Friday, 2014-05-23

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scottrifhalstead: ping06:26
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bluelightningmorning all07:32
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BCMMwhat's the easiest way to see a list of files generated by a recipe?09:58
BCMMi mean, files to go in the actual rootfs09:58
BCMMtrying to debug a makefile that doesn't seem to put libs where it should put libs09:59
andheBCMM: all packages built by a recipe doesn't even (necessarily) go into the rootfs..... so I think you want to list all files in a particular package..10:00
BCMMandhe: i think that's what i mean10:00
rburtonBCMM: tmp/work/[machine]/[recipe]/[version]/packages-split10:01
BCMMrburton: thanks10:01
rburtonin there is a directory for each package that was generated10:01
andheBCMM: rpm -qlp <file> if you use rpm format (default)10:01
rburtonyeah, or look at the rpm/deb/ipkgs10:01
BCMMyeah my question was phrased wrong; i'm a bit confused about multiple packages from a recipe10:01
rburtonlibraries get automatically split into libfoo and iibfoo-dev as appropriate10:02
rburtonheaders and compile-time .so into -dev, the actual library and runtime links into libfoo10:03
BCMMsoooo... there aren't any. i suspect that might be my problem. thanks.10:04
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AnarkyHello, I'm can't compile binutils on the daisy branch; here is the log:
AnarkyCan somebody confirm this or should I open a ticket?10:21
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Ivan___Hi guys, I need help. Is there a way to build libXext, libX11 and libXrender in Yocto without setting DISTRO_FEATURES to x11? I created a new recipe and set those 3 packages in DEPENDS, but I can't build it since my image doesn't use X11.10:42
Ivan___I found a workaround, but I have to do it by hand: 1) set x11 in conf/local.conf, 2) build recipe including those 3 X11 packages, 3) unset x11 in local.conf, 4) remove those 3 packages in a recipe, 5) bitbake core-image-minimal10:43
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Ivan___that's how I managed to build libxext, libx11 and libxrender via my new recipe and after I manually copied build result of those 3 packages, my new package worked on an embedded arm platform10:45
Ivan___all suggestions are welcome :) I am ready to test it immediately :)10:46
bluelightningIvan___: if you want to actually build X11 then the expectation is that you set it in DISTRO_FEATURES, that's pretty much all there is to it10:48
Ivan___bluelightning: no, I don't need X11, I just need those 3 packages...10:49
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bluelightningIvan___: why though? what use would any of those libraries be without X?10:49
Ivan___bluelightning: my package depens on QT4...even though I am using "eglfs" backend with QT4, those dependencies (libXext, libX11, libXrender) are still needed10:51
Ivan___bluelightning: my package depends on QT4...even though I am using "eglfs" backend with QT4, those dependencies (libXext, libX11, libXrender) are still needed10:52
bluelightningsounds like something has been built incorrectly10:52
Ivan___bluelightning: so, no need for X11 as a backend, but "bad" implementation of QT4 needs it for some reason...that's solved in QT5, but my package unfortunately only works with special branch of qt410:53
ccaioneIvan___: --no-xcb?10:53
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Ivan___ccaione: not sure, let me check10:55
Ivan___ccaione: I think that "no-xcb" was introduced with QT5. ./configure --help doesn't provide such option, neither
ccaioneIvan___: ups, right, QT5 only10:59
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Ivan___so, no ideas?11:13
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bluelightningIvan___: are you building qt4 with the -embedded option ?11:24
Ivan___bluelightning: yes11:25
bluelightningthen it should not need to link with X11 libraries11:28
bluelightningperhaps it's your GL library that is linked to them?11:29
bluelightningI know that's might not be much help, but to be honest this is not a situation we handle; either x11 is on or it isn't11:35
bluelightningsupplying x11 libraries that aren't actually going to be used is just hacking around the problem11:36
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Ivan___as far as I can see here:, Qt4 depends on Xorg libraries11:40
Ivan___those are going to be used since Qt4 needs those, so it's not for nothing :)11:41
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Ivan___it would be even better for me to use qt5 which doesn't need xorg libraries, but unfortunately the package I want to use depends on qt411:41
Ivan___it's wkhtmltopdf, a tool which converts html to pdf11:42
bluelightningI can tell you as the maintainer for our Qt4 recipes that with -embedded specified, Qt itself will not use X11 - that's the entire point of that option11:43
Ivan___I agree, but I am using this qt4:
Ivan___branch wk_4.8.511:45
Ivan___and that one needs x11 dependencies11:46
bluelightningIvan___: how have you determined that it does?11:47
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Ivan___bluelightning: I now can't be 100% sure if wkhtmltopdf or qt4 (I build wkhtmltopdf against statically built qt4) needs those xorg libraries, but here is described the exact problem I have:
Ivan___anyhow, when I try to run wkhtmltopdf (or check with ldd), I got error that those are missing12:12
bluelightningwell that's nuts12:14
bluelightningin any case, you should just add x11 to your DISTRO_FEATURES and leave it there; that's effectively what's done on Debian (since that was mentioned in the bug)12:15
bluelightningthat does not actually mean X11 will be in your images, just that it'll be enabled at build time12:15
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Ivan___bluelightning: ok, I understand...I already tried that but I saw a lot of different "X11" packages being built, that's why I thought that can't be good approach12:26
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Ivan___bluelightning: I enabled X11 and started build again, but it has 1500 tasks more than before which confuses me a lot12:44
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bluelightningIvan___: every recipe built has at least 11 tasks12:49
simmel80__Ivan___: you should not be so concerned, those tasks do not map to individual packages, more a one-to-many mapping, and as long as no extra code is executed during startup, an the rootfs does not explode (you can check/measure/compare) than why bother at this point12:50
bluelightningright, what gets built is just what is needed at build time; that often does not immediately correspond with what is required at runtime (i.e. in the image)12:51
Ivan___ok, thanks :) I will run it over the weekend and see the results on Monday12:51
Ivan___thank you very much for your support and have a nice weekend12:52
simmel80__have a nice weekend too12:52
Ivan___bluelightning: thanks a lot one more time and talk to you...13:04
bluelightningIvan___: np13:04
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TobSnyderhow do I get all defined target images I can build using bitbake?14:24
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Tarnykohi folks15:52
Tarnykoshouldn't that be i#ifdef HAVE_POSIX_FALLOCATE ; instead of #ifdef HAVE_POSIX_ALLOCATE ?15:53
Tarnykogot the impression the #ifdef never gets evaluated15:53
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rburtonTarnyko: hm thought i saw a fix for that actually15:56
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Tarnykorburton: hi and thanks, looking around for the latest patches15:57
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Tarnykothx !16:01
rburtonTarnyko: i'm wrong - look at the file you referenced.16:01
rburtonTarnyko: presumably you're using a release without the fix in16:02
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Tarnykorburton : I think so, yes ; we'll be fixing locally for now. Thanks for the great input16:03
rburtonTarnyko: the fix is in git so if you're wanting it backported to a stable branch, just tell oe-core@16:03
rburtonlooks like its only on master, so thats a good candidate for daisy16:04
sgw_Tarnyko: rburton: If you are looking for it in Daisy, I have it pending already!16:04
rburtonsgw_: hooray sgw_16:04
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Tarnykosgw_ : nice ! Yes, we're using Daisy, so your backport would make some people happy ^^16:05
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auke-Hi! I'm new to Yocto and trying to build a custom image and some dependencies fail to configure because they assume some files are in the current directory while they are in the source (${S}) directory. For example the do_compile task of sqlite_2.8.17 refers to Makefile.linux-gcc. Is this an error in the bb file, or am I doing something wrong?16:42
kergothyes, it's a bug in the recipe. the change to split B/S by default was recent, not all the fallout has been fixed16:43
kergothyou can fix it yourself, check the lists for patches in case they haven't been merged, or switch to the release branch (daisy) rather than master16:43
auke-ah, okay. Maybe not the best choice to start with the master branch when using a new project :) I'll look into the patches or switch to daisy16:45
auke-thank you16:45
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rburtonauke-: yeah, probably best to start with a release branch - daisy is the latest16:49
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weebetI want to add ssl support to lighttpd (in meta layer). In the recipe, in EXTRA_OECONF there is --without-openssl. How, in a .bbappend can I delete dhe line --without-openssl ?17:01
Crofton|workjust use EXTRA_OECONF = "whatever" to overried what is set in the recipe17:03
weebetthank you Crofton17:04
rburtonweebet: you can use EXTRA_OECONF_remove to delete fragments.  and send a patch to turn that into a PACKAGECONFIG so you can trivially do it in the future17:04
fray_yoru other option.. -append- a '--with-openssl'..17:06
kergothi recommend against using _remove in bbappends. a later bbappend from a higher priority layer has no way to undo a _remove17:06
fray_if it's standard GNU configure, the system will use the last --with or --without as the override17:06
kergotha later _append won't counteract an earlier _remove17:06
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* Crofton|work didn't know about remove17:14
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bluelightningwe should probably add a PACKAGECONFIG to the lighttpd recipe to make it easier to enable openssl17:15
Crofton|workthe --enable-heartbleed option?17:17
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Crofton|worksigned-off-by: spook@nsa.gov17:18
bluelightningwell, we patched that issue... probably not the umpteen other ones that exist though ;)17:20
Crofton|workhmm, my patch isn't in patchwork17:25
Crofton|workdo I need to put [OE-core] in the subject?17:26
kergothnope, thats automatically done17:28
kergothnote that if you use gmail, the version of your patch with that in it will never end up back in your email, as gmail does duplicate detection and removal by message id (iirc)17:28
kergothi usually check gmane to see if my mails really hit the list, if i need to check that17:28
kergothDoes seem reasonably sane?17:29
yoctiBug 6372: enhancement, Undecided, ---, saul.wold, NEW , Feature request: recipe hook for source tree preparation17:29
kergothheh, i always forget about yocti17:30
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Crofton|workfound it17:34
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JaMasgw_: your [Daisy - Initial Pull 000/111] Please Review email says sgw/daisy, but then there is URL to sgw/stage17:58
sgw_JaMa: fixed it, checkout v217:58
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JaMa doesn't seem to match with the e-mail cover-letter17:59
sgw_JaMa: are you looking at the v2?18:00
JaMasgw_: looks better, please drop packages.bbclass change from me (this one isn't in master)18:00
sgw_sure thing, done18:01
JaMathanks, I was confused about lttng changes, but now I see that you have backported both (khem's and then mine on top) so it's fine too18:02
JaMasgw_: btw: are you using usually pull-request URLs or do you fetch patches from e-mail (patchwork)?18:03
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sgw_jama, depends on the size of the patch set honestly, mostly email, for backporting mostly match up and cherry-pick18:06
JaMaok, thanks18:06
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kergothhmm, looks like do_package_write_rpm is missing vardeps on the gen_packagevar bits. iterates over the packages and accesses vars without bitbake's knowledge. of course, changes to those should change do_package, which will ripple out to that, so i guess it doesn't matter that bitbake's knowledge of it is incomplete18:11
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #114 of nightly is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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kergothAnyone happen to know offhand which firmware binaries from linux-firmware are needed for minnow?21:03
bluelightningkergoth: meta-minnow is not much help, it just installs the entire linux-firmware21:13
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kergothyeah, saw that, wasn't sure why / what was needed. will have to check git history and see if that's at all useful21:16
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