waiting for it ir sth like that?10:40
ccubeor is there a step after do_rootfs, where I can convert my image?10:41
ccubethen it should be fine10:41
bluelightningwell, it depends what part of the code it's in10:42
bluelightningI've pinged Laurentiu who did the refactor, hopefully he can get on the case10:42
ccubebluelightning, disconnect :/10:44
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bluelightningccube: er.. sorry?10:45
bluelightningnot quite sure what you meant by disconnect10:45
ccubenever mind10:45
ccubebluelightning, I have an sd_card_image.bbclass inherited from image_types, in which I do some stuff like freating sd image, converting cpio, etc10:46
ccubeis there any better place for doing that conversion?10:47
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bluelightningccube: I guess that's where I'd expect it to be done...10:49
ccubelike I do10:50
bluelightningccube: would you be able to file a bug with the details for this?10:50
bluelightningccube: in the mean time one quick fix would be to roll back to before the refactor10:50
ccubeI never saw the bugtracker. can you point me therE?10:50
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bluelightningccube: FYI the poky revision before it would be 5232ba83fda1b9c0f275e51037e4a51aaf4094ea10:53
ccubebluelightning, thank you10:54
ccubebluelightning, which categorie you think fits most? bitbake / meta-yocto?11:20
ah__otavio: might have spotted another subtle typo in meta-fsl-arm-extra master..... same problem seems to have been fixed in dora branch, but quite hidden since apparently changes where not cherry-picked when backported...11:20
ah__otavio: git diff freescale/dora..freescale/master recipes-kernel/linux/linux-imx_3.0.35.bbappend11:20
bluelightningccube: this would be OE-Core since the rootfs construction is there11:25
Net147is rootfs construction faster with the new implementation?11:27
ccubebluelightning, thx11:28
bluelightningNet147: I've been told it's slightly faster yes, I'm not exactly sure which aspect of the changes resulted in it though11:29
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melonipoikamy question fo the day :-) I would like my recipe to install some "firmware" that runs on a dsp. But the build fails with "ERROR: QA Issue: Architecture did not match (40 to 140)"11:38
melonipoikahow could i add exceptions for this check? or is there a better way to deploy dsp binaries to the rootfs?11:39
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rburtonyou need to whitelist it, one sec11:39
Net147perhaps silencing debugfs output should be backported to Dora? I have 4.5 - 12 MB log.do_rootfs files11:39
rburtonNet147: only 12mb? that's small ;)11:39
Net147rburton: how big is it for you?11:40
bluelightningmelonipoika: add INSANE_SKIP_${PN} += "arch" to the recipe11:40
rburtonmelonipoika: INSANE_SKIP_${PN} = "arch" i think11:40
bluelightningjinx ;)11:40
rburtonmust be right ;)11:40
bluelightningI kind of wondered if we ought to add a firmware bbclass at some point11:41
rburtonNet147: i've seen bigger. but yes, should be in dora.11:41
melonipoikathansk :-)11:41
bluelightningrburton: did it get completely silenced? I think it's still blabbing about allocating inodes11:41
Net147rburton: well the 12 MB one is for a 1.5 GB image11:41
rburtonbluelightning: i had a patch that should have shut debugfs entirely up11:42
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Net147rburton: I wonder if all the small writes to the log file have a significant impact to disk I/O performance when building images11:43
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rburtonNet147: sadly not11:44
Net147rburton: isn't it a good thing that Linux handles it well?11:48
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otavioah__: can you indentify the hash I must to cherry-pick?11:53
ah__otavio: sent a patch to the ml... there's nothing to cherry-pick since cherry-picking seems to not have been used in the first place when backporting.11:57
ah__otavio: "identical" changes not being identical..... someone seems to have spotted the problem when testing their dora backport and just fixed and squashed their fix into the dora backport.11:58
ah__or something like that... I don't know... it just seems so.11:59
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guy123hello, i have a build problem:12:01
guy123NOTE: ###### Generate images ####### NOTE: Executing mklibs_optimize_image ... DEBUG: Executing shell function mklibs_optimize_image DEBUG: Shell function mklibs_optimize_image finished NOTE: Executing prelink_image ... DEBUG: Executing shell function prelink_image Size before prelinking 96596. /home/jlalin/poky/rpi-build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/sbin/prelink: /lib/udev/udevd: Conflict 00001484 not found in any relocation /home/jl12:01
guy123what is the problem?12:02
guy123du: cannot access `rpi-basic-image-raspberrypi-20140214114805.rootfs.ext3': No such file or directory debugfs 1.42.9 (28-Dec-2013) /usr/bin/[: File not found by ext2_lookup  /usr/bin/[[: File not found by ext2_lookup12:03
ccubebluelightning, I moved my image conversion to the bottom of the script and now it is working again :/12:04
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bluelightningccube: hmm...12:09
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lpappIs there a list somewhere what hardware does the Yocto kernel boot on without issues?12:10
ccubebluelightning, hehe, kind of weird. Ill check how to properly reproduce this when there is some time. ill file a bug report then12:11
bluelightningccube: ok12:12
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guy123hello, can someone help me with a build problem?12:27
lpappguy123: yes, sure, what is the issue?12:29
guy123lpapp: i have the latest sources from git and am trying to build12:29
guy123bitbake rpi-basic-image12:29
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guy123for raspberry pi, however, there seems to be a problem with the build process, see
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guy123lpapp, did you get my log?12:35
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lpappdu: cannot access `rpi-basic-image-raspberrypi-20140214121209.rootfs.ext3': No such file or directory12:38
lpapphave you specified that ext3 generation? I am not sure btw, but others will have more experience in here.12:39
guy123lpapp, nothing that i know of, i haven't change default settings12:42
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guy123 is the board repository12:43
guy123can someone help on this problem?12:45
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #30 of nightly-fsl-ppc-lsb is complete: Failure [failed RunPreamble CreateAutoConf Create BBLayers Configuration BuildImages Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
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guy123lpapp, IMAGE_FSTYPES ?= "tar.bz2 ext3 rpi-sdimg"12:51
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palconeguy123: can you please use this poky commit: 5232ba8 instead of latest?12:51
palconeguy123: it might be because of the latest rootfs refactoring enabling image generation in parallel12:52
palconeguy123: it appears that rpi-sdimg needs ext3 image asn an imput which was probably not generated yet...12:52
otavioah__: this was me12:53
otaviobut why do you need the space in master?12:53
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otaviolinux-imx in master is changed12:54
guy123palcone, how can it be fixed when image generation is done in parallel?12:54
otavioit is in master-next12:54
otavionot master12:54
palconeguy123: we may need to add a variable to disable parallelism for image generation in such cases...12:55
ah__otavio: to tell you the truth I haven't tested building congatech, I just needed the space for my added machine so assumed it would be needed even for congatech.12:55
otavioah__: yes12:55
otavioah__: it makes sense12:55
otavioah__: thx12:56
otavioah__: will apply it right away12:56
ah__otavio: feel free to improve the commit message. ;)12:56
ah__(since you seem to have figure out more detail then me)12:56
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palconeguy123: or disable it completely... :| in which case we lose the performance improvement introduced by the parallelism...12:57
guy123palcone, ok is it safe to use the dora branch?12:58
palconeguy123: dora is the stable branch. so, yes, it's safe12:59
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guy123palcone, how can i write a recipe for postfix? i can't find smtp server in any recipie13:00
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palconeguy123: you may find it here:
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guy123palcone, unfortunately not :/13:08
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mawilliaHi.  Was wondering if anyone has built 1.5/dora with linaro external toolchain?13:10
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otavioah__: applied13:11
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guy123palcone, how to add postfix as a recipe?13:12
palconeguy123: what about fetchmail?13:12
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palconeguy123: you can find it in meta-networking13:13
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mawilliait is failing looking for "" when following hints found via google....13:16
lpappmeta-yocto-bsp/conf/machine $ ls13:17
lpappatom-pc.conf  beagleboard.conf  mpc8315e-rdb.conf  routerstationpro.conf13:17
lpappok, so the yocto bsp supports these machines, only?13:17
lpappthose are the boards where the poky/yocto kernel can be booted.13:18
guy123palcone, fetch mail doesn't act as a smtp server, only fetches from one13:22
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guy123palcone: do you know of any smtp servers, i am trying to set up a web server with mail server support on raspberry pi13:29
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guy123can someone help me create a recipe for postfix?13:41
tasslehoffwhich versions of the beagleboard is yocto tested on?13:42
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Xzis there any way to figure 'ARCH' variable used to build kernel in Yocto?13:45
lpapptasslehoff: no idea13:48
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bluelightningXz: what are you trying to do?13:48
lpapptasslehoff: omap 3.13:48
bluelightningtasslehoff: beagleboard xM mostly I believe13:48
lpappif that helps (I do not know)13:48
Xzbluelightning: I'm trying to figure out whether Yocto build my kernel with 'ARCH=i386' or 'ARCH=x86'13:51
Xzbluelightning: because I believe that saying 'x86' is wrong13:51
lpapptasslehoff: perhaps it is time for a bugreport? So that the description is made more accurate13:51
Xzbluelightning: and most of our customers use Yocto xCompiler by sourcing a script which sets ARCH to x8613:52
Xz13:07 < guy123> palcone, unfortunately not :/13:53
Xzbluelightning: what most of our customers do is: source /toolchain/v1.4.2/environment-setup-i586-poky-linux-ucblic (which sets ARCH to x86); make bzImage13:54
bluelightningXz: I think the handling of ARCH is in meta/classes/kernel-arch.bbclass13:54
bluelightningXz: oh, you mean for the SDK... to be honest I think building kernels with the SDK is not a currently tested use-case13:55
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AlexGhalstead: ping13:56
lpappbluelightning: really?13:56
bluelightningXz: not directly related, but
yoctiBug 4389: enhancement, Medium, 1.6, michel.thebeau, ACCEPTED , ADT: out of tree module building out of box experience13:57
bluelightninglpapp: the SDK was originally intended for compiling applications13:57
bluelightningit doesn't mean it can't be used to build the kernel, it means it might not necessarily work out of the box13:57
Xzbluelightning: I don't really like people to use xCompiler to build kernel - but thanks to that at least everybody uses same compiler = less problems, less support13:57
lpappbluelightning: ok, for the kernel you mostly need the compiler, only, I think.13:58
lpappthe glibc/uclibc includes.13:59
lpappI mean nothing sophisticated.13:59
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tasslehoffbluelightning, lpapp: thanks. I need to upgrade the kernel on my omap3 C3-based board, and thought to start with linux-yocto-3.1014:05
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dguthrieCan I defined variables in a <mylayer>/conf/layer.conf so that they are visible to other recipes16:03
kergothyes, it's done in a number of layers16:04
kergothbut its usually not the way to go, unless you need to pass down the path to the layer or so16:04
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dguthriekergoth: thanks16:05
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kergothsee meta-ivi, iirc it sets IVIBASE or somesuch16:06
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Guest51998if [ "$action" = "preset" -a "$service_file" = "" ]; then18:38
Guest51998is this valid in dash18:38
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mranostaytry and find out :)19:10
kergothalternatively, read susv419:12
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mranostaykergoth: buzzkill :)19:15
mranostayhow it in kergoth-world?19:16
kergothnot bad, fighting various irritating build failures19:16
mr_sciencepretty sure -a in single brackets is posix shell...19:16
mr_sciencejust not &&19:17
kergothyeah, looks that way19:17
kergothexpression1 -a  expression219:17
kergoth    [OB XSI] [Option Start]19:17
kergoth    True if both expression1 and expression2 are true; otherwise, false. The -a binary primary is left associative. It has a higher precedence than -o.19:17
mr_science&& needs either [  ] && [  ] or [[  &&  ]]19:18
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uRandomMMHello, Has anyone had any trouble building core-image-minimal from master with systemd?19:38
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kergothHmm, looks like its impossible to buid a task-base based image with systemd only right now. the alsa packagegroup gets pulled in, and that pulls in alsa-state, which pulls in initscripts-functions. afaict alsa-state is useless with systemd as the alsa package's systemd services handles save/load itself already19:46
kergothah, i see, can override VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_alsa-state19:50
uRandomMMSo systemd is broken or works and initscripts-functions (which im guessing is part of systemv) gets pulled in?19:51
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kergoththe main problem is that the update-rc.d.bbclass logic which adds initscripts-functions to the rdepends of a package occurs at packaging time, not parse time. as a result, that doesn't pull initscripts into the build. so if you build any recipes which end up needing initscripts-functions, but don't install initscripts into your images, you're hosed, as the rootfs construction will fail due to initscripts never having been built19:57
kergothany recipes which are sysvinit only (don't provide a systemd service file), and which use initscripts-functions, won't be installable into an image for a systemd only distro. this is problematic, as systemd could be configured with sysvinit compatibility support, meaning that package could still be useful in this context19:59
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kergothin this particular case, i can work around it by 1) adding an explicit dep on initscripts in an alsa-state bbappend, or better, 2) install alsa-states rather than alsa-state into my image, since iirc systemd has its own alsa save/load stuff, and shouldn't need the alsa-state startup script19:59
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kergothgahh, this random qemu-native ICE is really getting old, maybe i should switch distros in my build chroot21:02
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spooky_dhey there. In the quick-start page, when the Fedora packages are listed, perl-Thread-Queue.noarch should be added.21:17
spooky_dto pass the latest sanity checks :)21:17
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kergothmight be best to open a bug in the bts or email the mailing list, just so it persists and no one forgets to address it21:32
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spooky_dwill do.21:40
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