Thursday, 2014-05-01

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khemsgw_: I have pushed a reverted patch from gcc 4.9 which should fix the ppc ICE issue. Please take the kraj/gcc-4.9 branch and try on the ppc target where you saw the crash and let me know how it goes05:36
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khemRP: I am seeing multiple providers are available for virtual/x86_64-angstromsdk-linux-binutils-crosssdk (binutils-cross-x86_64, binutils-crosssdk-x86_64)06:53
khemafter this cross renaming stuff06:53
khemideas ?06:54
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RPkhem: I suspect there are some PREFERRED_PROVIDERS that need tweaking08:19
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bluelightningmorning all08:43
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DenwidHi, is there any extensive docu on how the URL replacement algorithm works in MIRROR="" variables? I would like to do something like MIRROR="someprotocol://;param1=x;param2=y          file://${param1}/${param2}" is that even possible?11:18
DenwidThe code of that replacement function is rather difficult :-)11:19
bluelightningDenwid: I think it's just a regex replacement, so you should be able to set up groups in the first expression and then have them output in the replacement using \1 \2 etc.11:19
DenwidThat sounds interesting11:19
bluelightning(you could alternatively use named groups I guess)11:20
DenwidI will look at the code again and try something like that11:20
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RPkhem: I pushed a patch which at least partially addresses that issue11:37
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RPbluelightning: I think we need to do something like but that triggers a ton of warnings :(11:41
ant_homeRP:  hey11:42
ant_homeRP: I'm trying to understand the rework of cross-recipes...11:42
ant_homeafais for multibuilds these are overwritten...11:42
RPant_home: right now, yes but there are a third set of patches which will make them equivalent11:43
ant_homein sysroot both armv4 and armv5te do share /arm-oe-linux-gnueabi11:43
RPant_home: that is intentional, there is no difference between an armv4 compiler and an armv5 compiler11:44
ant_homeI'm testing by adding PN = "gcc-cross-${TARGET_ARCH}"11:44
ant_hometo klcc-cross11:44
ant_homewell, you got it11:45
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ant_homeRP:  hm, libgcc is still in machine sysroot.11:52
RPant_home: as it should be?12:03
RPbluelightning: evil?
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ant_homeRP: I still look for a better way to point to the klibc headers12:13
RPant_home: Is there a summary of the problem somewhere I can refresh my memory with?12:21
ant_homeklibc builds against linux-libc headers and syages ARCH headers (once in the multimachine sysroot, now in machine sysroot)12:22
ant_homeso I have one copy each machine, even if it's same arch12:23
ant_homeok, it's like libgcc12:23
ant_homemy second problem is that klcc includes these machine-specific paths12:23
ant_homeso until now I solved rebuilding it for each machine and overwriting12:23
RPant_home: well, the staging once per machine in the sysroot isn't a solvable problem12:24
RPant_home: but sstate should make that fast12:24
ant_homenow do_compile[vardeps] += "MACHINE" don't work anymore12:24
RPthe second one is the bigger issue12:24
ant_homeyes, I think I have to use another var12:24
ant_homeI've already added12:25
ant_homePN = "klcc-cross-${TARGET_ARCH}"12:25
RPant_home: this code is in meta-oe, right?12:25
ant_homeyes,  meta-initramfs12:25
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RPant_home: so klcc-cross is basically a perl wrapper around other tools12:29
ant_homethe only issue is hardcoded path12:29
ant_homeI can live with it rebuilding for each MACHINE even if it is not machine-specific12:30
RPant_home: and our usual relocation logic doesn't work due to the escaping12:30
ant_homea wild guess with no results: do_compile[vardeps] += "ARCH"12:31
ant_homeI don't understand why MACHINE doesn't work anymore...12:34
RPant_home: its due to changes in cross.bbclass, its now BUILD_ARCH specific, not TARGET_ARCH12:38
RPant_home: I assume klcc currently has sstate relocation issues too?12:38
ant_homeyes, that's why we rebuild it for each machine12:40
ant_homeand try to invalidate the sstate...12:40
RPant_home: no, I mean if you build for MACHINE=X and then switch to a different build directory with a shared sstate cache, it will then install a klcc with the wroing paths in it?12:41
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ant_homeI suppose but never tried12:42
ant_homeI just build for i.e collie then c7x0 and spitz12:42
ant_homeso I was having 2 klcc, one for armv4 and one for armv512:42
RPant_home: give me a few minutes with this, I'll see if I can come up with some fixes12:44
ant_homeanyway even two builds of machines of the same arch (two armv5te) have the same problem, hardcoded machine in klcc's prefix12:45
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ant_homethanks for any help ;)12:46
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RPant_home: is what I'd do to it13:27
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RPant_home: I'm hoping I added enough mangling but if not, you can see how to add more13:28
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ant_homeRP: wow, thx13:41
ant_hometesting it13:41
ant_homeah, yes, I removed the packaging tasks after your changes to cross.bbclass..I see you readded deltask here13:42
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ant_homeRP: hmm. mangling is the least problem with the patch... klcc-cross is not staged in sysroot and the packaging tasks are present14:23
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ant_homealmost fixed14:29
ant_homesomehow  WARNING: Function klcc_sysroot_preprocess doesn't exist14:29
RPant_home: Are you looking in the right place in the sysroot?14:32
ant_homenow I have it one for eac machine14:32
RPant_home:  its now in the target sysroot in usr/bin/crossscripts14:32
ant_homeis ok14:32
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ant_homeeach has the correct paths, like in the bogus 2nd line14:33
RPant_home: step in the right direction then :)14:33
ant_homenow, about the it a real -cross?14:34
RPant_home: I'd say so14:34
ant_homebefore for sure14:34
RPant_home: a similar example is libtool-cross which is named as such even though it also doesn't use cross.bbclass14:35
ant_homeso no need to add +PN = "klcc-cross-${TARGET_ARCH}"14:35
RPant_home: no14:36
ant_homeok, many thanks14:36
RPant_home: cross.bbclass is really "autotools/gnu-cross" i.e. for the special case of cross GNU utils14:37
ant_homeone last Q: can I remove now  do_compile[vardeps] += "MACHINE"14:37
RPI doubt it will ever make much sense for things that aren't gcc/binutils/gdb14:37
RPant_home: yes14:37
ant_homeactually it is a crosscript14:38
ant_homestay at your place, klcc !14:39
RPant_home: it did seem quite appropriate :)14:44
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ant_homeRP: I've added your Signed Off by15:00
ant_homenow writing a decent comment...15:01
RPant_home: ok15:01
ant_homebluelightning: good news, patch coming ^15:01
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #47 of nightly-deb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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halsteadbluelightning, May I run "layerindex/ -b daisy -x -q" or will that break something?16:44
bluelightninghalstead: that should work... in fact I was about to add that to our script16:44
bluelightningI've created the daisy branch already16:44
bluelightning(as you may be able to tell from the UI)16:45
halsteadbluelightning, Shall I let you? I'm ready to add it as well.16:46
bluelightninghalstead: if you're logged in, please go ahead :)16:47
halsteadbluelightning, Will do. Thanks!16:47
bluelightningI'm seeing those errors now btw, I'll try to address them16:47
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bluelightninghalstead: no, thank you :)16:47
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halsteadbluelightning, Lots of OOM failures. I'm going to add more memory and reboot then run again.16:52
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halsteadbluelightning, OOM is no longer a problem but I'm running into new errors. Do you have a moment to look at them with me? (Several  conf/layer.conf not found for layer...)17:17
bluelightninghalstead: you mean meta-chiefriver etc? I know about those, it's basically a matter of cleaning up the database entries one by one; I'll take care of it17:18
halsteadbluelightning, meta-mentor, meta-bytesatwork, meta-nuc a few others.17:19
bluelightningsome have changed their structure and the maintainer hasn't updated the entry (meta-mentor); meta-bytesatwork is completely empty (not sure why they even submitted it to be honest, but hey)17:20
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halsteadbluelightning, If you want to teach me how to clean the database I'll help out in the future.17:20
bluelightningwell each one has to be handled on a case-by-case basis; the question in each case is why isn't the file there anymore17:20
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halsteadbluelightning, So it requires a bit more context knowledge than I'm likely to have.17:23
bluelightningin some cases yes17:23
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bluelightningI'll try to fix them up later tonight17:26
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volker-ptest also runs into issues with ro-rootfs17:31
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kergothnot too surprising17:32
frayvolker- that should likely be fixed.. I'd have expected ptests to use /tmp or similar for anything RW.. but I suspect many do not and just assume they can write to their current directory17:32
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kergoththat would be nice17:33
volker-fray: yeah, that what it seems to. but even busybox seems to run into problems there17:33
volker-did anyone ever link /etc/hosts to the rw-able area?17:33
volker-(like /etc/resolv.conf)17:33
fraywhy?  normally /etc/hosts doesn't need to contain anything but the localhost ipv4/ipv6 link17:34
kergothI have to say, I'm not happy with how the r/o binds are handled. Some folks seem to feel strongly that it should be done in each init package, but I think it should be independent, and behave the same for sysvinit and systemd17:34
kergothyeah, there's always nss-myhostname for your local hostname resolution17:34
kergothmuch bette rthan manually adding it to hosts like the old days :)17:34
fraykergoth I agree.. I like the populate-volatiles approach.. one stop shop...17:34
volker-ptests here fail because /bin/bash is not found and python LIBDIR is wrong and sed is not the sed they expect (but from busybox)17:34
fraykergoth, ya nss approaches are much better if dynamic hosts are needed..17:35
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fraymissing /bin/bash is an RDEPENDS or related issue..17:35
frayLIBDIR, I'm curious about for the python.. is it a generic python problem, or just for a specific ptest?17:35
frayas for sed -- I don't know if there is anythign we can directly do about that other then try to require the full version of sed..17:35
volker-I need more build power just to test all the default builds with ptest and submit bugs ;-)17:36
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frayI know the ptests I used, I usually run on 'bigger' systems, ones w/o busybox17:36
volker-at least a "you asked for ptests but don't have package A, B, C, that is not supported!" message17:36
kergothif it needs real tools, it should rdep on the real tools :)17:37
frayyes...  RDEPENDS need to be fixed, and if a ptet won't work for some configuration reason it should be noted..17:37
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volker-doesn't intel provide a buildfarm for yocto with tests?17:37
volker-how about running ptest-runner there?17:38
*** smartin_ <smartin_!> has joined #yocto17:38
volker-the ptest-runner also does not provide some config flags to cherry pick builds17:39
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halsteadYocto powered.
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pidgecurses k-9!17:55
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volker-is k9 only the mailclient name or also the name of the dog in dr who?17:57
pidgevolker-: name of the dog in dr. who. where the client got it's name17:58
* LetoThe2nd totally favored the yoctenburg over k-9 in edinburgh17:59
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maxtothemaxokay, let me get this straight. If I have a patch for yocto, and all the changed files are in poky/meta/, that means I should clone the openembedded-core Git repository (as apposed to the Poky git repository I've been working from,) and apply my patch there? I don't see any openembedded-core-contrib repo I should be using...18:20
maxtothemaxor is poky-contrib fine?18:20
dvhartmaxtothemax, that is a fun question18:21
*** jlamorie <jlamorie!~jpl@> has joined #yocto18:21
volker-is it possible to use something like WORKDIR or ROOT_HOME in files that get copied via SRC_URI? I thought I saw something like it in the past but can't find it anymore in the doc18:22
kergothcan you calrify your question?18:23
kergothmaxtothemax: yes, and there is an openembedded-core-contrib on the oe git server18:23
volker-kergoth: files that are defined in SRC_URI are getting copied to the workdir folder. Now Yocto uses variables that can be changed like ROOT_HOME (as defined in meta/conf/bitbake.conf).18:24
volker-kergoth: now my question is, how can I use these variables to be automatic expanded after they are copied18:24
*** radzy is now known as radzy_away18:25
volker-so my tests run against the correct root folder without hardcoding it.18:25
*** sjolley <sjolley!sjolley@nat/intel/x-izndzibeyoqlpwrp> has joined #yocto18:26
kergothyou can do it however you want18:26
kergothmost common the task in the recipe would use sed to adjust the paths in the files from SRC_URI18:27
volker-kergoth: ok, so no automatic expansion option there18:27
kergothI don't understand what you're talking about18:28
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kergothbitbake expands any variables in the recipe automatically18:28
kergothbut it's not going to run off and randomly modify your sources18:28
kergoththat wouldn't be safe, and would cause more problems than it solves18:28
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kergothif you18:28
kergothre looking for some sort of templating mechanism, there's no standard mechanism of that sort, and the input would have to be modified to mkae use of it anyway18:29
volker-kergoth: ok. some workframes (like puppet or chef) have something called "templates" that expand certain hilighted variables.18:29
kergothI doubt people would be opposed to adding something like that, but it would obviously have to be opt-in, and the file format documented, etc. but nothing like that exists today18:30
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volker-which part gets executed directly after SRC_URI?18:38
kergothSRC_URI is a variable, not a task18:38
kergoththat question doesn't make sense :)18:38
volker-kergoth: s/after SRC_URI/after files defined in SRC_URI are copied/18:39
*** behanw <behanw!~behanw@> has joined #yocto18:39
kergothdo_fetch downloads the files in SRC_URI, do_unpack extracts them to WORKDIR, do_patch patches them, do_configure configures (e.g. autotools) and do_compile compiles your sources18:39
kergothwhere your sed belongs really depends18:40
volker-I would say directly after the do_fetch18:40
volker-is there a way to "inject" commands without entirely overwriting/creating a new do_patch()?18:41
kergothI showed you one way to do that yesterday, with the postfunc18:41
kergothyou can _append/_prepend a task, but that assumes what you're appending/prepending is the same langauge as the task you're altering, and do_patch is written in python18:41
kergothyou can add a prefunc/postfunc, in whatever you like18:42
kergothor you could add a new task, between do_patch and another task18:42
kergothi'd recommend the prefunc/postfunc approach in this case, but any could get hte job done18:42
volker-kergoth: true, I forgot that postfuncs part again. :-/18:43
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kergothRP: add a RecipePreFinalise event handler in one recipe, wipe your cache and reparse, and watch it run against other recipes, not just that one.18:50
kergothRP: haven't investigated further, but was cause for concern18:50
* kergoth 'll nail it down and open a bug if necessary18:50
*** slex_kag <slex_kag!~kvirc@> has quit IRC18:51
kergothi'm guessing the event handlers aren't isolated to the recipe being parsed in the parallel up front parsing18:52
kergothwill dig further18:52
kergothbut seems likely18:52
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #65 of nightly-mips-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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ant_homeRP:  last fix after removing "inherit cross" is  target_libdir -> libdir19:26
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RPkergoth: that does not sound good. I thought we'd killed the global method scope :/20:37
kergothI thought so too. I'm guessing methods were, but not events/handlers20:37
RPkergoth: hmm, right20:37
kergothnot a priority, most folks dont' use event handlers, but i could definitely see needing RecipePreFinalise from time to time20:38
RPkergoth: I think I have had to work around this before now you mention it. Things like the virtclass-cross handler running in places it clearly shouldn't20:38
kergothoh, yeah, i bet that explains a lot actually..20:38
RPAt the time I just changed it to check PN as it was too deep a hole to disappear down20:39
* kergoth nods20:39
kergothI'm guessing we need to save/restore the handlers before/after each parse, in the parse function. that way we don't lose the global handlers, just undo any modifications20:40
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volker-I have the following in a recipe: RDEPENDS_${PN}-ptest = "cv-misc-tests-ptest"21:17
volker-NOw I would assume that if the -ptest file is installed, that it would automatically install the -ptest file from the cv-misc-tests recipe21:17
*** nitink <nitink!~nitink@> has joined #yocto21:17
volker-the cv-misc-tests recipe itself is an empty recipe that does not create a cv-misc-tests package but does a cv-misc-tests-ptests one (because it only defines ptests)21:18
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khemhmmm shows git but actual recipe is 1.9.0 how is it out of sync ?21:21
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simonlHi all21:30
simonlDo you have any suggestions for how to create a single file package without a "proper" source url?21:30
simonlWhat I want is to install a single ttf font from the google font set21:31
simonlI have already tried to simply put the font file in the package files dir, but then poky complains that LIC_FILES_CHKSUM is incorrect. I see no way to actually set it correctly in this case...21:33
khemvolker-: whats your question about cv-misc-tests21:34
volker-simonl: create a recipe-test/mytest/ and recipe-test/mytest/files/MYFILE21:34
khemsimonl: best is to create a recipe for full package and then create multiple packages may per font21:35
simonlvolker-: Awesome, looks like exactly what I need21:35
khemand you can then include 1 package that contains the font you care for in your image_install21:35
khemthat way it will be good to even send upstream21:35
simonlkhem: the hg repo is 3.8 GB. Big enough to actually fail during fetch...21:36
volker-simonl: and as khem suggests, you can download the entire package from google, extract it and pack _each_ font into a separate package (like kernel modules f.e.)21:36
simonlIt's source+binaries21:36
khem3.8G is huge21:36
simonlhandy sometimes I guess, but not really the source control way ^^21:36
khemis 3.8G a git repo or tarball21:37
volker-simonl: my pastebin has an error, you have to tell wher eto install, ${D}/${bindir}/MYFILENAME21:37
simonlkhem: mercurial21:37
khemwell look for release tarballs21:37
simonlso yeah, some history, but unfortunately the tarball service seemed to be broken too, so :/21:38
kheminstead of cloning full repo21:38
RPkhem: I put some patches our, I hope they address the providers issue21:38
khemRP: the issue was due to meta-linaro21:38
khemit was too late in the night21:38
khemI figured it in mornin21:39
khemyou set PN in binutils cross sdk recipe21:39
khemmeta-linaro got the changes you did to .inc files21:39
khembut not to .bb21:39
khemRP: btw. keep an eye on my contrib tree21:39
khemits growing21:39
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simonlvolker-: Thanks, ${COMMON_LICENSE_DIR} was the hint I needed =)21:43
RPkhem: so I see21:44
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JaMaRP: last commit message doesn't match with version in the patch, but no big deal21:52
RPJaMa: gah, sorry :/21:52
* RP is not back to multitasking properly 21:52
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