Monday, 2014-06-09

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mckoangood morning07:11
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bluelightningmorning all08:42
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kroonbluelightning, morning08:49
bluelightninghi kroon08:56
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kroonI don't get it.. Is poky.git manually put together by oe-core/bitbake/meta-yocto ?09:21
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bluelightningkroon: it's assembled using combo-layer, yes09:26
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kroonbluelightning, aha. will do some reading09:34
pedroaleluiai have an image build on yocto, can i import the image to make changes ?09:36
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bluelightningpedroaleluia: not sure I understand the question ... ?09:38
pedroaleluiai have an instaled system09:39
pedroaleluiaand i need some changes09:39
bluelightningdo you have the original metadata used to build the image?09:40
pedroaleluiaonly packages09:40
bluelightningthen it's going to be a bit difficult to do that...09:41
pedroaleluiaand i need to change boot logo09:41
pedroaleluiaand add a new connection on the gui09:41
Lingohello, I'm new to yocto and last week I read project's wiki, but i still can't find the best way to build images with softfp abi. I played with different variables in local.conf, but bitbake still builds hardfp abi binaries. Could someone point me out on docs how to enable softfp?09:43
bluelightningpedroaleluia: if you don't have the metadata you will need to reconstruct it09:48
bluelightningpedroaleluia: it's worth bearing in mind your obligations for GPL licensed parts of your image if you will be redistributing it09:49
pedroaleluiai am doing this based on radxa rock09:51
pedroaleluiait asks for xf86-video-fbturbo09:51
pedroaleluiawhere i add the source ?09:52
bluelightningI'm not familiar with either "radxa rock" or xf86-video-fbturbo09:54
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bluelightningpedroaleluia: maybe you should look at the meta-sunxi layer since that appears to be a driver for allwinner devices09:58
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pedroaleluiato have a thin client gui, is there anything already done ?10:03
pedroaleluiaits my first time on yocto10:03
pedroaleluiai am in the midle of the ocean10:04
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rburtonpedroaleluia: oe-core has x11/gtk/qt recipes you can use10:13
pedroaleluiaafter the buils10:15
pedroaleluiaafter the build10:15
pedroaleluiato change gui ? how is it done ?10:15
pedroaleluiato install more packages10:17
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Xzhi guys10:33
bluelightninghi Xz10:34
Xzthere was recently I guess well known issue with x264; git history has been changed10:34
Xznow, the original SHA1 was 1cffe9f406cc54f4759fc9eeb85598fb8cae66c710:34
bluelightningXz: yes10:35
XzI'm looking for the new SHA1 that would match the original one (effectively the same version of x264)10:35
Xzis there any chance to find it out?10:35
bluelightningXz: yes, the new one is bfed708c5358a2b4ef65923fb0683cefa9184e6f10:35
Xzbluelightning: are you 100% sure about that new SHA1?10:39
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Xzbluelightning: are you 100% sure about that new SHA1?10:39
bluelightningXz: 100% yes10:40
Xzbluelightning: cool, thanks a lot!10:40
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pedroaleluiahow can i have spice virt viewer on a project ?11:02
rburtonpedroaleluia: do you mean you want to build an image with yocto that has a spice viewer in?11:03
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rburtonyou'll need to find one, and write a recipe for it.11:03
pedroaleluiaand freerdp11:03
rburtoncheck to see if its already been packaged11:03
lsb_testerbluelightning:I am trying to replace "IMAGE_INSTALL += "packagegroup-core-basic" with "IMAGE_INSTALL += "packagegroup-core-full-cmdline", only for x86_6411:05
lsb_testerPACKAGEGROUPLSBOPTS = "packagegroup-core-basic" PACKAGEGROUPLSBOPTS_linuxstdbase = "packagegroup-core-full-cmdline" & IMAGE_INSTALL += ${PACKAGEGROUPLSBOPTS} dont seem to make sense11:06
lsb_testerany other way to do this ?11:07
bluelightninglsb_tester: packagegroup-core-basic is gone completely, why would you want to replace it conditionally?11:09
lsb_testerbluelightning: Well ..we had base-lined to an older version when it was present. So was trying a way to solve my problem without waiting the distro admin's permission to replace it fully11:11
lsb_testerIs there any syntax to remove any install appends in a bbappend  file later ?11:13
lsb_testersynonymous to -= sort ( hope u understand what I mean )11:13
bluelightninglsb_tester: there is _remove11:18
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kroonAnyone attempted to run the build appliance image on QEMU/Win32 ?11:23
lsb_testerbluelightning: Some thing line IMAGE_INSTALL_remove does not seem to work I think !11:27
jaskijwelcome all, could anyone help me and tell, why does libtool fails on do_rootfs saying nothing provides /bin/bash although the target system doesn't need or use bash11:27
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lsb_testerbluelightning: will it be correct to use : PREFERRED_PROVIDER_packagegroup-core-basic = "packagegroup-core-full-cmdline" ?11:56
bluelightninglsb_tester: that won't do anything11:58
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bluelightninglsb_tester: PREFERRED_PROVIDER just selects between multiple providers of a particular item11:58
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lsb_testerbluelightning: The message "multiple providers are available for runtime packagegroup-core-basic (packagegroup-core-basic, packagegroup-core-full-cmdline)" looks to be gone now after using it12:01
bluelightninglsb_tester: I see, so somehow you have added packagegroup-core-basic back in after it was renamed12:02
bluelightningI don't know why you'd want to do that...12:02
lsb_testerI have added core-full-cmdline. core-basic was already there. Now as long as both exist I have to find a way out to make the later considered over the previous.12:04
lsb_testerThat's the whole purpose12:04
bluelightningI'm confused12:05
bluelightningwhy add it at all?12:05
bluelightningif the version you are using uses the pre-renamed packagegroup, just stick with that...12:06
lsb_testerlsb tests require the later12:06
bluelightningno LSB tests should be relying upon the presence of that packagegroup12:06
bluelightningsome of the packages within it perhaps, yes12:07
lsb_testerBut the packages bundled by the basic & full-cmdline are different12:07
bluelightningwhat are the differences?12:08
bluelightningthere weren't any at the time I did the rename12:08
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bluelightningso, what are the differences then?12:21
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lsb_testerahh...the change history shows some changes are there from our end12:28
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kroonWho should I report broken links on to ?13:16
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bluelightningkroon: please email Michael Halstead <>13:18
kroonbluelightning, thanks13:18
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blloydok, i'm finding the new saved images really changes my workflow.  Used to, I could do a bitbake -c cleansstate packageinwork15:23
blloydand then rebuild, and things ended up with the changed package.  Once I got it working as expected, I could commit and go on to the next thing.  Now it seems I am ending up with initrd images not being rebuilt.  So, how do I make sure that everything touched by a package is invaldiated now?15:24
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Saur RP: I just updated to the latest version of Poky and now I get a bunch of warnings about old tasks being tainted from a forced run (you added it in 60c40e5d). However, you forgot to tell how to get rid of the warnings. I mean, I obviously can't use bitbake -f to rebuild the tasks as that's what caused the warnings in the first place...16:42
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RPSaur: bitbake X -c clean or remove the .taint files in tmp/stamps manually16:48
SaurRP: Hmm, ok. :)16:49
RPSaur: the point was just to make people more aware of the presence of these things16:49
SaurRP: Which I guess is a good thing (as I certainly wasn't...) :)16:50
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SaurRP: On a related note, how do I get rid of this warning: "libvidcap-1.0.1 was registered as shlib provider for, changing it to libcapture-1.0.1 because it was built later". The problem is due to the recipe changing name to match the library.17:06
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pevHi guys, is something funky with PREFERRED_VERSION in 1.6? without it the freescale bsp builds 2013.04, i then set PREFERRED_VERSION to 2013.04 and its all good. I then add a bbappend named _2013.04 in my layer and it then says "NOTE: preferred version 2013.04 of u-boot-imx not available (for item u-boot-imx)" ???17:11
kergothinsufficient information17:11
pevunsurprising :-) Was hoping a summary might jog some memory...17:12
pevusing 1.6 from current daisy branch of fsl-community-bsp17:13
pevbasically added a new layer with just the bbappend in and that breaks it...17:14
pevhow much more info would you like?17:14
kergoth"1.6" doesn't actually tell us anything. 1.6 of what? what's the recipe filename? what's the bbappend filename?17:14
kergothyou summarized almost everything17:14
pevyocto 1.6...17:15
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pevFrom (daisy branch)17:17
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pevThe recipe is
kergothand the filename of your bbappend? adding a bbappend won't make bitbake suddenly not know about the main recipe, so you've got somehting really broken going on17:21
pevI know - its an almost exact copy of the one I got working on the 1.5 master-next so it should be fine17:24
pevI only changed the machine-name and removed the PRINC17:24
pevits really odd. I even copied the u-boot 2009.08 bbappend that's already in the tree and it does the same thing?!17:28
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pevand bitbake -s shows the same occurring with one version being shown at a time...17:30
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pevand bitbake -e doesn't show any significant differences...17:32
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pevkergoth: It looks like it's the line UBOOT_MACHINE_pevsmachine = "pevsmachine_config" that triggers it...! removing that works?!17:50
kergothperhaps see to see what handling its doing around UBOOT_MACHINE17:51
pevnothing before compile phase...17:52
kergothsee sources/poky/meta/classes/uboot-config.bbclass17:53
kergothlines 25 and 28, specifically17:53
kergoththose mark the recipe as unbuildable in those conditions17:53
pevthose look interesting... is that log output dependent on something as I don't see it?17:55
kergothgenerally the skip package message is only shown if it was the only candidate that could be built, though ideally bitbake would show them also if you prefer the version being skipped, as in your case17:56
kergothyou could see it by getting the other versions to also be unbuildable. temporarily move them elsewhere for example17:56
pevI've already done that17:57
kergothif the recipe isn't buildable in ay version, it should show the skip message so you know why it can't be built17:57
pevand it fails - bitbake -s then doesn't show that recipe at all17:57
kergothmove all versions but 2013.04 elsewhere, then bitbake u-boot-imx17:57
kergothright, as expected17:57
kergothbut try to build it ,and bitbake will show you the reason it was skipped17:57
kergothat least, it should17:57
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pevkergoth: Ah, ok that provokes it...!17:58
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pevkergoth: brilliant, thanks. That's all very confusing :-D18:00
kergothyeah, we should enhance bitbake to display the skipped message if the skipped recipe was the version the user is preferring, if possible. I'd suggest opening an enhancement request in the bug tracking system describing this and the situation you ran into18:05
kergothno problem, happy to help18:05
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blloydok, I had an email I sent to, never saw it.  So I just sent it again.  And I don't see it again.  I do see the bcc copy I have been sending myself, so I know the git email command is working.  Anyone have access to see why that list appears to be swallowing my git posts?20:06
Crofton[oe] [meta-oe][PATCH] Upgrade geode video driver to 2.11.1520:07
blloydthat one.20:08
*** ant__ <ant__!~andrea@> has joined #yocto20:09
blloydok, found an option avoid duplicate messsages that might have had an impact on me seeing it.20:11
blloydcrofton, I'm going through the archives, and I can only see one copy of that.  I updated according to the feedback received and sent it again, but don't see either of the resends.20:13
Croftonthat is time stamped 1245 today20:14
blloydand another refresh now I see it at bottom.  :(  I've feeling totally hopeless at this.20:15
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blloydand thanks for looking over my shoulder.  Hopefully the meta-oe committer will see it and I actually got the format right this time.20:17
*** rburton <rburton!> has joined #yocto20:17
CroftonI am sure JaMa will20:17
blloydalso, is openembedded-devel or openembedded-core a better list for discussing changes to the libc packages?20:20
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ripperDquick q.20:33
ripperD is a recipe for resolvconf20:33
ripperDhowever, it doesn't install /lib/resolvconf/list-records, which is required20:34
ripperDi am making an append to do it, but /lib is funky and regular files won't install?20:34
ripperDinstall -m 0755 bin/list-records ${D}/lib/${BPN}/20:34
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ripperDhow do I install the file?20:35
blloyddid you install ${D}/lib/${BPN}/ first?20:35
blloyd(make sure the directory exists)20:35
ripperDi get this during build20:36
ripperDWARNING: QA Issue: resolvconf: Files/directories were installed but not shipped /lib /lib/resolvconf /lib/resolvconf/list-records20:36
blloydFILES_{PN} += "/lib/resolveconf/list-records", or whichever package should have that file included.20:37
blloydyou need to say which of the packages will have list-records in it.20:37
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nerdboy <= halstead ?20:38
mtetreaultAnyone knows how to enables kernel debug output in yocto^20:39
halsteadnerdboy, I've never seen that before. Funny.20:39
nerdboythird one is familiar?20:39
halsteadThe only one I recognize.20:40
nerdboystole that from g+...  darknighte apparently has a Doppelgänger on there somewhere...20:41
ripperDblloyd: still same warning20:42
ripperDi remember i had an issue like this before when my library was not .so.x.x.x20:42
blloydripperD: did you add the FILES_{PN} to your package, or what did you add?20:44
ripperDyeah, i put that in my resolvconf_1.74.bbappend file20:44
ripperDthe exact line20:44
blloyd${libdir} can be used in place of /lib20:45
blloydI suggest doing bitbake -e resolveconf and then look at the FILES_ variables to make sure it is doing what you expect.20:45
ripperDblarg, its "resolvconf". I'll re-run and see what happens with the fixed files_ directive20:47
*** radzy_away is now known as radzy_20:48
ripperDok, I think this worked.20:51
ripperDFILES_${PN} += " /lib/resolvconf/list-records "20:51
ripperDfunny, I have found a few misc recipe issues that I have had to fix in dora20:51
ripperDhow would I submit changes to the maintainer to fix?20:52
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bluelightningripperD: well, we'd want the issue fixed in master & daisy first; if a fix exists there we'd want to backport it20:53
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bluelightninghowever for issues that genuinely only affect dora you could send a patch specifically for dora20:54
bluelightningre submitting patches, all patches should be submitted in the same manner20:54
bluelightningpoky is made up of OE-Core, bitbake, meta-yocto and yocto-docs; there's a quick explanation of what patches should go where in the README20:55
bluelightningall of what's under meta/ and most of scripts/ are part of OE-Core20:56
bluelightningand just for completeness:
ripperDgood info, thanks!20:58
darknightenerdboy: eh?21:08
nerdboythe beard thing...21:08
darknightenoticed your picture there...21:09
nerdboydid it break anything?21:12
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mtetreaultAnyone knows how to enables kernel debug output in yocto?21:19
*** cbzx <cbzx!> has joined #yocto21:19
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dvhartmtetreault, what specifically are you looking to do?21:21
dvhartdo you want to add options to the cmdline? like "debug" or "loglevel=8"21:22
dvhartor do you want to turn on some specific kernel option?21:22
dvhartand rebuild21:22
dvhartfor the former, you can do this via your bootloader config for a temporary change, or use the APPEND variable in the machine config for a permanent change21:23
dvhartfor the latter, please see the CHanging the Configuration in the kernel-dev manual on the yocto project documentation page21:23
mtetreaultdvhard: The kernel hangs during the boot and I want to see why, but the only output that I have is starting kernel...21:25
dvhartwhich kernel, which machine?21:25
dvhartwhich image?21:25
mtetreaultkernel 3.10, on a sabre lite (boundary device) it's the fsl-image-multimedia to which I added the qt-4.8.5-embedded21:26
*** madisox <madisox!~madisox@nat/cisco/x-zebucrrlcpmtkmbe> has joined #yocto21:27
dvhartI'm not familiar with the FSL kernel recipe or their bootloader image21:29
dvhartbut typically, you just find the bootloader entry and make sure you are printing to your debug terminal21:29
dvhartand adding things like I mentioned above21:30
dvhartjust like on any other Linux system21:30
mtetreaultso in uboot it's simple as adding bootargs loglevel=8 ?21:33
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blloydSaul: once my geode upgrade to 2.11.15 gets added to master, what would it take to get it into daisy as well?  I'm pretty sure it qualifies under the current version is completely broken heading.21:42
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nerdboydarknighte: at least it's more-or-less the right linux-geeky look...22:33
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LCyrinhalstead [[ping]]22:44
halsteadLCyrin, pong.22:44
halsteadLCyrin, Have you connected?22:45
LCyrinNa, so first thing is that22:45
LCyrinI'm not sure of my computer is reading config from ~/.ssh/config22:46
LCyrinSo I've got it in /etc/ssh/ssh_config22:46
LCyrinThat's a minor thing22:46
LCyrinBut connecting to lcyrin@fedora20... gives an error22:47
halsteadLCyrin, If you run "ssh" does that connect?22:47
LCyrinPerm denied pub key22:48
LCyrinActually, sec22:48
LCyrinChanging ssh config to have host access.* point to the right key22:49
LCyrinSame thing, permission denied public key22:50
halsteadLCyrin, It looks like you ran ssh lcryin@access... instead of "ssh".22:51
halsteadLCyrin, We might need to add "User lcyrin" to the ssh config lines I sent.22:53
LCyrinJust did that, still no22:53
LCyrinThat'd be fixed by saying lcyrin@xxx though I'd believe22:54
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LCyrinOop, got it22:56
LCyrinTwas a typo somewhere22:56
halsteadLCyrin, Can make sure the both "sudo -iu pokybuild" and plain sudo -s work.22:59
LCyrinYea, did it and I'm currently in the autobuilder folder23:00
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LCyrinIs the thing you emailed me the pass for sudo -s23:02
*** rburton <rburton!> has joined #yocto23:05
halsteadLCyrin, Yes. The first e-mail today has your account password. Change it when you get a chance.23:10
Croftonhalstead, where do I need to register for AB votes?23:11
halsteadLCyrin, The other password can be changed at /home/pokybuild/yocto-autobuilder/yocto-master/master.cfg line 10. Don't use a high value password there.23:11
CroftonI've been negligent23:13
CroftonI passed the capcha test!23:13
halsteadCrofton, yay! Even with that we still get several spam account reqs a day.23:14
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blloydhalstead: what is that account registration for?  It's one I hadn't seen before.23:19
Croftonblloyd, it is for advisory board voting23:20
CroftonI do not think it is good for anything else23:21
halsteadblloyd, Those accounts are for advisory board votes, publishing releases, and writing blog posts for That's pretty much it.23:23
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blloydso basically spam bots find it and requests get made.  The joys of automation.23:31
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