Friday, 2014-06-13

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #135 of nightly-world is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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XoochQuestion: I did a "bitbake sudo" to create a new rpm for my minimal image (which has rpm). When I try to install it with rpm, I get a list of failed dependencies. How do I determine the recipe I need to back to fulfill each dependency? It's not straightforward.01:22
XoochFor example: error: Failed dependencies: is needed by sudo-1.8.9p5-r0.armv6_vfp01:23
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XoochOr: How do I determine which recipe provides a particular file? Is that information somewhere?01:26
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mckoangood morning07:46
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PulkoMandyhi, I'm trying to add an extra init script in a bbappend for a package that already inherits update-rc.d, but I don't seem to get it to work08:11
PulkoMandyI have set INITSCRIPT_PACKAGES += "${PN}-ifplugd" and defined INITSCRIPT_NAME_${PN}-ifplugd and INITSCRIPT_PARAMS_${PN}-ifplugd08:12
PulkoMandydo I need to inherit update-rc.d again or is there some other thing to do ?08:12
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bluelightningmorning all08:34
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RPPulkoMandy: inheriting again certainly won't help09:17
PulkoMandyyes, I guessed so, but I'm not sure what else I can try09:18
RPPulkoMandy: is the package also in PACKAGES ?09:18
RPPulkoMandy: does the package get generated at all (missing the initscript)?09:19
PulkoMandymh... no, I think not09:21
PulkoMandyso I should probably add that09:21
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RPPulkoMandy: we could add a sanity check for that, you could file an ehancement bug for it (or even send a patch)09:22
RPthere is no magic bullet for usability but we can improve things incrementally...09:23
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PulkoMandymh... I still don't get this working10:48
PulkoMandyhere is my bbapend file, I think I added the new package properly, but it is not getting built at all10:48
PulkoMandyhowever the rc file is installed on my image, I think from the main busybox package10:49
PulkoMandybut the update-rc is not happening10:49
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TobSnyderi want to install both gst-0.10 a nd gst-1.0 on my target. to enable gst-1.0 I have added lines like the following to conf/local.conf13:32
TobSnyderCORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += " gstreamer1.0-plugins-good-meta"13:32
TobSnyderbut wehen building the image i get message like13:33
TobSnyderWARNING: gst-plugins-good-alaw-0.10.31 was registered as shlib provider for, changing it to gstreamer1.0-plugins-good-alaw-1.2.4 because it was built later13:33
TobSnyderand on the target i only have gst-1.0 libs, even though gst-0.10 libs have been built13:34
TobSnyderso I wonder how to tell yocto to copy both libs to the target?13:35
rburtontobiash: the warning can be ignored13:35
rburtonand presumably you didnt actually install the 0.10 plugins13:35
bluelightningrburton: autocomplete...13:36
PulkoMandymh... is it not possible to use ssh:// in an SRC_URI to fetch a folder ? do_fetch is working well (I get the folder in the download/ dir) but then do_unpack seems to be confused and copy the whole download dir, including sources for other packages13:36
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PulkoMandyor maybe my URI must not end with a / ?13:36
bluelightningPulkoMandy: that sounds like a bug to me13:36
TobSnyderrburton: some 0.10 libs git installed though (those that are only available for 0.10 but not for 1.0)13:37
bluelightningPulkoMandy: it's likely that the ssh fetcher isn't widely used13:37
milan__bluelightning: I am finding a ".debug" directory populated under /bin , by different packages. LSB standard prohibits any sub directory under /bin directory. I dont think there are any explicit packaging commands in those recipes to create this.13:39
milan__So any way to prevent creation of debug rpms ?13:40
bluelightningmilan__: those are meant to go into the -dbg package, which you wouldn't install unless you want those files13:40
rburtonbluelightning: damnit adium!13:40
rburtonTobSnyder: they should parallel install fine13:41
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PulkoMandybluelightning: ok, the problem was having a / after the final folder name in the URI, removing that works13:45
stuartw_Hi all, I've got trouble where I've defined IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE but now bitbake seems to freeze up on do_bootimg, after verbosing it more last message I'm getting is File "rootfs.img" too big13:46
stuartw_am I just being impatient or is there a bug and it is truely freezing?13:47
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bluelightningPulkoMandy: could you file a bug for that? it shouldn't make a difference13:48
bluelightningstuartw_: that does sound like a bug; I wonder which tool is printing that13:49
bluelightningstuartw_: you should be able to increase that variable's value without any adverse behaviour13:50
stuartw_It's just the output I'm getting after killing the python processes then rebuilding with -vvv option13:50
bluelightningit'll be from one of the dommands that do_bootimg is calling13:52
stuartw_hmm okay, what do you reckon it's best to do? file a bug then?13:54
bluelightningthat would be a good first step yes13:54
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dguthrieI have a recipe with pulls from a GIT repository. There is a variable setup in the recipe with selects the GIT branch, i.e. BRANCH ?= "master". Can i override this variable in the local.conf like BRANCH_myrecipe = "newbranch"13:56
yoctiBug 6448: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , ssh fetcher problem with url ending in /13:57
bluelightningPulkoMandy: which branch / version are you using?13:58
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PulkoMandyI'm using dora, not sure where to look for the bitbake version14:00
bluelightningok, I'll put 1.5.2 in the version field - thanks for filing it14:01
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nitinkPulkoMandy: check BB_MIN_VERSION variable in the meta/conf/sanity.conf of the oecore layer14:06
bluelightningwell, technically the actual bitbake version is reported every time a build starts14:08
PulkoMandyoh, didn't even see that14:09
PulkoMandyBB_VERSION        = "1.20.0"14:09
yoctiBug 6449: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , do_bootimg in bitbake locks up14:09
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milan__bluelightning: I am suspecting my packagegroup-core-basic (modified) is the cause behind introducing the debug packages. Would you be able to give some idea seeing at the changes:
milan__I did not see it before with packagegroup-core-full-cmdline14:17
bluelightningif there was a dependency from a normal package on a -dbg package you would get a QA warning14:18
bluelightningat least I think you would14:18
milan__Ok...but basically what does this block of code does ( given link ) ?14:20
bluelightningit's intended to create a runtime package migration path from the old recipe to the new one14:21
bluelightningwhich is one reason why having both in the same build would not be recommended14:22
milan__Are the qa warnings logged anywhere?14:22
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jaskijhey there14:22
jaskijwhy would libtool require /bin/bash in the image? I'm unable to even trace the dependency14:22
rburtonsomething is shipping a script that starts /14:23
rburtonstarts #! /bin/bash14:24
jaskijso just grep for #! /bin/bash and look what is shipped?14:24
jaskijor any smarter way to do it?14:24
jaskijsorry, wrong window14:26
rburtonif you know what package has the dependency, then you can just grep the contents of that package14:32
rburtonthen either see if you can convert the script to be posix sh not bash sh, or admit that you need to build bash14:32
jaskijrburton: great thanks, I would be fine with shipping bash if I knew how to set /bin/sh to ash14:33
jaskijor to busybox to be more specific14:34
rburtonjaskij: update-alternatives14:34
jaskijthe class?14:34
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TobSnyderrburton: when removing all those CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += " gstreamer1.0".. lines from local.conf (and therefore going with default gstreamer-0.10) all required gst-0.10 libs are installed (installed for me means in the deploy../tar.gz file containing rootfs)14:38
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TobSnyderok wrong14:43
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TobSnyderso some INSTALL is missing I guess14:44
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dguthrieI have a recipe with pulls from a GIT repository. There is a variable setup in the recipe with selects the GIT branch, i.e. BRANCH ?= "master". Can i override this variable in the local.conf like BRANCH_myrecipe = "newbranch". This may sound like a basic question but unforunately it is not working for me.14:51
bluelightningmilan__: yes, tmp/qa.log14:51
bluelightningdguthrie: from outside the recipe it would need to be BRANCH_pn-myrecipe = "newbranch"14:52
dguthrieThanks bluelightning14:54
milan__bluelightning: Thanks14:57
jaskijHow can I see the contents of a specific package? I'm a complete noob and I can't really find anything useful in google.15:04
volker-I changed my companies license file. md5sum doesn't match15:04
volker-yet, no automatic build update15:05
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bluelightningjaskij: one way is to look in the packages-split subdirectory of the workdir for the recipe (tmp/work/<arch>/<recipe>/<version>/packages-split/)15:43
bluelightningvolker-: can you be a bit more specific, i.e. how is that license file is associated with the build?15:44
volker-bluelightning: I created a ticket15:52
volker-like so often ;-)15:52
volker-bluelightning: but to come back to your question 'LICENSE="mycompany"\nLIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://${COREBASE}/meta-<mycompany>/LICENSE.mycompany;md5=my-after-update-wrong-md5sum"'15:54
bluelightningvolker-: that's not the ideal way to use LIC_FILES_CHKSUM though15:54
bluelightningLIC_FILES_CHKSUM is supposed to detect when changes occur in the upstream source licensing (usually when you do an upgrade)15:55
rburtonthere are lots of instances like that in oe-core though :/15:55
bluelightningso the license file you point to should be part of the source that the recipe fetches15:55
bluelightningrburton: yes, there are, and we should change that where possible15:56
volker-yes, I took the style from yocto, so don't blame me about the style :p15:56
rburtonthe instances in yocto are where the upstream source doesn't have a license of its own15:56
rburton(not an explicit one anyway)15:56
bluelightningvolker-: I'm just trying to explain why what you think should happen does not happen15:57
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volker-ok, wrong style. Still would have expected that it checks the md5sum on every run to point out changes here15:57
bluelightningvolker-: it's checked at the end of do_configure15:59
bluelightningI believe the reason is that in some cases the license that applies is selected as part of the configure process15:59
volker-which does not seem to be executed if the license file changes but not the recipe15:59
bluelightningno, but if you think about how LIC_FILES_CHKSUM is meant to be used, it's not meant to point to a file we would normally monitor16:00
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kergothAnyone else run into problems with gdb loading debugging symbols when using our seprated out debug info with image-prelink enabled?16:01
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zeckekergoth: I didn't have problems on ARM/edison.16:08
kergothhmm, k16:08
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RPkergoth: Am I ok to merge the meta-mentor git patches into master?16:33
kergothYou're referring to the two commits at, I'm assuming?16:35
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* kergoth needs to find some time to push more pending/staging stuff16:36
RPkergoth: yes16:36
kergothafaik they should be good to go, we've had no issues with it anymore16:36
volker-searching for yocto on only shows 6 results16:37
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RPkergoth: cool, just trying to clear some of the bugzilla entries...16:38
kergothah, cool16:38
RPkergoth: also keeps annoying me in the autobuilder logs ;-)16:39
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blloydkergoth: yes, lots of problems for multi-threaded apps17:16
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Croftonhmm: Operating Systems used in ATS: OpenEmbedded Linux (Yocto Project), Ubuntu, Windows (XP and 7), and Android (Gingerbread and JellyBean).17:30
CroftonExperience with GIT/Yocto17:30
Crofton>Strong development experience with modern Linux development environment and tools such as Yocto.17:31
Crofton> You will be helping assist with the transition of Embedded Linux SW stack to OpenEmbedded.17:31
CroftonWR needs a Yocto guy, fancy that17:32
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CroftonUnderstanding of and experience with Yocto embedded distribution architecture17:33
CroftonFamiliar with distrubution systems like open embedded or system builder17:33
Croftonalso, searching for openembedded gets liek 2-3 additional positions17:34
CroftonExperience defining/building and maintaining custom Linux configurations (Yacto, OpenEmbedded, Gentoo, OpenWRT).17:34
volker-Crofton: only 6 hits for yocto was a little bit less then I expected17:34
volker-but the intel page seems to have much more17:34
Croftonmaybe you should search for Yacto17:35
volker-only BAE systems comes up when searching for yacto ;-)17:35
Croftonwe should study search keywords vs openwrt/buildroot etc17:36
Croftontypical defence contractor17:36
volker-I few months ago I had to do the technical interview of a ex-fed guy.17:36
volker-Umbunto and such typos all over his 5 page technical expertice17:36
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JYDawghello, I've got a question: how do you validate a build?19:52
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kaparewhere will be an appropriate place to but PREFERRED_VERSION_u-boot = "2013.07" inside my layer?20:40
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kapareFor the moment the only place that I manage to do it was inside my machine conf ... But I was interested in keeping this change only on my layer? is it possible to append the machine/.conf file ?20:44
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mkeeterI’m equally curious about doing appends to existing machine files20:50
mkeeterequivalent to a .bbappend, but for a .conf20:50
mkeeternot sure if such a thing is possible20:50
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kaparemkeeter, my test were not successful :(20:53
mkeeterI ended up duplicating the machine with a new name20:54
mkeeterthen adding a kernel recipe .bbappend that adds the appropriate KBRANCH, KMACHINE, etc20:54
smurrayyou might be able to include the existing machine file in your new one, save some duplication20:54
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kaparemkeeter, that's what I thought but I ask before doing it since it require a bit more of work... If I recall reading on mailing list that if we need to change bootloader kernel version machine are perfect for that...21:02
kaparemkeeter, thx21:02
blloydwhich packages do I need to install to be able to compile kernel modules on a device?21:10
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kaparesmurray, reading the ref man about the include/require in that case require will be better in my case. But the looking in the poky source I see require being used only with .inc file in machine folder I didn't see it with conf. Do you have any example to point to?21:20
blloydit's used just like include.  The difference is if file is not found one continues and one fails.21:21
kapareblloyd, that's what I understand, thx21:22
smurrayyeah, that's the case21:22
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funksterone of your projects matchbox-window-manager, i am trying to fullscreen the chromium-browser with its --kiosk --start-fullscreen but it only "maximizes" it when using matchbox-window-manager, other WMs will truely "fullscreen" (f11) it, is there any flag or setting for this?22:39
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