Monday, 2014-04-21

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DV__Hi All02:25
DV__I have aer-inject package which as Makefile in it02:25
DV__can any one help me how to write recipe for a package which has Makefile02:26
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nerdboyokay, looks like xkeyboard-config switched default rules and broke my cursor keys05:23
nerdboywas evdev rules, now base rules05:24
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vickyHi yocto. Is there anyway to ignore a executable when creating the package?06:37
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pevvicky: How do you mean ignore? If you don12:14
pevdon't put it in your install rule it won't be included.12:14
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kergothRP: I'm guessing that it isn't possible for sstate to fetch the intermediate sigdata/siginfo necessary to get useful output from -S printdiff, since at the point where we run sstate_fetch, we don't have information about the dependent tasks within the recipe. Is that correct?15:48
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kergothas a distro maintainer, is slightly useful. wonder if we should add that to insane.bbclass as something the user can inspect16:32
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DV__Hi all17:07
DV__RROR: Function failed: do_install (see /nobackup/dvasadia/ea3/iosxe/build/tmp/work/mips64_nf_n32-iosxe-linux-gnun32/aer-inject/0.1-r0/temp/log.do_install.19043 for further information) ERROR: Logfile of failure stored in: /nobackup/dvasadia/ea3/iosxe/build/tmp/work/mips64_nf_n32-iosxe-linux-gnun32/aer-inject/0.1-r0/temp/log.do_install.19043 Log data follows: | DEBUG: SITE files ['endian-big', 'bit-64', 'mips64-common', 'common-linux', 'c17:07
DV__xe/build/tmp/work/mips64_nf_n32-iosxe-linux-gnun32/aer-inject/0.1-r0/image SBINDIR=/usr/sbin INCLUDEDIR=/usr/include | make: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop. | ERROR: oe_runmake failed | ERROR: Function failed: do_install (see /nobackup/dvasadia/ea3/iosxe/build/tmp/work/mips64_nf_n32-iosxe-linux-gnun32/aer-inject/0.1-r0/temp/log.do_install.19043 for further information)17:08
DV__any pointer on this error17:08
DV__i am writing a recipe for aer-inject package17:08
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DavieTHi everyone, I have a skeleton for rootfs. It has 15 folders and many files and sub-folder. What is the best way to populate the rootfs?19:36
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seebsSo I found out what I was confused about with regards to chmod/setxattr()/etc.20:39
seebsOn some systems (CentOS 5.x/6.x among them), cp -a ends up using setxattr(..., "system.posix_acl_access", ...) for the base permissions.20:39
seebsTricky part being that the extended attribute for this is, it turns out, basically a binary blob in a custom format. Whee.20:40
* kergoth peruses
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seebsSo, I have a bit of time to work on adding *xattr() support to pseudo, which means it may actually happen. And I am just curious: Anyone got any funny war stories about extended attribute support? Things I should be watching out for?21:19
seebsThe initial support is mostly in, except that the result is that on CentOS 6.x, "cp -a" no longer preserves modes because it helpfully tries to copy them more-precisely as a posix ACL extended attribute rather than using chmod.21:20
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seebsHmm. Or something, anyway. I'm not actually sure what's happening here.21:22
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RPseebs: I owe you a reply to an email don't I? :/21:30
seebsProbably. Not in a huge hurry, I have at least one pure bug to resolve before I'm quite sure I need to fix stuff.21:31
seebs*thinking* Oh, and there's the "sqlite version" question: Do we expect to ever need pseudo to work with sqlite older than 3.6.19? I am pretty sure our build system currently assumes we'll be building a native sqlite to avoid host problems.21:31
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RPseebs: From a persona/yocto perspective, I care about the version of sqlite in the metadata21:32
RPseebs: currently
seebsThat appears to be 3.8.x in my local tree, so I'm good.21:33
RPseebs: yes21:33
seebsThe issue: 3.6.19 is when foreign key support got added.21:33
seebsAnd I much prefer ON DELETE CASCADE to trying to store a list of rows that got deleted and then delete rows in other tables.21:33
RPseebs: quite happy to depend on that from my perspective21:33
RPseebs: FWIW with oe-core/yocto we always build sqlite-native. I'm not aware of "host" issues there21:35
seebsI couldn't remember the order. I know pseudo gets built VERY early on.21:36
seebsSo it seemed plausible that pseudo might be getting built before sqlite-native was, except I think that just means sqlite-native also gets built really early.21:36
seebsI've also fixed a couple of minor nuisances. I've made the pseudo build smart enough to rebuild if you touch the things included in pseudo_wrappers.c, and I've made the pseudo-to-get-a-shell behavior shut down the server when it's done.21:38
nerdboyX keyboard still dorked up21:39
nerdboyrebuilding after pulling agagin21:39
nerdboy*again even21:39
nerdboybut riddle me this, yocto-bats21:40
nerdboywhen i have two linguas installed by default, why does setxkbmap think the locale is "C" instead ?21:41
nerdboyif IMAGE_LINGUAS has more than one value, how does the default get set?21:42
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volkerWith DEPENDS I can say that package A depends on package B. Does this also mean that every time package A change, package B will recompile?22:10
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darenI'm trying to enable the uinput kernel module for linux-yocto-3.10.  I put the kernel config line in a *.cfg file and added it to the SRC_URI_append_qemuall define in a linux-yocto_3.10.bbappend file, but the module wasn't enabled.  Is there a good way to debug that?22:34
volkerHow is the recipe-skeleton/useradd/ used? Where / how do I need to reference it to be picked up and added to the image?22:36
volkerdaren: Don't know exactly in your case, the following works for me:
darenvolker:  Yeah, that's what I did with the exception of SRC_URI was qualified with _append_qemuall22:40
volkerdaren: bitbake -c clean linux-yocto   and -c configure and -c compile for debugging. Then find the .config file in build/tmp/work/qemux86_64-poky-linux/linux-yocto/22:40
volkerdaren: I would try it first configured as in my example. if this works with -c clean & -c configure then I would modify it and see if it still works (trial and error wise ;-)22:41
darenvolker:  I will try your example.  I should also have the .config file still in the tmp directory.... let me check22:42
volkerdaren: in my case it only overwrote the one line I configured, not the entire .config22:43
volker'find . -name .config'22:43
volkerdaren: what I learned with the kernel, it might be compiled as module but not automatically added as package. Check build/tmp/deploy/<YOUR_PACKAGE_FORMAT>/<YOUR_ARCH>/kernel-module*22:44
volkerdaren: in my case I didn't need to modify it as in the example I showed you. I just had to add the kernel-module package to my image.22:45
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darenvolker:  I've tried searching for the module, but didn't find it.  Doesn't look like my config line made it into the *.config file22:46
volkerdaren: k, can't help you future, not too familiar with it. I would also check the default setting in .config for that kernel driver22:48
darenvolker:  Thanks for your help.  By default the setting is disabled (according to menuconfig).  Once I get a change, I'll clean the kernel build and force a new one with your example, then mine.22:49
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Prowellthis is intereesting.  I'm playing in dylan right now (a painful forward migration).  Anyways, bitbake linux-yocto has a patch failure, says you can resolve patch failures using bitbake -c devshell linux-yocto...   Then the devshell calls dopatch and fails with the same message.  :(23:13
dvhartProwell, which MACHINE?23:14
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Prowellone of my own, that's what I'm trying to fix/bring upto date.  What caught me by surprise is that devshell appears to require dopatch to be successful, but dopatch failures recommend running devshell to fix them.23:15
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Prowellone out of two machines is moved forward to work in dylan, then it's straight on to dora.23:15
dvhartProwell, that is odd. But you are using linux-yocto? the do_patch() there is a bit special23:16
seebsOkay, there's probably bugs galore to be encountered, but pseudo can now have xattr support *and* still handle "cp -a" on CentOS machines that try to use system.posix_acl_access instead of chmod when xattr support is available.23:16
ProwellYes, I am using linux-yocto.23:16
dvhartProwell, are you making use of something like the emgd-1.18 feature branch? there was a known regression there23:16
dvhartwhich is being worked/fixed23:16
Prowellboth machines are based off of /standard/common-pc/atom-pc.23:18
dvhartwhich kernel version?23:18
Prowellshould devshell be calling dopatch?23:19
dvhartif you can provide more detail on how do_patch() is failing, that would help. Should be some detail in the log.23:19
dvhartI honestly do not know how devshell interacts with linux-yocto - I don't use it.23:19
ProwellI use it sometimes, never had patch fail before so this poor interaction hadn't been noted before.23:19
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Prowellright now, I'm trying to tease it out.  I was more curious to know if it was a known issue that the hint for what to do is broken.23:49
Prowelland as far as the error: A meta series could not be created for blah blah blah/linux/(blah blah blah)/omc1734-standard.scc23:52
kergothvolker: yes, if you change package A and B depends on A, B will rebuild too23:52
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