Monday, 2014-06-02

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akSmorning all06:31
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bluelightningmorning all08:40
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LetoThe2ndmoin(UGT) bluelightning08:41
bluelightninghi LetoThe2nd08:43
LetoThe2ndhappy new yocto day ;)08:47
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petero___hello everybody09:01
petero___anybody has a minute to assist me with an eclipse autotools issue?09:02
LetoThe2ndstate the case of your emergency and wait for rescue09:05
LetoThe2nd(read that as: don't ask to ask, just ask. if somebody knows, you will get an answer)09:06
petero___aight, thanks, well09:06
petero___cross compiling on ubuntu 14.04 for powerpc09:06
petero___used bit bake to compile a toolchain myself09:07
petero___created the autotools hello world project in eclipse09:07
petero___configured eclipse to use the toolchain in my build directory09:08
petero___config.log says error 7709:08
petero___eclipse console log says "no role to make target 'all'"09:08
petero___And "C compiler cannot create executables"09:09
petero___I am using Yocto 1.5 (taken from ELDK)09:09
petero___pre-compiled eclipse (juno) plugin09:09
petero___sourcing the environment script in my build directory and building the project on the command line works perfectly09:11
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petero___what looks suspicious to me in config.log is "C compiler cannot create executables"09:23
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rburtonyes, that means the compiler isn't being called correctly, or isn't working correctly.09:23
rburtonreading config.log in the source directory will show you what happened09:24
petero___in relation to that i now see in config log ld: cannot find ctrl.o: no such file or directory"09:24
petero___that's when he tries to compile conftest.c09:25
petero___the compile flags used when compiling gn the command line are not quite the same when compilation is invoked through eclipse09:26
petero___i did not make any changes to the eclipse project setup, everything is like described in the documentation09:26
petero___ok, the file does exist in sysroot09:31
paulbarkersorry, ssh session fail there09:31
petero___the powerpc-linux-gcc is called with several --sysroot arguments at once09:32
petero___looks like my sysroot (not the one in build/tmp) but the one that i will export via nfs is not populated correctly and autotools do not find the required files in there09:41
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anoHello all!11:55
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ripperDanyone have a link/wiki for how to convert a "./configure, make, make install" type install to a recipe? I'm trying to add libdbus-c++ to an image14:08
rburtonis that configure/makefile using autoconf/automake?14:09
ripperDi think so, how can I tell for sure?14:10
rburtonthere'll be a (or .in) and Makefile.am14:10
ripperDyes, there is14:11
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rburtonjust "inherit autotools"14:11
LetoThe2ndlike, inherit autotools14:11
LetoThe2nddang, rburton was faster ;)14:11
rburtonthe long way would be to call configure in do_configure, make in do_compile and make install in do_install, but autotools does that for you.14:12
ripperDhmm, so I really don't need any do_configure or do_install sections?14:12
rburtonripperD: correct.  nor a do_compile to actually build it.14:12
ripperDhmm ok. What if I need to turn off a couple options in the configure step? I use --disable-ecore --disable-examples --disable-doxygen-docs --disable-tests14:13
ripperDok, so I can use extra_oeconf14:14
ripperDthis should get me a lot further, thanks!14:14
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ripperDhow do I patch the source first?14:22
ripperDI need to add an include for unistd.h i guess14:22
ripperDah ok. I had a sed line in the do_compile I had been working on to put it in, but wasn't sure if with this automake stuff I could put in do_patch or whatnot14:26
rburtonjust add a patch to SRC_URI14:26
rburtonand it will be applied for you14:26
ripperDi can probably throw my one line sed -i in there i'm guessing14:26
ripperDalthough a patch is easy enough to create too. thanks14:27
bluelightningif you can, using a patch is preferable because you can tell when it fails to apply14:28
bluelightningsed with s/ won't error out if nothing actually gets changed14:29
bluelightning(although that's usually more of a long term maintenance thing)14:30
ripperDyeah, going by standards is usually a good thing14:31
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wfaillaHi, I am trying to adapt the yocto autobuilder so I can build my own yocto system with it. I have run in to a problem, I can't find a documentation about the autobuilder. Can some one point one out to me?14:39
rburtonwfailla: there's the readme…  and the source code.14:39
rburtonit's quite sparsely documented14:39
rburtonbut ask and someone might know the answer14:39
rburtonfwiw pidge is the autobuilder maintainer and she'll probably be around in an hour or so14:41
wfaillaOk, the task "Running Preamble" fails, because it trys to execute ". ./oe-init-build-env" in the wrong dir. Can I specefi this some where ?14:41
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pidgewfailla: no, but, it shouldn't be in the wrong dir. can you send me your buildset config file that you're running?14:49
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pidgewfailla: elizabeth.flanagan@intel.com14:49
pidgewfailla: I'll be in in about 90. if you're still around I can step you through some.14:50
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LetoThe2ndpidge: hey good to see you online! just a short one - is there already something in place to publish the created rootfs (tar.gz or such) artifacts?14:51
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michael_e_brownYAB: hi all15:02
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mebrownYAB: jenkins for the win15:14
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ripperDrburton: now I get a compile time error: ../src/.libs/ could not read symbols: File in wrong format15:18
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ripperDits trying to link improperly?15:19
rburtonripperD: generally that because its using the host compiler instead of the cross compiler15:19
rburtonyou'll have to read the makefiles and see where it decided to just call gcc directly15:19
ripperDhmm ok15:19
ripperDi'm guessing these issues are why it wasn't just in a a layer already15:20
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rburtonor because nobody wanted to use it before15:20
rburtonoh, fun15:21
rburtonits attempting to build tooling that it can run a build time15:21
rburtonand they're using CXX_FOR_BUILD like they should15:21
rburtonbut failing to handle other cases15:21
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rburtonripperD: you'll need to read tools/ and figure out where it decided to use target tools when it should be using native.  that makefile sets CXX_FOR_BUILD which is a native compiler, but its then using a cross-libtool.15:24
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ripperDrburton: great, the makefile starts with: # hacky, but ...15:31
rburtonactually using CXX_FOR_BUILD isn't hacking, it's the right way15:32
rburtonbut they probably didn't finish the job as it doesn't actually work :)15:32
rburtonyou might need LD_FOR_BUILD or maybe invent LIBTOOL_FOR_BUILD15:33
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ripperDhrm, this looks pretty complicated to my non-developer eyes15:44
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sgw_khem: you around?17:50
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LetoThe2ndobservation: the ptest suite for valgrind seems to be broken for arm cortex a5, as it seems to implicitly assume arm == armv7 == cortex a818:16
LetoThe2ndvalgrind itself build fine, BTW - once the inherit ptest is removed18:16
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seebsSo, I sent out a lib/bb/ patch a while back for mkdirhier() to prevent spurious 0777 directories, but it doesn't seem to be merged. I don't see any responses saying there's problems with it, though. RP?18:55
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RPseebs: I'm worried about what it potentially does to shared DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR19:13
RPseebs: I haven't checked into it enough to write a coherent reply to it though :/19:14
seebsHmm. It's possible that for shared directories, the calls should get a (, 0775) appended.19:15
RPseebs: that is basically my worry19:15
seebsRight now, they're just having umask 02 set before they get created, I think.19:15
seebsWhich implies that they probably want 775.19:16
seebsMy concern is just that I think anything past 755 should be at least a little considered, or else we might, not-at-all hypothetically, end up with intermediate directories being 777 during the build. Which is potentially risky.19:16
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RPseebs: I'm not sure we've ever guaranteed that builds are 100% secure against local exploitation19:18
seebsI don't expect a guarantee, but I don't think things should be ending up 777 *accidentally*.19:18
RPseebs: that would imply auditing the temp file creation of every piece of software and is out of out scope19:18
RPseebs: right19:18
RPI agree we should avoid doing bad things if we can. I just don't want to break the real shared use cases we do have19:19
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RPJaMa: I've cc'd you on an RFC patch. I'm not sure if its a good idea or not so opinions would be welcome20:15
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JaMaRP: thanks, I've replied there21:47
JaMaRP: I wonder why I don't see failures from such cases in test-dependencies builds (which are also reusing all deps from sstate and rebuilding just one component), so pruned dependency on pkgconfig-native should probably fail there as well21:48
RPJaMa: I've wondered that too. The dependencies are clearly missing though :/21:52
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RPJaMa: I'd expect you'd already see those warnings in sstate builds of master FWIW21:54
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JaMamaybe it's because there is enough ERRORs to let me ignore WARNINGS :/22:01
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JaMaI'll check them in next log22:01
RPJaMa: Have you any idea why grub is failing in those builds? It builds fine locally and on the autobuilders22:05
RPJaMa: Its a debugedit failure in do_package and seems to have done it for quite some time. I don't know what configuration may be different to trigger that though22:06
JaMaIt was always failing in that debugedit call22:06
JaMawhich was supposed to be fixed by one of Koen's patches to disable debugedit22:06
JaMaand I think it was, I didn't investigate why it appeared again in log22:06
RPJaMa: the thing is debugedit makes sense in this case, its a system library/binary22:07
RPJaMa: I've long since noticed it in your logs and its just odd as we never see it elsewhere22:07
JaMait's there at least since first report on wiki ( Wed Oct 30 22:22:52 UTC 2013) and it was in couple e-mails before that22:08
RPJaMa: perhaps sometime you could share a tarball of that workdir from a failed build, I can have a look and see if anything jumps out...22:09
JaMaok, I'll do that, thanks22:09
RPJaMa: its either going to be something in there, or maybe the debugedit binary itself is behaving oddly on that system, the rpm-native sstate tarball from that build may also help22:11
JaMafwiw it's running on Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS22:12
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RPJaMa: right, there is one of those in the YP AB cluster too: :/22:23
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