Monday, 2014-03-10

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sannyhai all,  am trying to build cross compiler for at91sam9g35. Am getting the following issue
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mckoangood morning08:40
lpappgood morning08:41
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bluelightningmorning all09:39
Jin^eLDmorning bluelightning09:41
SorenHolmHave anyone here tried to build Qt-applications using cmake. Apparently it ends up linking with the native version...09:44
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bluelightningSorenHolm: we have example recipes that do that, e.g. see the recipe for qmmp09:52
SorenHolmbluelightning: I'll have a look thanks..09:53
lpappSorenHolm: I built them, yeah.09:55
lpappin fact, the whole KDE stack is like that.09:56
SorenHolmbluelightning: hmmm it looks pretting much what I'm doing except that I have qt4-x11-free in DEPENDS. I'll try to inherit qt4x11 and see if it helps.10:04
lpappSorenHolm: why are you still using qt4 ? :O10:05
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SorenHolmlpapp: "If it works don't fix it". But we aare actually moving foward within the next weeks.10:06
bluelightningSorenHolm: inheriting qt4x11 will already put qt4-x11-free in DEPENDS10:06
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SorenHolmbluelightning: thought so.10:07
lpappSorenHolm: I do not see how it works... but ok.10:07
lpappit is slower, more unflexible, and unreliable.10:07
bluelightninglpapp: please don't start this again10:07
lpappand it is also unmaintained, pretty much.10:07
SorenHolmlpapp: We have an application that uses some on the thing that are removed from qt4.10:08
SorenHolmlpapp: But within the next weeks we are moving it.10:08
SorenHolmlpapp: qfilesystemmodel afair.10:08
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SorenHolmlpapp: oh well - my memory apparently  is not helping me here :D ... but there where somehing.10:10
lpappSorenHolm: if you do not need to release the software within the next few weeks, I would not personally bother putting more work in to qt 4, but this is just my opinion.10:12
SorenHolmlpapp: ok, thanks. I won't.10:15
SorenHolmlpapp: yup - I already have it pulled in.10:17
lpappok. :)10:18
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lpapphmm, I am surprised it depends on meta-ruby ...10:19
lpappqt itself does not have any ruby dependency for sure.10:19
lpappeh, they introduced it in webkit? :O10:20
lpapp(ok, it is optional... not sure how optional layer dependencies are handled)10:21
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sannyhai all,  am trying to build cross compiler for at91sam9g35. Am getting the following issue
lpappThis paste has been removed!10:21
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Net147I am getting some hangs on shutdown with systemd 208. is it planned to upgrade to systemd 210 for Yocto 1.6?10:41
bluelightningNet147: I'm not directly involved in systemd work but I had thought so, yes10:43
bluelightningNet147: btw, re bug 5918 - is that something you'd be able to look into?10:44
yoctiBug normal, Medium, 1.6, richard.purdie, NEW , git submodule init doesn't work on target10:44
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Net147yocti: busy with other things at the moment, but a simple sed would probably fix it...10:50
yoctiNet147: Error: "busy" is not a valid command.10:50
Net147bluelightning: ^10:50
lpappbluelightning: ^10:50
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bluelightningNet147: ok... we'll get to it when we get to it, but I figured if it was something you needed a bit more urgently... ;)10:52
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Net147bluelightning: cross development using Qt 5.2.1 + Qt Creator to Yocto-based target device seems to work well enough for me11:06
Net147khem: ping11:13
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Jin^eLDfor multimachine configurations... is PERSISTENT_DIR supposed to be shared or should it be set per machine?11:21
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bluelightningJin^eLD: shared11:39
bluelightningin most cases you shouldn't need to set it at all11:40
Jin^eLDwell it somehow creates it the top dir of my build11:40
bluelightningthe top dir meaning which directory exactly? your build directory?11:40
Jin^eLDno, outside the actual build directory11:41
Jin^eLDI have an $OETREE set and the cache is somehow created under $OETREE/cache11:41
Jin^eLD$OETREE being my top directory below which I have all checkouts etc11:41
bluelightninger, OETREE?11:41
bluelightningI don't think that's a standard variable11:42
Jin^eLDme neither :)11:42
bluelightningwell, I'd need to know what standard variable that does correspond to...11:42
Jin^eLDI use it to set various standard variables relative to that11:43
bluelightningFWIW, PERSISTENT_DIR is intended to be saved in your build directory, so that e.g. the persistent version sqlite database is preserved even if you throw out TMPDIR11:43
Jin^eLDi.e. export DL_DIR=${OETREE}/downloads11:43
Jin^eLDand similar11:43
Jin^eLDI did not do any settings of PERSISTENT_DIR myself so I wonder how it landed outside11:43
Jin^eLDbut I'll just set PERSISTENT_DIR accordingly and it'll be fine I guess11:43
bluelightningthe default is ${TOPDIR}/cache11:44
bluelightningnormally TOPDIR points to the build directory11:45
Jin^eLDaha, there it is...11:45
Jin^eLDmy TOPDIR points to the top directory of the checkout11:45
bluelightningright, if you've set things up in an alternative layout you'll find things look different ;)11:45
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bluelightningI suspect we assume that TOPDIR is appropriate to write things into in other places, so I would caution against setting it to somewhere where that's not appropriate11:46
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Jin^eLDwell I was assuming that TOPDIR is the shared top directory, i.e. judging from the example #DL_DIR ?= "${TOPDIR}/downloads"11:46
Jin^eLDidea being that downloads directory is shared between all possible builds and configurations11:46
Jin^eLD     This variable points to the Build Directory. BitBake automatically sets this variable.11:47
bluelightningthat isn't the default though11:47
Jin^eLDok, so I should fix that11:47
Jin^eLDand override downloads11:47
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rigaku_I am using denzil and I use the psplash utiliy at boot up and it seems to work but I still have a break between the splash screen and Xorg starting that displays text output from the SysVinit. Does anyone know how to solve this?15:22
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rigaku_anyone out there?16:00
rigaku_thats what I thought16:02
* BCMM lurks16:03
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kergothIRC is asynchronous. all you can do is speak and await a response. not everyone sits staring at a quiet irc channel when they have day jobs and the like16:05
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LetoThe2nddamn day jobs! :/16:06
BCMMdepends how big the channel is really16:08
BCMMask a question in #ubuntu and something has gone wrong if you don't have five wrong answers in the first minute16:08
rburtonis one of them 'install mint"16:10
LetoThe2ndusually its more like "did your mint install break this, or are you actually using an ubuntu"16:11
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SnookEEHello everyone, I'm trying to setup a rootfs with php support. I've built the php package successfully, but my rootfs does not have the php-cgi and php populated in the bin directory.16:29
rburtonyou'll need to add the packages containing them to the image16:31
rburtonjust building them doesn't put anything into an image16:31
SnookEEis this why is creates the rpm packages?16:32
SnookEEwhen i look inside of the rpm package that is also missing the binary16:32
rburtonit possibly put the binaries in a package you're not looking at.  i've never used php though, so i can't really help.16:33
SnookEEoh i see what you are saying, yes I did add them to the image16:33
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SnookEEIMAGE_INSTALL += "php"16:33
SnookEEsomething along those lines is what you are saying needed to be done?16:33
SnookEEyes, I believe I've done that correctly so and when i bitbake that it appears to build it16:34
SnookEEalso the in the recipe seems to specify that the php and php-cgi should be added to the bindir16:34
SnookEEbut somehow it fails to do that16:34
mckoanSnookEE: add php-cgi to IMAGE_INSTALL16:34
mckoanSnookEE: IMAGE_INSTALL += "php-cgi"16:34
rburtonyeah, looking at the recipe there's a load of packages you probably care about16:35
SnookEEIMAGE_INSTALL = "udev-cache update-rc.d util-linux-libblkid packagegroup-core-boot sysvinit-inittab base-passwd modutils-initscripts update-alternatives-cworth initscripts libkmod netbase busybox-udhcpc eglibc udev sysvinit base-files udev-utils util-linux-libuuid busybox busybox-syslog busybox-hwclock init-ifupdown sysvinit-pidof run-postinsts "16:35
SnookEEIMAGE_INSTALL += " bash libxml2 openssh openssl sqlite3 lighttpd php fuse grep gzip perl vim gdb file cronie sshfs-fuse util-linux sed time "16:35
SnookEEIMAGE_INSTALL += " zlib lemon libc-client php-cgi"16:35
SnookEEDESCRIPTION = "Image recipe for FFM main CPU"16:35
SnookEEsorry about the big paste16:35
mckoanSnookEE: use pastebin16:35
mckoanSnookEE: try pastebin the recipe16:36
SnookEEsorry one sec16:36
rburtonSnookEE: you just need to add php-cgi, as mckoan said16:37
SnookEEok doing that now16:37
SnookEEisn't the php binary also something that should have been added? or is it just php-cgi?16:38
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rburtonhave a look at the recipe16:38
rburtonyou'll see that php-cgi is the package that contains the php binary16:38
SnookEEoh i think i see that16:40
SnookEEFILES_${PN}-cli = "${bindir}/php"16:40
SnookEEFILES_${PN}-cgi = "${bindir}/php-cgi"16:40
SnookEEis that specifying a sub package of some sort?16:40
SnookEEahhh and this part16:40
SnookEEFILES_${PN} = "${libdir}/php"16:40
SnookEEI said just "php" so all it did was give me the library stuff16:41
SnookEEyou guys are the best! thanks16:42
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MatthieuGHi !19:22
MatthieuGThere is way to determine with bitbake if a recipe include another ?19:22
*** Crofton <Crofton!> has joined #yocto19:22
MatthieuGI want to know if  angstrom console-image use boost recipe19:23
Croftonprobably not19:25
MatthieuGso if I include in my recipe boost and console-image there may be an duplicated entry19:28
Croftondupes are not an issue19:28
MatthieuGBut, If I add boost in my recipe, bitbake will detect a change in my recipe, so does it rebuild some dependencies ?19:31
MatthieuGand so build boost twice19:32
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khemMatthieuG: well, a dependency can come from many packages19:45
khembut bitbake's dependency resolver takes care of where to converge19:46
khemin this case both deps will terminate at 1 package i.e. boost19:46
kergothgah, gettext version mismatch. anyone else doing builds without gplv3 recently?19:46
khemso bitbake will make sure that boost is built and staged before all recipes depending on it are built19:47
khemkergoth: w/o gplv3 ?19:47
khemso you use external tc19:47
khemlike gcc 4.2 or somesuch19:47
kergothit doesn't exclude it from native/cross, since those don't end up on the target19:48
khemhow about gcc-runtime ?19:48
kergothlibgcc is gplv3? that seems unlikely, since itd infect everything you build, no?19:49
khemkergoth: its gplv3+exceptions :)19:50
khembut the fact is its license was changed when switch was made from v2 to v319:51
khemalthough the exception clause remained same until gcc 4.419:51
khemmy hunch is FSF was expecting apple to return to gcc development/use with the exception rework19:53
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MatthieuGkhem: thank you for explain19:55
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khembitbake has gripes fetching some gitouious repos23:30
kheme.g. git://
khemI can clone it fine on same build system outside bitbake23:30
khembut bitbake23:31
khemERROR: Fetcher failure: Unable to find revision f28408346243cf090326f4738fd838219c21e00f in branch master even from upstream                                    ERROR: Function failed: Fetcher failure for URL: 'git://;branch=master'. Unable to fetch URL from any source.23:31
khemI have had issues with gitorious + bitbake in past23:31
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