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khemdid prelink git repo got rebased on yp org ?00:23
khemwhatever SHA is locked in for dora branch is no more fetchable00:24
khemand I dont see that in the git repo anymore whats up here ?00:24
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T0mWI have a makefile based 32bit app that I'm trying to put under a recipe.  The issue that I'm having is that the build keeps trying to link it to the X86_64 bit libs (the native sysroot as the host is 64bit).  The libs in question is ncurses, any suggestions?17:37
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nerdboynot sure what you mean..  are you building for an x86 machine?17:47
nerdboyis it trying to build a native package?17:47
T0mWno, target system is 32bit.17:47
nerdboythen it shouldn't matter if the host is 64bit or not17:47
T0mWbuild for the target.  The build does compile the objects into 32bit, but then trys to link to 64bit libraries.17:48
nerdboyie, if MACHINE is something like qemux86 it should build a 32bit x86 binary17:48
nerdboywrong sysroot?17:49
T0mWMACHINE is not qemu, it is a real device.17:49
nerdboyyou could try forcing it i suppose17:49
T0mWthe run.do_configure is pointing to correct sysroot PKG_CONFIG_SYSROOT_DIR="/home/tom/Projects/CPU8/Dora/cpu8/tmp/sysroots/cpu8"17:50
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T0mWLD="i586-poky-linux-ld --sysroot=/home/tom/Projects/CPU8/Dora/cpu8/tmp/sysro17:50
T0mWots/cpu8  "17:50
T0mWso the configure is correct.17:51
T0mWthat is where the 32bit target libs are.17:51
T0mWI dunno, I'll just keep banging away at it.  This app is different as it is linking against ncurses.17:52
nerdboythere should be a -L in there somewhere if it's finding the wrong ones17:53
nerdboyare you getting the "unsafe for cross compile" error, or is it finding the native sysroot?17:54
T0mWno unsafe, it appears to be looking into the native sysroot.  I turned on the -v of gcc and am going through that now.  I think the thing to do is go into devshell, edit the run.do_compile and get it "corrected". That may give me more info as to what is going on.17:57
T0mWI can build this app on the target system (have gcc + the libs there), so I know the makefile does work.17:57
T0mWproblem is the cross build under bitbake.17:58
T0mWI keep coming up with linking errors: undefined reference to `werase'17:58
T0mWjust when you think that you understand how to use bitbake, it smacks you upside the head...17:59
T0mWI've been doing this stuff (oe) for nearly 4 years, it still gets nasty at times.18:00
nerdboyis the x86 ncurses built correctly?18:00
nerdboyie, does the wide lib exist?18:01
nerdboyand does your make file define/use the SYSROOT and other vars in it?18:02
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T0mWNo, my makefile does not define sysroot, removed competing defines such as "CC=$(CROSS)gcc" from it as well.  The makefile is very simple, one source file, one header file, and 14 lines in the make.18:07
T0mWincluding blanks.18:07
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T0mWI think my best bet is to edit the run.do_compile.18:07
nerdboyyou could try adding a few back...18:08
nerdboyCROSS=TARGET_PREFIX stuff like that18:08
T0mWhmm, yeah, I have another simple app that bitbake builds just fine.  But, that one only uses libc to link against.18:08
nerdboyyou can test the makefile by hand with those things defined on the commandline18:09
T0mWI'm assuming the ncurses lib is present (I see it under the correct sysroot) and is 32bit as it does get loaded into the target image.18:09
nerdboyie, test building cross by hand, without those it should build native18:10
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nerdboydoes the recipe use oe_runmake or just make?18:11
T0mWBUILD_CFLAGS and BUILD_LDFLAGS are both pointing into the native library areas instead of into the 32bit lib sysroot'ed area.18:27
T0mWchange that  and it builds.  So, it appears that bitbake does not know / recognize that the app is NOT a native app, but one that is for the target system.18:28
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T0mWThis is true also for my other application (that does not link against anything else), the same issue is there, wrong sysroot.18:28
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T0mWthe correct compiler and linker are used, but the -L and -I parameters are totally wrong.18:29
T0mWagain, they point into the native area.18:29
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T0mWI don't think this is a recipe problem, per se.  I think that there must be something in the meta/conf/machine/ file that needs to be there to tell bitbake that the target is a 32bit.  apparently, bitbake thinks the target is 64bit.18:34
nerdboycan you paste the makefile?18:34
T0mWTESTBUSOBJS=$(subst .c,.o,$(TESTBUSRC))18:34
T0mWall: $(TESTBUS)18:34
T0mW   @$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -v $(TESTBUSOBJS) -o $(TESTBUS) -lncurses18:34
T0mW   @rm -f *~ *.P18:34
T0mW   @rm -f $(TESTBUS) $(TESTBUSOBJS)18:34
nerdboyi meant psatebin...18:35
nerdboyi would avoid setting things like CFLAGS/LDFLAGS and similar18:36
nerdboyuse MY_CFLAGS instead in your makefile18:36
nerdboyotherwise you're overriding the bitbake env stuff18:37
T0mWI can take that out but don't think it makes any difference.  I'm not overriding / adding to CFLAGS18:37
T0mWthat's it.18:40
T0mWWhy is the mention of CFLAGS doing this?18:40
T0mWthat is weird.18:42
T0mWnerdboy: thank you!18:42
nerdboyworks now?18:43
T0mWbuilds anyway, I'll load up this board with the new image and try it out.  It should work, now that I'm past the linker.18:48
T0mWThis is odd, CFLAGS does not have a mention of a sysroot, while BUILD_CFLAGS does.  It seems that using CFLAGS on the compile line is overriding the values in BUILD_CFLAGS18:51
T0mWNot sure, will have to drill a bit deeper.18:51
T0mWbtw, BUILD_CFLAGS does have the correct sysroot in it.18:51
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jyanAre Yocto or Poky suitable if all I need is to build tools for cross-development?  I don't need to compile a kernel or mount a filesystem, just userspace code.  Specifically I'm looking to work on beaglebone20:19
nerdboyyeah, you can built sdk/adt/other tools20:22
nerdboythey have bitbake targets too20:23
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jyanOkay that is what I thought, I'm working through the documentation here for building the adt, but i'm running into an error.  It's just saying that the DISTRO angstrom-v2013.12 is not found.  Do I need to build angstrom before it can build the cross development tools?20:26
jyanSame error for bitbake adt-installer, and bitbake meta-toolchain20:27
nerdboythe DISTRO setting seems off20:27
nerdboywhat repos did you clone for core stuff?20:28
nerdboypoky? oe-core?20:28
jyanI'm using poky20:28
nerdboydid you use the angstrom setup script?20:28
jyanI sourced the oe-init-build-env script20:29
nerdboythen it should default to poky-version-blah20:29
nerdboyin local.conf20:29
nerdboydid you set angstrom somewhere?20:29
jyanI set machine to beaglebone20:29
nerdboygrep for that distro string20:29
jyanand the DISTRO variable is set to poky20:30
nerdboygrep for that angstrom distro string20:30
jyanin local.conf?20:31
nerdboywhat layers are you using besides poky?20:31
jyanI've only been looking into this stuff for a few hours, i'm honestly not sure20:31
jyanjust trying to follow the documentation under "Using the ADT installer"20:32
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jyanIn bblayers.conf is listed poky/meta, poky/meta-yocto, poky/meta-yocto-bsp20:33
nerdboywell, the first time you source that script, it creates a build tree with a conf dir, you need to edit local.conf and bblayers.conf20:33
nerdboyyou need some other layers20:33
nerdboyclone meta-ti and look at the layer deps in the readme20:33
nerdboyprobably meta-openembbed and meta-ti would do it20:34
* nerdboy never tried to build anything with just poky before...20:37
jyanIs that not an advisable approach?20:38
T0mWI build some apps outside of poky using the compiler + libs from poky.20:40
T0mWdevshell is not the best solution for software cross-dev.20:41
T0mWjust sysroot your makefile20:41
jyanWhat does that mean?20:42
T0mWjyan, as an example, look at the gcc doc (e.g. man gcc) and search for --sysroot20:43
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T0mWjyan: but, if all you need is the binutils, gcc stuff, then a simple path statement would do.20:47
T0mWsysroot if you want to link into the libraries created by poky for the target arch (e.g. libc, libncurses, etc.)20:47
jyanYeah i just read the sysroot option.  Don't I still need to build a suitable compiler though?20:48
T0mWjyan: yes20:49
T0mWjyan: what is your target processor?20:49
jyanI'm just trying to cross-compile for beaglebone, so ARM20:49
nerdboyclone meta-ti, as it's more uptodate than meta-beaglebaord20:52
jyanOkay, I'm cloning meta-ti and openembedded-core20:54
jyanthese are referred to as layers?20:54
T0mWThe trick that I use to sysroot into poky so i can build outside of poky, is that I take one of the run.do_compile that were built under tmp/work, modify it, then include it into my Makefile.20:54
T0mWheh, like onions?20:55
jyanWhat is the reason to want to build outside of poky?20:56
T0mWjyan, every try to develop an app while building INSIDE poky?20:57
jyanI almost no development experience in embedded i'm a student20:57
jyanI've done some work with the STM discovery, but I just used their IDE20:58
T0mWbuilding outside poky allows me to use a git repo redirectly, rather than wrestling with git-indirection.20:58
T0mWthat would be the other thing, if you are using eclipse (i don't) it is easier to do.  Devshell is okay for resolving recipe issues with something already written, but if you try to write something from scratch, devshell can get in your way really quickly.21:00
jyanI'm trying to avoid using IDEs like eclipse, I learn a lot more doing it like this21:00
T0mWFor me, just forget to update the repo and go for a full build by eraseing the tmp/ tree.  Then your source changes disappear.  too dangerous.21:01
jyanI see21:01
T0mWjyan: that's fine.  I'm a vi + makefile guy.21:01
T0mWI'd sooner write a make script than run up an ide.21:01
jyanMy understanding is that I can build a toolchain, and link it to the right libraries, then work outside of poky in my own git repo?21:03
jyanbut its necessary to build the toolchain and get the libraries in poky21:04
jyanNow just trying to figure out how to get it to build21:04
T0mWI build on new iron, so I need to build the file system image to load into the target system(s).  Then, once I have the basic system booting up, then I can build my specific applications for the device (target system).21:05
jyanI'm trying to avoid having to build the whole fs, the board is already running21:06
T0mWI do that via sysroot.  Nothing different from what they are doing, at the basic level, in poky.  It is the same approach, but, I do not build my value-added apps under the tmp/work tree.21:06
T0mWjyan, slow dev box?21:06
jyanI could build it, but I'm trying to tackle one thing at a time haha21:07
nerdboyjust follow the meta-ti readme as if you were building it all21:14
nerdboythen start with the meta-toolchain build21:14
nerdboyyou should get a build info listing once it parses everything21:15
nerdboylike this =>
nerdboydon't overcomplicate it... ;)21:16
jyanAlright I think I have something working, it is parsing recipes...21:24
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kergothT0mW: by default, unless you inherit autotools, we have -e in EXTRA_OEMAKE, which says obey vars from the environment in preference to the vars in the file. it means it Just Works more often than not, but it can cause consequences where things you want to retain are lost. you can alter EXTRA_OEMAKE to explicitly pass the variables in, and in the makefile it should ideally distinguish between the options that are required and those which can be22:15
kergoth overridden. e.g. -W & the like belong separate from -O2 & the like. you can also use e.g. "override FOO += bar" to forcibly append bar to FOO even if FOO came from the environment and make was run with -e22:15
kergothnot sure if thats the issue you were hitting, i only skimmed the scrollback, but it's useful information regardless :)22:15
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T0mWkergoth: kind of figured that EXTRA_OEMAKE was / has to be involved.22:16
kergothit was a terrible thing in retrospect, we should have forced people to be explicit when passing variables in, so it's more clear exactly what's happening22:17
T0mWkergoth: the app builds, cannot look too deeply into this, I have 10 days to get the unit ready for a show in Las Vegas. :(22:17
* kergoth nods22:17
T0mWkergoth: good info though, it means that I will look more closely into how run.do_compile behaves.22:18
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jyanhas anyone ran into "ParseError ... unparsed line" before?22:50
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nerdboymissing quote mark maybe?23:25
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jyanYeah I had actually just fat-fingered something >.>23:27
* nerdboy has skinny fincgers23:42
nerdboydoesn't help23:42
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