Tuesday, 2014-05-27

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mckoangood morning06:56
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tasslehoffI tried following http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/1.6/dev-manual/dev-manual.html#using-systemd-exclusively for my image, but it seemed to have no effect.08:06
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bluelightningmorning all08:58
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mckoanhi bluelightning09:05
bluelightningmorning mckoan09:19
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_valle_I'm having trouble getting the wlan module to load. I pasted some information from my system: http://pastebin.com/cXzBGrC110:05
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_valle_What am I missing? There is no device in /sys/class/net10:11
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mckoan_valle_: are you sure you enabled the wifi device in your kernel?10:18
dlananyone know how to manually update the *Packages* file, to re-generate the packages list ..10:18
rburtondlan: bitbake package-index10:19
dlanrburton: thanks10:22
dlanactually I tried "bitbake --help ", but doesn't find that command ..10:23
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rburton—help doesn't list targets10:25
rburtonand package-index is a build target, like core-image-sato or eglibc10:26
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dlanem... doesn't works for me, run "grep" give nothing. http://bpaste.net/show/305580/10:26
dlanI'm using opkg here, should that also works?10:26
rburtondlan: try the Packages file in mips32el10:26
dlanoh, possible that reason10:27
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SmartI'm facing this error: error: file /usr/lib/libEGL.so.1.0.0 conflicts between attempted installs of <my_lib>.armv7a_vfp_neon and libegl-mesa-9.1.6-r0.armv7a_vfp_neon10:37
Smarti'm using PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/egl and _virtual/glesv2 = <my_lib> in local.conf10:38
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rburtonSmart: virtual/libgles210:39
rburtonsee PROVIDES in mesa.inc for the names that you'll want to re-assign if you don't want mesa turning up10:40
Smartrburton : sorry for the typo...i'm indeed using virtual/libgles2. I also tried commenting virtual/libgles2 & virtual/egl from PROVIDES of mesa.inc but it still gives the same error.10:41
Smartif i add PROVIDES=virtual/libgles2 virtual/egl in my_lib.bb then it throws some other error.10:42
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rburtonSmart: you need those provides, and you'll want to set the other virtual provider names too otherwise mesa can still be built10:43
rburtonSmart: are you writing a BSP, or using an existing one?10:44
Smartyes m creating my own bsp layer with custom kernel. which builds successfully.10:44
Smartnow i'm playing with multimedia and graphics recipes.10:45
Smartso i can't have a set-up where mesa.inc provides libs other than libEGL and libGLESV2. which i want my_lib to take care of ?10:46
_valle_mckoan: How do I check this?10:48
rburtonSmart: you want mesa-gl10:48
rburtonSmart: well, two options10:49
rburtonSmart: the question is do you *need* GLX10:49
dlanhow could I enable *v4l* feature in gstreamer/gst-plugins-good_0.10.31.bb, seems there is "PACKAGECONFIG[v4l]" in that file10:49
mckoan_valle_: look at the boot log, the .config of your kernel10:50
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Smartrburton : yes i need GLX. by that i mean the libGL* libs from my_lib so that i can test basic *gl* app.10:53
rburtonSmart: but your drivers don't do GLX?10:53
rburtonoh sorry, misread10:54
rburtonif your drivers provide libGL then just set virtual/libgl to your library too10:54
rburtonif you're swapping GL driver you need to provide a name for each of PROVIDES = "virtual/libgl virtual/libgles1 virtual/libgles2 virtual/egl virtual/mesa"10:55
rburtonwhich are libGL, libGLESv1, libGLESv2 libEGL and the mesa-specific interfaces, respectively10:55
rburtonif your GL doesn't pretend to be mesa, then set the virtual/mesa preferred provider to ""10:55
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rburtonsome hardware only does EGL and GLESv2 which is why there's a mesa-gl recipe that will build a software-only libGL for people who want GL to work, even if its pure software10:56
bluelightningdlan: http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/ref-manual/ref-manual.html#var-PACKAGECONFIG11:01
bluelightningdlan: see the end of the PACKAGECONFIG entry there11:01
ant_workrburton: have you experience with vivante/etna ?11:02
rburtonant_work: nope11:02
bluelightningant_work: I would have thought that would be more up otavio's street...11:02
_valle_mckoan: The parts containing wifi in the .config are the one from this pastebin:  http://pastebin.com/cXzBGrC1. Do I need to have something more in the kernel?11:02
ant_workI'm a bit scared after reading the last comment about mesa-gl11:03
_valle_mckoan: Its in the end of the pastebin11:03
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rburtonant_work: if the hardware doesn't have GL support but you need GLX, then it's all you can do11:04
rburtonant_work: on linux, GL == GLX11:04
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dlanbluelightning: thanks11:04
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ant_workrburton: seems it is OPENGL ES 2.011:09
ant_workand there is a gallium driver11:09
rburtonant_work: fwiw the closed-driver intel platforms that use EMGD use mesa-gl and drop in a hardware driver that mesa uses11:10
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Smartrburton : thanks. I'll check on it. one last question - can't i have "virtual/libgles1 virtual/libgles2 virtual/egl" from my package and  "virtual/libgl virtual/mesa" from mesa.inc ?11:12
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rburtonSmart: almost certainly not11:14
rburtonjust set it to "" if you don't have a GL driver that has mesa API (specifically gbm, wayland)11:14
Smartrburton : thanks. will certainly try it. but out of curiosity may i know why we can't do that. >>almost certainly not11:26
rburtonSmart: because the bits of mesa you need for eg weston are not standalone libraries but integrated with the rest of mesa11:27
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Smartrburton : okay. probably i'll need a bit of reading on this. anyways thanks a lot for the help. will get back if any problem.11:32
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mckoan_valle_: no that is not enough. pastebin the whoòe .config and the boot log12:21
mckoan_valle_: and details about your board12:22
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dcahow can i build static libc with poky ?12:36
_valle_mckoan: I checked out an ltib build. The ltib build had the packages csr-linux-wifi and wpa_supplicant_csr.12:36
_valle_mckoan: How could I get these packages with yocto?12:36
mckoan_valle_: before all I'd suggest you to check if your wifi component in activated12:37
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_valle_mckoan: Its always active when powered12:46
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sjolleyYPTM:           Participant passcode:         42001078             Dial-in number:         1.972.995.7777             US Toll Free number:         1.877.561.6828             BlackBerry users, click this link to join your conference as   a participant:         1.972.995.7777x42001078#14:59
sjolleyYPTM: Stephen Joined14:59
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jmdelos_YPTM: Jeff Polk joined14:59
armpit_YPTM: Armin joined15:00
sgw_Saul is on15:00
scottrifYPTM: Scott Rifenbark joined the call.15:00
darknighte_YPTM: Sean Hudson joined15:00
tomz2YPTM: Tom Z on the call15:00
bluelightningYPTM: Paul Eggleton is on15:00
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belenYPTM: belen joined15:01
mcweigelYPTM: Matthew joined15:01
zeddiiYPTM: Bruce Ashfield on the call.15:01
RPYPTM: Richard joined15:01
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halsteadI'm having some trouble connecting. Did the passcode change from 42001078?15:02
rburtonhalstead: nope15:02
sgw_halstead: nope same code15:02
rburtonYPTM: ross joined15:02
halsteadYPTM: Michael on now.15:03
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darknighte_sounds like someone is doing dishes :)15:04
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ddalex_alex d online15:05
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* nitink is on YPTM call15:06
darknighte_RP: what was that last bit?15:06
* LCyrin shows up in the call15:06
RPdarknighte_: python devshell15:07
darknighte_excellent.  I think I heard you say that you just posted an updated patch set with command history.15:08
darknighte_anything else?15:08
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darknighte_sgw_: what time US-PDT?15:11
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RPdarknighte_: command history and things like exit() and Ctrl C/D working correctly15:12
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RPdarknighte_: I just posted the updated patch15:12
darknighte_RP: thx.  I'll take a look.15:12
sjolleyis it mesa Ross is talking about?15:13
rburtonsjolley: mes15:13
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rburtondarknighte_: thanks for looking at mesa on amd.  in theory their drivers are open and upstreamed so mesa10 is a trivial move, right? ;)15:18
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sjolleyYPTM is over!15:19
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darknighte_rburton: indeed.  in fact, it looks like we are tracking MESA 10 already, at least for one platform.15:19
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* darknighte_ notices his ml backlog is now measured in 100's and sighs15:19
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bluelightningrburton: not sure if this is of interest: http://upstream-tracker.org/compat_reports/mesa/9.2.4_to_10.0.2/abi_compat_report.html#Low_Risk_Problems15:21
bluelightningalthough I guess you did say it was more runtime that was a concern15:22
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC15:22
rburtoni keep on forgetting about that web site15:23
rburtonbluelightning: the external API should have just grown, it's the drivers.  EMGD drops a DRM driver in but the DRM interface isn't stable and can change.  I think a freescale board does the same.15:24
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T0mWis ifplugd part of some other recipe (e.g. ethtools) or does that recipe no longer exist (ifplugd)?15:50
*** eballetbo <eballetbo!~eballetbo@43.Red-2-139-180.staticIP.rima-tde.net> has quit IRC15:51
T0mWor, has ifplugd been deprecated in favor of connman?15:51
zeckeT0mW: I don't know. In our product we have a bbappend for busybox to use the busybox ifplugd15:52
*** scottrif <scottrif!~scott-len@a70.ip16.netikka.fi> has left #yocto15:53
bluelightningT0mW: the full ifplugd isn't really maintained upstream; there was a patch sent to add a recipe for it but given its abandoned status I'm not sure maintaining that is the best idea15:57
bluelightningprobably either connman or as zecke suggests busybox's ifplugd would be the options to look at15:58
*** sroy_ <sroy_!~sroy@2607:fad8:4:6:6e88:14ff:feff:5374> has joined #yocto15:58
T0mWbluelightning: I try to stay away from busybox for most of my stuff.  It is good for a constrained resource system, but, many utils have unique syntax or reduced functionality.  The busybox ifplugd does not work.  I take a good look at connman.16:01
T0mWbluelightning, zecke : thanks16:01
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darknighte_rburton: RP: on the MESA version, I have not hard reason to preserve MESA 9 at this point.16:09
rburtondarknighte_: awesome, thanks16:10
darknighte_despite that, I still lean towards keeping the older version around for a little while.16:11
darknighte_it's a matter of preference though.16:11
darknighte_I'll respond to the patch on the list to see if it stirs up any other comments16:11
*** msm <msm!~msm@cpe-72-182-100-192.austin.res.rr.com> has left #yocto16:15
darknighte_rburton: ^16:18
rburtonthanks :)16:18
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darknighte_zeddii: you have a feeling for what the kernel versions are going to be for the next release?16:51
*** sroy_ <sroy_!~sroy@2607:fad8:4:6:6e88:14ff:feff:5374> has quit IRC16:54
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darknighte_tomz2: ^ same question for you16:55
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T0mWdang! the tether to the android phone (Samsung GS3) is using IPV6!17:14
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*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away17:15
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zeddiidarknighte_, 3.14 + ~3.1617:17
zeddii3.14 *should* be the new LTSI, and 3.16 the latest we can grab.17:17
*** mario-goulart <mario-goulart!~user@email.parenteses.org> has joined #yocto17:17
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darknighte_zeddii: thx.  I saw that Greg KH pulled the patches forward to 3.14 for LTSI, but wanted to double check.17:21
darknighte_any feeling for the next LTS?  ~3.16 too ?17:21
darknighte_zeddii: ^17:23
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zeddiigreg would likely just do the normal treatment for that, I'd expect he'll maintain it until 3.17 and only if someone else step up will it go longer.17:30
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC17:30
zeddiiotherwise, I'll toss it in the bin for the 2015 release.17:30
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* kroon wonders why lots of files changed perm from 644 to 664 and 666 in the latest build from master18:28
kergothkroon: possibly the pseudo fix that went in for fchmodat?18:29
* kergoth shrugs18:29
kroonkergoth, possibly ...18:30
kroonit aint lookin' right ..18:31
kergothkroon: perhaps poke seebs about it18:31
*** nitink <nitink!nitink@nat/intel/x-ieqnhpjmbnkypwux> has joined #yocto18:32
kroon-rw-rw-rw- root       root               15 ./etc/hostname18:32
kroonthat seems odd18:32
*** nitink1 <nitink1!~nitink@> has joined #yocto18:35
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seebsHuh. That's... disturbing.18:39
seebsThere could be a typo in there.18:39
*** smartin__ <smartin__!~smartin@ivr94-4-82-229-165-48.fbx.proxad.net> has joined #yocto18:40
seebsOkay, I can't actually tell what this set of & and | do without staring at it.18:40
seebsHmm. Okay, I think the | and & are wrong, but in a way that shouldn't actually cause a problem.18:41
seebsIn that I think I'm masking out some bits twice.18:41
seebsThe relevant change is that PSEUDO_DB_MODE(fs_mode, user_mode) changed from masking out  0700 from the filesystem mode, and masking in 0700 from user_mode, to masking out/in 0722.18:42
seebsSo, the underlying change is: Pseudo has started masking out 022 bits in the underlying filesystem.18:43
seebsIt's always masked in 0700, because otherwise if you do a chmod 0 of a file, you can't write to it anymore, but root should be able to write to it.18:43
seebsI started masking out 022 because of concerns over someone inserting files in an 0777 directory during filesystem assembly.18:43
seebsBut even then, you should not see 022 bits being added by anything. If you issue a chmod(0777), what should happen is:18:44
seebs* The actual filesystem write will use 0755.18:45
seebs* The write to the database will check the filesystem mode, mask out 0722, and mask in (0777 | 0722).18:45
seebsIf you do 0755, you should get 0755 on disk, and (0755 & ~022) | (0755 & 022), which should just be 0755, in the database.18:45
seebsSo the only way the 022 bits should end up in the database would be if they're in the mode argument actually specified, I think.18:46
seebsOh-hoh. But I just realized a thing.18:46
seebsWhich is I bet that in some cases, you're going to be creating a file, and *specifying* mode 666, and relying on umask to mask those bits out.18:47
seebsSo I probably need to actually consider umask now. Grr.18:47
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kergothIf a mode is specified, wouldn't the caller expect that mode to be set regardless of umask?18:52
seebsI think the answer is yes for chmod, no for open.18:53
seebsSo, kroon, you're quite right, thank you.18:58
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seebsOkay, I've sent out a patch. It passed what testing I did in the pseudo tree, and I'm pretty sure it will apply cleanly and all that, but... I would not at all mind second opinions from people who are good at sanity-checking code, since my confidence in this code has obviously been too high in the recent past.19:31
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kergothseebs: I can't help but wonder if pseudo would benefit from unit testing19:53
seebsIt might well!19:53
seebsAlthough I read a fascinating thing recently arguing that a whole lot of unit testing is actually pretty worthless. But pseudo has a lot of stuff that really ought to be testable and be getting tested more.19:54
fraywe have unit tests within pseudo19:54
kergothIt just seems like it'd reduce the risk of regressions19:55
fraybut as bugs are found unit tests simply need to be added..  (or someone who has the time can add additional ones they suspect of issues)19:55
fray(pseudo has make test)19:55
kergothyeah, true, you have to be vigilant about that19:55
rburtonit's pretty hard to argue that test suites are actively harmful in the general case19:56
rburtonbut now, pizza!19:56
* rburton just wiped out a autoconf patch we've been carrying since 2004 that is actively harmful to building software19:56
kergothwe need to reduce how much we deviate from upstreams, particularly with natives19:57
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catch-twenty-twohello, is anyone available to answer a question?21:34
kergothDon't ask to ask, just ask, and wait around and see if someone responds. not everyone sits here staring at an idle irc channel. folks come and go from their computers. irc is an asynchronous medium, at least for folks that stay connected21:35
kroonseebs, was away from keyboard, i'll test the fix you posted21:37
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kroonseebs, ping23:42
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kroonseebs, things look better with your fix applied. however, i still see a change for directory permissions in some places. for instance, /usr/lib/ssl has 777 perm23:46
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #119 of nightly-intel-gpl is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-intel-gpl/builds/11923:47
seebsThere is a *possibility*, though it's not high on my list, that there could be cases where the fixes to pseudo have fixed things which were previously fortuitously-broken.23:47
kroonIt's only directories. I have a diff from buildhistory to list the exact dirs that changed, if this would help23:47
seebsThe thing that originally caused this was the discovery that pseudo's implementation of fchmodat was in fact causing gnu tar to extract directories mode 700, hiding a bitbake/oe-core bug that was making some of them 777.23:47
seebsBut usr/lib/ssl is a directory that wouldn't have been affected by that oe-core bug, SO, it may still be mine.23:48
kroonhmm, can I check this. the perm. listed in a .ipk file should match whats in the generated filesystem.. ?23:49
*** jero <jero!~boo@2001:41d0:52:100::3b1> has joined #yocto23:49
seebsI am sorry to do this to you, but I'm sort of overwhelmed today, do you have the time to try to narrow this down or get a rerproducer?23:49
seebsYes, in theory those should match.23:49
*** jero is now known as Guest2801723:49
seebsThe intent is that the filesystem mode should be (db_mode | 0700) & ~022.23:50
kroonseebs, no worries, this is no showstopper for me personally23:50
seebsAnd db_mode should be what you specified, either directly for chmod, or an open/mkdir/mknod mode & ~umask.23:50
seebsThe previous behavior did not have the ~022.23:50
seebsBut once someone pointed it out, I started thinking about what happens if another user, without root privs, has access to a machine that's assembling a rootfs.23:51
seebsAnd a package is supposed to contain a directory that is supposed to be 0777 *on the target*.23:51
seebsSo far as I know, though, mkdir() should be getting umask properly masked out, I'm masking that out before either the filesystem mkdir() call or the record in the db. Hmm.23:52
seebsNevermind, I found a reproducer.23:53
seebsumask 0, mkdir a, umask 022, mkdir b.23:53
seebsNot doing what I expect and I don't immediately see why.23:53
kroonseebs, i'm sorry but I don't think I'm of much help in this area ..23:54
seebsNo worries. I can reproduce it at least sometimes, so I'll investigate further.23:55
kroonseebs, thanks23:55
* kergoth gets the feeling that maintaining pseudo has become a source of pain :)23:57
seebsThat carefully-written "mode = mode & ~pseudo_umask"23:57
seebsIs inside an #ifdef for PSEUDO_NO_REAL_AT_FUNCTIONS23:58
seebsown fault23:58
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seebskroon, I can send out a new patch in a bit, but in the mean time: Look at the patch to mkdirat.c.23:59
seebsNote that it adds two new lines under the heading "#ifdef PSEUDO_NO_REAL_AT_FUNCTIONS". Move them just above the #ifdef, and it should work.23:59

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