Saturday, 2014-05-03

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #75 of eclipse-plugin-kepler is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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EddyLaiTwI have just install Yocto1.6 on Ubuntu 14.04 , got an error when try first build "bitbake core-image-minimal", ERROR: Task 324 (poky/meta/recipes-devtools/libtool/, do_compile) failed with exit code '1'00:52
EddyLaiTwhow can I fix this?00:53
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #70 of nightly-fsl-ppc is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Building Toolchain Images Building Toolchain Images_1 Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
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zigithaHi folks11:34
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* RP waves16:02
* JaMa waves back16:02
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* RP can see you :)16:14
RPgood morning16:14
frayhows the voice and the cold coming along, any better?16:15
RPfray: that seems to have sorted itself now thanks16:15
RPgiven what happened Monday/Tuesday, the travel would have not worked out well...16:16
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frayif Philip starts making you sick with moving the camera around, let us know so we can hit him16:19
RPThe ceiling is an interesting view...16:20
frayRP, whats the URL so we can see where it's aimed?16:20
Croftonsadly it appears to be an IR controller and I can't get a USRP to sniff it16:20
RPnow its out of focus too16:20
CroftonWe can't be responsible for how long you were in the pub16:21
RPthis could certainly drive me to drink...16:21
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Croftonmade it16:28
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ka6sox-homebut I'm trying to get with him about this16:31
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JaMafray: I've bounced that e-mail to oe-devel ML16:33
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JaMathis is jackmitch|home's e-mail from oe-members16:34
ka6sox-homeThe Intention is a Statid Landing page with dynamic content behind it as links16:35
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JaMafray: please add to notes that we also have upstart support (not in oe-core but it's in meta-webos)16:42
JaMa"Init Support | SysV and systemd"16:42
Croftonka6sox-home, three is a git repo with the wiki source?16:44
ka6sox-homeCrofton: I'm not sure if we set that up in that manner, I will have to look and see if we asked wmat to do that.16:45
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* RP notes that the bitbake manual is pretty standalone, it only references OE as a worked example of usage and doesn't need to talk about poky at all16:48
RPsome of the manual are more yocto project specific (e.g. getting started points at poky), some less so16:48
RPDo I get one? :)16:49
JaMaI haven't seen you ordering :P16:49
darknighteRP: check your email.  I think jefro just sent you one in your email16:50
CroftonI'd liek to buy an OpenEmbedded16:51
frayRP   :)16:51
RPI'm so dizzy my head is spinning...16:52
frayif you can't hear us as well, let us know and we'll move it back forward16:52
frayRP how should we do the bug scrub?16:53
RP is what the Yocto Project triage team uses16:54
frayRP do we want to go over the "new bugs" or leave that to the regular triage group..16:54
RPUsually we don't get that far through this but it hightlights the highest priority issues16:55
RPFor this meeting its perhaps better to look at some of the other lists in here other than the non-prioritised ones16:56
JaMashould we turn camera to see the projected screen from khem's?16:58
Croftonimportant medium bus versus unimportant medium bugs :)17:00
CroftonIf you try to outsmart your compiler, it will get it's revenge very soon and very hard. -- Sven Eden17:10
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frayRP -- crofton is asking if we can do doxygen or some othe rprogramatic way to get manual info from classes, and make the bbclass the canonical source17:26
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RPJaMa: I need to get my order in this time, right? :)18:18
frayRP, we made sure to get stuff you could eat18:20
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jackmitch|homeCrofton: pong18:22
frayjackmitch|home hello....18:23
jackmitch|homefray: hi18:23
fraywe talked about the website... and basically decided the next step is to triage the wiki, and (other sources of info) to decide what goes on the front page... but nobody objected to anything on there.. we just aren't sure what actual text and such should be there...18:24
JaMaRP: this time you need to bitbake your sandwitch from the plate, good luck with that :)18:25
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JaMajackmitch|home: fray: ah maybe I've missed something in meeting, but as current webpage is so bad, maybe we should start with what Jack already has and improve it later after wiki cleanup18:26
Croftonjackmitch|home, where is the source for the new webpage?18:27
jackmitch|homeJaMa: it does need at least a couple of tweaks before it goes live; but I believe it's reasonably close18:27
Croftonhow does that get generated?18:29
jackmitch|homeCrofton: it's not, it's static18:29
jackmitch|homeI hand wrote it originally18:29
CroftonI know, but you use something to make the static?18:29
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frayjackmitch|home I've emailed you (and the members list) the discussions so far..18:29
Croftonmaybe I am confused :)18:30
jackmitch|homeCrofton: I'm not sure what you mean, I just wrote it in vim using the bootstrap docs for design element references18:30
frayRP can you hear or should I move the mic closer?18:31
RPfray: I can mostly hear18:34
RPit may be a bit better closer actually18:35
frayI'll move it18:36
tlwoerner___linaro's upstreaming 101 with Matt Porter:
RPfray: thanks, that is better18:36
fraylet me know if you can't hear Jefro or Belen, they're now slightly behind18:37
fraybehind hte mic18:37
tlwoerner___followed by "upstreaming 201"
RPfray: jefro sounds unchanged at least18:38
RPnot clear but he wasn't before either18:39
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RPbluelightning: welcome!18:48
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frayRP any feedback since you are the ultimate YP evangelist these days, but yet you don't do "talks"?18:52
RPfray: feedback about what? How we could spread the word?18:52
frayyes.. anything you would suggest other then what we're talking about (or what we're talking about)18:52
RPTo Trevor’s point, I wouldn't worry about not knowing18:53
RPI've helped out with Q&A before for that reason18:53
RPThe trouble with the approach being proposed is the "off a cliff" problem when they have to do something that wasn't scripted18:55
frayya, I agree..18:56
darknighteRP: I would hope more for an "outline" of topics to cover, more than a fully written script18:59
frayya.. and like I said, when you don't know -- then have a list of people or places to get help to point htem at18:59
darknightebut otherwise, it is still a potential problem19:00
CroftonPresented by foo bar for Richard Purdie19:00
RPFor fun:
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tlwoerner___RP: "the removal of MAINTAINER fields (which we are going to replace with /MAINTAINERS file)"   .... haha, doesn't that sounds familiar19:05
RPtlwoerner___: I chuckled when I read that, yes19:05
RPthose who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it19:07
frayRP, or were having so much fun, and would like to repeat it19:08
RPfray: I've done it once, I don't need to repeat it19:10
bluelightningthere were significant improvements in the archiver class in 1.619:11
frayyup..  Bradley wants another step beyond that...19:12
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bluelightningI didn't see the talk you refer to - perhaps I should check it out?19:12
frayhe wants logs that indicate external versions used to show what was used in the build, as well as considering the recipes (and bbclasses in some cases) need to be included as they are the "build instructions"19:14
tlwoerner___bluelightning: i don't think the videos are up yet19:14
bluelightningok, thanks19:14
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frayBradley is interpreting the GPL requirement of preferred format for changes as being/including up to and including the recipes and potentially local.conf19:15
mr_scienceis there a temporal quantity that works?19:17
CroftonRP, how about if we hide the camera19:17
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RPfray: there is little more to say ;-)19:19
* darknighte thinks that with video on him, Crofton doesn't need to 'emote'19:20
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tlwoerner___RP: slides ->
CroftonI need to graph the income versus time for the tax forms19:33
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JaMalets vote! http://gokartracer.reachlocal.com19:46
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* fray has fun moving around the video.. anyone getting sea sick?19:47
* RP is finding food19:48
RPand beer19:48
belenRP has beer. I like his meeting better19:50
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mr_sciencemmm...  hot chips...19:58
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RPbelen: unfortunately the beer wasn't the best :/20:12
belenRP: "not best beer" is still better than "no beer"20:12
frayI suspect you are able to remedy that with a short trip out of the house20:12
RPfray: more like a trip back downstairs ;-)20:13
RPI think I have another bottle of this one :(20:13
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RPDoes what exist?20:21
fraybudweiser.. ;)20:21
RPoh. yes and ick ;-)20:21
* mr_science had 2 pints of Old Speckeled Hen last night20:22
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RPmr_science: much better. I may have a bottle of that...20:22
mr_scienceafter the imperial stout at dinner...20:22
mr_scienceRP: this came out of his special nitrogen-charged tapper20:23
mr_sciencereally nice, sort of like guinness but with white foam20:23
mr_scienceturns out the italian place is owned by an englishman20:24
RPmr_science: sounds like fun :)20:25
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RPFWIW we don't have to continue with the bug scrub - I think its useful for people to see the work involved and that there is some low hanging with doc bugs and so on20:40
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RPThere may be more productive things to do with the people in the room there...20:40
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Croftonmostly they are talking about specific problems they have encountered now20:41
Croftonand some of us have been looking at online voting20:41
CroftonI have hit burn out :)20:42
RPCrofton: that might be the better way to round things off...20:42
Croftonwe have had a productive session20:42
* RP is on the second beer...20:42
RPCrofton: agreed, its been productive I think20:43
frayI'm exhausted.. but a field trip to Weird Stuff may be worthwhile.. :)20:44
frayDenys and I took a field trip to Fry's yesterday20:44
RPfray: I remember both well :)20:45
frayI can't remember did you find anything at Weird Stuff when I showed you the place?20:46
RPfray: I didn't buy anything but it was an experience20:46
RPand a trip down memory lane in some cases20:46
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bluelightning+1 on meta-python21:00
bluelightningI'll help maintain it...21:01
mr_sciencebeat me to it...21:02
mr_sciencebluelightning: do we need to arm-wrestle?21:03
bluelightningmr_science: or we could join forces :D21:03
mr_sciencewhere's the fun in that?21:03
mr_sciencebut sure, put me down for one ticket21:03
RPI can chant *fight* if it helps? :)21:04
mr_scienceyeah, i think it might...21:04
bluelightningok thanks Jefro & all21:05
belenThanks all for letting me join. I will be bugging you soon about your wiki content21:05
mr_sciencebluelightning: don't let me forgeti said that...21:05
RPyes, thanks all21:05
halsteadThanks all!21:05
JaMago go go karts :)21:05
bluelightningmr_science: thanks21:06
mr_sciencedon't you mean "go go gadget wheels"21:06
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bluelightningwhatever you say dude :)21:06
mr_sciencethat was for JaMa21:07
mr_scienceapparently no inspector gagdet in eastern europe...21:08
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mr_scienceokay, packing up21:10
* mr_science waves before his 4 hour drive21:11
bluelightningtravel safe21:11
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ant_homekhem: ping?23:13
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