Wednesday, 2014-02-26

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mckoangood morning07:37
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bluelightningmorning all09:40
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #65 of nightly is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at
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andhe_WARNING: Failed to fetch URL, attempting MIRRORS if available14:06
andhe_better use as source to avoid dissapearing tarballs?!14:06
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lpappandhe_: better to use own mirrors. ;-)14:09
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andhe_lpapp: sure, but good defaults are nice IMHO...14:10
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andhe_no point in using something that's guaranteed to go away, when there's an alternative that's supposed to stay around.14:12
lpappandhe_: anything can go away, even the "supposed"./14:14
lpappandhe_: anything can go away, even the "supposed".14:14
lpappit is supposed now. :-)14:14
andhe_can vs will14:15
andhe_there's a difference14:15
lpappI am not sure what you mean.14:15
andhe_the pool will rotate the contents, is atleast supposed to stay around.14:15
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andhe_so options 1) use something that will fail or 2) use something that can fail14:17
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andhe_anyway, enough discussion... was just a friendly suggestion.14:18
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lpappandhe_: send a patch to the mailing list.14:24
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bluelightningandhe_: if that works we'd definitely appreciate a patch14:34
bluelightningandhe_: FWIW we do have our own mirrors so at least it should just be a warning rather than an error, but if we could avoid the warning as well that would be even better14:35
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lpappbluelightning: it was a warning.14:41
lpappbut as it seems, the proposed alternative would not solve the warning.14:44
lpappfor dpkg, it would be the same thing, basically.14:44
lpapp(you would need to change the link for an upgrade... perhaps there is a "catch-all" place instead?)14:46
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fitzsim_hi, the lab network went down15:59
fitzsim_got cut off15:59
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justind1989hello Who can help me? I can not instal my distrib yocto for my beaglebone16:47
jkridnerjustind1989: you got everything to build and were having a problem figuring out what to put on your microSD card (or otherwise boot), correct?16:48
lpappjustind1989: what exactly is the issue?16:48
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justind1989Yocto me generate a boot file *. Ext3 and a core file * bin. xhere save files on the BEAGLEBONE?16:49
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justind1989where *16:49
justind1989Sorry for my english, i m french16:49
justind1989Yes it s my problem16:50
lpappjustind1989: have you tried flashing your rootfs via u-boot?16:50
lpapp(or have you put it on the microSD card?)16:50
justind1989The emulation with qemu is ok16:51
lpapphave you tried #beaglebone?16:52
justind1989 Yocto me generate two fichiers.Mais I do not know how to implement them on my BEAGLEBONE. I am a beginner.16:52
kergothah, two files. thank god for google translate16:53
justind1989 On the # BEAGLEBONE, they told me to come on # yocto lol16:53
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justind1989Yes google translate16:54
justind1989My english is not very good16:54
jkridnerlpapp: I sent him here. :)16:54
jkridnerI don't know what the output of a #yocto build is...16:54
lpappjkridner: it is just a rootfs (.ext3) in this case.16:54
lpappfrom that point on, it is not Yocto specific IMHO.16:54
lpappI guess you need to create the partitions and copy the rootfs, but I do not know how it is done for Beaglebone with sdcards.16:55
jkridnerotherwise, this could be a simple "how do I boot Linux" question.16:55
jkridnerAre the files an ext3 partition image and ?!?16:55
jkridnerk. and the kernel is in /boot on that .ext3?16:55
lpappjkridner: depends on how the image is built.16:55
jkridnerk. given a kernel and rootfs, I can answer on how to boot on BeagleBone.16:56
jkridnerI just don't know if that "other file" is a kernel.16:56
lpappwhat is the full name of the .bin file?16:57
justind1989To help me, what do you like information? Do you want me to tell you the files generated by yocto?16:57
lpapp(my assumption is that it is the kernel image)16:57
lpappbut I do not use a separate kernel image for instance because I build that into the rootfs which I flash with u-boot, but I do not use an sdcard.16:57
lpapp(I use nor flash)16:58
lpappsdcard should be simpler.16:58
jkridnerjustind1989: there are many ways to boot a kernel and rootfs. sdcard is likely the easiest.16:58
lpappor just fdisk + decompress?16:58
jkridnersome people find this helpful for understanding BeagleBone boot, but it is mostly based on the demo image provided with the board:
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justind1989Ok, I'll look at the links you provided me.17:01
justind1989i come back ^17:01
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:01
jkridnerYou'll want a tool like u-boot for bootloading:
jkridnerjustind1989: and, assuming you've got a kernel and rootfs from yocto, you can ask the rest of questions to #beagle17:01
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justind1989Jkridner, ok thx, i'll do17:03
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lpappjustind1989: good luck.17:05
lpappjkridner: thanks.17:05
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #55 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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mr_sciencelpapp: how's it going?17:39
*** justind1989 <justind1989!4dcc5375@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto17:40
* mr_science broke the rpi image again17:40
lpappmr_science: going ok. :)17:44
mr_sciencegetting more comfortable with the ins-and-outs of bitbake?17:44
* mr_science still re-architecing meta-alt-desktop-extras17:45
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mr_sciencethat plus some upstream integration fixes...17:46
mr_sciencealso working on some pot-stirring fun for the mailing list17:47
lpappmr_science: I see17:48
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kergothHmm, I just realized our python-native can still look in the user's ~/.local for modules, and even use those in preference to its own system search path in the sysroot17:57
*** seebs <seebs!> has joined #yocto17:57
kergothwe should think about patching it to ignore it, or explicitly set PYTHONUSERBASE= in a wrapper17:57
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #57 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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bluelightningkergoth: hmm, that is scary18:07
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kergothI just tried to run a python script I installed and ran with python-native,a nd it used my ~/.local lxml install instead of python-lxml-naitve18:11
kergothnot good :)18:11
* kergoth 'll open an issue about it18:11
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PiziwateHello everybody, I've managed to build Yocto linux + meta-ti to get a running core-image-minimal on the beaglebone. Now I'm trying to enable the usb-gadget things, but I didn't have systemd on my image. Is it normal that meta-ti provides the systemd startup scripts for the usb-gadget and not embedding systemd on the image ?18:27
Piziwateif I make bitbake systemd, I got : ERROR: systemd was skipped: 'systemd' not in DISTRO_FEATURES18:28
kergothyour distro isn't systemd, so building it wouldn't make sense18:28
kergotheither use the sysvinit scripts, or switch to a systemd distribution18:28
lpappPiziwate: core-image-minmal does not ship systemd (luckily)18:28
Piziwatebut in meta-ti, there is systemd init scripts for the usb-gadget stuffs...18:29
lpappPiziwate: but core-image-minimal is not their image.18:29
*** diego_r <diego_r!> has quit IRC18:29
lpappyou are building the wrong image.18:29
PiziwateI don't really need systemd, but I need to enable the mass-storage usb gadget on my beagle bone18:29
denixPiziwate: systemd is distro setting, not BSP18:29
PiziwateI'm a little bit confusing !18:30
Piziwatewhat image should I build ?18:30
lpappPiziwate: why cannot you do that with busybox init or sysv?18:30
lpapp(we enable it via sysv here)18:30
kergothit really doesn't matter if there are systemd scripts in meta-ti18:31
kergothyou aren't using systemd18:31
Piziwatehum I can try... but there were these systemd init files on the meta-ti... So I tougth it was the best way to do !18:31
kergothagain, it does not matter18:31
PiziwateOk ! :-)18:31
kergothmeta-ti supports both sysvinit and systemd, your distro does not18:31
kergothpresumably there are also sysvinit startup scripts to handle usb-gadget things, but you'd be best off asking the ti folks there18:32
kergothnot sure18:32
Piziwateit the core-image-minimal a good start to use with meta-ti ?18:32
mr_sciencei didn't see a specific distro mentioned...  are we talking the poky default?18:32
Piziwateyes ! poky-dora-10.0.118:32
lpappPiziwate: look for modprobe g_serial.18:32
kergoththe image isn't relevant either18:32
kergothwell, somewhat18:32
mr_sciencemeta-ti built fine for my bbb a few weeks back18:33
kergothcore-image-base is a more suitable baseline for full support of the capabilities of the hardware18:33
lpappPiziwate: or an image config with builtin support.18:33
lpappPiziwate: what kernel are you using?18:33
mr_sciencei think it just made it use my xorg image in the alt layer18:33
Piziwateok I see... the core-image-base boot correctly on my BBB18:33
denixcore-image-minimal is a good start18:33
mr_scienceno systemd, just sysvinit18:33
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #57 of nightly-fsl-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
lpappPiziwate: something is there,  grep -rn g_serial .18:34
lpapp./recipes-kernel/linux/linux-ti33x-psp-3.2/3.2.14/0027-usb-fsl_udc_core-Fix-scheduling-while-atomic-dump-me.patch:48:It is tested at i.mx51 bbg board with g_mass_storage, g_ether, g_serial.18:34
lpappPiziwate: just grep the kernel config if it has it enabled.18:35
lpappor if it has it as module.18:35
lpappzgrep/zcat is your friend on the target, or look for the defconfig on the host.18:35
denixPiziwate: either way, everyone is trying to tell you, that meta-ti is just BSP later. you also have distro policies (systemd vs. sysvinit) and apps. how you load the module doesn't matter much which init you use.18:35
Piziwatedenix: ok I see what you mean... Yocto is new for me !18:36
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has joined #yocto18:38
Piziwatelpapp: The patch you saw me is only for the kernel 3.2.14, so it will not be applied if I use 3.12.10 ?18:41
lpappPiziwate: you can rebase, but you have not replied to the more important questions: a) what kernel you are using b) how it is configured.18:42
PiziwateI use kernel 3.12.1018:42
lpappor some ti variant?18:42
Piziwategood question... I created a new yocto build, set the machine to beaglebone and included the yocto's meta and meta-oe and meta-ti.18:43
PiziwateAfter that I built the core-minimal-image18:43
PiziwateIs it a wrong way ?18:43
lpappnot necessarily, but it does not answer my question either. :)18:44
PiziwateI didn't added other parameters...18:44
denixlpapp: meta-ti provides 3.12.10 "staging" kernel18:45
denixlpapp: looks like Piziwate just used that as is18:45
lpappeither way, the simplest thing will be `uname -r` and zcat /proc/config.gz | grep SERIAL18:45
lpappPiziwate: what do those say?18:45
Piziwatedenix: yes18:45
lpapp(on the target)18:45
lpappthat way, we do not need to hunt down the kernel done now on your host...18:46
PiziwateI didn't have the target currently...18:46
lpappkernel now*18:46
lpappyou said qemu?18:46
Piziwateno... I let the target device (Beaglebone black) on my desk at office !18:46
lpappfind ./ -name defconfig | grep beaglebone18:47
lpappgrep CONFIG_USB_G_SERIAL `find ./ -name defconfig | grep beaglebone`18:48
lpappso, you are supposed to use modprobe g_serial with this kernel in your sysv init script.18:48
Piziwateyes you're right ! : I got /beaglebone/defconfig |grep CONFIG_USB_G_SERIAL CONFIG_USB_G_SERIAL=m18:48
lpappthere might be gentler ways (like a whitelist), but we did not apparently care18:49
*** Rootert <Rootert!> has quit IRC18:50
*** RagBal <RagBal!> has quit IRC18:50
lpapplpapp ~/Projects/meta-ti $ find ./ -name initscripts18:50
lpapplpapp ~/Projects/meta-ti $18:50
lpappright ...18:50
PiziwateI'll try tomorrow to load the kernel module ! Thank you for your help... A last question, would it be better to add meta-angstrom or meta-beaglebord insteed of meta-ti ?18:50
lpappso, you will need to create a .bbappend with an initscript file18:51
*** Rootert <Rootert!> has joined #yocto18:51
lpappI mean, you do not necessarily, but that is how we solved it.18:51
denixPiziwate: depends on what you need. meta-beagleboard is 3.8, but supports capes18:51
lpappno any idea I am afraid.18:51
denixlpapp: why not simply autoload the module?18:51
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC18:52
lpappdenix: how to do that? I have just skimmed through the kernel dev manual, but could not find any obvious support for it18:53
Piziwateyes, good idea, i'll make a receipe to implement it, or I can make a kernel config patch to build it embedded (and not like a ko)18:53
lpappPiziwate: I am not sure it is a good idea to built in18:54
lpappsome people would tell you it is not crucial.18:54
denixlpapp: module_autoload_g-serial = "g-serial"18:54
lpapp(in your own kernel defconfig, you can do it however)18:54
Piziwateok so I will load it at boot time18:54
denixyou may need to play with - vs _ in g-serial name...18:54
lpappdenix: where to add that?18:54
lpappI cannot find the term autoload anywhere in the yocto manuals, so I will assume I should look for the sysv documentation.18:55
denixlpapp: you can bbappend the corresponding kernel recipe - it's handled by module.bbclass18:55
PiziwateThere is some files about the capes in the meta-ti : /recipes-ti/beagleboard18:56
lpapplooks like a kernel development manual improvement bugreport is being born.18:57
denixPiziwate: the support for that is still not in the kernel18:57
Piziwatebut these recipes are based on systemd...18:57
denixlpapp: heh18:57
Piziwateyes... you're right !18:57
Piziwateperhaps Angstrom meta will be a better way to get a more closer approach to the BBB...18:57
lpappactually, it looks like this is a good idea to manage in yocto18:58
lpappsince it is an abstract stuff18:58
lpappyou can abstract the init system instance out18:58
*** RagBal <RagBal!> has joined #yocto18:58
lpapp"module_autoload_<module package name>"18:58
lpappPiziwate: seems like you could do this,
Piziwategreat ! I'll try it as soon as possible !19:00
denixPiziwate: you are still confusing layers - Angstrom is a distro, like Poky. meta-ti and meta-beagleboard are BSP layers19:00
lpappor just use your own kernel .bbappend19:01
lpappand prefer _your_ virtual/kernel.19:01
lpapp(that might be actually unnecessary in case of a .bbappend)19:01
denixlpapp: changing or re-defining machine config is rather a bad idea for novice...19:02
Piziwateok so angstrom is just implementing the software package they want to integrate on Angstrom... and pocky do the same ! BSP layers are for the hw support. Is it right?19:02
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has quit IRC19:02
Piziwate(sorry for my poor english)19:03
denixPiziwate: that's right19:03
lpappdenix: I do not think so. It is actually a quick way of verifying the usage of the variable.19:03
lpappand surely the first thing I also do. :)19:03
lpapponce that works, I will keep my fancy rolling, for sure.19:04
denixlpapp: if you do in place, sure19:04
lpappPiziwate: ideally right, which is not true in our case. :)19:04
PiziwateSo I think pocky is enough for me ! I need a minimal system and implement my softwares on it. Next thing is to play with the device tree to enable I/O on specifics pins.19:04
Piziwatelpapp: our case ?19:05
lpappPiziwate: yes, our vendor layer which is irrelevant for you.19:08
lpappI am not sure what the best place would be in our case for this autoload.19:09
lpappdenix: we have our own linux kernel fork (re .bbappend)19:10
PiziwateThank you for your help guys ! It helped me a lot19:10
lpappI could do it in that recipe, too, but I am not sure I want. We only need g_serial in certain cases.19:10
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has joined #yocto19:10
lpappdenix: how can I pass custom argument to modprobe?19:11
lpappvia module autoload?19:12
lpappidVendor, idProduct, iSerialNumber, and iProduct.19:12
denixlpapp: module_conf_<module-package> = "args"19:14
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justind1989[20:16] <justind1989> Hy [20:16] <justind1989> hello, can you please help me? I have my BEAGLEBONE that works with Angstrom. [20:17] <justind1989> I used yocto to generate a new kernel / OS. Once the command "bitbake" finished yocto generates two files. A core file: zImage-qemuarm.bin and rootfs file: core-image-minimal-or-minimal-qemuarm.tar.bz2 qemuarm.ext3 core image [20:17] <justind1989> The emulation under qemu is ok! All goe19:22
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lpappdenix: you mean module_conf_<module-package> = "module-name -arg1 parameter -arg2 parameter etc"?19:24
denixlpapp: no, in modprobe.d syntax19:25
denixi.e. "options modname arg1=val1 arg2=val2"19:26
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denixor "alias dev-blah modname"19:27
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has joined #yocto19:27
denixor "install modname commands"19:27
denixman modprobe.d19:28
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lpappdenix: ok, thanks.19:29
lpappdenix: ah, I just realized the different of module_autoload_* vs. module_conf_*19:31
denixlpapp: module_autoload_* goes to /etc/modules-load.d/ instead :)19:32
denixlpapp: and the syntax for that is module_autoload_<modname> = "modname1 modname2 modname3"19:33
lpappI guess I should use both?19:35
lpappor just _conf?19:35
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lpappdenix: ^19:36
yoctiBug 5888: normal, Undecided, ---, scott.m.rifenbark, NEW , Document some features of the kernel module class19:38
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denixlpapp: both, as they are rather different19:57
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lpappdenix: g2g, thanks, cya.20:00
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JaMarburton_: ah right, makes sense, thanks for explanation in B!=S20:06
JaMarburton_: I guess it triggers this extra check especially in case B!=S, because I wasn't seening these errors before20:07
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tharveywhat does 'gmae' stand for in various recipe names?20:14
tharveyI notice that meta-toolchain-sdk is provided by and ends up getting deployed in tmp/deploy/sdk/ with -gmae in the name - I'm not clear what that means20:15
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tharveydenix: thanks!20:33
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tharveydenix: in its mentioned you can now 'generate an SDK from an arbitrary image' - how is that done?21:07
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kergoththarvey: bitbake -c populate_sdk imagename21:11
tharveyso that is purely a bitbake feature and if so what bitbake version did it appear in?21:12
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khemtharvey: GMAE = Gnome Mobile and Embedded21:19
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khemso essentially that SDK will have supporting development packages for applications meant for gnome mobile21:20
tharveyand its no longer active?21:21
khemwell new way is to do -cpopulate_sdk21:21
khemso you can pick a gmae image21:21
khemand run -cpopulate_sdk you should get the SDK21:21
tharveydoes that basically work by taking all packages from IMAGE_INSTALL and add -dev -dbg versions?21:21
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #55 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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tharveybitbake -cpopulate_sdk works great and makes sense.  Is there any way to ensure it skips anything that has LICENSE="Proprietary" ?21:38
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khemtharvey: LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST is something you can look into22:11
khemit probably wont be sufficient to what you want to do but may give some start22:12
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