Monday, 2014-02-24

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* nerdboy demo'd his yocto image at SCaLE01:23
nerdboyheh, in the gentoo booth...01:24
nerdboysince there wasn't an oe booth this year  (hint, hint)01:24
kergothheh, how'd it go?01:28
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nerdboypretty good01:33
nerdboythe diversity factor keeps going up too01:33
nerdboybut then, so doe the Vertical Hair Factor01:33
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khem_nerdboy: which booth are you talking about01:57
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nerdboythe gentoo booth at SCaLE or the missing oe booth?02:10
nerdboythe of the other gentoo devs dis the booth last year, but he said this year TI flaked out and never got back to him02:11
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* nerdboy just noticed khem went Guest and then left...02:20
khemfreenode is not being nice to me02:20
nerdboyi think ka6sox did the oe booth before, but he and donald were doing videos of the talks this time02:21
Crofton|worknerdboy, if you want to organize one next year, that would be great hint :)02:30
khemoh you mean at SCALE02:30
khemI did once02:30
nerdboyCrofton|work: just because you shoved a teensy bit of my stuff into oe?02:32
khemSCALE seemed uninteresting for embedded02:33
nerdboyor was that blueboy?  things are a bit fuzzy after several nights of drinking...02:33
khemfor the once I have been there02:33
nerdboythey had an embedded track this time...02:34
khembut I think it was OEs first booth their02:34
nerdboyall our gentoo stuff  was embedded...02:34
nerdboyspanky's talk was about gnu sim and qemu, debugging kernel/u-boot, etc02:36
khemnerdboy: may be next year I will have some time02:37
nerdboyi'd say plenty-o-embedded and could still use more02:38
khematleast I met spanky (uclibc connections )02:38
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nerdboygoot talk02:38
Crofton|worknerdboy, thanks for the info02:38
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nerdboyof course he's a long-time gentoo dev, so...02:38
nerdboykhem: how about i submit a yocto abstract and you come and help do the booth02:40
nerdboyfeel free to also submit an abstract too...02:40
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* nerdboy thumps the microphone02:44
nerdboyis this thing on?02:44
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nerdboyi would think there must be at least a few oe devs in socal besides me/ka6sox/wormo02:46
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nerdboywe get gentoo devs at scale from up north and down south (and sometimes from new jersey)02:48
nerdboyoh, and texas02:48
* nerdboy is about half way between SF and SD so LA isn't *that* bad...02:50
nerdboyCrofton|work: i do want to do at least one talk next year, so i can't do the booth solo03:08
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nerdboyother than that, i can certainly stir things up and try to make some soup03:15
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nerdboyokay, just emailed the scale guy about booth/talks for next year04:20
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wfailla_hi I am trying to compile the open vmware tools but my recipe all ways ends up throwing this error: ; i understand what the error means and i have found out that it is not executing the do_configure because some bitbake mechanism chakes the config.log for cross-compiling errors like this one from my config.log:, but i could not figure out a way to fix this, this is my recipe h08:31
wfailla_ttp:// can anyone please give me a hint ?08:31
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mckoangood morning08:58
Denwidwfailla_, looks like CUnit is somehow missing from the dependencies. I dont know this recipe and never built what you are trying to build but "conftest.c:57:25: fatal error: CUnit/CUnit.h: No such file or directory" is clearly the reason.09:01
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bluelightningmorning all09:53
lpappbluelightning: good morning09:54
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mckoangm bluelightning, lpapp, all09:58
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Xzhi guys11:16
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XzI have on my image connman and init-ifupdown packages11:17
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Xzthey do the same job. At least connman does everything init-ifupdown does11:17
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Xzso I'd like to totally remove init-ifupdown from my image11:17
Xzwell - not build & install it at all11:18
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Xzbut init-ifupdown is part of packagegroup-core-boot11:18
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Xzcan I install whole packagegroup-core-boot except init-ifupdown?11:19
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Xzlpapp: how would that be? IMAGE_INSTALL_remove?11:20
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lpappit seems to be a valid scenario to me to be able to remove packages from a group, so if it is not present as a feature, I would rebuild the group myself, and file a bugreport.11:21
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lpapp(but I really do not know to be honest)11:23
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mckoanXz: why don't you simply customize (override) your ?11:28
lpappmckoan: AFAIU, he would like to drop it altogether, not customize it.11:29
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lpappI do not understand....11:40
lpappI am trying to copy the linux git stuff out of the yocto build/tmp/work ... folder, but then the git history gets broken outside.11:41
lpappwhy is that?11:41
mckoanlpapp: which command are you using?11:44
lpappcp -a11:44
lpappndec: are you around?11:46
mckoanlpapp: local dir to local dir?11:47
lpappmckoan: yes11:48
mckoanlpapp: weird11:48
mckoanlpapp: what do you mean with "history gets broken"'11:48
lpapplpapp ~/Downloads/linux-git $ git reset --hard HEAD~111:49
lpappfatal: unable to read tree cea0517739a66d89d0b36ea6de76e48e8dbede0611:49
lpappgit cat-file -p cea0517739a66d89d0b36ea6de76e48e8dbede0611:49
lpappfatal: Not a valid object name cea0517739a66d89d0b36ea6de76e48e8dbede0611:49
lpappgit fsck -> lots of missing blobs, cannot recover.11:49
mckoanlpapp: what does git log say?11:50
* mckoan -> lunch11:50
lpappsame corrupted stuff11:52
lpappanyway, I will solve it for now with recloning locally.11:52
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Xzmckoan: you want me to override init-ifupdown to not install anything?12:12
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XzIMAGE_INSTALL_remove = " init-ifupdown" does not actually remove package from image12:25
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RPXz: try SYSVINIT_SCRIPTS_remove_pn-packagegroup-core-boot = "init-ifupdown"12:48
RPXz: if you're going into that recipe context and removing that value from the string which sets it12:48
ndeclpapp: yes.12:49
lpappndec: nvm, I already sent my question to the mailing list.12:50
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XzRP: adding SYSVINIT_SCRIPTS_remove_pn-packagegroup-core-boot = "init-ifupdown" to image recipe still kicks off init-ifupdown build13:15
RPXz: you'd have to set that in the distro or local.conf file13:16
RPXz: you can't do things like that on a per image basis13:16
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abcdefhi everybody13:18
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abcdefany reson for having dbus install the heder files in /usr/include/dbus-1/dbus/ instead of /usr/include/dbus?13:19
*** khem` <khem`!> has joined #yocto13:20
XzRP: setting it in conf/local.conf or distro.conf still kicks off init-ifupdown build13:20
lpappabcdef: why would it be in the latter? I mean, even my host distribution does it as the former.13:21
RPXz: ok, one step at a time. If you do bitbake packagegroup-core-boot -e | grep SYSVINIT_SCRIPTS what does that show?13:22
RPXz: Is init-ifupdown still in there?13:22
abcdeflpapp, just doesn't feel right; I have a package that #include's <dbus/dbus.h>13:22
lpappabcdef: and what is the problem?13:23
RPJaMa: just saw that bluezfailure :(13:23
Xz# $SYSVINIT_SCRIPTS_remove_pn-packagegroup-core-boot [3 operations]13:23
Xz# $SYSVINIT_SCRIPTS_remove [4 operations]13:23
*** mthalmei_away is now known as mthalmei13:23
abcdeflpapp, it fails as in sysroot it does not find anything under /usr/include/dbus-1/dbus/13:23
abcdefi mean under /usr/include/dbus/ there is nothing13:24
RPabcdef: this is why you get the compiler flags for dbus using pkgconfig13:24
abcdefit's all udner /usr/include/dbus-1/dbus13:24
lpappbut why don't you set up the include path properly with pkgconfig or other means?13:24
*** mthalmei is now known as mthalmei_away13:24
RPXz: sorry, you're using dylan?13:24
XzRP: :)13:24
XzRP: of course :)13:25
*** khem` <khem`!> has quit IRC13:25
lpappthen there is no remove of course13:25
Xzoh shit, forgot about it13:25
abcdefthanks guys, completely forgot about pkgconfig13:25
RPXz: and the variable is in RDEPENDS_${PN}, not SYSVINIT_SCRIPTS13:26
lpappabcdef: the reason is that dbus have different versions13:26
lpappso dbus-1 is a classification for clear separation.13:26
XzRP: in bbappend?13:26
XzRP: in python function?13:26
RPXz: well, the thing we mentioned won't work for two reasons, there is no remove operator and the value is in RDEPENDS_${PN}13:27
RPXz: you could write some anonymous python in a .bbappend to remove it I guess13:27
XzRP: yes, so I can sed RDPENEDS variable, can't I?13:27
RPXz: depends how literally you mean sed...13:28
RPyou could do a sed like operation in the bbappend in anonymous python13:28
abcdeflpapp, thanks for the info13:28
XzRP: using python functions, ok fair enough. Is anonymous executed before do_fetch step?13:29
RPXz: its executed after parsing. I can never remember whether its before key expansion so you may need to modify RDEPENDS_${PN} or RDEPENDS_packagegroup-core-boot depending on the ordering13:30
XzRP: ok will play with it. Cheers13:30
*** sgw_ <sgw_!~sgw@> has quit IRC13:32
JaMaRP: hmm bluez is commented out in seperatebuilddir.inc13:32
JaMathat's probably why you're seeing it here and not in the other recipes13:32
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RPJaMa: looks like bluez4 has a floating gstreamer dependency :/13:39
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RPJaMa: right, libcheck changes and autotools didn't rebuild right in bluez13:44
*** jchonig <jchonig!> has joined #yocto13:45
RPI wish we could make sepbuild dir a default for autotools13:45
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wfailla_hi, sry I had to leave right after asking my question about 5 hours ago. It was about building th open vmware tools, did anyone look at the question ?14:10
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Maliwfailla_: Denwid as said : wfailla_, looks like CUnit is somehow missing from the dependencies. I dont know this recipe and never built what you are trying to build but "conftest.c:57:25: fatal error: CUnit/CUnit.h: No such file or directory" is clearly the reason.14:18
wfailla_Mali: ok thx this is a good tipp ^^14:20
*** khem` <khem`!> has joined #yocto14:21
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uRandomMMHello, I am trying to run a very thin custom webkit browser on the frame buffer but when I try and launch it on the board I get "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" My question is which package to I need to include in my image to include
*** rburton <rburton!> has joined #yocto15:00
*** florin <florin!~florin@> has joined #yocto15:00
florinhi, I want to hve he proper includes files for a cmake based package15:00
*** florin is now known as Guest4264115:01
Guest42641I have the CMakeLists.txt specifying the include_directories() and link_directories()15:01
*** drfu <drfu!40c71302@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto15:01
Guest42641but they are like: include_directories ("/usr/include") and as such it does not get to reference the sysroot /usr/include15:02
Guest42641it goes on to search on my machine15:02
Guest42641any pointers?15:02
*** mranosta1 <mranosta1!> has quit IRC15:11
*** mranostay <mranostay!~mranostay@pdpc/supporter/active/mranostay> has joined #yocto15:12
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Guest42641I have the required header files in sysroot/usr/include but it complains it can't find them15:14
*** sgw_ <sgw_!~sgw@> has joined #yocto15:16
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MaliuRandomMM: is part of Qt, you need a package name QtWebkit (or similar)15:38
*** sjolley <sjolley!sjolley@nat/intel/x-wsgoucxvxkihhkdi> has joined #yocto15:43
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uRandomMMMali: That package does not seem to exist in dora16:05
uRandomMMMali: I only see webkit-gtk when I run bitbake -s | grep -i webkit16:06
kergothqt5 is in the meta-qt5 layer16:08
*** sgw_ <sgw_!~sgw@> has quit IRC16:08
lpappkergoth: it is qt 4, not qt 5 based on the library versioning.16:08
*** tastycactus <tastycactus!> has joined #yocto16:09
uRandomMMI am trying to use qt416:09
*** sgw_ <sgw_!~sgw@> has joined #yocto16:10
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bluelightninguRandomMM: qtwebkit is part of qt itself16:14
bluelightningin v4, at any rate16:14
uRandomMMI have qt4-pkgs in my EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES line and  other qt librarys are install but not qtwebkit16:15
bluelightninguRandomMM: the package should be called libqtwebkit416:16
bluelightninguRandomMM: btw, the normal way to handle this is to actually package (if not build) your application using a recipe; then library dependencies such as this one will be pulled in automatically16:16
uRandomMMbluelightning: Should bitbake -s | grep -i webkit find that? Do I need to include any specific layer for qt4?16:17
kergothbitbake -s lists recipes, and he already told you it's part of qt itself16:18
uRandomMMkergoth: I understand that but I am building it and the library is not there16:19
bluelightninguRandomMM: no, qt4-x11-free is already provided (or qt4-embedded if you want the framebuffer-only version)16:19
bluelightningfor qt4-embedded the library package would be called libqtembeddedwebkit4 I believe16:20
kergothuRandomMM: the *package* isn't installed in the image. the *recipe* was built, presumably. the two are not one and the same, and bitbake -s only lists the latter, not the former :)16:21
uRandomMMbluelightning: So I have to use that image? I cannot add the correct recipes to IMAGE_INSTALL  to include qt4 and libqtwekit4?16:24
Guest42641how can I get my cmake package pick up the right header files from my sysroot?16:24
*** ericben <ericben!> has quit IRC16:25
lpappGuest42641: include_directories ("/usr/include") looks too hard coded.16:26
lpappwhy don't you use find modules and config/version files instead?16:26
bluelightninguRandomMM: that's not an image, it's a package - so you can definitely put it in IMAGE_INSTALL16:26
*** ericben <ericben!> has joined #yocto16:26
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Guest42641problem is that I have 2 CMakeLists.txt in subdirectories16:29
Guest42641there's no CMakeLists.txt in the root of the package16:29
lpappThat is not a problem. What is the problem?16:29
*** meph1s|work <meph1s|work!d918c9b4@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has quit IRC16:29
lpappGuest42641: I still do not see the problem.16:30
uRandomMMbluelightning: So building the qt4-x11-free or qt4-embedded should give me libqtwekit16:30
bluelightninguRandomMM: yes16:30
lpappGuest42641: you can use find and config modules from anywhere.16:30
uRandomMMAlright I shall give that a try. Thank you everyone!16:30
Guest42641lpapp,  problem is that it is trying to include a header from sysroot and it cannot find it16:31
Guest42641the respective header is in sysrppt/usr/include/a/b/c.h for example16:32
Guest42641and in the sources, I have: #include b/c.h16:32
Guest42641and in the sources, I have: #include <b/c.h>16:32
lpappGuest42641: that is not a problem. :-)16:33
lpappGuest42641: what is this software depending on?16:33
Guest42641lpapp, you mean it's DEPEND?16:33
lpappyou are trying to include something, so you depend on something16:33
lpappso what is something?16:34
*** sgw_ <sgw_!~sgw@> has quit IRC16:34
*** fp <fp!~Chaudhary@> has quit IRC16:34
Guest42641it dependes on a package that puts some headers into sysroot/a/b/16:34
Guest42641it's not a common package16:34
lpappno, I need software name.16:34
Guest42641it's a genivi package, CommonAPI in case you heard of it16:35
lpappis it that the dependency or the required by?16:35
*** sgw_ <sgw_!~sgw@> has joined #yocto16:35
Guest42641it's the dependency16:35
lpappright, does it provide FindCommonAPI.cmake?16:36
lpappor a .config file?16:36
lpappdoes it have cmake based buildsystem or something else?16:37
lpappright, so what I would suggest is to write a FindCommonAPI.cmake into your project, and use that.16:38
lpappit is relatively simple to create one.16:38
lpapp(unless it is a very complex framework)16:38
*** reallife <reallife!> has joined #yocto16:41
Guest42641have you got at hand a simple example of where this kind of stuff is done?16:41
lpappGuest42641: as a quick fix, you could change include_directories ("/usr/include") to include_directories ("${MYSYSROOT}/usr/include")16:45
lpappand pass MYSYSROOT to cmake with -D.16:45
Guest42641lpapp, thanks, let me try that quick fix16:45
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Guest42641lpapp, problem is now that there is no CMakeLists.txt in the root of the package17:11
Guest42641in the do_configure(), I need to somehow first cd in the directories that contain the cmakelists.txt files17:11
*** ajtag <ajtag!> has joined #yocto17:11
lpappGuest42641: sounds weird17:12
lpappGuest42641: why not create a root cmake file with add_subdirectory'n stuff?17:12
lpappGuest42641: like this,
lpapp(if it is your project, if not, then yeah, just work it around)17:15
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@> has joined #yocto17:16
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Guest42641lpapp, no, it's not my project, will have to work around it17:17
lpappyeah, then cd looks reasonable to me.17:18
*** tastycactus <tastycactus!> has joined #yocto17:19
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kergothFile: 'fixup_perms', lineno: 109, function: fix_perms17:26
kergoth  File "fixup_perms", line 109, in fix_perms17:26
kergothException: OSError: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted: '/scratch/yocto/populate-sdk/build/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/linux-libc-headers/3.10-r0/package/usr'17:26
* kergoth scratches head17:26
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Jin^eLDkergoth: that's what I get17:33
Jin^eLDdid you see my paste? or did you run into the same problem?17:34
Jin^eLDif I understand correctly it's lchown that is throwing the rror?17:34
Jin^eLDif I uncomment the "note" before it it says:17:35
Jin^eLDNOTE: Fixup Perms: lchown 0:0 /usr17:35
Jin^eLDwhich would mean that it is trying to change permissions on the buildhost's rootfs which seems wrong?17:36
*** beaver_545 <beaver_545!~stuart@> has quit IRC17:37
Jin^eLDah, its printing dir but lchown is getting "path", doh17:39
Jin^eLDthat was not helpful17:39
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Jin^eLDbut I think the problem is that it is tryin gto set some path to root gid/uid which you can't do as normal user?17:45
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Jin^eLDkergoth? :)17:49
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kergothJin^eLD: tasks are run under pseudo, which is like fakeroot18:03
kergothJin^eLD: so if a chown to a root uid isn't working, something is very very wrong18:03
kergothmight try bisecting it to nail down the offending commit18:04
*** diego_r <diego_r!> has quit IRC18:04
Jin^eLDso that means it happens to you as well?18:04
Jin^eLDone question though... I thought if I used one of the stable branches, like dora, I'd be fine in general, what did I miss?18:05
kergothI pasted it from my build, not yours :)18:05
Jin^eLDah ;)18:05
kergothno idea, I'm on master18:05
kergothvery odd18:05
Jin^eLDwhat's the policy, is a branch stable or is a tag stable?18:05
Jin^eLDjust trying to understand how things work with yocto18:05
kergothdora is a stable release branch, it should only be getting bugfixes.18:05
*** meph1s <meph1s!> has joined #yocto18:05
Jin^eLDok, I'm on dora and I do get the same error as you there18:06
lpappndec: have you tried the conf notes with 9.0.0?18:06
ndecyes, it worked too.18:06
lpappI feel really unlucky about it that it only does not work for me.18:06
kergothoddly, when I changed my build to run on my ubuntu 12.04 machine, it worked, but it exploded on my centos 6.5 chroot, which has always been working fine18:07
* kergoth shrugs18:07
lpappndec: I think I will need to add print statements into the processing code.18:07
* kergoth goes to walk up to the coffee shop and will try to bisect when he gets there18:07
lpappndec: grep -rn conf-notes ./meta*18:08
lpappyields no result.18:08
lpappwhere is this processed?18:08
lpappgrep -rn conf ./meta* | grep notes18:09
lpappno result for that either.18:09
Jin^eLDkergoth: I am on centos 6.5 as well! but using the prebuilt toolchain as bluelightning suggested to me18:09
lpappndec: OECORENOTESCONF="$TEMPLATECONF/conf-notes.txt"18:11
lpappI think I should print stuff here.18:11
*** RudiStreif <RudiStreif!> has joined #yocto18:12
zeddiikhem, FYI: I finally got mips64 booting, now I just need to figure out what Kconfig fixed it :P18:12
lpappndec: I found the issue!18:13
ndecwhat is it?18:14
lpappndec: I do not have the OECORENOTESCONF="$TEMPLATECONF/conf-notes.txt" line in my script!18:15
ndecyou modified the script?18:15
lpappthe only thing I can assume is that something went wrong at the denzil to dylan migration.18:15
lpappdenzil indeed does not have that line.18:16
ndecthat's denzil, not dylan18:16
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lpappsee above18:16
khemzeddii: great18:16
khemzeddii: send me the diff18:17
khemI can see if I can spot18:17
khemsince I have done some combos of mine18:17
lpappndec: I wonder how this could have happened though.18:17
lpapp(and more importantly, I am wondering if some other scripts are also from denzil)18:17
zeddiikhem, diffing my config.old and config :) I started with a working 3.4 after seeing no obvious code issues, and bisect was failing to produce anything useful.18:17
lpappndec: I will run diff -r on denzil/scripts and my scripts18:18
ndeclpapp: well, in general that's why my 'own' policy is to not patch any existing layers, just add 'stuff' into my own.18:18
lpappit is possible that I did not update that folder for some reason during the migration18:18
lpappI could not understand that either for now since I basically decompressed the dylan tarball, and used it AFAICT.18:18
lpappthere is no any patching, really.18:19
lpappit is vanilla denzil18:19
lpappndec: ok, the fact is clear, but I still do not know how this could possibly happen.18:21
lpappI would recall some stupid stuff like manually ignoring 1-2 files during the migration, but I do not.18:22
khemzeddii: hmmm 3.4 to 3.1018:23
lpappI just decompressed the dylan tarball back then, and that was it, then I put my layer into.18:23
khemthats heck of a bisect and even more if you got some success out of it18:23
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zeddii:) that's why it took me so long18:26
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kergothJin^eLD: ah, that's quite interesting18:38
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kergothi think i need a oe-mesa-egl-madness-and-qt5-madness-for-dummies doc18:47
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drfuhi, I'm trying to write a recipe but bitbake fails with "lua not found" during the cmake configure stage. I added DEPENDS="lua5.1" but it still fails...does anybody know what might be the issue?19:02
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kergothdrfu: the lua recipe builds for the target. you can't run an arm binary on your build machine19:06
kergothdrfu: you'll need the -native recipe to run it at build time19:06
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drfukergoth: I'm not quite sure i understood your answer. I cannot write a recipe which depends on lua?I'm trying to build awesome window manager19:18
Jin^eLDkergoth: I am using the poky toolchain though and not the stuff that comes with centos (one of the reasons being that it does not have python 2.7 and so on)19:19
Jin^eLDdo you also use it?19:21
kergothdrfu: again, if you depend on lua, that will build the *target* lua recipe. you can linka gainst the arm liblua, but you can't run an arm binary on an x86system19:25
kergothso it depends on what cmake is looking for when it says 'lua not found'19:25
kergothif it needs to *run* lua at build time, not just run time, you need to depend on lua5.1-native, not just lua5.119:25
kergothJin^eLD: I don't know what you mean by poky toolchain in this context, but i built buildtools-tarball and installed that to provide the build dependencies, so I'm guessing thats similar to what you're doing19:26
*** khem` <khem`!> has joined #yocto19:26
Jin^eLDyes, yes, I meant the build tarball19:27
Jin^eLDI used the 1.5.1 one19:27
* kergoth nods19:27
drfukergoth: ok , thanks for the clarification.19:29
kergothdrfu: no problem, good luck with it. it could be there's something else missing, but that's my only idea off the top of my head19:29
kergothI haven't personally built anything that depended on lua19:29
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drfukergoth: thanks, it passed the lua not found error... now is ldoc and ldoc.lua not found19:32
kergothah, that sounds promising19:32
kergothjust need an ldoc recipe, persumably19:32
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* kergoth grumbles19:51
drfukergoth: yes it looks promising.. once i figure out how to build ldoc :P19:53
kergothindeed. down the rabbithole19:53
drfukergoth: yes..19:56
* kergoth used to use the awesome wm back when he actually used linux on the desktop, always preferred tiled wms, never had to think about silly things like window placement, or use the mouse unnecessarily19:57
kergothJin^eLD: the problem is one I forgot about since I hardly ever build poky proper. When using an external toolchain or buildtools, they usually use 32 bit binaries, so they can't be run under pseudo without setting NO32LIBS = "0", otherwise pseudo will only build its 64 bit lib, and you won't be able to preload the pseudo library when running those external 32 bit binaries. the mentor graphics distro sets it for us, so i took it for granted :) set20:06
kergoth that in your local.conf and you'll be fine.20:06
drfukergoth: :)20:06
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Jin^eLDkergoth !! :) thanks20:11
Jin^eLDI would not have found that so fast... was already trying to debug the package.bbclass where the error occured ;)20:11
kergothif you watch the log closely, you can see the LD_PRELOAD failure20:12
kergoththat was the clue20:12
kergothit happened that i'd seen that before, so knew the rest :)20:12
Jin^eLDI missed that preload thing completely somehow...20:13
kergothits easy to miss, one tiny line in the midst of a crapton of messages20:14
Jin^eLDindeed :)20:16
Jin^eLDkergoth: with the above setting pseudo will not compile at all...20:28
Jin^eLDI guess I need more 32bit buildhost stuff?20:28
Jin^eLDI thought this toolchain would include all requirements?20:28
kergothit still needs 32 bit libc bits20:30
kergothbuild tarball doesn't provide glibc ;)20:30
kergothand this is why  NO32LIBS is set to 1 by default20:30
Jin^eLDah, I see ;)20:30
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #71 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests BuildImages_1 Running Sanity Tests_1 BuildImages_2 Running Sanity Tests_2] Build details are at
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