Thursday, 2014-06-05

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milan__mago_ : I have an image recipe called and another called I am trying to create using both. So I included "require" in "x_image.bbappend"  and added the line "IMAGE_INSTALL += "y_image".06:59
milan__Am I doing it right?06:59
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ndecmilan__: i don't think you need the last part. each image recipe should add their own 'packages' in IMAGE_INSTALL. when you combine the 2, IMAGE_INSTALL should be populated with both content.07:25
ndecof course you need to make sure that none of your image is 'reseting' IMAGE_INSTALL, so you need to use += (append)07:26
ndecalso, i think you want to put require y_image and require x_image in x+y_image recipe07:27
ndecif you add something in x_image.bbappend, it will be used only when building x_image recipe, not x+y_image07:27
milan__ndec: Ahh yes...precisely that's what I want. Expanding x_image with extra packages from y_image. Hence the x_image.bbappend.07:29
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ndecok, so you don't want x+y_image recipe, in fact.07:30
milan__ndec: Yes...Sorry for making in confusing with x+y. The idea is to extend x_image only.07:31
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ndecok. then yes you can add require y_image in x_image.bbappend07:31
ndecthen when you build x_image it will parse (and include) the content of y_image recipe07:31
milan__ndec: but if there are common packages as part of both x_image & y_image, will it take care internally?07:32
ndecIMAGE_INSTALL += y_image is not valid.07:32
ndecwhat do you mean by 'common packages'?07:32
milan__yes ... got the IMAGE_INSTALL part. Thanks07:32
ndecyou define what gets pulled into an image by specifying the packages in IMAGE_INSTALL. basically if you require y_image from x_image, then you just add more packages in IMAGE_INSTALL07:33
ndecthe dependencies are managed like for any image07:33
milan__Ok...since we sometimes get warnings saying a package is provided by two package groups...and we need to provide the PREFERRED_PROVIDER07:35
milan__Hence asked this question07:35
ndeci see. but that's a different problem then.07:35
milan__Well my x_image and y_image are contsisting of packagegroups07:36
ndecif x_image pulls in foo1 and y_image pulls in foo2 which both provides the same 'files', yes, you will get issues.07:36
milan__e.g.  one (x) consists of packagegroup-core-lsb & and the other(y) packagegroup-core-lsb-core07:37
ndecin fact adding require y_image in .bbappend is exactly as if you copy/paste the file content into it!07:38
milan__Then I may need to manually resolve these package conflicts when they appear I guess ?07:38
milan__Ok...let me try that part out now then. Thanks a lot for helping me out :)07:39
ndecin your example, i believe core-lsb is a superset of core-lsb-core already. so that should work.07:40
milan__Exactly ! It's a superset actually.07:40
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mckoangood morning08:08
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milan__ndec: Is it possible to include a line into local.conf based upon arch ? e.g. lsb tests are specific to x86 & ppc I want to add a conf file to local.conf when ARCH is x86 or ppc ?08:38
ndecwhat do you want to put in this conf file?08:39
ndeci don't think you can do exactly that. but you can use MACHINE overrides when setting variables08:41
ndece.g. IMAGE_INSTAL_append_armv7 = " foo"08:41
milan__hmm...fine. Let me try that.08:41
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bluelightningmorning all09:06
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rink_how can I ask Yocto to install libraries/headers into my SDK as well ?11:03
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kroonand "-c populate_sdk"11:13
rink_it seems by default it won't add things to the SDK - suppose I want to add libsdl2 there? Does this involve messing with .bbappend then ?11:13
kroonrink_, do you use "-c populate_sdk" for creating the SDK ? If so, if you have libsdl2 in your target image, it should put libsdl-dev in the SDK11:14
kroonrink_, you can add additional packages using the two variables ^11:15
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #121 of nightly-world is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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rink_hmm populate_sdk is different from meta-toolchain ?11:24
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peteroI'd like to use a custom device tree with my custom bps11:28
peteroanybody having a minute to assist me? asking google did not help so far11:29
peteroI'd rather not set up a separate kernel source branch11:29
kroonrink_, i think populate_sdk is the preferred way for creating sdk's11:36
kroonrink_, it will include developer/debug packages for the target image in the sdk11:36
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rink_petero, what I did was just add the file to the kernel using a .bbappend and set it using KERNEL_DEVICETREE11:47
peteroi thought i'd put it under files in my bps's recipes-kernel/linux11:48
peteroand set that variable in my linux-yocto_3.10.bbappend file11:48
peterobut two questions remain11:48
peteroKERNEL_DEVICETREE is set in my machine's conf file, not in my kernel recipe11:49
peterosecond: if i add the dts file to my SRC_URI, how do i refer to that file in the KERNEL_DEVICETREE variable? is it ${S}?11:50
tasslehoffrink_: I created a packagegroup-qt5-toolchain-target.bbappend and added stuff there11:50
xerent_is there a simple way to have a recipe produce two packages, and then include one of them depending on image name?11:51
rink_petero, what I did was: in recipes-kernel/linux/linux-imx-3.10.17/git/arch/arm/boot/dts/ place the files i needed11:52
peterorink_, thanks, i will try that11:53
rink_in the "linux-imx_3.10.17.bbappend", SRC_URI += file://git/arch/arm/boot/dts/...11:53
rink_and keep the KERNEL_DEVICETREE in the machine conf11:53
rink_only one TODO for me: the file is built correctly now and placed in the tmp/deploy/images/ dir11:53
rink_but it won't be part of the tar.bz2, no idea why that is11:54
rink_I think my bbappend misses a line for that, but haven't dug into it yet11:54
tasslehoffrink_: if you add kernel-devicetree to your IMAGE_INSTALL you should get the dtb in /boot. not sure if that is what you wanted.11:56
rink_oh, thanks, that's what I need11:56
tasslehoffand kernel-image to get the zImage/uImage there as well11:57
peterotasslehoff,  and then refer to that device tree by a boot parameter?11:57
tasslehoffpetero: isn't that a u-boot environment variable?11:58
tasslehoffnew at device tree myself :)11:58
peteroyeah, getting a bit confused %-/11:58
peterohave to do some homework on that, first11:59
rink_I currently make a manual uboot boot script11:59
rink_need to figure out how to plug that into yocto11:59
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tasslehoffrink_: on my targets (beagleboard & wandboard) the boot.scr will be sources automatically if put in the correct place.12:04
tasslehofffor me the right place is fat32 boot-partitions on mmc12:05
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peterorink_, tasslehoff, thanks for your help12:16
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xerent_can anyone point me to somewhere where there is an explanation for how to make a recipe that produces two packages12:17
xerent_OK, found it12:18
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bluelightningxerent_: that's the 1.1 manual, that's ancient12:29
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xerent_is the information out of date?12:34
xerent_basically I have a recipe which compiles an app and produces three binaries. in one image configuration, I want one of the binaries to be included, and in another, all three.12:35
bluelightningwell, I would always go for the version of trhe manual that matches the version of the build system that you are using12:35
bluelightningnewer manuals also have much more content12:36
bluelightningto be fair in this specific case I think that section has hardly changed12:36
bluelightningthe basic concepts to be aware of is the order of PACKAGES matters; the first package listed whose FILES value matches a file, gets the file12:37
bluelightningyou also need to be selective when setting FILES - you shouldn't have symlink .so files in non-dev packages for example12:38
bluelightningyou'll get warnings for situations like that though12:38
xerent_my packages will be very simple, three binaries only12:39
xerent_now I added PACKAGES =+ "foo" to my recipe and also FILES_foo =+ "bar1" and FILES_foo =+ "bar2"12:40
xerent_but do_rootfs fails because it can't find the package "foo"12:40
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xerent_it seems only the binary bar0 is installed into the PN package13:00
xerent_and the foo package is not being created at all13:01
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rink_hmm - anyone can help? The gpu-viv-bin-mx6q recipe installs a lot of useful libraries and header files, but also samples in /opt/viv_samples that only take up a lot of space13:07
rink_so I made a ..bbappend with 'do_install_append() { rm -rf ${D}/opt/viv_samples }'13:07
rink_which 'works' but it no longer installs anything on the target anymore13:07
rink_what did I miss ?13:07
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erboif I'm building an image where I have put INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE = "GPLv3" and then want to build a -dev version of the same image but allow the extra packages like GDB to be GPLv3, can I do exceptions from that INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE or will I have to skip that and use PREFERRED_VERSION in order to get the GPLv2 versions of e.g. coreutils?13:33
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bluelightningxerent_: it'll be because it's empty - empty packages are not produced13:45
bluelightningxerent_: either the file is going into another package (because it matched first based on the order of PACKAGES) or you didn't get the FILES value correct in order to pick up the file13:46
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xerent_OK, so I have to install all three binaries, and then for each subpackage add a subset of those binaries accordingly?13:54
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rink_otavio: you here?14:00
otaviorink_: hi14:00
rink_quick q, sure you can answer this immediately :)14:00
rink_fighting with gpu-viv-bin-  as usual :)14:00
rink_I need the libs/headers, but want to get rid of the 200MB+ of samples it also installs14:01
rink_so I've made a ..bbappend file with do_install_append() { rm -rf ${D}/opt/viv_samples }14:01
rink_but then it no longer installs anything14:01
rink_and I don't understand why14:01
otavioI fear you need: ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN} = "1"14:03
xerent_bluelightning: <- maybe your experienced eye can spot my mistake in a second14:05
rink_What does that mean/do ?14:05
bluelightningxerent_: /usr/local/bin/ in FILES vs. /usr/bin/ in do_install ?14:06
bluelightningxerent_: also, use ${bindir} instead of /usr/bin14:07
xerent_well, in another recipe it works fine to use /usr/local/bin14:07
xerent_I could use bindir variable just as well though14:07
xerent_well doh14:07
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xerent_there's my issue I suppose14:07
xerent_I'm looking at two differentl ocations14:08
bluelightningxerent_: well, we don't generally use /usr/local in our build system; but even if we did the two places must match up ;)14:08
xerent_someone quick, hand me a gun14:08
xerent_I must shoot myself14:08
otaviorink_: allow empty packages to be made so -dev packages can be installed14:08
rink_... but it still has to install the actua llib*.so on the target14:08
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rink_otavio, is it because the recipe contains FILES_{$PN} += "/opt", which is empty14:14
xerent_well now I get "Files/directories were installed but not shipped". feels like I'm missing something important about how this is supposed to work14:14
bluelightningxerent_: that means whatever you have in FILES is not picking up those files14:15
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xerent_the 1.1 manual says "Files included by earlier packages are skipped by latter packages."14:16
xerent_could that be the a problem, since I want to include one file in both packages14:16
bluelightningxerent_: right, you cannot do that14:17
bluelightningxerent_: the way to handle that is, set up dependencies such that one package pulls in another14:17
bluelightningyou can even have a dummy package that pulls in two others if desired - you'd just need to set ALLOW_EMPTY_<packagename> = "1" to let it be created even if empty14:17
xerent_DEPENDS_foo = "bar" ?14:18
bluelightningR for runtime14:18
rink_bah, why is this so damn hard for me :((14:19
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rink_if anyone have a minute; installs a lot of stuff in /opt/viv_samples which I want gone from my target image14:19
rink_I tried adding a do_install_append() as listed before which throws it all away, doesn't help at all.14:20
bluelightningrink_: what does your do_install_append do?14:20
bluelightningcan you pastebin it?14:20
xerent_rink_: I've found that soft and furry keyboards is helpful when continously banging one's head against it14:21
rink_[also tried the pastebin without /*, so just the directory - does not make any differece]14:22
bluelightningxerent_: you're positive that path is correct? not a case of _ vs - ? (because -f with rm will mean it will not error out if you happened to have that wrong)14:22
bluelightninger, rink_ not xerent_ sorry14:23
rink_doesn't error out with  just-r14:23
rink_btw, the pastebin is the Only content of my .bbappend14:24
rink_if I comment out the rm line, it works but the viv_samples stuff is still there14:24
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bluelightningrink_: maybe I'm misunderstanding - what exactly happens *with* the stuff in the bbappend?14:27
rink_well, the end result is that the 'gpu-viv-bin-mx6q' package isn't installed in the target image14:28
rink_let me rewind for a bit14:29
rink_I've made "recipes-graphics/gpu-viv-bin-mx6q/gpu-viv-bin-mx6q_3.10.17-1.0.0-hfp.bbappend" in my custom layer14:30
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rink_with what I placed on pastebin14:30
rink_with the 'rm' line active, it installs absolutely nothing in my target image14:30
xerent_well this is odd, I get QA warnings about no GNU_HASH in elf binaries for all three binaries, so they're packaged somehow, and then it fails on "Files/directories were instaleld but not shipped"14:31
xerent_so what's not shipping14:31
rink_if I remove the line, or place 'echo' or whatever in it (I can find the echo in the logs, so I know it's using my bbappend file) it does install14:31
*** kroon <kroon!~kroon@> has quit IRC14:34
xerent_.debug stuff is not shipping14:35
*** akS <akS!d44db44a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC14:36
bluelightningxerent_: you'll need to add that to FILES_${PN}-dbg14:36
*** adelcast <adelcast!~adelcast@> has joined #yocto14:36
bluelightningxerent_: this may be of interest (from the work-in-progress manual):
xerent_or actually, I'll just replace my PACKAGE line with a prepend14:37
xerent_that seems to work14:37
xerent_issue was that I had no -dbg package in the PACKAGE variable14:37
xerent_and I did not know one was required14:37
bluelightningah yes I forgot to mention that, it's best to prepend/append to the existing value of PACKAGES in most cases14:37
bluelightningit's only "required" if you have debug symbol files14:38
rink_maybe i'm confusing things because no binaries are installed14:38
bluelightningrink_: you can see exactly what goes into the package by looking in packages-split under the workdir for the recipe14:39
bluelightningbitbake <recipename> -e | grep ^WORKDIR= to find the workdir if you need to14:40
xerent_why isn't there also a packages-epic-split directory? ;)14:40
rink_hmmm it seems the gpu-viv-bin-mx6q directory will be empty without the opt thing (as libs are places in libgles2-mx6-dev, etc)14:41
rink_does it just skip those if the 'main' dir is empty ?14:42
bluelightningmaybe the others are only pulled in via that package?14:42
bluelightninghow would they otherwise get into your image?14:42
rink_well in the packages-split folder, I see for example gpu-vv-bin-mx6q which only has 'opt'14:43
rink_and e.g. libegl-mx6 which has '/usr/lib/'14:43
rink_what  I don't understand is, given the recipe at, why would it skip the lib* things ?14:44
rink_even if I set ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN} = "1" in the ..bbappend file14:44
*** demonimin <demonimin!~demonimin@unaffiliated/demonimin> has quit IRC14:49
rink_well this is rich14:49
rink_either I made a typo, because setting ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN} = "1" in the bbappend seems to fix it14:49
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milan__ndec: is there a syntax to combine multiple ARCHs under a single IMAGE_INSTALL_ ?15:00
milan__e.g. x86_64  ia64  i486 i 586 etc15:01
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otaviorink_: works?15:09
*** dvhart <dvhart!dvhart@nat/intel/x-tejkbsviltgkisad> has joined #yocto15:09
otaviobluelightning: does IMAGE_INSTALL works with rprovides names?15:16
frayyes, IMAGE_INSTALL is supposed to work with rprovide names15:21
fraythere may be cases where it doesn't, but it SHOULD work15:21
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away15:22
otavioit is failing at me15:23
otavioI have package-i58615:23
otaviowhich provides package15:23
otavioand package in IMAGE_INSTALL15:24
otavioand it fails15:24
*** sudipj <sudipj!~Thunderbi@> has joined #yocto15:26
otaviofray: package-i586 has rprovides to package15:26
fraywhich package management type?15:27
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xerent_bluelightning: my issues are resolved now, thanks for the help15:30
xerent_and since I'm not working tomorrow, have a nice weekend15:31
bluelightningxerent_: no problem, and the same to you :)15:31
bluelightningotavio: with opkg yes, with rpm no15:31
*** sudipj <sudipj!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC15:31
bluelightningotavio: there is a bug open for rpm15:31
otaviobluelightning: ah good to know15:32
yoctiBug 5024: normal, Medium, 1.7, paul.eggleton, NEW , RPM backend cannot handle RPROVIDES in IMAGE_INSTALL15:33
bluelightningoh look, it's assigned to me... :(15:33
*** blloyd <blloyd!> has joined #yocto15:33
milan__bluelightning: I need to use something like IMAGE_INSTALL_x86-64 & IMAGE_INSTALL_ppc . Is there a way to combine both of these into a single block ?15:36
bluelightningmilan__: you can use _append_x86-64 and _append_ppc instead15:36
otaviobluelightning: give me the # later, please15:36
bluelightningotavio: ok, but I did just link it above...15:37
bluelightningmilan__: btw, this is the sort of thing that MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_RDEPENDS / MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_RRECOMMENDS are supposed to help with15:37
milan__bluelightning : well, i didnot want to repeat the same set of package groups listed for both the archs. So I wish there was a way to combine both in to one. Hope I make sense!15:38
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC15:38
bluelightningmilan__: _append_<arch> will do that, just appending the value if the architecture applies15:43
bluelightningmilan__: then you can just list the common ones in plain IMAGE_INSTALL15:44
bluelightningyou need to ensure you have a leading space in the _append value though since _append won't automatically add that for you15:44
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milan__bluelightning : Got it ...going to try now. Thank you :)15:45
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blloydI'm still going through the everything document, but my choice of search words doesn't seem to be very good.  Anyways, I have a package that creates a build time script that I need to have available for another package during the cross build stage.  Any suggestions what to search for?16:10
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paulbarkerI should know these things by now but... is there any way to override do_install_append in a bbappend file? I know further do_install_append blocks will just append more rather than replacing the first do_install_append17:10
paulbarkerIf not I'll just copy the whole recipe from oe-core to my layer and edit17:11
paulbarkerBut I'd like to avoid that if possible17:11
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mtetreaultI'm new to yocto, and I cannot figure out how to list the available software that I can add to customise my image.18:38
paulbarkermtetreault: Your best bet is to search for recipes on http://layers.openembedded.org18:39
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mtetreaultI meant on my computer.18:40
mtetreaultI'll explain. I have an I.mx6 base custom board18:40
mtetreaultI install yocto from the freescale repository. In that repo I have source/poky source/meta-fsl-* source/meta-openembedded18:41
mtetreaultI want to add the qt package (.bb) which is in poky. how do I know the name to include in my local.conf file18:42
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blloydmtetreault: the way I usually handle this is to do a find -name '*qt*.bb' and see what is returned.  Pick from the returned list.20:14
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blloydwhere can I find what has changed since daisy and master easily?  I have just had the fun of bringing all my custom packages from using a danny based yocto all the way up to using daisy.  But I can't get it to work with master.20:16
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zylablloyd: try git log daisy..master20:58
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blloydok, I haven't found why, but it appears that the build directory now defaults to build instead of ${S} like it used to.  Does anyone know if this was an intended chnage or not, or what may have caused it?21:45
paulbarkerblloyd: Very intended change21:46
paulbarkerIt was discussed quite a bit on the mailing list, I'll see if I can find the thread for you21:47
rburtonblloyd: autotools defaults to separate build dir, if your package can't handle this then 1) fix it or 2) use autotools-brokensep21:49
blloydok, so should I put a bug report in that needs updated?  Or am I misreading it?21:49
rburtonthat manual bit needs to be updated21:50
blloydunfortunately, that's what I use to figure how to write things.  :(21:50
blloydI just had the fun of upgrading all my stuff from danny all the way up to the very latest.  Didn't have much trouble until this bit me.21:51
rburtonblloyd: if you're using master the "in the future" comment in is "now"21:52
blloydrburton.  thanks.  I missed that part of manual.21:54
blloydI had done my original reading many versions ago.21:55
rburtonblloyd: presumably you're updating all the way to master?21:56
rburtonblloyd: be warned that master just got a new compiler and more intrusive stuff is due soon :)21:56
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blloydrburton: I like to track master so I know what is coming.  Company I work for didn't want to spend time to proactively monitor and are now paying for it as the changes from danny up were a bit crazy.  At least now they are letting me have some time to track things proactively for the future.22:03
blloydReleases will now use daisy, and that thankfully works.22:04
blloyd(I was able to figure it out between docs and everything without asking questions)22:04
blloydhowever, I did find what looks to be a bug in daisy so was trying to compare to master first so I can write a better bug report.22:05
blloydanyways, my immediate headache was a poorly written SYSROOT_PREPROCESS_FUNCS that used ${S} when ${B} was more appropriate, but when they are documented as being the same....22:07
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