Monday, 2014-02-17

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gizmo_the_greatTrying to build a small Linux system that includes Python3 instead of Python 2.7.X. Googled and read site and as far as I can tell, there is no Python3 recipe currently. So is the only way to add it by building my image, then booting it, then installing Python3 from source and than remastering using reLinux or something?00:12
bluelightning_gizmo_the_great: python3 recipes have just been merged into master recently00:18
gizmo_the_greatbluelightning_: thanks for the info. I downloaded Yocto about a week ago - Dora 10.0.1. But cannot see it? Should it be there or am I doing something wrong?00:24
bluelightning_gizmo_the_great: by merged into master, I mean the latest development version; dora is the stable release01:03
bluelightning_heading out... g'night01:03
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KangkaiHi, for unknown reason the SRCREV I specified in my kernel bb file seems does not work, any hints how I can debug this? e.g. how can I get the log about how yocto decide which srcrev to use etc.. thanks.07:07
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Kangkaianswer myself: I found that run.do_validate_branches is checking SRCREV_machine, so I set SRCREV_machine, and found this works... don't know the details behind this yet..07:37
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Net147I have an issue with Yocto master. it seems it is executing image creation for ext4 and sdimg concurrently. how would I make the sdimg image type depend on the ext4 one finishing first?07:50
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gizmo_the_greatCan anyone point me in the direction of the the latest development version of Yocto? I can only find the Dora stable in Downloads and via Googling? I want to see if the Python3 implermentation works for my project. Thanks08:29
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erbogizmo_the_great: the git repos are at
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mckoangood morning08:41
Net147looks like image creation is done in parallel in Yocto master... it's causing problem because sdimg image type isn't waiting until ext4 image has finished generating. any ideas on how to solve it?08:43
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mckoanNet147: in your local.conf set BB_NUMBER_THREADS and PARALLEL_MAKE to 108:58
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Net147mckoan: that'09:00
Net147mckoan: that's quite suboptimal09:00
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Net147mckoan: the addtypedepends function in meta/lib/oe/ just reorders IMAGE_FSTYPES. so image dependency handling is broken if you have more than one CPU core.09:01
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Net147sgw_: hi09:04
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palconeNet147: please file a bug on this and, in the meantime, you can manually set nproc = 1 in Image.create()09:17
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yoctiBug 5830: critical, Undecided, ---, laurentiu.palcu, NEW , IMAGE_FSTYPES dependency handling broken09:18
palconeNet147: thanks09:18
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bluelightningmorning all09:45
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mckoanhi bluelightning, all09:54
bluelightninghi mckoan09:54
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Net147hi bluelightning10:02
bluelightninghi Net14710:05
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gizmo_the_greaterbo: thanks for the link. Have cloned it with git and trying a build package now with Python3 included.10:31
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dguthrieCan you put a "python __anonymous() " function in the local.conf11:41
bluelightningdguthrie: no... what are you trying to do exactly?11:47
dguthriebluelightening: I want to be able to set the TMPDIR using a bash env variable if it is set11:47
bluelightningTMPDIR is already allowed through from the external environment11:48
dguthrieShould I use BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE?11:49
bluelightningit's already in the whitelist11:49
bluelightningas long as you leave it set with ?= in your configuration you'll be able to set it externally11:49
dguthriebluelightening: thanks11:49
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gizmo_the_greatis there a firewire package of any sort, or is firewire support buildt into the Linux kernel itself?14:50
rburtonits in the kernel14:51
rburtonyou'll just need to enable it14:51
gizmo_the_greatrburton: ok, thanks. i thought it was but wanted to check before building again14:51
gizmo_the_greatrburton: when you say 'enable it'?14:51
rburtonenable the kernel support for it14:52
bluelightningFWIW, there's also libraw1394 and libdc1394 in meta-oe and meta-multimedia respectively (depending on whether you have apps that need these libraries):
gizmo_the_greatbluelightning: i searched for libraw1394 in "all packages" in hob but it wasnt listed14:54
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drfu_Hello, are there any best practices to have a "shared" yocto environment between several developers?15:02
drfu_I was thinking of having a main server doing the builds, and cloning the same environment locally but keeping the Sstate-cache shared via nfs or something similar...15:02
drfu_Is this feasible?15:02
rburtondrfu_: sharing sstate is ideal15:04
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rburtonyou can either all write to a nfs mounted sstate, or have a machine that does "world" builds even night and shares the sstate over http15:04
rburton(also do a world fetch and share DL_DIR so you have a local mirror)15:05
drfu_rburton: ok, thanks.. I was just wondering if there were other ways or suggested ways15:09
rburtondrfu_: sstate sharing is the recommended way15:09
rburtondrfu_: the autobuilder farm we use for qa shares sstate via a NAS on NFS15:10
bluelightninggizmo_the_great: did you add those layers to your bblayers.conf though? if not I would expect that15:10
gizmo_the_greatbluelightning: no. I only discovered Hob the other day and have been playing around. I have not worked out what layers are, yet. So no idea how to use them or what they are for. The last time I used layers was using The GIMP! And I guess they are not the same thing :-)15:12
drfu_rburton: this means that there is somebody in charge of the builds (on the server ) and the rest of the team simply mounts the nfs share locally?15:13
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bluelightninggizmo_the_great: basically you can think of them as just groups of recipes; there are some details but that's the gist of it15:14
bluelightninggizmo_the_great: see
rburtondrfu_: personally i have an autobuilder that does lots of builds that i'm interested in over night: full builds for each of the machines i care about.  during the day my own builds can and will re-use the builds from overnight.15:18
rburtondrfu_: so if you have a product image, you can build that overnight in all the different forms (the image, the sdk, the toolchain, etc) with different options. think of it as just populating a cache.15:19
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TobSI am using yocto dora for BoundaryDevices SabreLite and wondering, how to recompile kernel only when I have made some changes15:37
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lpapphmm, hi, surprising... Yocto does not yet have an "fbv" recipe or at least plymouth for custom splash screen?15:39
lpappat least I cannot find with this:
rburtonlpapp: oe-core has psplash15:40
lpappso how are embedded vendors supposed to show their logos, etc, then?15:40
lpapprburton: looks like a home-made stuff?15:42
rburtonpretty sure it predates plymouth, tbh15:42
lpappalso fbv?15:42
rburtonfbv doesn't do progress bars15:43
rburtonwhich was a requirement for psplash15:43
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rburton(note that systemd and psplash don't really get on, there's a bug for this)15:47
lpapprburton: the fix is planned for the next release?15:50
lpapp(not that we use systemd for now, but still)15:50
lpappare there known workarounds?15:50
rburtonlpapp: its certainly scheduled for the next release15:51
lpapprburton: ok, 10x.15:51
TobS12is there a bitbake command to just rebuild kernel (without deleting the whole git directory)15:53
lpappTobS12: -c compile (-f)15:54
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lpapprburton: it works with sysv, reliably?15:59
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PiziwateHello there !16:01
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PiziwateI'm a pocky newbie and I'm encountering problems by buiding core-image-minimal for a genericx86 system.16:02
lpappPiziwate: what problems?16:02
PiziwateCan't install xz-5.1.2alpha-r0@core2: no package provides /bin/bash16:03
rburtonPiziwate: bitbake bash and try again.  i've a funny feeling that's been fixed in a point release.16:03
rburton(probably because you're using poky which includes the QA packages, which need bash)16:04
lpappPiziwate: which poky version?16:04
Piziwateok, but bitbake bash will not integrate bash in my image ? I want a minimal version16:04
lpappPiziwate: it will not IMHO.16:06
lpappPiziwate: the packages are defined by the core package group.16:06
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Piziwatelpapp: ok done, let's build again...16:06
rburtonPiziwate: in that case it will, for some reason16:07
* rburton looks16:07
rburtonPiziwate: what version are you using?16:07
rburtonhm i wonder why that wants bash16:08
lpapprburton: it will? I thought you can build as many packages as you want without changing the image itself.16:09
rburtonlpapp: sure, but the error is that xz is installing and trying to pull in bash, which hasn't been built16:09
rburton(that dependency came magically from xz shipping a bash script)16:09
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lpappah, I see what you mean.16:10
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lpappstill, isn't it only for installation, i.e. image will not have bash?16:11
rburtonPiziwate: open meta/recipes-bsp/grub/, and move xz from RDEPENDS to DEPENDS16:11
Piziwateyes it is working now ! I've successfully buit my image16:11
rburtonlpapp: installation *into the image*16:11
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rburtonPiziwate: you now have bash in your image.  i suspect you're missing a fix.16:11
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Piziwatehum... i didn't select it in hob16:12
lpapprburton: I am lost.16:12
rburtonlpapp: the error was from image construction time16:12
lpapp(but that is ok)16:12
khem`is the bash script so essential for xz ? can we split it into a package of its own during package-split16:12
rburtonkhem: appears to be the binaries, there's a script in there.  the libs are split out already.16:13
rburtonbut grub has an incorrect RDEPEND on xz (should be DEPEND) in Dora.16:13
lpappok, so xz should not be there on the final image?16:13
khem`its completely a build time dep for grub ?16:14
Piziwatemy image doesn't conains bash... its ok !16:14
khem`then yes its not needed in img16:14
Piziwatethank you for your help !16:14
lpappPiziwate: not even xz?16:14
lpappPiziwate: this is after the grub s/RDEPEND/DEPEND/ ?16:15
Piziwateno after the bitbake bash (I didn't tried the other workaround)16:15
rburtonPiziwate: the other workaround was the proper fix from git16:16
lpapphmm, ok, interesting.16:16
Piziwateok... this change was already on the master branch ?16:17
Piziwatelpapp: no xz on my image16:17
Piziwateah I should update this...16:17
rburtonits possible that your file system has a nested initramfs, and that has grub in16:17
rburtonPiziwate: recommended to stick with releases unless you're brave/foolish/know what you're doing16:17
Piziwateok... so for this time... only update the file ! :D Thank you16:17
rburtonfeel free to cherry-pick that commit hash i mentioned into a branch of your own tracking the dora branch though16:18
khemif it has to be rdepends then it should be on the libraries I think16:18
khemliblzma or such16:18
rburtonkhem: see the commit i mentioned :)16:21
* khem checks16:22
khemyes that will do it since xz is in depends now16:22
khemshlibs will do the rest16:22
Piziwateanother small question... I'm building a board based on the Beaglebone black TI proc, should I start with meta-ti or meta-beaglebone ?16:23
khemmeta-beagleboard has later kernel/u-boot16:25
khemif that matters to you16:25
Piziwateok, and more updated in the future ?16:26
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yenalhi ..can somebody pls tell me if there is a way to list the files of an installed package with smart package manager?16:33
bluelightningyenal: just use rpm for that - rpm -ql packagename16:34
yenalah okay ty16:35
yenalis  there a way to start sato desktop via .xinitrc? ..cant find an "startxfce4" equivalent16:44
rburtonyenal: happens out of the box if you use a sato image, though16:45
yenalty, I have a core-image-sato-dev on wandboard quad which has some probs with HDMI - DVI16:47
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denixkhem: meta-beagleboard hasn't changed for over 6 months and the "latest" kernel it has is 3.8...17:07
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denixkhem: meta-ti has had 3.12 for that long, plus that's the integration platform for TI kernel development as part of the upstreaming process17:11
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denixkhem: so, tell me again, why do you say meta-beagleboard has the latest kernel and is more updated in the future? :) from my perspective, you are just repeating and spreading someone else's FUD... :)17:17
*** sgw_ <sgw_!> has quit IRC17:17
rburtonwould be nice if there was just one bsp instead of two...17:18
denixrburton: it's not the only instance, isn't it?17:19
rburtonits a popular board that's got more than one BSP for it, which is sad17:20
*** Wolfkiller <Wolfkiller!> has joined #yocto17:20
*** ftonello <ftonello!> has joined #yocto17:20
*** Wolfkiller <Wolfkiller!> has left #yocto17:20
denixrburton: yes, but do you agree that this is not the only instance/case of multiple BSPs for the same platform?17:20
rburtonsure, that's probably true17:21
denixrburton: meta-beagleboard was forked off due to NIH syndrome and some political differences back in the days between its leader and official TI stance... since then it just slowly died, it appears, since its leader changed jobs twice.17:22
denixrburton: fsf official and fsf community?17:22
rburtondenix: they need to sort it out too :)17:22
*** uRandomMM <uRandomMM!40c71302@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto17:26
denixrburton: indeed. anyway, what bothers me is that people like khem keep on suggesting the fork over the "real stuff" just because it used to toot own horn too much...17:26
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*** jcallea <jcallea!> has joined #yocto17:33
khemdenix: for me it picked up 3.2 when I used meta-ti17:38
khemmay be my info is stale17:38
denixkhem: make sure you don't use koen's 2-year-old stale copy of meta-ti... :) I've seen people complaining about that before17:39
khemdenix: that could be the reason17:40
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has quit IRC17:40
khemdenix: in the interest of larger community are there any things from meta-beagleboard that when consumed in meta-ti can make it redundant17:41
denixkhem: I think you even tried submitting patches against that stale copy... :)17:41
khemdenix: yes IIRC17:41
*** jkridner <jkridner!> has joined #yocto17:41
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has joined #yocto17:41
denixkhem: can you rephrase the last question?17:41
khemcan make it (meta-beagleboard)17:43
khemIOW can they be combined17:43
khemright now, there are bsps for beagleboard everywhere17:43
denixkhem: as far as I remember, meta-beagleboard used to use meta-ti as a base for other things like SGX, DSP etc17:44
khemthat still is valid17:45
denixother than that, meta-ti has the latest 3.12.10 kernel with TI patches, the next 3.14 will be much closer to mainline with less patches17:45
denixand meta-beagleboard is stuck on 3.8 plus koen's cape patches17:46
khemare those cape patches anywhere else ?17:46
khemupstreamed or not17:46
khemtaken into TI staging tree17:46
khemetc. etc.17:46
denixalthough, cape support is not the strongest part of meta-ti - that was koen's baby and he was very touchy about that... unfortunately, it was very 3.8-specific and hence not easily forward-portable17:47
*** daiane <daiane!> has joined #yocto17:48
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*** mihai <mihai!~mihai@> has quit IRC17:52
khemdenix: hmmm cant TI consolidate it17:55
denixkhem: originally it was kind of a separation between TI and responsibilities... I need to check if TI will be able to take it in... the cape framework is not much upstreamable, unfortunately - that will always be a baggage to carry from version to version...17:59
khemdenix: it could be overhauled and redone if not in current form18:04
khemdoes TI treate beaglebone as step child ?18:04
jkridnerdenix: I don't think it is right to say that capemgr isn't upstreamable at all...18:05
jkridnerthere have been many reviews and it is very close.18:05
otaviodenix: I think I got the qt5 SDK right now18:05
otaviodenix: I am finishing a test full build and will send it18:05
denixjkridner: thanks for the correction. do you have an ETA?18:06
jkridnerno... just message traffic.18:06
*** Zaif <Zaif!> has quit IRC18:06
jkridner is the first traffic I find.18:06
denixkhem: ask jkridner about that particular one (stepchild etc.) - I'm not the right person to answer that question... :)18:07
jkridner is a bit newer18:07
denixjkridner: thanks, I'18:07
denixI'll take a look at the thread18:07
jkridnerkhem: please point to specific instances where TI isn't giving it the same treatment as other EVMs.18:08
jkridnerit does have a non-TI-standard development activity in addition to more traditional TI activity, but you shouldn't see it being treated like a "step-child".18:09
jkridnerthere are features that don't get TI support....18:09
jkridner...and that might make it seem like a step-child at times, but there is full TI SDK support for BeagleBone.18:10
jkridnerThe dynamic cape support is one of those extra features taken on by and not TI.18:10
denixotavio: oops, almost missed your msgs - that sounds great! I'll send that one extra patch shortly18:10
otaviodenix: the tools are installed wrong now18:11
denixotavio: what was the issue?18:11
jkridnerdenix: doh. last link I sent you was OLDER, not newer18:11
denixthanks! I guess I can ping panto directly about the status...18:13
otaviodenix: Can you pick our nativesdk branch and build nativesdk-qttools?18:17
otaviodenix: it is installing inside ${D}${STAGING..}18:17
*** diego_r <diego_r!> has quit IRC18:17
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Crofton|workwhat idiots would design hardware that isn't easily described by device tree?18:18
*** kalyank <kalyank!> has joined #yocto18:19
Crofton|workI know that step one is create the devicetree, then design the hardware18:19
denixCrofton|work: ha!18:19
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*** FunkyPenguin <FunkyPenguin!~quassel@opensuse/member/FunkyPenguin> has joined #yocto18:26
khemjkridner: not generally, it was in context of discussion18:26
khemjkridner: now bbone bsps are both in meta-ti and meta-beagleboard which is recommended to be used ?18:28
khemnow I see that if one needs cape support then its in one but not in other18:28
jkridnerdepends what you want to do.18:28
khembut isnt clear outright18:29
jkridnerI'd say for most things the default should be meta-ti18:29
khemmany a times folks come and ask which one to use18:30
jkridnerIf you want to extend the Angstrom image that ships with the board, then meta-beagleboard.18:30
khemI guess we have to ask what they intend to do and recommend the right one ?18:30
jkridnerI'd send them to meta-ti unless they are looking to extend the Angstrom image.18:30
khemjkridner: ok why would we make angstrom so special ?18:31
jkridnerJust probably harder to reset their expectations in that case...18:31
jkridnerif they've already got a lot invested in Angstrom, I don't see why we should tell them to start over.18:32
jkridnerIf they don't have a lot invested, starting a bit closer to mainline kernel with TI support might work for them and they can incrementally add features...18:32
jkridnerkoen just put a ton of work adding features into meta-beagleboard that might be difficult for them to manage.18:32
*** uRandomMM <uRandomMM!40c71302@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC18:33
jkridnerif they are already hooked, then don't reset them back to 0.18:33
*** uRandomMM <uRandomMM!40c71302@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto18:33
khemhmm ok18:33
jkridnerdenix: would you agree with the above?18:33
khemI still would love to see consolidation18:34
khemwhere angstrom could just happily use meta-ti18:34
*** FunkyPenguin <FunkyPenguin!~quassel@opensuse/member/FunkyPenguin> has quit IRC18:34
jkridnertoo many users hooked on the features of meta-beagleboard.18:34
jkridnerneed to get meta-ti to incorporate those features first.18:34
denixsorry, had to step out...18:35
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denixkhem: TI is working heavily on SOC + peripherals and upstreaming - that's what meta-ti carries. is working on cape support and Cloud9/Angstrom - that's what meta-beagleboard carries. the initial idea was to meet at upstream...18:38
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* jkridner thinks that remains the idea18:38
denixjkridner: so, what is the status of meta-beagleboard? is it dead? it hasn't changed in 6+ months, since koen moved to linaro...18:39
jkridneryeah, unlikely to move forward...18:39
jkridnerkernel progressing at
denixjkridner: and how does it intersect with;a=summary18:40
denixprobably through upstream/mainline, I guess...18:41
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khemI think if intersection was upstream thats ok too if thats happening18:42
khemotherwise why not combine the effort before hand18:42
khemsince situation is changed ?18:42
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denixkhem: it may be something to look at and re-evaluate18:49
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*** florian_kc <florian_kc!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has joined #yocto18:50
denixjkridner: who's working on beagleboard kernel on github now?18:53
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has quit IRC18:53
gizmo_the_greatSorry for appearing lazy, but honestly, I have tried! I'm not a Linux engineer or specialist but have used mainstream distros for years. But I have a one-off specific need and will probably never need to compile my own system again, and thats why I am asking for some help. I have tried Buildroot and Yocto over the last two weeks and have still not achieved what I thought was a simple enough aim but even with the beauty of Hob an19:02
gizmo_the_great making systems that fail to deliver in one area or another.19:02
gizmo_the_greatMy needs are simply this :19:02
gizmo_the_great1) A 32-bit x86 generic CD or USB bootable and small (fast loading) Linux system for a laptop 2) The loaded system must be terminal based only - no GUI 3) It has to be capable of running a specific, single, Python3 (no v2) script. It needs not do anything else but be able to install and run that script 4) To run the script, I have to have git, cmake, python3, and g++ on the Linux system and be able to retrieve a repo using wget19:03
gizmo_the_great5) And, perhaps most importantly, the Linux system has to have firewire drivers loaded and ready to go19:03
gizmo_the_greatThat's all. I have got the master branch of Yocto from the git repository (that has Python3 in it) but I am still failing to get either a bootable system or a system that can do everything in the list above. It always lacks something.19:03
gizmo_the_greatSo, would any kind soul be good enough to just tell me something like "Copy File X from location Y to your X directory, then run Hob, use machine Profile 'A' (i.e. genericx86), select image recipe 'B' (I have used core-image-basic), use packages X Y and Z and then build" so that I can save myself hours of unproductive building. At this rate, I am just going to give in and revert to using a mainstream distro and remastering it, b19:03
bluelightninggizmo_the_great: I think it would help to try to work through whatever problems you are having. I have to get on a train now but I'll be back later19:04
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC19:04
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yenalcan somebody tell me if the IMAGE_LINGUAS var can be set in local.conf or must it be set within a recipe?19:49
ndecyenal: local.conf is parsed before the recipe is parsed. that's true for any recipe.19:50
ndecso whatever you put in local.conf (or any .conf) is there "at the beginning" of the recipe19:50
yenalah okay thanks :)19:51
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otaviodenix: fixed. Please give the patches a try.20:06
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto20:06
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drfu_hello, is it possible to use always the same state cache via nfs on different yocto branches ? dora, master, master next?20:19
ndecdrfu_: yes.20:28
ndecyou can have multiple version of each 'package data' in the sstate. multiple version from the same branch, or from multiple branch20:29
otaviodenix: all applied in ossystems/nativesdk branch.20:31
denixotavio: I'm still building your latest changes for testing, but so far patches look good20:33
drfu_ndec: thanks20:33
drfu_ndec: this will save me some disk space :)20:33
ndecwell, not really in fact!20:34
ndecinstead of having N sstate folder , you have one, but the disk space will likely be the same.20:34
ndeci don't think you will have too much in common between the branches20:35
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uRandomMMndec: does that hold true when building for the same machine and the recipe version has not changed between branches?20:40
ndecwell, it's not just the recipe version that counts, but the task signature.20:41
denixdrfu_: what ndec is saying is that all sstate files are hashed and you'll have multiple versions if they are different between branches20:41
*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has joined #yocto20:41
ndecthere is much more in the signature than the recipe version.20:41
ndece.g. most 'variables.20:41
ndeci actually stopped using a single sstate, and use 1 per 'branch' instead, since it makes 'cleanup' easier.20:41
drfu_ok, so it doesn't make much difference if i make one big sstate folfer or many smaller ones (one per build)20:42
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!> has joined #yocto20:42
uRandomMMYou really need a big disk to build yocto on20:43
ndecyes. you asked if it was feasible, the answer is yes. but as i said i don't think it's much useful.20:43
ndecuRandomMM: you need big disk to build large distribution, whichever it is i believe.20:43
ndecit's true that sstate takes place (and only grows) but it's very useful feature.20:44
drfu_ndec: ok20:45
uRandomMMindeed. Thanks for the input20:46
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denixotavio: sent one more patch21:06
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otaviodenix: thanks.21:25
otaviodenix: I want, after stabilizing it, rework the nativesdk ... a LOT of code duplication from nativee21:26
denixotavio: yeah, makes sense21:26
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yenalmay somebody help to include xfce4 to my build? I added IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "packagegroup-xfce-base packagegroup-xfce-extended " to local.conf  which is in my repo under sources/meta-openembedded/meta-xfce/recipes-xfce/packagegroups/ but I get an error Nothing PROVIDES 'libwnck' which is in sources/meta-openembedded/meta-gnome/recipes-gnome/libwnck/ ..guess Im doing something completely wrong21:55
yenal${BSPDIR}/sources/meta-openembedded/meta-xfce \ is added to bblayers.conf21:56
*** jcallea <jcallea!> has quit IRC22:06
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has joined #yocto22:07
yenalnevermind ..bblayers.conf was missing ${BSPDIR}/sources/meta-openembedded/meta-gnome -_-22:09
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